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WBJEE 2021 Mathematics Syllabus – West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination has released the Mathematics syllabus for WBJEE 2021. Interested candidates can get WBJEE 2021 Mathematics syllabus from this page or they can also check it from the official website, i.e., wbjeeb.nic.in. West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination (WBJEE) is an entrance examination conducted for admission into Engineering & Technology, Pharmacy and Architecture courses. Mathematics carries 100 marks in the entrance exam. There will be 50, 15, 15 questions respectively of category 1, 2, 3 in the exam in Math paper 1. Know the complete WBJEE 2021 Mathematics Syllabus from this page.

WBJEE 2021 Mathematics Syllabus

Click here for Complete WBJEE 2021 Syllabus.

Candidates can check the topics wise syllabus related to the Chemistry subjects for WBJEE 2021 exam. You can go through the details topics and make better preparation strategies for the WBJEE entrance exam.


A.P., G.P., H.P.: Definitions of A. P. and G.P.; General term; Summation of first n-terms of series ∑n, ∑n², ∑n3; Arithmetic/Geometric series, A.M., G.M. and their relation; Infinite G.P. series and its sum.

Logarithms: Definition; General properties; Change of base.

Complex Numbers: Definition in terms of ordered pair of real numbers and properties of complex numbers; Complex conjugate; Triangle inequality; the amplitude of complex numbers and its properties; Square root of complex numbers; Cube roots of unity; De Moivre’s theorem (statement only) and its elementary applications. The solution of the quadratic equation in the complex number system.

Polynomial equation: nth degree equation has exactly n roots (statement only); Quadratic Equations: Quadratic equations with real coefficients; Relations between roots and coefficients; Nature of roots; Formation of a quadratic equation, sign and magnitude of the quadratic expression ax2 +bx+c (where a, b, c are rational numbers and a ≠ 0).

Permutation and combination: Permutation of n different things taken r at a time (r ≤ n). Permutation of n things not all different. Permutation with repetitions (circular permutation excluded). Combinations of n different things taken r at a time (r ≤ n). Combination of n things not all different. Basic properties. Problems involving both permutations and combinations.

Principle of mathematical induction: Statement of the principle, proof by induction for the sum of squares, sum of cubes of first n natural numbers, divisibility properties like 22n — 1 is divisible by 3 (n ≥ 1), 7divides 32n+1+2n+2 (n ≥ 1)

Binomial theorem (positive integral index): Statement of the theorem, general term, middle term, equidistant terms, properties of binomial coefficients.

Matrices: Concepts of m x n (m ≤ 3, n ≤ 3) real matrices, operations of addition, scalar multiplication and multiplication of matrices. Transpose of a matrix. Determinant of a square matrix. Properties of determinants (statement only). Minor, cofactor and adjoint of a matrix. Nonsingular matrix. Inverse of a matrix. Finding area of a triangle. Solutions of system of linear equations. (Not more than 3 variables).

Sets, Relations and Mappings: Idea of sets, subsets, power set, complement, union, intersection and difference of sets, Venn diagram, De Morgan’s Laws, Inclusion / Exclusion formula for two or three finite sets, Cartesian product of sets.

Relation and its properties. Equivalence relation — definition and elementary examples, mappings, range and domain, injective, surjective and bijective mappings, composition of mappings, inverse of a mapping.

Statistics and Probability: Measure of dispersion, mean, variance and standard deviation, frequency distribution. Addition and multiplication rules of probability, conditional probability and Bayes’ Theorem, independence of events, repeated independent trails and Binomial distribution.


Trigonometric functions, addition and subtraction formulae, formulae involving multiple and submultiple angles, general solution of trigonometric equations. Properties of triangles, inverse trigonometric functions and their properties.

Co-ordinate Geometry of two dimensions

Distance formula, section formula, area of a triangle, condition of collinearity of three points in a plane. Polar co-ordinates, transformation from Cartesian to polar coordinates and vice versa. Parallel transformation of axes.

Concept of locus, locus problems involving all geometrical configurations, Slope of a line. Equation of lines in different forms, angle between two lines. Condition of perpendicularity and parallelism of two lines. Distance of a point from a line. Distance between two parallel lines. Lines through the point of intersection of two lines. Angle bisector Equation of a circle with a given center and radius. Condition that a general equation of second degree in x, y may represent a circle. Equation of a circle in terms of endpoints of a diameter. Equation of tangent, normal and chord. Parametric equation of a circle. Intersection of a line with a circle. Equation of common chord of two intersecting circles.

Definition of conic section, Directrix, Focus and Eccentricity, classification based on eccentricity. Equation of Parabola, Ellipse and Hyperbol.a in standard form, their foci, directrices, eccentricities and parametric equations

Co-ordinate Geometry of three dimensions

Direction cosines and direction ratios, distance between two points and section formula, equation of a straight line, equation of a plane, distance of a point from a plane.


Differential calculus: Functions, domain and range set of functions, composition of two functions and inverse of a function, limit, continuity, derivative, chain rule and derivative of functions in various forms. Concept of differential.

Rolle’s Theorem and Lagrange’s Mean Value theorem (statement only). Their geometric interpretation and elementary application. L’Hospital’s rule (statement only) and applications. Second-order derivative

Integral calculus: Integration as a reverse process of differentiation, indefinite integral of standard functions. Integration by parts. Integration by substitution and partial fraction.

Definite integral as a limit of a sum with equal subdivisions. Fundamental theorem of integral calculus and its applications. Properties of definite integrals.

Differential Equations: Formation of ordinary differential equations, solution of homogeneous differential equations, separation of variables method, linear first-order differential equations.

Application of Calculus: Tangents and normals, conditions of tangency. Determination of monotonicity, maxima and minima. Differential coefficient as a measure of rate. Motion in a straight line with constant acceleration. Geometric interpretation of definite integral as area, calculation of area bounded by elementary curves and Straight lines. Area of the region included between two elementary curves

Vectors: Addition of vectors, scalar multiplication, dot and cross products, scalar triple product.

WBJEE 2021 Exam Pattern

Interested candidates can prepare for the entrance exam with help of the exam pattern. Check the WBJEE 2021 exam pattern given below.

WBJEE 2021 (consists of two papers): Paper 1 – Mathematics and Paper 2 – Physics and Chemistry. The candidates have to appear in both of these papers. The duration of each paper is 2 hours. Each paper has multiple-choice questions of 3 categories.

Check the distribution of questions given below.

SectionsCategory I
(Full Marks – 1)
Category II
(Full Marks – 2)
Category III
(Full Marks – 2)
Total no. of questionsTotal marks

Marking Scheme

Category of questionsMarking Scheme
Category IOnly one option is correct
Each question is of 01 mark
For each incorrect answer, 1/4 marks are deducted
0 marks for unattempted question
Category IIOnly one option is correct
Each question is of 2 marks
For each incorrect answer, 1/2 marks are deducted
0 marks for unattempted question
Category IIIOne or more options can be correct
Correct responses will lead to 02 marks
Any combination of correct and incorrect response will lead to 0 marks
0 marks for un-attempted questions
For partially correct answers, marks will be calculated as:

2 x (No. of correct options marked / total number of correct options)

WBJEE 2021 Mock Test

Aspirants can do a self-assessment through the mock test. It helps the candidates to revise the preparation for the WBJEE 2021. Ans also get to understand the blueprint of upcoming entrance exam problems. Multiple attempts of the Mock Test enhanced the quality of knowledge.

Check the subject-wise links given below.

SectionPractice Here
MathematicsClick Here
PhysicsClick Here
ChemistryClick Here

Best Books to Prepare for WBJEE 2021

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