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VITEEE 2021 Slot Booking – VIT has started VITEEE slot booking 2021 for re-exam today. Candidates who are eligible for re-exam, that is those who did not appear in exam or could not login, can now book their VITEEE 2021 re-exam slot from from direct link given below. There is only one exam date for re-exam, that is June 10, 2021. However there are multiple slots to select from. The last date for slot booking for re-exam is June 8, 2021, 5 PM. Earlier, the slot booking for exam was done from May 17 to 21, 2021.

Candidates can book slots at login link given below. To book exam date and time slots, login with registered email id and password. Candidates have to do the slot booking themselves (parents or friends cannot) because the system will capture their photograph and the same will be used for the VITEEE 2021 exam. Once the slot is booked, it cannot be changed, and admit card is generated on basis of it. Check more details about VITEEE 2021 slot booking such as the process to book slots, what to do if forgot password etc.

VITEEE 2021 Slot Booking

Do VITEEE Slot Booking Here: Click here to book slot for VITEEE 2021 re exam.

After slot booking is over, you can download VITEEE admit card 2021.

Latest: VITEEE 2021 re-exam will be held on June 10, only for those candidates who were absent / could not log-in. Such candidates can do slot booking from June 5-8, 2021.

Latest: Mock test for VITEEE reattempt will be held on June 9, 2021 – check details here.

Latest – VIT has released a video to explain “Steps for VITEEE ORPE Slot Booking on” – You can watch it here.

Latest – VITEEE 2021 Online Remote Proctor Exam guidelines have been announced. Check it all from here.


VITEEE OTBS – VIT Online Test Booking System (OTBS) is an online application. Until now, VIT University used to start the slot booking at the OTBS. The VIT OTBS used to be available at and candidates could access it by entering application number and password. The password for the OTBS was sent one day before the the book dates at the registered e-mail id.

VITEEE – This year, VIT university has started slot booking at This is new portal from where candidates book slots and exam date for VITEEE 2021. It is a bit different from OTBS. Candidates need e-mail id and password to access login on code.tantra.

Image Clicking During VITEEE 2021 Slot Booking

It is very important for the candidates to ensure that they are themselves doing slot booking for VITEEE. This is because during the slot booking, the live image of the candidate is clicked and uploaded in the slot booking login. Without getting the image clicked, the slot is not booked.

  • The photo is to be taken of the face.
  • While taking the photo, make sure there is enough light on your face.

After booking the slot, the image clicked and the image uploaded in the application form will be displayed on the screen. VIT will also take a picture of the candidates before the actual test. All of these 3 images will be compared for the validation and to ensure that the candidates taking the test is the same as the one who applied.

VITEEE Slot Booking Date 2021

Slot booking can only be done by those candidates who submitted VITEEE 2021 application form. The dates for VIT 2021 slot booking are as follows:

VITEEE 2021 Slot BookingDates
Last date to apply for VITEEE 202120 May 2021
VITEEE 2021 slot booking start on17 May 2021
The last date to book a slot21 May 2021
Mock Tests 1 dates20, 21, 22 May 2021
Mock Test 2 dates24, 25, 26 May 2021
VITEEE Exam Date 202128, 29, 31 May 2021
VITEEE 2021 Re-Exam Slot Booking start date and time05 Jun 2021 (10 AM)
VITEEE 2021 Re-Exam Slot Booking end date and time08 Jun 2021 (5 PM)
VITEEE 2021 Re-Exam 10 Jun 2021

Slots of VITEEE 2021 and Mock Tests

This year, there are 4 slots for VITEEE 2021 and the mock test. These are as follows

  • Slot 1 – 08:30 AM
  • Slot 2 – 11:00 AM
  • Slot 3 – 01:30 PM
  • Slot 4 – 04:00 PM

Note: The time slot for mock test and the actual exam shall be the same. Hence, candidates should select the time for the mock test and exam carefully.

Basically, this means that if candidates select 1A slot for the exam then that will be time for mock test as well and vice-versa.

The slots and dates for VITEEE 2021 exam are as follows:

VITEEE 2021 Slot NameExam DateSlot Time
1A28 May 202108:30 am
1B28 May 202111:00 am
1C28 May 202101:30 pm
1D28 May 202104:00 pm
2A29 May 202108:30 am
2B29 May 202111:00 am
2C29 May 202101:30 pm
2D29 May 202104:00 pm
3A31 May 202108:30 am
3B31 May 202111:00 am
3C31 May 202101:30 pm
3D31 May 202104:00 pm

The slots and dates for VITEEE Mock Test 1 and VITEEE Mock Test 2 are as follows:

Name of the slotDateTime to log in
M1-1A20 May 202108:30 am
M1-1B20 May 202111:00 am
M1-1C20 May 202101:30 pm
M1-1D20 May 202104:00 pm
M1-2A21 May 202108:30 am
M1-2B21 May 202111:00 am
M1-2C21 May 202101:30 pm
M1-2D21 May 202104:00 pm
M1-3A22 May 202108:30 am
M1-3B22 May 202111:00 am
M1-3C22 May 202101:30 pm
M1-3D22 May 202104:00 pm
M2-1A24 May 202108:30 am
M2-1B24 May 202111:00 am
M2-1C24 May 202101:30 pm
M2-1D24 May 202104:00 pm
M2-2A25 May 202108:30 am
M2-2B25 May 202111:00 am
M2-2C25 May 202101:30 pm
M2-2D25 May 202104:00 pm
M2-3A26 May 202108:30 am
M2-3B26 May 202111:00 am
M2-3C26 May 202101:30 pm
M2-3D26 May 202104:00 pm

What do You Need for VITEEE 2021 Slot Booking?

Before booking the slot, candidates must ensure that they have a:

  • Laptop or a computer or phone.
  • This should have a working camera.
  • Device must be connected to high speed internet.

How to Do VITEEE 2021 Slot Booking?

Important Things to Know While Doing VITEEE 2021 Slot Booking

– The time slot for mock test and the actual exam shall be the same. So, decide it carefully.
– Candidates can only book a slot once.
– After booking it, no request for change shall be entertained.
– If a candidate forgets to book a slot then the University will automatically book slot for the candidate.

The slot booking of VITEEE 2021 can only be done online, from VIT Online Test Booking System. To do the booking, follow the steps below:

Step 1 – First of all, click on the link above for VIT OTBS 2021.

Step 2 – The link leads to a new login window, which looks as shown below.

Step 3 – Now, access the login by entering

  • Email id
  • Password

Note: The application number and password were generated while submitting the application form of VITEEE 2021.

Step 4 – Select the slot and click on “book now” link, as shown below:

Step 5 – Next, allow the camera to click your image. Once the image is clicked, details are shown on the screen and the candidates can change their stream here, check below. Click on “book” to proceed ahead.

Step 6 – “Successfully booked slot” is displayed on the screen.

Step 7 – On the next page the admit card is generated. Students have to click on the “print” option to download the admit card.

Download Admit Card After VITEEE 2021 Slot Booking

After booking the slot, candidates can download VITEEE 2021 admit card. The admit card is issued automatically, for those who book test dates and time. For those candidates, who will not book the slot, the University will automatically book it. Admit card of such candidates is sent via e-mail and sms alert.

On the exam day, candidates need admit card. It is to be show before starting the test.

What to Do If Forgot VITEEE 2021 Password?

Here are some steps to get back the password of VITEEE 2021:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Go to the login tab, and select the “forgot password” link.

Step 3: Now enter the registered email id, mobile number and verification code.

Step 4: Click on the submit button. Once you click on the submit button, a mail will be forwarded to you. The email will have the password.

VITEEE 2021 Mock Test

This year, VIT is conducting VITEEE as an online remote proctor test. Hence, the university has decided to conduct 2 mock test before the test. The university is doing so to make students similar with the process and formalities of the exam.

The VITEEE mock test 1 will be auto-proctored. This means that it will be held without any vigilance by the university. However, the second mock test will be monitored by VIT faculty. To appear for the second mock test, candidates need primary and secondary device.

Before starting the mock test, the university will check the device compatibility / internet and will simulate the exam. If there is any error, then mock will not start.

To appear for VITEEE 2021 mock test 1 and 2 candidates need to book slot. The booking for the mock test opens with the booking for the exam. Few things to note:

  • The slot (time) for mock test 1, mock test 2, and VITEEE 2021 exam will be the same.
  • Dates for mock test 1, mock test 2, and the exam shall be different.
  • It is mandatory to appear for both the mock test.
  • Both the mock tests will also be held as remote proctor test.
  • Mock test 1 can be taken for 1 hour or more. However, mock test 2 is to be taken completely.

Practice VITEEE 2021 Mock Test by Aglasem

What to Keep in Mind While Doing VITEEE 2021 Slot Booking?

While booking a slot for VITEEE 2021, the candidates should keep certain things in mind. These are as follows:

  • The slot booking shall be done on first-come-first-served basis. Hence, once the slots have been filled candidates cannot book it.
  • Check all the exam dates and slots and decide it in advanced. As VIT OTBS is a real time application, you will not get time to decide it then.
  • Do not book a slot just because your friend is booking it. Book that slot which is most convenient to you.
  • While doing the slot booking make sure that your device and internet connection is working well.
  • Under no circumstances, VIT University entertains the request to change the exam date, subject, or VITEEE 2021 slot.
  • To avoid any confusion, keep the application form confirmation page copy nearby while booking the slots.

About VITEEE 2021

VIT Engineering Entrance Examination (VITEEE) 2021 was due to be held as a s Computer Based Test (CBT) from June 18 to 26, 2021. However, due to the second wave of COVID, VIT University decided to conduct the exam as an Online Remote Proctor Exam (ORPE).

The exam will now have 80 multiple choice questions. These will be asked from maths / biology, physics, chemistry, aptitude, and the English language. Each question in the exam will be of 1 marks. Also, there will be no negative marking in the exam.

Candidates who will qualify VITEEE will be called for counselling and seat allotment. During VIT counselling, seat is allocated on the basis of rank in the exam, choice of the candidate, and availability of seat.

VITEEE 2021 Remote Proctor Test Guidelines

This is for the first time when VIT university is holding VITEEE as a proctor test. The varsity is doing this so that candidates don’t have to appear for the exam and give the exam from a safe place.

The important guidelines for the exams are as follows:

  • Candidates need both primary and secondary device to take the test.
  • Primary device is laptop or a desktop with a Windows / Linux / Mac.
  • Secondary device is a mobile with an android or iOS.
  • The internet connection should be strong, with an upload and download bandwidth of 256 kpb.
  • Take the test in a quite place.
  • Since the faculty of VIT will be monitoring the test, candidates must not try malpractice.
  • The test platform will assess the network device capacity. Only if it is apt, candidates will be allowed to take the test.
  • If the device is not compatible and candidates are not able to take the test, then candidates may apply for re-scheduling of the test.
  • Once the test start, re-scheduling is not possible.
  • If there is a interruption of 5 minutes while taking the test then it will be terminated.
  • During the test, there will be auto proctored alerts. These will inform candidates that there is a deviation. Candidates must comply with these.
  • During the test, the image of the candidates will be matched with that of taken during the VITEEE 2021 slot booking.

FAQs on VITEEE 2021 Slot Booking

Here is the answer to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding VITEEE 2021 slot booking.

Qs. What is VITEEE 2021 slot booking?

Ans. Slot booking is a process via which students can book test date and slot for the exam. It is just like doing booking for a movie show. Students just need to login and book test and time.

Qs. I have booked the slot but I have another paper on the same. How can I change the slot for VITEEE 2021?

Ans. Sorry, the slot once booked cannot be changed. The University does not allow it. However, you can try and contacting VIT once.

Qs. Can I change my exam center. What is the process for that?

Ans. Exam center once booked cannot be changed. VIT University entertains no request for the same. However this year the exam is being held as remote proctored mode, hence the candidates shall not be needed to choose exam center.

Qs. Can I change my subject during the VITEEE slot booking?

Ans. Yes, you can decide if you want to opt for MPCEA or BPCEA.

Qs. I forgot to book my slot. Can I do it now that the last date is over?

Ans. No, you cannot book it now. However, no need to worry, VIT University is automatically booking slot for those candidates who did not do slot booking. Check your registered e-mail id / sms or login to OTBS to check details.

Qs. What is fullform of VIT OTBS and what is it?

Ans. VIT OTBS stands for Online Test Booking System. It is an application, prepared by the university, through which candidates can do VITEEE 2021 slot booking.

Qs. Where can I access VITEEE OTBS?

Ans. You can access VIT OTBS from

Qs. When is slot booking for VIT starting?

Ans. The slot booking started on May 17, 2021. For re-exam slot booking, start date is June 5, 2021.

Qs. What is the last date for booking slots for VITEEE 2021?

Ans. The last date for VIT slot booking was May 21, 2021. For re-exam slot booking, last date is June 8, 2021.

Qs. How to book a slot for VITEEE?

Ans. Slot booking for VITEEE can be done online, at The steps to do the booking are as follows:

Step 1 – Go to
Step 2 – Login OTBS by entering application number and password.
Step 3 – Next, the candidates need to book test date and slot.
Step 4 – Confirm the book slot and download the admit card.

Qs. What is the most appropriate web browser for booking VITEEE 2021 slots?

Ans. You can use Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or any other browser. However, make sure it the latest and updated version.

Qs. I did not book slot for VITEEE 2021 before the last date and now I cannot download the admit card. What to do now?

Ans. No need to worry, for all those candidates who were not able to do the slot booking VIT has automatically booked the slot. The admit card has also been sent viw the e-mail and sms. So, check your registered e-mail id and phone, you will surely find the admit card there.

Qs. Can I have book separate times for VITEEE mock test and VITEEE exam?

Ans. No, you can book separate dates for VITEEE mock test and the exam but the time slot for both will be the same. So select wisely.

Qs. Where can I do booking for mock test of VITEEE?

Ans. Mock test booking can be done from OTBS, at

Qs. Do I need to appear for both the mock test of VITEEE 2021?

Ans. Yes, it is mandatory that students appear for both the mock test of VIT.

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