Tips To Crack JEE Advanced 2021 in 6, 3, 1 Months

If you have set your sights in any of the coveted IITs, then you will have to cross the hurdle that goes by the name of Joint Entrance Examination Advanced.

The difficulty level of JEE Advanced 2021 will be a few notches higher than that of the JEE Main 2021 exam. Around 2.5 lakh students are selected for the race to mission IITs. No doubt it is a tough nut to crack but is not impossible.

The 3 indispensable things to crack JEE Advanced are – hard work, consistency, and strategy. While the first two are completely dependent on you, we are here to help you with the third one – strategy!

Here we discuss how you can go about JEE Advanced 2021 preparation when only 6 months, 3 months, and 1 month are left for the exam.

Tips To Crack JEE Advanced 2021 in 6 Months

The strategy is to follow a dedicated timetable. In 6 months you should aim to finish these 4 targets:

  1. Target 1: Complete the syllabus once. Also, keep up with your school progress.
  2. Target 2: Make a time table to utilise the 24 hours of the day effectively.
  3. Target 3: Take 18 Mock tests section-wise and aim to take 3 mock tests (physics, chemistry, and maths) per month.
  4. Target 4: Complete the important topics once. These are the topics that you cannot miss at any cost.

Target #1: Complete the syllabus once. Also, keep up with your school progress

Qualifying and scoring well in board exams is as vital as qualifying JEE Advanced 2021 (because of the 75% / 20 percentile criteria). You have to be consistent with the school studies and complete the school syllabus once while you are preparing for boards. Make sure to also check on the syllabus of JEE Advanced 2021 during this time. Mark the topics from the JEE Advanced 2021 syllabus that the school syllabus is not covering.

These topics have to be squeezed into the daily timetable so that you can also complete the JEE Advanced 2021 syllabus.

Target #2: Make a time table to utilize all 24 hours of your day

You have to try and give 12 – 15 hours to JEE Advanced 2021 preparation daily. Now that the schools are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is possible and you must utilise this time wisely and efficiently.

Here is what an ideal time table to crack IIT JEE in 6 months must have:

  • Every day you have to dedicate at least 1 hour to the topics that are specific to JEE Advanced 2021, esp. the ones that school syllabus is not covering.
  • The timetable must also have 2 hours for analysis of the preparation and doubt solving sessions.
  • Also, dedicate 1 hour per subject for solving questions from the NCERT book. Not even a single question must be left non-attempted from the NCERTs.
  • Make time for theory too. Read and understand the theory part of every chapter thoroughly. You have to be able to apply the theory to the problems.

JEE Advanced is all about the application of the concepts. Mugging up is not enough – Understand what you read, and get adept at applying theory to problems.

Target #3: Take 18 Mock tests section wise

From the beginning, students must make it a habit to practice mock testsFrom the start of the 6 months, you can concentrate on taking section wise mock tests rather than taking the full-length tests. It will enable you to track down section-wise preparation for the exam.

The proper way to take mock tests: Each month you can take 1 mock per section. This way, you will be able to take 6 mock tests per section. In all, you will be able to take 18 mock tests sections wise.

Target #4: Master the Do or Die topics – Know these most important topics for JEE Advanced 2021

There are a few chapters in each of the three subjects that are to be done at all costs. These are the most important chapters that you must cover in the first 6 months of the preparation.

These chapters are:

Most important chapters for JEE Advanced 2021 Chemistry

Alcohol, Phenol, Ether, Redox Reactions, Chemical Bonding, General Organic chemistry, Coordination Compounds, s-block and p-block elements, Aldehyde Ketone, Solutions, Solid State and Chemical Thermodynamics. (Download complete syllabus for JEE Advanced Chemistry here)

Most important chapters for JEE Advanced 2021 Physics

Electrostatics, Heat & Thermodynamics, Wave Optics,Rotational Motion, Wave Motion, Magnetic Effect of Current & Magnetism, Laws of Motion, Ray Optics, Simple Harmonic Motion. (Download complete syllabus for JEE Advanced Physics here)

Most important chapters for JEE Advanced 2021 Mathematics

Most important chapter for JEE Advanced 2021 Mathematics – Circles, Definite Integration, Theory of Equations, Vectors, Complex Numbers, Probability, Three-Dimensional Geometry, Sequences & Series, Matrices & Determinants, Applications of Derivatives. (Download complete syllabus for JEE Advanced Mathematics here)

Also watch: JEE Advanced 2021: Preparation Strategy | 6 Best Tips | Time Table | Paper Solving by Sachin Rana from IITB

Tips To Crack JEE Advanced 2021 in 3 Months

In the last 3 months before the exam, you have to replan the preparation once again. This time your preparation must include:

  1. Target 1: Start practicing the previous year question paper one per day.
  2. Target 2: Start a full-length mock test, 1 per week.
  3. Target 3: Revise all the chapters once again.
  4. Target 4: Keep analysing the preparation

Target #1: Start practicing the previous year question paper one per day

When 3 months are left for the exam, you must start preparing the previous year question papers of JEE Advanced. The previous year papers must be solved at a rate of one per day. You have to make a time slot for 1 previous year’s papers per day in your schedule. Solving the past year papers will allow you to understand the exam pattern, marking scheme, and also understand the level of the questions asked in the exam.

Target #2: Start full length mock test, 1 per week

Every week you must strive to solve one full-length mock test. The mock test helps you to get hold of 3 major things that are speed, accuracy, and time management. The toppers of JEE advanced swear by the fact that solving mock tests helps them a lot.

Target #3: Revise all the chapters once again

You must also keep revising all the chapters again for the second time, especially the important ones. The revision must also include the theory portions.

Target #4: Keep analysing the preparation

 The revision must be accompanied by analysis. You must check your preparation level, the chapters you are still lagging in, the doubts, the difficult questions etc. All the doubts must be solved and not left for later.

Tips To Crack JEE Advanced 2021 in 1 Month

The last month before the exam should be all about the cycle below:

Mocktests / previous year papers >> analyzing >> revision >> Mock tests / previous year papers

You have to take full-length mock tests and solve previous year papers daily.

Based on the evaluation of the attempts you must revise the topics that are needed to be revised and continue the cycle.

There is no need to start anything new in the last month. If any chapter is left, you must not attempt to start it from scratch.

JEE Advanced 2021 Preparation Resources

Some of the important preparation resources that you can use for JEE Advanced 2021 are:


SubjectSyllabus PDF
MathematicsClick here
PhysicsClick here
ChemistryClick here
Architecture Aptitude TestClick here

Mock tests:

JEE Advanced 2021 PaperMock Test
Paper 1Click here
Paper 2Click here


Common book for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics
Link to buy
Practice Sets For JEE AdvancedBuy Here
TARGET JEE Advanced 2020 (Solved Papers 2013 – 2019 + 5 Mock Tests Papers 1 & 2)Buy Here
Books for Physics 
Concepts of Physics Vol I & II with Solutions of both the Volumes – Set of 4 BooksBuy Here
Problems in General Physics by I.E. IrodovBuy Here
Books for Chemistry 
Wiley’s J.D. Lee Concise Inorganic Chemistry forJEE (Main & Advanced)Buy Here
Chemistry Topic-wise & Chapter-wise DPPBuy Here
Books for Mathematics 
Short Tricks in Mathematics for JEE Main & AdvBuy Here
Comprehensive Mathematics for JEE Advanced 2020Buy Here

JEE Advanced 2021

 The Joint Entrance Examination – Advanced is the engineering entrance exam for admission to IITs. To participate in JEE Advanced 2021, one has to first clear the JEE Main 2021 conducted by NTA. Top 2.5 lakh (anticipated no.) candidates who qualify JEE Main 2021 can appear in JEE Advanced 2021. They compete for more than 11000 seats of IITs.

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