XAT Question Paper 2022 (Official Released) – Download PDF Here

XAT Question Paper 2022 – XLRI has released official XAT 2022 question paper. It has been released under the login, at xatonline.in. Candidates can download their XAT question paper by entering email id and password. Each candidate can only download his / her question paper. Along with it, the response sheet of XAT has also been provided. It is expected that the answer key will be out soon. XAT 2022 was successfully conducted on 02 January and there were 101 questions for which 190 minutes were allotted. The question paper can be used to calculate the raw scores. Check more details about XAT 2022 question paper from this page.

XAT Question Paper 2022

Download XAT Answer Key PDF – Click here to download PDF of official XAT 2022 Question Paper

Download XAT Question Paper PDF – Click here to download PDF of official XAT 2022 Question Paper

Download XAT Question Paper PDF – Click here to LOGIN and download official XAT 2022 Question Paper

Memory Based XAT 2022 Question Paper

Right after the exam, the coaching institute released memory based questions for XAT 2022. These were as follows:

Essay Topic

Q. Management colleges take students with excellent academic records – they do not have any setbacks and they do not take any risk so they become average managers.

Q. Capitalism and democracy can’t coexist.

Poem Based RC

1st poem – I smiled at you because I thought that you, Were someone else; you smiled back, and there grew between two strangers in a library Something that seems like love; but you loved me (If that’s the word) because you thought that I was other than I was. And by and by we found we’d been mistaken all the while From that first glance, that first mistaken smile.
Q. What cannot be inferred from the following (Incomplete question).
A. Answer is not available right now.

2nd poem – It hurts to walk on new legs: the curse of consonants, the wobble of vowels. And you for who I gave up a kingdom Can never love that thing I was. When You look into my past you see only weeds and scales. Once I had a voice now I have legs. Sometimes I wonder was it fair trade?

Q. What is the theme of the poem
A. The poem talks about someone who has made a sacrifice for Love. He or she has changed himself or herself. However, all their loved one chooses to see are the flaws in their past

Q. What is the meaning of the line “You see only weeds and scales”?
A. Petty problems and unnecessary things occurred in the past.


Q. Ramesh and Reena are Playing a Game. They took a Triangle, say, AABC. Reena draws a line bisecting ZBAC. It cuts BC at point D. Ramesh extends AD to P and joins B to P. Then, Reena says BD bisects <PBA. It is given that BD = 6, AC = 9, DC = 5, BP = 8, DP = 5. Then AP =
A. 11.75

Q. a3 + b3 = 128. 1 / (a3) + 1 / (b3) = 2 what is a2 * b2.
A. 16

Q. X members make a total of 2400 ladoos every day. One day, 10 members were less so each had to make 12 ladoos more. What is x-12?
A. 40

Q. There are two types of apples A and B. Together they cost Rs.2800. A and B are bought (in kg) in the ratio 5:8. Also, the cost of type A apple is 20% more than Type B Apples. Profit on selling Type A is 15% and Type B is 10%. What is the overall profit?
A. 240

Q. A supplier receives orders from 5 different buyers, each buyer places their order only on Monday. The first buyer places the order after every 2 weeks the second buyer after every 6 weeks, the third buyer places the order after every 8 weeks, the fourth buyer places the order after every 4 weeks and the fifth buyer places the order after every 3 weeks, if they all put the order on 1st Jan which was Monday, then on together excluding 1st Jan, in 1 year?
A. 2 times

Q. A marble is dropped from a 3-meter height. It bounces back to 80% of the previous Height. How much total distance does it travel before coming to rest?
A. 27m

Q. There is a tower, and the distance of the tower from 3 points is 4m, 8m, and 16m. (Incomplete question)
A. 45 degrees

Q. There is a 3 digit number abc such that b=1/2xa and c-3b. A new 3 digit number is formed using a,b, and c which is 198 more than the original number. What is the value of b?
A. 426 and the middle digit is 2.

Q. Kim and Jim both have their separate watches. Watch of Kim runs at the correct pace whereas the watch of Jim has less pace than that of Kim. On Jan 1, 12.00 noon, Jim sets his watch on the correct time. After 1 hour, his watch is showing 12.57. On June 1 at 12.00 noon, he again sets his watch on the correct time, then including both these occasions on how many occasions his watch showed the same time as Kim?
A. 9

Q. Age of a person is a 2-digit number. This two-digit number is X. If you take a square of X, you get a 3-digit number in which, the rightmost digit is Y. Find the Age.
I. Y is a prime No.
II. Y is 1/3rd of X
A. Both the statements were needed to answer the question

Q. X, a₁, a2, Y are in A.P. Similarly, X, b₁, b₂, Z are in A.P. Given that Y> X and Z < x, What can be the value of (a₁ – a₂)/ (b₁-b₂)
A. -3

Q. There are 5 notes of Rs. 10, 3 notes of Rs. 20 and 2 notes of Rs. 50. If 3 notes are taken at random, what is the probability that the sum will be greater than Rs 90?
A. 7/60.

Q. w x y and z are 4 integers such that x and z are positive and y is negative.
Also, w4 + x3 + y2 + z <= 4
x3 + z >= 2
w4 + y2 <= 2
y2 + z >= 3
Then what is the value of w2 + x2 + y2 + z2 ?
A. 6

Q. There are 4 types of fruits oranges, apples, guava, and pears in numbers 126, 162,198, and 306 respectively, all fruits are packed in different boxes such that all boxes should contain an equal number of the same types of fruits then what is the minimum number of boxes required?
A. 44

Q. A circle has circumference = A and diameter = B, such that A and B are coprime. if A: B is π, then what is A – B?
A. 15

Q. A question on logarithm. log|3x-7|(Incomplete question)
A. 7/3 to infinity

Data Interpretation

LR Set based on ten questions and students
Q. What is the answer to question no. 5?
A. The answer is C.

Q. D is the correct answer for which of them?
A. The correct answer is question number 8.

Q. Which question has the least correct answers?
A. The answer is question number 4.

A Pencil maker ships pencils in boxes of sizes: 50, 100, and 200. Due to packaging issues, some pencils break. About 20 boxes supplied to a shop:
Box 1 to 6 have 50 pencils
Box 7 to 16 have 100 pencils
Box 17 to 20 have 200 pencils
Also, no box has less than 5% and greater than 20% broken pencils.

Q. Find the sequence of the no. of broken pencils for boxes 7 to 16, respectively.
A. 7,7,7,7,11,15,15,19,20,20

Q. Second question (Incomplete)
A. 20% of 100 pencil packet (4th option)

Q. Third question (incomplete).
A. 133

A graph on Candlestick was given
Q. Maximum percentage in the increase from closing price to the opening price. (Incomplete)
A. Day 1

Q. Maximum difference (Incomplete)
A. 70

Q. Which day it will fluctuate most. (Incomplete)
A. Day 10

Line graph based on Universities
Q. What is the fourth university? (Incomplete)

Q. Which statement is not needed? (Incomplete)
A. Statement z is not needed.


Q. What is the definition of a Unicorn startup?
A. The company with a valuation of $1 billion.

Q. Which Olympic medallist stood for Bihar Elections?
A. Shreyasi Singh

Q. Which of these 5 players have not won Ballon D’or?
A. Paulo Maldini

Q. Full form of a blockchain term?
A. non-fungible token (NFT)

Q. Name the deputy NSA of India who is an XLRI alum?
A. Vikram Misri

Q. Which of these states does not have an IIT?
A. Haryana

XAT 2022 Question Paper Pattern

The exam pattern of XAT 2022 is as follows :

Mode of Exam: The exam is held in computer-based mode.

Language of Exam: The medium of language is English.

Duration: XAT 2022 is held for 3 hours and 10 mins in one single shift.

Number of Questions: There are 101 questions in XAT 2022.

Number of Sections: There are 5 sections in XAT – 3 sections in Part 1 and 2 sections in Part 2.

Type of Questions: All questions in XAT 2022 are of MCQ type except 1 descriptive essay type question.

Distribution of Questions: It is given below :

Name of SectionsNo. of Questions
Verbal and Logical Ability26
Decision Making21
Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation28
General Knowledge25
Question Distribution

How to Check XAT 2022 Question Papers?

Candidates can refer to the following step-by-step process to check the official XAT 2022 question paper.

STEP 1: Visit the official website or click on the link provided on this page.

STEP 2: Then login into the student dashboard using XAT ID and date of birth.

STEP 3: Then click on the candidate’s response.

STEP 4: Download the XAT 2022 question paper.

XAT 2022 Question Paper Structure

Candidates can also look at the question paper structure for XAT 2022 down below :

  1. The first point contains the candidate’s information, such as the XAT ID, candidate name, and test centre name.
  2. The question number is shown in the second point.
  3. The third point identifies the four options from which the candidate must select one.
  4. The Question ID is displayed in the fourth position.
XAT 2021 Previous Question Paper

XAT Previous Year Question Papers

Candidates are admitted to XLRI and affiliated institutes’ PGPM, PGDM, MBA, and FPM programs based on their XAT scores, GD, and PI. As of 2022, the question paper is divided into two sections, with Part A containing questions from Verbal and Logical Ability, Decision Making, Quantitative Ability, and Data Interpretation, and Part B containing General Knowledge and an essay (new). From the table below, you can download the XAT Previous Year Question Papers :

YearDirect Link for XAT Question Paper Download
2020Click Here
2019Click Here
2018Click Here
2017Click Here
2016Click Here
2015Click Here
2014Click Here
2013Click Here
2012Click Here
2011Click Here

Benefits of solving XAT Previous Question papers

There are several benefits to solving previous year’s questions papers for XAT. They are given below for the sake of the applicants :

  • Candidates can learn where they are missing by studying previous year XAT exam practice question papers, and they will know which sections or topics they need to focus on.
  • Candidates can learn how to manage time by solving previous year’s XAT question paper.
  • Candidates can also use the XAT question paper to assess their own XAT preparation.
  • They can improve their accuracy and precision of solving problems even more by practicing previous years papers.
  • Solving question papers also give an idea of what sort of questions are asked in the exam and how to tackle them in a limited time.
  • This helps in better preparation of the upcoming exam.

About XAT 2022

XAT, or Xavier Aptitude Test, is a computer-based online management entrance test that provides eligible candidates admission to MBA/PGDM programs at XLRI Jamshedpur, XIMB Bhubaneswar, SPJIMR Mumbai, IMT Ghaziabad, and other 156 management colleges around the country. The exam consists of 101 questions and is administered in English via computer-based mode. For providing admissions to these courses, the universities use several other evaluation techniques such as GD/PI and so on.

FAQs on XAT Question Paper 2022

Ques: Are XAT 2022 questions paper available offline as well?

Ans: No, candidates must download them from the internet.

Ques: Can I use XAT 2022 question paper to estimate my score?

Ans: Yes, applicants can estimate their scores using it in conjunction with the XAT 2022 answer key and response sheet.

Ques: How to download XAT 2021 question paper?

Ans: Candidates can get them right here on this page.

Ques: What is the duration of the XAT 2022 exam?

Ans: XAT 2022 exam is of 190 minutes (3 hours and 10 mins) duration.

Ques: Is there any negative marking in XAT 2022?

Ans: Yes, for every incorrect answer, the 0.25 mark will be deducted. And, 0.10 marks will be deducted for each unattempted question after 8 unattempted questions.

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