VITEEE 2021 Syllabus (by VIT University) – Download PDF

VITEEE 2021 Syllabus – VIT University has officially released the syllabus for VITEEE 2021. The syllabus has been published as 5 PDF files, one each for the subjects physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, english-aptitude. You can download the VIT syllabus pdf files from here, and also check the complete syllabus from this page itself. To prepare for the VIT Engineering Entrance Exam, cover all topics given in the official syllabus, here. All questions in the exam will be as per the syllabus, with questions and marking scheme as per the exam pattern. Get VITEEE syllabus 2021 for all subjects here with all topics.

VITEEE 2021 Syllabus

VIT University has officially released the syllabus for VIT engineering entrance exam 2021. You can download the PDF files here.

S.No.SubjectVITEEE 2021 Syllabus PDF
1PhysicsDownload here VITEEE syllabus 2021 for Physics
2ChemistryDownload here VITEEE syllabus 2021 for Chemistry
3MathematicsDownload here VITEEE syllabus 2021 for Mathematics
4BiologyDownload here VITEEE syllabus 2021 for Biology
5English-AptitudeDownload here VITEEE syllabus 2021 for English-Aptitude

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VITEEE Syllabus 2021 – All Topics Subject Wise

While the detailed syllabus below is in the PDF files, a quick glance at the list of topics will help you tick which topics you have already covered and which are left. Subject wise, here are all the topics to cover for VITEEE 2021.

Physics Syllabus

1Laws of Motion & Work, Energy and Power6Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current
2Properties of Matter7Optics
3Electrostatics8Dual Nature of Radiation and Atomic Physics
4Current Electricity9Nuclear Physics
5Magnetic Effects of Electric Current10Semiconductor Devices and their Applications

Chemistry Syllabus

1Atomic Structure6Isomerism in Organic Compounds
2p,d and f – Block Elements7Alcohols and Ethers
3Coordination Chemistry and Solid State Chemistry8Carbonyl Compounds
4Thermodynamics, Chemical Equilibrium and Chemical Kinetics9Carboxylic Acids and their derivatives
5Electrochemistry10Organic Nitrogen Compounds and Biomolecules

Mathematics Syllabus

1Matrices and their Applications6Differential Calculus
2Trigonometry and Complex Numbers7Integral Calculus and its Applications
3Analytical Geometry of two dimensions8Differential Equations
4Vector Algebra9Probability Distributions
5Analytical Geometry of Three Dimensions10Discrete Mathematics

Biology Syllabus

2Cell and Molecular Biology7Plant physiology
3Reproduction8Human physiology
4Genetics and evolution9Biotechnology and its applications
5Human health and diseases10Biodiversity, ecology and environment

English-Aptitude Syllabus

English – comprehension of a short passage or line of poems, English grammarAptitude
1. Data Interpretation
2. Data Sufficiency
3. Syllogism
4. Number series, Coding and Decoding
5. Clocks, Calendars and Directions

Significance of VITEEE Syllabus and How To Prepare It?

With the publication of VITEEE syllabus, candidates can get straight ahead to prepare for it. The biggest significance of the syllabi is in the fact that it gives you a basis for preparation.

Students from all over appear in the VIT Engineering Entrance Exam. Each of you are from different states, different boards of studies. The curriculum in CBSE, ICSE, state boards are a little different from each other. Moreover, this year, some boards have reduced syllabi, others have not. In this scenario, students are confused as to exactly which topics to study for their engineering entrance exams, and which to not. Now that the syllabus for VIT Engineering Entrance Exam is here, it is easy for you to know exactly what to study.

Now when it comes to preparation, the best way forward is to do the following.

  1. Study all the topics that are in the curriculum of VITEEE exam. You can study the theory aspect from NCERT books.
  2. Then, solve MCQs from practice books. You can refer the same books you are doing for JEE Main 2021. (Read – Best books for JEE 2021 exams).
  3. In addition, solve some VITEEE sample papers, past year papers.
  4. Also, it is good to take mock test to familiarize yourself with the upcoming computer based test.

Books Recommended for VITEEE 2021

Frequently Asked Questions on VITEEE Syllabus 2021

Qs. What is the syllabus for VITEEE?

Ans. The syllabus for VITEEE includes topics taught in 11th and 12th of physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, and some aspects of english and aptitude.

Qs. From where can I get the VITEEE 2021 syllabus?

Ans. VIT University has officially published the VITEEE syllabus. You can get it from this page or from

Qs. Do I have to study all topics of CBSE class 11th, 12th PCM?

Ans. Please refer the VITEEE syllabus to know exactly what to study.

Qs. How should I study the syllabus?

Ans. You can refer NCERT books for the theory aspect of learning. For practising, you can solve papers of JEE, VITEEE.

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