UCEED 2022 Question Paper (Released) – Download PDF with Answers Here

UCEED 2022 Question Paper – IIT Bombay has now released the official UCEED 2022 question paper on the official website i.e. uceed.iitb.ac.in. Candidates can download the same from the link given below. With the official question paper, IIT Bombay has also released the official UCEED 2022 answer key. To access the UCEED answer key candidates can click on the button given below. With the help of the answer key and question paper of UCEED 2022 candidates can calculate their raw scores. Check more details about UCEED 2022 question paper from this page.

UCEED 2022 Question Paper

Download UCEED 2022 Question Paper –
Click here to download UCEED 2022 question paper.
Click here to download the official UCEED 2022 question paper with answers.

How to Download UCEED 2022 Question Paper?

The candidates can follow the steps given below to download UCEED 2022 question paper.

1st step: Go to the official website, which is, uceed.iitb.ac.in.

2nd step: Now, from the homepage, click on the “click here” link as shown in the image below.

3rd step: After this, access the UCEED 2022 question paper and download it.

4th step: Now, save the pdf of the question paper for future reference and use it to calculate the scores.

Structure of UCEED 2022 Question Paper

Candidates can understand the structure of the question paper to get a better understanding of the exam and prepare using an effective study strategy.

The question paper will be broadly divided into two parts – Part A and Part B. Part A will be further divided into three sections – Section 1, 2 and 3. Attempting all sections is compulsory. 

Section-1: This section will contain 18 Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions with a total weightage of 72 marks. There will be no choices in this section, and wrong answers will not be penalized with negative marking.

Section-2: The 18 questions in this section carry a total weightage of 72 marks and are Multiple Select Questions (MSQ). Each question might have more than one correct choice out of the 4 options. A question will be considered correctly answered only if all the correct choices and no wrong choices are selected. There will be partial marking in this section as well, and wrong answers will result in negative marking.

Section-3: This section carries a total weightage of 96 marks. There are 32 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) in this section. Out of the given choices, there will be only one correct option. Negative marking will be done for wrongly answered questions.

Part B of UCEED 2022 question paper will contain only one question that needs to be attempted on the answer booklet provided by the invigilator. This question will carry a weightage of 60 marks. Since this is a subjective question, there will be no negative marking.

Details Present in UCEED 2022 Question Paper

UCEED 2022 question paper will gave the following details:

  • Instructions for the exam
  • Marking scheme of the exam
  • Number of questions
  • Marks of each part
  • Questions of each part
  • Answer choices

This is how UCEED 2022 question paper will appear:

UCEED Question Paper
UCEED question paper

UCEED 2022 Exam Pattern

UCEED 2022 exam pattern is described below in detail.

  • The total duration of UCEED 2022 will be 3 hours.
  • The paper will carry a total weightage of 300 marks
  • Entire paper will be in the English language and will be divided into 2 parts – A & B. Both parts are compulsory to attempt.
  • Part A will be a computer based test. It will carry a weightage of 240 marks and will be 2.5 hours long.
  • Part A will be divided into 3 sections – Numerical Answer Type (NAT), Multiple Select Questions (MSQ), and Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ).
  • Part B of the paper will consist of one question that will have a weightage of 60 marks. This question is aimed at assessing the drawing ability of the participants. The candidates will get 30 minutes to attempt this question. It has to be done on an answer booklet.

Marking Scheme

Part/SectionNo. of questionsMarks for correct answerMarks for incorrect answerTotal marks
A-218Partial marking-172

UCEED 2022 Answer Key

Once the exam is conducted, IIT Bombay will release a draft UCEED 2022 answer key on UCEED’s official website. Candidates have the opportunity to go through the answer key and raise any concerns or objections. 

The draft answer key will only cater to the questions of Part A of the paper. Since Part B is a subjective question, there is no model solution for it. Candidates will get two days time since the release of the answer key to submit their concerns at the candidate’s portal. Concerns submitted through any other means will not be entertained.

The UCI committee will take the final decision regarding the answer key after considering all concerns from the candidates. The decision taken will be final and will not be subject to change.

UCEED 2022 Memory Based Question Paper

Part B (Drawing Question)

There was a mouse in the school canteen, seeing which a scared boy climbed on the chair. A brave girl is driving away that mouse. On the table, there were 2 bags and 2 bottles. One tiffin box was falling from the table. There were some broken plates. Seeing all of this the canteen owner is shocked. Draw this scene from the canteen owner’s perspective.

Part A

Ques 1 – An animated video was shown. And the candidates have to find the no. of faces appearing in the animation. (Incomplete question)

Ques 2 – A cube that has simple lines on it was given. And then it was replicating itself. So the candidates have to guess the correct option which is not replicating. (Incomplete question)

Ques 3 – Find the correct shadow of a dragon. In this question, 4 options were given. (MCQ)

Ques 4 – A animation was shown and the candidates have to find the number of figures with 2 eyes, 1 nose, and 2 ears from the animation.

Ques 5 – From a figure, the candidates had to calculate the no of triangles.

Ques 6 – A figure was given showing 3 candidates going for an expedition, the question was to find the shadow if the sun’s rays fall on their head.

Ques 7 – Find the shade of a sphere if the rays fall parallelly.

Ques 8 – 3 years ago, X was 3 times the age of Y. 17 years later Y will be the same as X. Find the sum of the present ages of X and Y?

Ques 9 – Thailand, Poland like countries were given. Identify those in Vietnamese Font.

Ques 10 – Find the correct image when a dice is opened. 2 dice were given in the figure.

Ques 11 – Image of 4 chairs were given, we need to find the most suitable chair when we stand on top of these chairs.

Ques 12 – A circle 1 is shown in the middle, another circle 2 is rotating around this given circle 1 in a clockwise direction, circle 3 is rotating around circle 2 in the anticlockwise direction, first, we have to mirror this given figure wrt y-axis, and the resultant fig should be mirrored wrt x-axis.

Ques 13 – A triangle is penetrated through a 3D pyramid shape. Different views are given. You need to count the no. of surfaces.

Ques 14 – This was a shaded area question. Find the circumference and area of a circle and hexagon.

Ques 15 – An equilateral triangle and a polygon with the same perimeter is given, the perimeter of the circle inscribed in the triangle is 10, we need to find the perimeter of the circle inscribed in the polygon.

Ques 16 – A circle inscribed in a square in which the curved portion of the circle touches the square, few portions were shaded from that figure, find the fraction of portion shaded in comparison with the area of the square?

Ques 17 – Find the area of the shaded region when all the sides are equal and the perimeter is 21 cm.

Ques 18 – 4 test tubes were given (as shown below), each test tube has a capacity of 5 balls. In how many min. steps can the red ball be moved from P to Q.

Ques 19 – 4 flies were flying around a few juices glasses, tracing which fly passed the most number of glasses.

Ques 20 – In the given illustration, a fig was divided into 9 pieces. The question was to find the one piece that’s similar to the original figure.

Ques 21 – Outlines of different states were given. Which one was scaled up or down compared to the other?

FAQs on UCEED 2022 Question Paper

Q – Where can I download the UCEED 2022 question paper?

A – The question paper for UCEED 2022 will be available for download at uceed.iitb.ac.in once it has been released.

Q – Can the answer key for UCEED 2022 be challenged?

A – Yes. A draft answer key will be released for Part A of the paper. Candidates can raise their concerns on the candidate’s portal.

Q – Is there any negative marking in UCEED 2022?

A – Yes. Sections 2 and 3 of Part A of the question paper carry negative marking for incorrectly answered questions.

Q – Will there be an answer key for Part B of UCEED 2022?

A – No. Since the question in Part B of the paper is subjective in nature, it has no model solution. Hence, there will not be an answer key for it.

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