Will CAT 2020 Be Delayed? – Latest Update

With merely a day left to go for India’s most talked about MBA entrance exam, chatter on one common question is inching its way to the top – Will CAT 2020 be delayed?

In this year of uncertainties, the question is not absurd. On top of it is the fact that a handful of states in the country have imposed new restrictions in the ongoing pandemic. While some states have night curfews, there are travel curbs in others. MBA aspirants are juggling mock tests and a check on travel concerns for exam day together. So naturally, the question on whether CAT 2020 exam date will be postponed or not has been asked multiple times of late.

The Answer To Whether CAT 2020 Exam Will Be Delayed Or Not

Is NO.

At the time of publishing this article, multiple reports confirm that IIM Indore will definitely not cancel or delay the CAT 2020 exam.

The reports cite Prof Harshal Lowalekar, the convenor for CAT 2020. The exam will be held on the scheduled date and time.

CAT 2020 will be held on Sunday, November 29, 2020. The exam will be held in three slots on the said date:

SlotReporting TimeExam Time
107:00 AM08:30 AM to 10:30 AM
211:00 AM12:30 PM to 02:30 PM
303:00 PM04:30 PM to 06:30 PM

Curfews, Travel Restrictions Worries for CAT Aspirants

MHA released a set of guidelines to states this week. Per it, states with high caseloads need to take action to combat the rising number of cases (of COVID-19). For the same, night curfews have been suggested.

States are taking steps in that direction, on the state or city levels. These rules are varying from city to city, and are often being decided and announced overnight.

How does night curfew affect CAT 2020 candidates?

Candidates who have exam centers in other cities, or far from home, may be travelling during night to go to a place near to the center. Night curfew will affect them in such cases. Or, for the morning slot candidates who will be travelling early morning, when the night curfew may still be in place in that area.

Other than this, night curfew does not have a big impact on test takers. However, travel restrictions, if any, will be a problem while reaching exam center.

Some of the states / cities where night curfew are in place are: Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan.

Travel Restrictions in Maharashtra

The travel restrictions in Maharashtra, in place since November 25, cause a bit of panic among travellers last week. Here are some rules.

  • For flyers: Domestic passengers travelling from Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Goa must have RT-PCR negative tests.
  • For train: Train travelers with stop in Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Goa must have RT-PCR negative test.
  • Road travel: District collectors of land border are responsible for doing antigen tests, as well as passenger screening of those who enter Maharashtra by road.

Curfews and travel rules are changing day by day. Candidates must check the restrictions in their and their exam center areas to avoid any issues on the day of exam.

If you are appearing for CAT exam on 29 November 2020, then we suggest you to check the exact status of what type of curfew or travel restrictions are applicable, with your local authorities. Check with the local authorities of where you will be travelling from. And also check with those where your exam center is.

CAT 2020 Admit Card as a Curfew Pass?

As per reports, IIM Indore has reached out to authorities to ensure cooperation to allow candidates to easily appear for exams. To that end, CAT admit card 2020 may be allowed as a curfew pass.

However looking at the experience of test takers in the exams that have happened in the past few months, it is not certain whether admit cards are always admissible curfew passes.

Again, you are advised to check with the local authorities on this matter before the exam.

Final word on Will CAT 2020 be Delayed?

Insofar it is confirmed that CAT exam 2020 will not be postponed. You can keep a tab on the official website (iimcat.ac.in) to be doubly sure.

Take the last day to revise, take mock tests, and talk to your CAT exam mentor.

Also, we highly recommend you go through the CAT 2020 exam day guidelines, dress code, SOPs.

Plus, read the official document released by IIM Indore on exam day dos and don’ts – Download the PDF here.

And most importantly, stay calm and do great in the exam! Here is wishing all candidates the very best of luck for their CAT exam!

Best of luck for CAT 2020

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