UP B.Ed 2021 Question Paper with Solution (Available) – Check Here

UP B.Ed 2021 Question Paper with Solution – Check the UP B.Ed question paper with solutions from this page. It is available for shift 1 and 2. These are the unofficial answer keys of UP B.Ed JEE 2021. The candidates check and use questions and solutions to evaluate their performance and calculate the score. There are 2 papers in UP B.Ed JEE. Each question carries 02 marks. For each incorrect answer, 0.66 marks i.e 1/3 marks will be deducted. Lucknow University will release UP B.Ed 2021 answer key in pdf format at its official website, lkouniv.ac.in. Know more about UP B.Ed 2021 question paper with solution from this page.

UP B.Ed JEE 2021 Question Paper with Solution

The exam was held in two shifts. The first shift is from 9.00 AM – 12.00 PM and the second shift is from 2.00 PM – 5.00 PM. UP B.Ed JEE 2021 questions with solution or shift 1 and 2 are given below.

UP B.Ed JEE 2021 Shift 2 Memory-Based Questions and Answers

Ques. Who is the author of Indica.
Ans. Meghasthenes

Ques. Marian Trench is situated in which ocean?
Ans. Pacific Ocean

Ques. Who is the largest producer of Tea?
Ans. Darjeeling

Ques. Which port is known as Coffee Port?
Ans. Santos

Ques. In the year 1919, Khilafat Samiti was formed in which city?
Ans. Mumbai

Ques. When was Simon Commission opposed?
Ans. 1927

Ques. Who formed Swaraj party?
Ans. Motilal Nehru and Chitranjan Das

Ques. Hind Swaraj was written by?
Ans. Mahatma Gandhi

Ques. Who fought the 3rd battle of Panipat?
Ans. Maratha Empire and a King of Afganistan, Ahmad Shah Durrani and two Indian Muslim Allied

Ques. Last sovereign of the Lodhi empire.
Ans. Ibrahim Lodhi

Ques. Who gave the Sermon In Sarnath.
Ans. Buddha

Ques. Strongest acid. 
Ans. HCL

Ques. Ginger is a?
Ans. Nodule

Ques. Myopia is associated with?

Ques. Liquid pressure is based on which substance?
Ans. Archimedes theorem

Ques. Which blood type is known as ‘Sarvadaata’?
Ans. O negative

Ques. How many bones are there in a human body?
Ans. 206

Ques. What is the mass of CO2?
Ans. 44

Ques. The scientific name of Vitamin C is?
Ans. Ascorbic acid

Ques. Barometer is used to measure?
Ans. Atmospheric pressure

Ques. What do plants absorb?
Ans. CO2

Ques. Hydraulic press works on which substance?
Ans. Pascal

Ques. Which element is produced by Photography?
Ans. Silver Bromide

Ques. Why are waves in ocean appear blue?
Ans. Because of refraction

Ques. Kilowatt hour is used for?
Ans. Electric energy

Ques. Group of Methane is called.
Ans. Carbo and Hydrogen

Ques. Who is the founder of Radio?
Ans. Marconi

Ques. Who is known as Emperor of Chemistry?
Ans. Sulphuric acid

Ques. There are 600 Rs in a bag. This is in the form of 1Rs 50 p and 25p. The ratio is 3:4:12. How many coins are there of 25p?
Ans. 900

Ques. From Monday to Wednesday, the weather is 37 degree Celsius and from Tuesday to Thursday, it is 34 degree Celsius. If Thursday’s weather is Monday’s weather 4/5, then what is the weather of Thusday?
Ans. 36 degree Celsius

Ques. 120 Rs has been divided between A, B and C. A got more money from B and less from C. What is the share of B?
Ans. 20

Ques. One person buys 6 lemons for Rs 1. In 1 Rs, how many lemons he must sell to get 20% profit?
Ans. 5

UP B.Ed JEE 2021 Shift 1 Memory-Based Questions and Answers

Ques. Where is Jim Corbett National Park situated?
Ans. Uttarakhand

Ques. Which is the longest canal in India?
Ans. Indira Gandhi

Ques. Name of the application developed by India to keep a track of COVID-19.
Ans. Aarogya Setu

Ques. Who was India’s first Miss World?
Ans. Reita Faria

Ques. Who was the first Indian female to win a medal in Olympics?
Ans. Karnam Malleshwari

Ques. Which is the largest ocean in India?
Ans. Pacific Ocean

Ques. Where is India’s Cancer Research Institute situated?
Ans. Jhajjar, Haryana

Ques. Which country was the winner of U-19 world cup?
Ans. Bangladesh

Ques. Which tree of Uttar Pradesh is government approved?
Ans. Ashok

Ques. Which substance is found in Pencil?
Ans. Graphite

Ques. Grammy is associated with?
Ans. Music

Ques. Which state government offers Tansen Award?
Ans. Madhya Pradesh Government

Ques. Limba Ram is associated with which sport?
Ans. Archery

Ques. When was Google search engine launched?
Ans. 1998

Ques. Which book is written by RK Narayan?
Ans. Malgudi Days

Ques. Who is the author of Indian Girl?
Ans. Chetan Bhagat

Ques. When was Satyagraha Andolan started?
Ans. 1930

Ques. When was Battle of Plassey fought?
Ans. 1757

Ques. Deimos and Phobos are the moons of which planet?
Ans. Mars

How to Calculate Scores Using UP B.Ed 2021 Question Paper with Solution?

In order to get the probable score of UP B.Ed JEE 2021, follow the steps given below.

1st step: First of all, download the answer key.

2nd step: Now, check the questions and cross-check the answers mentioned in the answer key.

3rd step: Write down the number of correct and incorrect answers.

4th step: Use the marking scheme given below to calculate the score.

  • Add 02 marks for each correct answer
  • Deduct 0.66 marks (1/3 marks) for each incorrect answer
  • Un-attempted question will lead to 0 marks

Types of UP B.Ed JEE 2021 Answer Key

2 types of UP B.Ed JEE answer keys are released once the exam is over. Check the details given below.

Unofficial answer key: These answer keys are released few hours after the exam is over. Some coaching institutes and subject experts releases these answer keys. These are also known as unofficial answer keys. The candidates can use these for reference purposes and get an idea about their probable score.

Official answer key: As the name suggests, the official answer key of UP B.Ed JEE is released by Lucknow University. It is released paper-wise in pdf format. No login credentials are needed to download the official UP B.Ed JEE 2021 answer key.

How to Download UP B.Ed 2021 Official Answer Key?

Lucknow University release UP B.Ed 2021 answer key at lkouniv.ac.in. The official answer keys are released paper-wise. Check the steps given below to download the answer key.

1st step: Go to the official website, which is, lkouniv.ac.in.

2nd step: After this, click on the link of the answer key.

3rd step: Next, click on your respective paper number and then, download the answer key.

4th step: A pdf will open. Download the answer key and then save it for future reference.

Expected Cut-Off of UP B.Ed JEE 2021

The cut-off given below is derived as per the analysis of the previous years cut-off trends. Check the expected cut-off of UP B.Ed JEE 2021 given below.

Hindi 60-80
Reasoning 60-80
Subject-Specific Ability40-60
Overall cut-off100-140

UP B.Ed JEE 2021 Result

The candidates can check UP B.Ed JEE 2021 result at lkouniv.ac.in. To check the result, enter the login credentials namely the user id and password. The result is announced in the form of a scorecard. The merit list is also published on the official website. The qualified candidates shall have to take part in the counselling.

FAQs on UP B.Ed 2021 Question Paper with Solution

Ques. Where can I check the solutions of UP B.Ed JEE 2021?

Ans. You can check the UP B.Ed JEE 2021 from this page.

Ques. Does Lucknow University release the answer key of UP B.Ed?

Ans. Yes, Lucknow University will release UP B.E 2021 answer key at lkouniv.ac.in.

Ques. How can I calculate the marks using UP B.Ed JEE 2021 answer key?

Ans. To calculate the marks using the answer key, add 02 marks and deduct 1/3 marks for each incorrect answer.

Ques. Who releases the unofficial answer key of UP B.Ed JEE?

Ans. Various coaching institutes and subject experts will release the unofficial answer key of UP B.Ed JEE few hours after the exam is over.

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