VITEEE 2021 Slot Booking (From 17 May): Book VIT Slot & Date at OTBS (

VITEEE 2021 Slot Booking –  VIT University will allow candidates to do VITEEE slot booking from May 17 to 21, 2021. Within this duration, candidates can book slot for VITEEE 2021, as well as, VITEEE mock test 1 and 2. Only registered candidates can book a slot, at During the VIT slot booking, candidates can book test date and time. In it is mandatory that the applicants do the slot booking themselves, because while doing so, image will be captured. This will then be matched during the test. Know VITEEE 2021 slot booing dates, time, process, and more information from this page.

VITEEE 2021 Slot Booking

Latest – VITEEE 2021 slot booking can be done from May 17 to 21, 2021.

Latest – VITEEE 2021 is also conducting 2 mock test. It is mandatory for the candidates to take both the mock test and to do so, they need to book slot. Know details here.

Latest – VITEEE 2021 registration is open until May 20, 2021. Apply online here.

Latest – VITEEE 2021 Online Remote Proctor Test guidelines have been announced. Check it all from here.

Book slots here: Candidates can do slot booking for VITEEE 2021 as per schedule from the official website, which is

VITEEE Slot Booking 2021 Date

Slot booking can only be done by those candidates who submitted VITEEE 2021 application form. The dates for VIT 2021 slot booking are as follows:

VITEEE 2021 Slot BookingDates
Last date to apply for VITEEE 202120 May 2021
VITEEE 2021 slot booking start on17 May 2021
The last date to book a slot21 May 2021
Mock Tests 1 dates20, 21, 22 May 2021
Mock Test 2 dates24, 25, 26 May 2021
VITEEE Exam Date 202128, 29, 31 May 2021

Slots of VITEEE 2021 and Mock Tests

This year, there are 4 slots for VITEEE 2021 and the mock test. These are as follows

  • Slot 1 – 08:30 PM
  • Slot 2 – 11:00 PM
  • Slot 3 – 01:30 PM
  • Slot 4 – 04:00 PM

Note: The time slot for mock test and the actual exam shall be the same. Hence, candidates should select the time for the mock test and exam carefully.

Basically, this means that if candidates select 1A slot for the exam then that will be time for mock test as well and vice-versa.

The slots and dates for VITEEE 2021 exam are as follows:

VITEEE 2021VITEEE-1A28 May 202108:30 am
VITEEE 2021VITEEE-1B28 May 202111:00 am
VITEEE 2021VITEEE-1C28 May 202101:30 pm
VITEEE 2021VITEEE-1D28 May 202104:00 pm
VITEEE 2021VITEEE-2A29 May 202108:30 am
VITEEE 2021VITEEE-2B29 May 202111:00 am
VITEEE 2021VITEEE-2C29 May 202101:30 pm
VITEEE 2021VITEEE-2D29 May 202104:00 pm
VITEEE 2021VITEEE-3A31 May 202108:30 am
VITEEE 2021VITEEE-3B31 May 202111:00 am
VITEEE 2021VITEEE-3C31 May 202101:30 pm
VITEEE 2021VITEEE-3D31 May 202104:00 pm

The slots and dates for VITEEE Mock Test 1 and VITEEE Mock Test 2 are as follows:

Mock TestName of the slotDateTime to log in
Mock test 1M1-1A20 May 202108:30 am
Mock test 1M1-1B20 May 202111:00 am
Mock test 1M1-1C20 May 202101:30 pm
Mock test 1M1-1D20 May 202104:00 pm
Mock test 1M1-2A21 May 202108:30 am
Mock test 1M1-2B21 May 202111:00 am
Mock test 1M1-2C21 May 202101:30 pm
Mock test 1M1-2D21 May 202104:00 pm
Mock test 1M1-3A22 May 202108:30 am
Mock test 1M1-3B22 May 202111:00 am
Mock test 1M1-3C22 May 202101:30 pm
Mock test 1M1-3D22 May 202104:00 pm
Mock test 2M2-1A24 May 202108:30 am
Mock test 2M2-1B24 May 202111:00 am
Mock test 2M2-1C24 May 202101:30 pm
Mock test 2M2-1D24 May 202104:00 pm
Mock test 2M2-2A25 May 202108:30 am
Mock test 2M2-2B25 May 202111:00 am
Mock test 2M2-2C25 May 202101:30 pm
Mock test 2M2-2D25 May 202104:00 pm
Mock test 2M2-3A26 May 202108:30 am
Mock test 2M2-3B26 May 202111:00 am
Mock test 2M2-3C26 May 202101:30 pm
Mock test 2M2-3D26 May 202104:00 pm

Important Things to Know While Doing VITEEE 2021 Slot Booking

– The time slot for mock test and the actual exam shall be the same. So, decide it carefully.
– Candidates can only book a slot once.
– After booking it, no request for change shall be entertained.
– If a candidate forgets to book a slot then the University will automatically book slot for the candidate.

How to Do VITEEE 2021 Slot Booking?

The slot booking of VITEEE 2021 can only be done online, from VIT Online Test Booking System. To do so, the candidates need to follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Go to VIT OTBS to Book Slot:

  • First of all, the candidates need to access OTBS by clicking on the link above. The link leads to a new login as shown below:

Step 2 – Open OTBS:

  • Next, the candidates need to open VIT University OTBS by entering the following details:
    1. Application number
    2. Password
    3. Captcha code

Note: The application number and password were generated while submitting the application form of VITEEE 2021.

Step 3 – Read Instructions and Process:

  • After this, a window as shown below opens. Candidates need to read all the instructions and then confirm the same by clicking on the check box. When done, click on “Book a Seat” button.
VIT OTBS Dashboard

Step 4 – Book a Seat:

  • Following the steps above, VITEEE slot booking window opens. In it, the candidates need to select following details (may vary):
    • Test name
    • State / international
    • Test city
    • VITEEE subject
    • Test dateTest center name
  • Following this, the test center address is displayed automatically on the screen.
VITEEE Exam Slot Booking

Step 5 – VITEEE 2021 Slot Booking:

  • After the step above, the window for slot booking opens. Here, multiple test date, day, start time, end time, and seats is given.
  • Candidates have to carefully check all of these details and then click on “Book” link, for the most appropriate slot of VITEEE 2021.
VITEEE 2021 Slot Booking

Step 6 – Confirm Booking in Real Time:

  • VITEEE slot booking is a real time application. This means that every minute it keeps on updating with the latest booking record. Hence, candidates only have 1 minute to confirm and book the slot. Hence, after the step above, click on the “Ok” button.
VITEEE 2021 Slot Booking is a Real Time Application
  • Lastly, the candidates need to confirm the booking by checking all the displayed details and clicking “Confirm” button.
VITEEE 2021 Slot Booking Confirmation

After VITEEE Slot Booking – Download Admit Card

To take the exam, candidates must have admit card. The admit card of VITEEE is only issued to those candidates who register for the exam and book a slot as well. Such is because it contains details about the candidates and the exam.

The admit card of VITEEE is generated automatically after the slot booking. After booking the slot, a window as shown below opens:

VITEEE 2021 Admit Card Download

Candidates need to click on the “VIew my e-admit card” link and following this, the admit card for VITEEE is displayed on the screen. Candidates can download it by click on “Generate PDF” button.

VITEEE 2021 Admit Card

On the exam day, candidates need to carry a print out of the VITEEE 2021 admit card along with one valid id card and photocopy of the application form confirmation page.

If the applicant fails to book the slot, the slot will be booked automatically and e-admit card will be sent to the applicants by email with an alert as SMS.

VIT OTBS (Online Test Booking System)

For VITEEE slot booking 2021, the University opens an online test booking system. It is an online portal, available at From it, candidates do VIT 2021 slot booking and download admit card.

To access the OTBS, candidates need application number and password. The password for OTBS is send to the candidates via e-mail. It is send to all the candidates who successfully registered via online and OMR application form.

  • If you have not received the e-mail then check your spam / junk folder.
  • Keep your OTBS password safe and do not share it with anyone.
  • OTBS password is only useful for booking the slot, within the given time period.

What to Keep in Mind While Doing VITEEE 2021 Slot Booking

While booking a slot for VITEEE 2021, the candidates should keep certain things in mind. These are as follows:

  • Check all the exam dates and slots and decide it in advanced. As VIT OTBS is a real time application, you will not get time to decide it then.
  • Do not book a slot just because your friend is booking it. Book that slot which is most convenient to you.
  • Also, check the exam center once before the exam.

Important to Note About VITEEE 2021 Slot Booking

Certain important things that candidates need to note about VITEEE slot booking are as follows:

  • To avoid any confusion, keep the application form confirmation page copy nearby while booking the slots.
  • Under no circumstances, VIT University entertains the request to change the exam date, subject, or VITEEE 2021 slot.
  • The slot booking of VITEEE 2021 is done on the first cum first-served basis. Hence, candidates must book a slot as soon as possible.
  • VIT is not accountable for any network of service issued during the slot booking.
  • Candidates must appear for the exam, on the center, date, and time selected during the booking.

About VITEEE 2021

VIT Engineering Entrance Examination (VITEEE) 2021 was due to be held as a s Computer Based Test (CBT) from June 18 to 26, 2021. However, due to the second wave of COVID, VIT University decided to conduct the exam as an Online Remote Proctor Exam (ORPE).

The exam will now have 80 multiple choice questions. These will be asked from maths / biology, physics, chemistry, aptitude, and the English language. Each question in the exam will be of 1 marks. Also, there will be no negative marking in the exam.

Candidates who will qualify VITEEE will be called for counselling and seat allotment. During VIT counselling, seat is allocated on the basis of rank in the exam, choice of the candidate, and availability of seat.

FAQs on VITEEE 2021 Slot Booking

Here is the answer to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding VITEEE 2021 slot booking.

Q. What does a slot booking mean for VITEEE? / What is slot booking in VIT?

A. VIT conducts VITEEE in a window of multiple dates and through slot booking candidates can reserve a test date, slot, and center.

Q. I have booked the slot but I have another paper on the same. How can I change the slot for VITEEE 2021?

A. Sorry, the slot once booked cannot be changed. The University does not allow it. However, you can try and contacting VIT once.

Q. Can I change my exam center. What is the process for that?

A. Exam center once booked cannot be changed. VIT University entertains no request for the same. However this year the exam is being held as remote proctored mode, hence the candidates shall not be needed to choose exam center.

Q. Can I change my subject during the VITEEE slot booking?

Ans. Yes, you can decide if you want to opt for MPCEA or BPCEA.

Q. I forgot to book my slot. Can I do it now that the last date is over?

A. No, you cannot book it now. However, no need to worry, VIT University is automatically booking slot for those candidates who did not do slot booking. Check your registered e-mail id / sms or login to OTBS to check details.

Q. What is fullform of VIT OTBS and what is it?

VIT OTBS stands for Online Test Booking System. It is an application, prepared by the university, through which candidates can do VITEEE 2021 slot booking.

Q. Where can I access VITEEE OTBS?

You can access VIT OTBS from

Official website:

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