XAT Answer Key 2022 (Revised) – Download PDF, Response Sheet at xatonline.in

XAT Answer Key 2022 – XLRI has released the XAT 2022 updated answer key. To access the answer key, the applicants have to enter their credentials such as XAT ID and date of birth. Candidates can click on the link given below to download the XAT updated answer key and calculate their XAT raw scores. To do so, add 1 mark for each correct answer, deduct 0.25 marks for each incorrect answer, and deduct 0.10 marks for more than 8 unattempted questions. No marks are to be deducted in XAT 2022 GK section. The candidate can raise an objection in the official XAT answer key 2022. Know more details on XAT 2022 answer key, question paper, etc. from this page.

Latest – XAT 2022 updated answer key has released. Scroll down to check it.

XAT Answer Key 2022

Download XAT Updated Answer Key – Click here to download XAT 2022 updated answer key.

Download XAT Answer Key PDF – Click here to download a PDF of the XAT 2022 answer key.

Download XAT Question Paper PDF – Click here to download PDF of the official XAT 2022 question paper.

With the help of the answer key, candidates can match their responses and check the status of the wrong attempts. Check XAT 2022 questions and answers below.

XAT 2022 AnalysisXAT Past Year Papers
XAT 2022 Question PaperXAT 2022 Result

Release Date of XAT Answer Key

The answer key of XAT 2022 has released. Candidates who have appeared for the exam can check the dates here.

XAT 2022 exam date02 Jan 2022
Release of XAT updated answer key10 Jan 2022
Declaration of XAT Result31 Jan 2022

Also, we have provided the answer key for the last five years.

Exam YearAnswer Key release dateExam DateDifference in Days
202108 Jan 202103 Jan 20215 days
202009 January 202005 Jan 20204 days
201910 Jan 201906 Jan 20194 days
201806 Feb 201807 Jan 201830 days

Essay Topics in XAT 2022

Q. Management colleges take students with excellent academic records – they do not have any setbacks and they do not take any risk so they become average managers.

Q. Capitalism and democracy can’t coexist.

Poem RCs in XAT 2022

1st poem – I smiled at you because I thought that you, Were someone else; you smiled back, and there grew between two strangers in a library Something that seems like love, but you loved me (If that’s the word) because you thought that I was other than I was. And by and by we found we’d been mistaken all the while From that first glance, that first mistaken smile.

2nd poem – It hurts to walk on new legs: the curse of consonants, the wobble of vowels. And you for who I gave up a kingdom Can never love that thing I was. When You look into my past you see only weeds and scales. Once I had a voice now I have legs. Sometimes I wonder was it fair trade?

Quant Questions in XAT 2022

Q. An angle bisector was drawn in a triangle. (Incomplete question).
A. 11.75

Q. Sum of cubes is 128 and the product of squares was asked. (Incomplete question)
A. 16

Q. 2400 laddoos were to be made. The plan was to make these laddoos but actually, 10 people came less. How many people actually made laddoos. (Incomplete question)
A. 40

Q. Selling price is Rs. 2800. 15% profit is from A, and 10% profit is from B. (Incomplete question).
A. 240

Q. Some suppliers come after 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, etc. (Incomplete question)
A. 2 times

Q. A marble was dropped from 3 meters. Find the distance. (Incomplete question)
A. 27m

Q. There is a tower, and the distance of the tower from 3 points is 8m, 16m, and 24m. (Incomplete question)
A. 45 degrees

Q. Profit from a dosa is a 3 digit number. She interchanged the 3 digit number and the difference was 198. (Incomplete question)
A. 426 and the middle digit is 2.

Q. A watch which is losing 3 minutes, At 12 noon of 1 January he set the clock correctly so by 1st of June how many times the clock will show the same time. Include both the times. (Incomplete question)
A. 9

Q. The last digit of the square is y and the number is x. (Incomplete question)
A. Both the statements were needed to answer the question

Q. Ap series a1, a2, a3,… and another series b1, b2, b3, b4 .. .Find a1-a2/b1-b2. (Incomplete question)
A. -3

Q. 5, 10, 50 rupee notes. There were 5 notes of Rs 10, 3 notes of Rs 20, 2 notes of Rs. 50. What is the probability that the sum will be 90 if you take out 3 notes?
A. 7/60.

Q. w2 x2 y2 z2.(Incomplete question)
A. 6

Q. 126 oranges and 162 apples. The HCF is 18. How many batches can be made? (Incomplete question)
A. 44

Q. A lady had calculated circumference and diameter. The ratio of these 2 is a coprime number. (Incomplete number)
A. 7138

Q. A question on logarithm.log|3x-7|
A. 7/3 to infinity

Data Interpretation

LR Set based on ten questions and students
Q. What is the answer to question no. 5?
A. The answer is C.

Q. D is the correct answer for which of them?
A. The correct answer is question number 8.

Q. Which question has the least correct answers?
A. The answer is question number 4.

Bar graph based on pencil boxes
Q. First question (Incomplete)
A. 7,7,7,7,11,15,15,19,20,20

Q. Second question (Incomplete)
A. 20% of 100 pencil packet (4th option)

Q. The total number of broken pencils is between 7 and 16. (Incomplete)
A. 133

A graph on Candlestick was given
Q. Maximum percentage in the increase from closing price to the opening price. (Incomplete)
A. Day 1

Q. Maximum difference (Incomplete)
A. 70

Q. Which day it will fluctuate most. (Incomplete)
A. Day 10

Line graph based on Universities
Q. What is the fourth university? (Incomplete)

Q. Which statement is not needed? (Incomplete)
A. Statement z is not needed.

GK Questions in XAT 2022

Q. What is the definition of a Unicorn startup?
A. The company with a valuation of $1 billion.

Q. Which Olympic medallist stood for Bihar Elections?
A. Shreyasi Singh

Q. Which of these 5 players have not won Ballon D’or?
A. Paulo Maldini

Q. Full form of a blockchain term?
A. non-fungible token (NFT)

Q. Name the deputy NSA of India who is an XLRI alum?
A. Vikram Misri

Q. Which of these states does not have an IIT?
A. Haryana

Types of XAT 2022 Answer Key

There are 3 different types of XAT 2022 answer keys: provisional answer key, final answer key, and memory-based answer key.

Provisional Answer Key – The provisional answer key is released soon after the declaration of the result. However, if a candidate is not satisfied with the responses, then he/she can raise an objection. 

Final Answer Key – The final answer key of XAT 2022 is released after the objection, i.e once the candidate has sent the objections for correction, the authority checks and verifies the answer. If they are satisfied with the solution, then the final answer key is released in a similar manner. Sometimes the XLRI does not release any final answer key and the provisional answer key is interpreted as the final answer key.

Memory-based Answer Key – A memory-based answer key is released by the top coaching institutes soon after the completion of the exam. Once the exam is over many students who appeared in the exam share questions on various social media channels then MBA coaching institutes like CATking, IMS, Byju’s, Career Launcher, Unacademy releases the memory-based question answers.

How to Download XAT 2022 Answer Key?

Candidates who have appeared for the exam must make sure that they check the answer key on its official website only. The answer key will be available in pdf format. Thus, the step by step procedure to download the answer key is as follows-

1st Step – Visit the official website – xatonline.in.

2nd Step – Then click on the answer key link which leads to the candidate login.

3rd Step – Enter the XAT ID and date of birth and then click “submit“.

4th Step – Then click on the “Candidate Response” tab.

4th Step – The answer key will be displayed on the computer screen along with the questions.

How to Calculate XAT Scores 2022 using answer key?

Once the answer key has been released, the next question is how to utilize it. With the help of the answer key, one can estimate their approx scores and get the chances of qualification for the next selection process. Thus, the steps to use the XAT Answer Key 2022 is as follows –

  • Download the XAT 2022 Answer Key, response sheet, and question paper.
  • Cross-check the answer key with the response sheet.

Follow the below-mentioned marking scheme to calculate the scores.

  • For every correct answer, add 1 mark.
  • For any incorrect answer, 0.25 mark will get deducted for every incorrect response, and 0.10 mark will get deducted for more than 8 unattempted questions.

How to Raise Objection against XAT 2022 Answer Key?

Soon after the release of the answer key, the authority releases a facility to raise objections. If the candidate is not satisfied with the answer released. The facility will be available for a short period of time. However, along with objections, candidates will have to provide adequate proof, which will be verified by the authorities.

Thus, the steps to raise an objection is as follows –

1st Step – Login to the candidate portal of XAT, using XAT ID and date of birth.

2nd Step – Click on “Raise an Objection”.

3rd Step – Then enter the following details – Question paper and part name, Question ID, Selection number of questions, and remarks.

4th Step – Upload the documents and proof for the answer.

5th Step – Lastly, submit the objection.

Soon after raising the objection, the conducting body will go through the answers submitted by the students. If the authority is satisfied with the answers, then it will be mentioned in the XAT Official answer key pdf. However, no modifications are applicable after the release of the final answer key.

XAT 2022 Result

The official authorities will declare the XAT 2022 Result, in the third week of January 2022, on their official website – xatonline.in. Candidates have to log in using the credentials – XAT ID and Date of Birth to check the result. The result will be available in the form of a scorecard.

Details printed on XAT Scorecard 2022

After downloading the details, the candidates were advised to check the details carefully. Hence, the particulars printed on the scorecard of XAT 2022 is as follows-

  • Candidates name
  • Gender and date of birth
  • Address details
  • XAT ID
  • XAT exam date
  • The validity period of the XAT 2022 result
  • XAT score and percentile
  • Signature of XAT chairperson

XAT Previous Year Question Papers

You can refer to the following table for the previous year’s question papers of XAT 2022.

XAT 2020 Question Paper with AnswerClick Here
XAT 2019 Question Paper with AnswerClick Here
XAT 2018 Question Paper with AnswerClick Here
XAT 2017 Question Paper with AnswerClick Here
XAT 2016 Question Paper with AnswerClick Here
XAT 2015 Question Paper with AnswerClick Here
XAT 2014 Question Paper with AnswerClick Here

XAT Answer Key 2022 – FAQs

Question – When will XAT Updated Answer Key 2022 released?

Answer – XAT Updated answer key will be released on the January 10, 2022.

Question – What is XAT 2022 exam date?

Answer – The XAT is conducted on 02 January 2022.

Question – How do I access the official XAT answer key?

Answer – To access the answer key, the candidates have to log into the student dashboard using their user id and password.

Question – Who is responsible for conducting the XAT?

Answer – XLRI is responsible for conducting the exam on behalf of XAMI.

Question – Can we raise objection in XAT Answer Key 2022?

Answer- Yes, candidates can raise objections to the answers within the stipulated amount of time.

Question- Are there any charges to raise an objection in the answer key of XAT?

Answer- No, candidates can raise objections for free. However, they have to provide the required details such as – Question paper and part name, Question ID, Selection of a number of questions, etc.

Question- How to calculate the answer key of XAT?

Answer- For each correct response, 1 mark has to be added. However, 0.25 mark will get deducted for every incorrect response, and 0.10 mark will get deducted for more than 8 unattempted questions.

Question- When will the final answer key of the XAT release be?

Answer- The final answer key will release after the submission of the objections.

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