XAT 2022 Analysis – No. of Questions, Level of Difficulty, New Paper Pattern

XAT 2022 Analysis – XLRI Jamshedpur has successfully conducted the XAT 2022 on 02 January 2022 (9.30 am – 12.40 pm). There were 5 sections in the XAT exam – verbal ability & logical reasoning (26), decision making (21), quantitative aptitude & DI (28), GK (25), essay writing (1). GK and essay writing sections were allotted 25 minutes while the rest of the 3 sections had to be completed in 165 minutes. XAT 2022 was held as a computer-based test. In this article, candidates can check the complete information regarding the exam analysis of XAT 2022 such as the total number of questions, sectional analysis along level of difficulty.

XAT 2022 Analysis

XAT 2022 is ended, the exam was conducted from 9:30 A.M. to 12:40 P.M on 02 January 2022. Candidates can refer to the following information for the detailed analysis for XAT 2022.

The number of total questions is 101. Verbal ability & logical reasoning had 26 questions, decision making had 21 questions, quantitative aptitude & DI had 28 questions, GK had 25 questions and essay writing had 1 question. The overall difficulty level was moderate and similar to the previous year’s paper.

The essay section had 2 topics given and candidates have to write on 1 topic. 1st topic is “Capitalism and Democracy can’t co-exist” while the 2nd topic is more of an argument “Management colleges take students with excellent academic records – they do not have any setbacks and they do not take any risk so they become average managers.”

Many students who attempted the exam are saying that the DI section was difficult and lengthy. There were 2 DI sets with 3 questions each. One set was based on “canceled orders and state of stock” while the second set was based on “trajectory of 5 companies was given”. The first set was easy while the second set was difficult and time-consuming.

The Quant section was easy to moderate though time-consuming. Usually, the quant section in XAT has a moderate difficulty level but this year it was easy as compared to last year. There were 2-3 questions from geometry, 7-8 questions from arithmetic, 2-3 from permutations & combinations, and 4-5 from algebra.

In verbal ability, there were 2 poem-based passages. One poem-based passage had 1 question while the other one had 2 questions. 2 questions were from para jumbles, 2-3 fill-in blanks questions, and 2-3 grammar-based questions. The para jumble, fill in the blanks, and grammar-based questions were easy. The RC passages were short but lengthy. The questions in RC were more inference-based, there was no direct question in RC.

The decision-making (DM) section was easy for the students who had practice. Students who had solved some mock tests were able to solve DM questions. There were 7 sets each of 3 questions in DM. Most of the questions were based on ethical dilemmas. The passage based on “Professor” was an easy one.

GK had more static-based questions.

SectionsNo. of questionsLevel of difficultyIdeal attempts
Verbal ability & logical reasoning26
RC passage – 12
Poem based RC – 3
Decision making21Easy to moderate18-20
Quant and DI28Easy to moderate12-18
Essay writing1Moderate1

XAT 2022 Analysis – VARC

Reading comprehension12
4 RC with 3 questions each
Poem based RC3
One poem with 1 question
One poem with 2 questions
Critical reasoning4Moderate
Para jumbles2Easy
Fill in blanks2Easy
  • Topics of RC passages were – Stupidity (3 questions), bull shitting and lying (3 questions), Hedonic life and eudaimonic life (3 questions), publicness, socialibility, privacy (3 questions).
  • Poem RCs have these topics – Mistaken love (1 question), I had a voice and now I have 2 legs (2 questions).
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Latest News on XAT 2022 Analysis

02 Jan 2022 – XAT 2022 entrance exam is over now. Read more.

XAT Previous Year Exam Analysis

The XAT 2021 Exam had a similar difficulty level to the XAT 2017 and XAT 2019. Thus, in terms of difficulty, it was of a moderate difficulty level overall. The paper is divided into two parts. The first part constitutes three sections- VALR, DM & QADI. The second part consists of general awareness questions. The verbal ability and Logical reasoning section (VALR) was similar to that of XAT 2019 but was easier to understand and read. The decision-making section (DM) was also of moderate difficulty level and similar to XAT 2018. The Quantitative ability and data interpretation section (QADI) was slightly easier but a couple of DI sets were lengthy and difficult. Arithmetic questions were few and it was moderately difficult. The following table given below summarizes the complete XAT analysis for the candidates-

SectionsNumber of questionsDifficulty level
Part 175 Total MCQs (165 minutes with no sectional time limit)Moderate
Verbal and Logical Ability26Easy to moderate
Decision Making21Moderate
Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation28QA- easy
DI sets- Moderate to difficult
Part 225 Total MCQs(15 Minutes)Easy
General Knowledge25Easy
Total questions (Part 1 + Part 2)100Moderate

Some important changes have also been made this year while some of the changes were already introduced in the previous year. Candidates can refer to the points below to know some of the changes made to the XAT exam paper last year:

  1. NAT questions asked – The XLRI has introduced a new section called Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions. To answer these questions, students will have to use the on-screen keyboard to enter the correct numerical answer. These questions will not be in MCQ format.
  2. Penalty for Unanswered questions – Candidates will have a negative marking of 0.10 marks per unattempted question in case the unattempted questions exceed 8 questions. Along with this, there is a -0.25 negative marking for wrong or incorrectly answered questions.

XAT Last Year Analysis – Verbal and Logical Ability

The section had 15 questions in reading comprehension (RC) with 6 passages. In addition to the RCs, a customary poem with 2 questions (a hallmark of the XAT exam) was also asked. The poem was of a moderate level of difficulty. The 2 paragraph jumble questions were also of moderate level of difficulty. The fill in the blanks (FIB) and Grammar were easy to attempt. Good students would have attempted between 20 to 24 questions. Also Since XAT has a good time duration (165 total minutes and students can solve any section in any order without a sectional time limit), many students could have attempted up to 25-26 questions also. The distribution of questions is given below:

Question TopicsNumber of questionsDifficulty Level
Error correction in sentences2Moderate
Fill in the blanks (4 blanks)2Moderate to difficult
Para Jumbles2Moderate to Difficult
Questions on Critical Reasoning6Easy to Moderate
RC Passage on Pleasure in today’s world2Moderate to Difficult
RC Passage on Knowledge as Product3Moderate to Difficult
RC Passage on Capitalism3Medium to Difficult
RC Passage on Culture3Moderate to Difficult
Poem on Fire and Ice3Moderate to Difficult

XAT Last Year Analysis – Decision Making

The difficulty level of the Decision Making was similar to that of the DM section of XAT 2019/XAT 2018. Decision-Making sections in XAT are usually extremely interesting to solve mainly because of the cases and questions that come in the section. The task of reading and solving was easier as no singlets were asked in this section. There were no questions asked from the Mathematical and Analytical Reasoning too. Though the answers to the questions of Analytical reasoning would have been certain, the time utilized would be lesser in this year’s paper as all questions were simple situations requiring some decision making. Hence, this section was of moderate difficulty level. The distribution of questions is given below:

Question TopicsNo. of Qs.Level of Difficulty
4 Problem sets on Ethics & Dilemma12Moderate to Difficult
3 Problem Sets on Business Decision9Moderate to Difficult

XAT Last Year Analysis – Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation

The Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation section were a little bit easier than last year’s QADI section. There were 19 questions of Quantitative Ability (QA) and the remaining 9 questions were from Data Interpretation (DI). The section had enough questions to attempt for a non-quant-oriented student as it had 7 Arithmetic questions and a few Numbers and Algebra questions also. In Data Interpretation, there were 3 sets with 9 questions in total – 1 based on scatter plot, 1 logic-based, and the 1 based on Ratio and proportion. The candidates could have attempted 4-5 DI questions and 16-17 Quant questions in about 65-70 minutes. The distribution of questions is as follows:

TopicNumber of questionsLevel of Difficulty
Number system2Moderate

XAT Last Year Analysis – General Knowledge

The level of difficulty of the General Knowledge section was same as the last year that is it was moderately difficult. This section comprises 25 questions. Most of the questions were single-statement based. The key areas from where the questions were asked were static GK (Economy, Geography, Science and Technology) and Current GK (Business economy, personalities, and awards). Overall the difficulty level of the GK section was moderate. An attempt of 12-14 questions obtaining a score of 7-8 would be considered good.

SectionNo. of questions
Current Affairs7
Economy & Business4
Personality & Awards2
Science & Tech0
Books & Authors1

XAT 2022 Expected Cutoff

All the candidates appearing for the exam must have the minimum qualifying marks to be eligible for admission and shortlisting for further selection rounds in the XAT 2022 participating institutes. The official cutoff will be released on the official website of XAT 2022 i.e. xatonline.in only after the conclusion of the exam. The cutoff depends on some factors that are –

  • Number of candidates appearing for the examination.
  • Difficulty level of the XAT 2022 Exam
  • Number of seats available for admission to the MBA course in the participating college.

The analysts and experts have viewed the past year’s trends and found out the expected XAT 2022 cutoff. Students obtaining percentile marks above this cutoff will only be eligible for admission. The cut off marks for XAT 2022 are given below:

  • XLRI XAT 2022 Cut off for flagship PGDM-BM is expected at 95%ile
  • XLRI XAT 2022 Cut off for PGDM-HRM is expected at 93%ile

Candidates can also check below the XAT 2022 expected cutoff for various institutes and colleges.

XAT 2022 Cutoff( College-wise)

XAT CollegesXAT ScoreXAT Percentile
Great Lakes Institute of Management26-27.580-85
KJ Somaiya-Mumbai27.5-30.585-90

Last Year XAT Category wise Cutoff (XLRI, Jamshedpur)

Following category-wise and section-wise XAT, cut-offs were required for admission to the 2021 batch of XLRI Jamshedpur’s Business Management (BM) and Human Resource Management (HRM) programs. Students can check the tables below for the same.

Business Management (BM)

XAT sectionsMaleFemale

Human Resource Management (HRM)

XAT sectionsMale EngineerFemale EngineerMale Non-EngineerFemale Non-Engineer

XAT 2022 Analysis – FAQs

Ques. What is the difficulty level of the XAT 2022 Paper?

Ans. The difficulty level will be from moderate to difficult as observed from the past year trends. The reading comprehension questions can be tricky with calculation-intensive Quantitative Analysis questions.

Ques. Who will set the XAT question paper this year?

Ans. The question paper is set by the XLRI, Jamshedpur on behalf of the Xavier Association of Management Institutes (XAMI). All the admission-related activities are foreseen by the XAMI only.

Ques. How many attempts are there in XAT Exam?

Ans. A graduation degree of 3 years is a minimum requirement for appearing in the exam. But there is no limit on the number of attempts by a single individual.

Ques. How much percentile is required for XLRI?

Ans. Candidates need to score above 96 percentile for a business management course while 94 percentile above is required for a human resource management course in XLRI. Along with this students also need to clear the sectional cutoffs.

Ques. Does XAT Exam have sectional Cutoffs?

Ans. Yes, the XAT exam does have sectional cutoffs but only for admission into XLRI, Jamshedpur. XLRI releases the separate cutoffs which include both sectional and overall for BM and HRM programs. Students need to qualify by scoring above these cutoff marks to gain admission in this institute.

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