UCEED 2022 Answer Key – Final Answer Key (Out), Download Question Paper Here

UCEED 2022 Answer Key – IIT Bombay has released UCEED 2022 final answer key. The final answer key can be downloaded from the direct link given below or from uceed.iitb.ac.in. The final answer key has been released for Part A.

Using the answer key of UCEED 2022 and the response sheet candidates can predict marks. To do so, cross-check answers and add (+) 4/3 marks for correct answers and deduct (-) 1/0.71 marks for incorrect answers. Know detailed marking scheme, the process to download UCEED 2022 answer key, and much more from this page.

UCEED Answer Key 2022

Latest – UCEED 2022 final answer key has been released. Download PDF Here.

Latest – UCEED 2022 answer key is released. Click here to download PDF.

Latest – UCEED 2022 response sheet is released. Click here to access your responses.

Latest – UCEED 2022 analysis is out – Click here to check

UCEED 2022 Answer Key Date

IIT-B has clearly given dates for the release of the answer key and other events of UCEED 2022. Candidates can check it all from here.

UCEED 2022 exam date23 Jan 2022
Release date of unofficial the answer key23 Jan 2022
Release date for UCEED 2022 draft answer key25 Jan 2022
Last date for sending comments about draft answer key27 Jan 2022 by 5:00 PM
Release of final answer key31 Jan 2022
Cut off marks will be announced on10 Feb 2022
UCEED 2022 result date10 Mar 2022

Overview of UCEED 2022 Answer Key

The quick overview of UCEED answer key is as follows:

Exam nameCommon Entrance Exam for Design 2022 – CEED 2022
Organizing bodyIIT Bombay
Mode of the release of answer keyOnline
Types of answer keyTwo – Draft/Provisional and Final answer key
Format of answer keyPdf
Mode of raising objection to answer keyOnline
Details needed to raise objectionsLogging in the candidate portal, using master question paper only to point out, uploading comments
Fee for raising objectionsNIL

How to Download the UCEED 2022 Answer Key?

The Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Bombay releases the provisional and final answer key. First, the draft answer key is released, and then the final one. both are released at uceed.iitb.ac.in. Hence, the step by step process to download the answer key of UCEED 2022 is as follows-

1st step – Click on the link given above or visit the official website i.e. uceed.iitb.ac.in.

2nd step – Navigate and click on the answer key link as shown in the image below.

3rd step – After you click on the link, a PDF will open. You can download the PDF of the answer key.

How to Calculate Marks Using UCEED 2022 Answer Key

To calculate marks from the UCEED 2022 answer key, candidates need to follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Download the UCEED 2022 answer key.

Step 2 – Match the answers from the answer key and then add and deduct marks as per the marking scheme (it is given below)

Step 3 – After adding and deducting the marks, candidates get their total scores.

Formula to calculate marks = total correct marks – total incorrect marks

UCEED 2022 marking scheme: Coming to the marking scheme, it is a bit complicated. We have explained it below.

UCEED 2022 section A marking scheme

SectionNo. of QuestionsMarks for the correct answersNegative marking
Numerical Answer
Type (NAT)
Multiple Select
Question (MSQ)
184 for selecting all correct answers

3 marks if 3 correct answers are selected out of 4

2 marks if 2 correct answers are selected out of 3 / 4

1 marks if only 1 correct answer is selected out of 2 / 3 / 4
Multiple Choice
Question (MCQ)

UCEED 2022 section B marking scheme

Part B of UCEED 2022 is a subjective section, hence, there is no negative marking. There is only 1 question with 60 marks. Due to this, the answer key is not released for this section.

UCEED Official vs Unofficial Answer Key 2022

A few things that candidates need to know about the official and unofficial answer key of UCEED 2022 are as follows:

UCEED 2022 Unofficial Answer KeyUCEED 2022 Official Answer Key
The unofficial answer key of UCEED is only released for a few questions.The official answer key is released for all the questions.
UCEED 2022 answer key with explanation is released for both part A and part B.Released only for part A.
Answers to all the questions may or may not be mentioned on itIn the official answer key answers to all the questions are given.
Candidates cannot challenge the answer key.Candidates can challenge the answer key.
It is released on exam day itself.It is released in few days after the exam.

UCEED 2022 Draft Answer Key PDF

The UCEED 2022 question paper and answer key releases on the official website uceed.iitb.ac.in. If a candidate finds any mistake in the answer key, then they can raise the objection to the draft answer key. This has to be sent within a period i.e. between January 25, 2022, and January 27, 2022 (5.00 pm). The answer key is released for Part-A of the question paper only. The second part contains the drawing questions so the answer key is not released for it. Candidates can also send objections if any of the questions in the exam is out of UCEED 2022 syllabus.

How to Raise Objections Against Draft UCEED 2022 Answer Key?

Candidates can only challenge the draft answer key of UCEED 2022. As per the brochure, any comments or objections can only be given in the candidates’ portal. Any objections sent via e-mail or any other mode shall not be accepted.

  • Last date to submit objections – 27 Jan 2022.
  • On 27 Jan, objections closes at – 5:00 pm.

The candidates can refer to the following process to challenge UCEED 2022 answer key.

1st step – Visit the official website i.e. uceed.iitb.ac.in.

2nd step – Navigate and click on the “candidate portal” as shown in the image below.

3rd step – Log in to the student portal using your credentials such as email id and password.

4th step – Once you logged in, navigate and click on the “comment on responses” button.

5th step – Choose the question for which you want to raise an objection, add the link to your documents as proof to support, enter your comments.

Note – Candidates cannot directly upload a file, they have to first upload the file on Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox and then attach the link on the space provided.

6th step – Click on “submit“.

If IIT Bombay thinks that your objection is valid they will correct the response and release the final answer key.

Important points to remember while submitting objection against UCEED 2022 answer key:

  1. The question paper may differ for each candidate, so use master question paper to submit the objections.
  2. By doing this, committee will be able to map queries better.
  3. The final decision regarding the objection is taken only by the authority.

UCEED Final Answer Key 2022

The final answer key is released after the verification of the objections sent by the candidates. The responses of the candidates for Part-A of UCEED 2022 will be available for download only after the declaration of the result. The final decision regarding the answer keys will be taken by the UCI Committee after checking the objections from the candidates. This decision is final and is binding on all the candidates.

UCEED Exam 2022 Result Evaluation Process

The Part-A of the exam is computer-based, hence there is no requirement of evaluation. Whereas, Part-B of the question paper carries only one question. This is manually evaluated by the examiners. Thus, there is no process of revaluation for UCEED. 

  • Candidates are shortlisted based on marks scored in Part-A.
  • The candidates belonging to the reserved category must qualify the cutoff marks.
  • Part-B paper of those candidates who do not get shortlisted, shall not be evaluated further.
  • All the shortlisted candidates will get a rank.
  • The evaluation of Part-B is done manually.

Also, the candidates must note that the UCEED Scorecard is valid for 1 year after the declaration of the results. After the announcement of the result, a rank list is released. The rank list will be prepared based on the total marks (Part-A marks and Part-B marks combined) in UCEED 2022. However, if two or more candidates secure the same marks, then tie-breaking criteria are used. Hence, the factors based on which the tie-breaking method is applied is as follows-

  • Higher marks are assigned to the candidate who has obtained more marks in Part-B.
  • If the tie still remains, then a higher rank is assigned to the candidate who has obtained higher marks in Part-A’s (Section 2).
  • If the tie still remains the same, then a higher rank is assigned to the applicants who have obtained more marks in Part-A (Section-I).
  • Lastly, if the tie remains the same, then the candidates or assigned the same marks. 

UCEED Answer Key for Previous Year

Candidates can refer to the below information for the previous year’s answer key of the UCEED entrance exam.

2021Download HereDownload Here
2020Download HereDownload Here
2019Download HereDownload Here
2018Download HereDownload Here
2017Download HereDownload Here
2016Download HereDownload Here
2015Download HereDownload Here

UCEED 2022 Memory Based Answer Key

Memory-based question for UCEED 2022 is available now. Refer to the below information.

Part B (Drawing Question)
There was a mouse in the school canteen, seeing which a scared boy climbed on the chair. A brave girl is driving away that mouse. On the table, there were 2 bags and 2 bottles. One tiffin box was falling from the table. There were some broken plates. Seeing all of this the canteen owner is shocked. Draw this scene from the canteen owner’s perspective.

Part A

Ques 1 – An animated video was shown. And the candidates have to find the no. of faces appearing in the animation. (Incomplete question)

Ques 2 – A cube that has simple lines on it was given. And then it was replicating itself. So the candidates have to guess the correct option which is not replicating. (Incomplete question)

Ques 3 – Find the correct shadow of a dragon. In this question, 4 options were given. (MCQ)

Ques 4 – A animation was shown and the candidates have to find the number of figures with 2 eyes, 1 nose, and 2 ears from the animation.

Ques 5 – From a figure, the candidates had to calculate the no of triangles.

Ques 6 – A figure was given showing 3 candidates going for an expedition, the question was to find the shadow if the sun’s rays fall on their head.

Ques 7 – Find the shade of a sphere if the rays fall parallelly.

Ques 8 – 3 years ago, X was 3 times the age of Y. 17 years later Y will be the same as X. Find the sum of the present ages of X and Y?

Ques 9 – Thailand, Poland-like countries were given. Identify those in Vietnamese Font.

Ques 10 – Find the correct image when a dice is opened. 2 dice were given in the figure.

Ques 11 – Image of 4 chairs were given, we need to find the most suitable chair when we stand on top of these chairs.

Ques 12 – A circle 1 is shown in the middle, another circle 2 is rotating around this given circle 1 in a clockwise direction, circle 3 is rotating around circle 2 in the anticlockwise direction, first, we have to mirror this given figure wrt y-axis, and the resultant fig should be mirrored wrt x-axis.

Ques 13 – A triangle is penetrated through a 3D pyramid shape. Different views are given. You need to count the no. of surfaces.

Ques 14 – This was a shaded area question. Find the circumference and area of a circle and hexagon.

Ques 15 – An equilateral triangle and a polygon with the same perimeter is given, the perimeter of the circle inscribed in the triangle is 10, we need to find the perimeter of the circle inscribed in the polygon.

Ques 16 – A circle inscribed in a square in which the curved portion of the circle touches the square, few portions were shaded from that figure, find the fraction of portion shaded in comparison with the area of the square?

Ques 17 – Find the area of the shaded region when all the sides are equal and the perimeter is 21 cm.

Ques 18 – 4 test tubes were given (as shown below), each test tube has a capacity of 5 balls. In how many min. steps can the red ball be moved from P to Q.

Ques 19 – 4 flies were flying around a few juices glasses, tracing which fly passed the most number of glasses.

Ques 20 – In the given illustration, a figure was divided into 9 pieces. The question was to find the one piece that’s similar to the original figure.

Ques 21 – Outlines of different states were given. Which one was scaled up or down compared to the other?

Planning to Appear for UCEED 2023?

> Check UCEED Syllabus Here

> Download UCEED Previous Year Question Papers

> Download UCEED Previous Year Drawing Questions

UCEED Answer Key 2022 – FAQs

Question- When will IIT Bombay release the answer key of UCEED?

Ans- The answer key will be released on Jan 25, 2022.

Question- Does UCEED provide a facility for revaluation of the answer key?

Ans- No, UCEED does not provide any facility for the revaluation. However, the authorities offer raising objections if they are not satisfied with the answers.  

Question- How to check the UCEED 2022 Answer Key?

Ans- Candidates have to visit the official website to download the draft answer key.

Question- Can we raise an objection for the answer key pdf of UCEED?

Ans- Yes, you can raise an objection for the answer key within 3 days of the release of the answer key. 

Question- Why is UCEED answer key important?

Ans- By viewing UCEED answer key and question paper, aspirants can determine their score in the design entrance exam.

Question- Will I have to log in to check the UCEED answer key?

Ans- Yes, you will be required to sign in using your username and password in order to view and download the UCEED answer key.

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