TISSNET 2022 Answer Key (Released) – View Unofficial Answers Key Here!

TISSNET Answer Key 2022 – TISSNET 2022 Unofficial Answer Key is available below. TISS NET 20222 was conducted on 26 February 2022. While the official answer key for TISS NET 2022 is yet to be released, experts have released memory based answer key for TISS NET 2022 Question paper. Applicants can use this unofficial TISSNET 2022 answer key to compute their score in the examination. TISSNET 2022 answer key information may be found in the article below.

TISSNET 2022 Answer Key

Aspirants can use unofficial TISSNET answer key to predict their results. Aglasem has tried best to publish answers to as many questions as possible for the benefit of the students but since the answer key Memory Based, certain TISS NET 2022 questions may be missing from it.

TISSNET 2022 General Knowledge Section

Q Which is the first genetically modified crop in India?

Ans. Bt Cotton

Q. Who was the first Female Speaker of Lok Sabha?

Ans. Meira Kumar

Q. What was the title for UNESCO 2021 State of Education report?

Ans. No Teacher, No Class

Q. Mitali Express starts from which station in India?

Ans. New Jalpaiguri Station

Q. Which is the  southernmost Point of India’s Mainland?

Ans. Cape Comorin

Q. What is the name of the third vaccine approved by Indian Government for children

Ans. Corbevax

Q. In which ocean did an underwater volcano erupted in 2021?

Ans. Pacific Ocean

Q. Which was the latest British Colonial State to proclaim republic status?

Ans. Barbados

Q. India’s First open rock museum is at?

Ans. Hyderabad

Q.Where is Aisan Games 2022 going to be held?

Ans. China

Q. The person who was famous for his conversation work of planting trees along state highways?

Ans. V. Vidhayadharan

Q. Which is the land based ecosystem with the most diversity?

Ans.Tropical Ecosystem

Q.National Economic Policy 2022 has recommended the setting up of the National Associate PARAKH center. WHat does PARAKH stand for?

Ans. Performance Assessment , Review of Analysis of knowledge for Holistic Development.

Q. Name of the scheme where SC/ST community and women can avail a loan of Rs. 10 Lakhs to Rs 1 crore?

Ans. Stand Up India Scheme 

Q. E-Shram is a database of?

Ans. Unorganized Worker.

Q. Late Padma Vibhushan Pandit Birhu Maharaj belonged to which Gharana?

Ans. Lucknow

Q. Who was the trangender person to win the Padma Shri award for traditional Folk Dancing?

Ans. Matha B Manjamma

Q. Who is the author of ‘Mafia Queen of Mumbai’ book on which the latest film ‘Gangubai Kathiyawadi is based?

Ans. Hussain Zaidi

Q.What is the purpose of the PM Gati Shakti Programme?

Ans. To bring 16 Ministries including Railways and Roadways together for integrated planning and development of Infrastructure connectivity projects.

Q. Menon Chaundiyal received Padma Shri Award for?

Ans. Education

Q.Who Introduced Income Tax in India?

Ans. Sir James WIliam

Q.Who is credited as being the ‘Father of Indian Football’?

Ans. Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhikari

Q. Who was the ICC women cricketer for the year 2021?

Ans. Smriti Mandhana

Q. Bhuvan Panchayat had a web portal with Technology 3.0 provided by?


Q.Nobel Peace Prize for 2021 was given for what work?

Ans. Fearless Journalism

Q. Operation Flood was undertaken in which year?

Ans. 13 January 1970

Q. What was the purpose of Bandhan bank 2021?

Ans. Inclusive Banking and Holistic Development

Q. Van Dhan Startups were for Socio economic development of?

Ans.  Tribals.

Q. Motton of Indian National Army led by Subhash Chandra Bose?

Ans. Ittehad, Itmad, and Khurbani

Q. Which one of the following is ot an objective of new economic reforms in 1991?

Ans. Liberalization

Q.What is the purpose of SISFS?

Ans. provide financial assistance to startups for proof of concept, prototype development, product trails, market entry and commercialisation.

Q. Surakshit Dada Dadi Nana Nani was in association with NITI Ayog and?

Ans. Piramal FOundation, and 25 Aspirational Districts.

Q. The United Nations Public Service Award was given by the Department of Women and Child Ans. Development and Social Welfare to the Government of West Bengal for?

Ans. Kanyashree Prakalpa

Q. Farmer Produce Trade and Commerce Act 2020 was for better prices and?

Ans. Free Trade Interstate

Q.In a circular economy labor, energy, materials and profits form?

Ans. Labor

Q. Fintech App development does not depend on?

Ans. E-Commerce

TISS NET 2022 Mathematics and Logical reasoning Section

Q. 26, 29, 42, 53, x, x+2, x+5, 75, 82, 93 are in ascending order with median as 65. FInd x.

Ans. 64

Q. In a charity show, the numbers from 101 through 305 are placed in a box. Find the Probability of getting a number with the hundredth digit as 2.

Ans. ⅖ .

Q. In an election candidate from party A received 1.5 times as many votes as the can from B. Candidate from party B received ⅓ more votes than the independent candidate. Independent candidate received 900 votes. How many votes did candidate from part A obtained?

Ans. 1800

Q. 2 Branches of the bank employ 100 and 80 persons. If the arithmetic mean of monthly salaries of 2 branches are 275 and 225. The AM of the salaries of  both the branches would be?

An. 252.77

Q. A car uses 18 liters of petrol for 270 Km. Bty how much should the average be increased so as to travel the same distance by using 10 liters of petrol?

Ans. 12

Q. Some candidates in an exam are M30, M32, F45, F20, M20 where M and F are Male and Female and numbers are age. Probability of either M or F over 35 years is?

Ans. ⅕ or 4/5

Q. 3 years ago, the population of a town was 11 lakhs. If the annual increase during 3 successive years was at the rate of 4%, 2%, 2%, respectively. FInd approximate population/percentage growth in population.

Ans 108202 or 8.2%

Q. Height = 20, Length = 15, Width = 10. Find total surface area?

Ans. 1300

Q. $ clocks beep at 25 min, 50 min, 1 hour 40 min, 2 hour 5 min, respectively. They beep together at 5 AM. WHat time would they beep together again?

Ans. 1: 20 PM.

Q. What is the probability of leap year with 53 Sunday and 53 Monday

Ans. 1/7

Q. Number of 2 digit numbers divisible by 3?

Ans. 30

Q. A. D, I, _, Y ?

Ans. P

Q. 5, 7, 11, 19, _ ?

Ans. 35

Q. CP of 20 articles = SP of 25 articles. Percentage of profit or loss is?

Ans. 20%

Q. Vinay’s annual shopping budget is 2 lakhs. Food and grocery for 52 degree of pie-chart. What is the budget for food and grocery?

Ans. 30,000

Q. Average temp of Tues, Wed, Thursday is 45 degrees. Average temperature of Wed, Thursday,and Friday is 46 degrees.Friday temperature is 47 degrees. FInd Tuesday Temperature?

Ans. 44 Degree

Q. After a storm a tree benda at 30 degree angle> The broken part is 20 m long. Find the original height of the tree?

Ans. 30

Q. Angle bisector of a parallelogram forms which shape?

Ans. rectangle.

Q. 45 students are there in a class out of which 25 are girls. In the test 30 students scored greater than 90% marks and 18 of them were girls. What is the probability of a girl scoring more than 90% marks?

Ans. 18/25

Q. Income is in the ratio 9:7, expenditure is 4:3. Each saves 3000 per month. Find the difference of income?

Ans. 6000

Q. Age of Shibu and Sohail is in the ratio 4:5. 8 years from now, their ratio will be 5:6. Find the difference in their age now.

Ans. 8 Years

Q. In a national park 150 tigers were caught,tagged with e-markers, and released. A week later 50 tigers were captured in the same national park. Out of 50, 5 had been tagged with electronic markers. If the percentage of tagged tigers in the second sample approximates the percentage of tigers in the National Park and if no tiger has left or or entered the national park in the preceding week, what is the approximate number of tigers in the park?

Ans. 1500

Q. If 1 student sits on 1 bench each, 10 students will be left without a bench. If 2 students sit on one bench, 10 benches will have no students sitting on them. What is the ratio of students and benches?

Ans. 4:3 

TISS NET 2022 Answer Key Dates

EventsEvent Dates
TISS NET 2022 Exam26 Feb 2022 (Over)
TISS NET 2022 Memory-based Answer Key28 Feb 2022 (Declared)
TISS NET Answer Key Release Date 20222nd week of March 2022
TISS NET Result 202226 March 2022 (official)

How to Calculate Score Using TISS NET 2022 Answer Key?

An Answer Key is one of the finest ways to figure out how well someone did on the qualifying exam. The answer key is not provided to all applicants, unlike some other exams. Aspirants can use the processes outlined in the area below to compute their exam scores:

  • Aspirants can simply access their response sheet using TISSNET’s official website.
  • After then, pupils must compare their responses on the response sheet to the ones highlighted by the authorities.
  • Because the test does not allow for negative marking, applicants should only add one mark for each right answer.
  • After receiving his final score, the applicant should compare it to the official TISSNET Cut Off Marks to determine their selection percentage.

Marking Scheme of TISS NET

The TISSNET test is divided into three portions, each with 30-40 questions. Candidates are examined with no negative marking scheme because the exam is 1 hour and 40 minutes long. The table below contains information on different sections, total marks, and the number of questions.

Portion English ProficiencyMathematics and Logical ReasoningGeneral Awareness
Number of Questions303040
Total Marks out of 100303040

TISS NET 2022 Sectional Cutoffs

TISS does not need a sectional cut-off in each of the three parts of the TISS NET 2022 Question paper. However, the General Awareness portion requires a minimum of a 35 percent cut-off. As a result, candidates must achieve a minimum of 14 out of a possible 40 points in the General Awareness part to clear cutoff for the section.

 Use of TISSNET 2022 Answer Key?

  • The Tata Institute of Social Sciences will only distribute the TISSNET answer key 2022 on its official website.
  • The correct answers to the examination questions will be found in TISS NET answer key.
  • Along with TISS NET Answer Key, candidate Response Sheet, containing answers marked by a candidate would also be published..
  • Candidates can then use the TISS NET answer key to assess their performance. They can check and verify their answers, estimate their score, and then determine whether or not they are eligible for admission to the institute.

FAQs on TISS NET 2022 Answer Key

Will I receive additional points if the TISS marks a question incorrectly in the TISS NET answer key?

Yes, if TISS institute has marked a question incorrectly in TISS NET answer key, all the candidates who have opted the question would be awarded full marks for the question.

What is the official website to download TISS NET answer key 2022?

Official website to find TISS NET answer key is tiss.edu

What is a good score in TISS NET?

A score above 65 is considered to be a good score in TISS NET 2022 Question paper.

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