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Best Books for TBJEE 2022 Good preparation before the exam is very important. Only well-prepared candidates can crack the exam and secure admission. For this preparation, it is very important to have the most important and best books. Tripura Joint Entrance Examination (TJEE) is conducted by the Tripura Board of Joint Entrance Examination (TBJEE) and is a state-level exam. Candidates seeking admission in professional degree courses like Engineering, Medical, Agricultural and Technological can apply to give this exam. Read the full article for more information regarding TBJEE 2022.

Candidates can find the best and the most important books for TBJEE 2022 in this article.

Best Books for TBJEE 2022

Preparation is the key to cracking any exam. Books and study material helps you prepare for the exam. Reference books give a lot of questions on a single topic which helps you practice more. Your study becomes more detailed when you have the proper set of books. Candidates can find the best and the most important books for TBJEE 2022 in this article.

Important Books for TBJEE 2022

To ace, an exam one needs to have a proper preparation strategy and the best resources. Preparation takes a lot of dedication and hard work. The best books are those from which students can clear their basics and get a variety of questions to practice. Candidates get confused about which books to buy for better results. Hence in this article, we will provide the names of the best books for TBJEE 2022.

Physics Books for TBJEE 2022

Understanding Physics
By- D.C Pandey
Concept of Physics Volume 1 & 2
By-HC Verma
Fundamentals of Physics
By-Halliday, Resnick, and Walker

Chemistry Books for TBJEE 2022

Organic Chemistry
By-O.P Tandon
Inorganic Chemistry
By-O.P Tandon
NCERT Chemistry
Class 11 & 12
Numerical Chemistry
By-P. Bahadur
A Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations
By-R.C Mukherjee

Biology Books for TBJEE 2022

Pradeep – A text for BiologyBUY HERE
S Chand Biology BUY HERE
TRUEMAN’S Elementary Biology for class 12 BUY HERE

Mathematics Books for TBJEE 2022

Mathematics for class 12
By-R.D Sharma
Problems in Calculus in one variable
By-I.A Maron 
Higher Algebra
By-Hall Knight
Plane Trigonometry
By-S.L. Loney

TBJEE 2022 Exam Pattern

TBJEE 2022 exam is divided into 3 groups. These groups decide the field in which the candidate wants to go. Candidates should also check the exam pattern before starting the preparation to prepare accordingly. Following is the exam pattern and groups for TBJEE 2022.

Course Subjects
A- Engineering/Technological Degree CoursesPhysics, Chemistry, Mathematics
B-Medical/Veterinary/Agricultural/Fishery etc.Physics, Chemistry, Biology
C- Both Group A&BPhysics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics

Please check the following Exam Pattern of TBJEE 2022 for basic information related to the exam

  • Name of the Exam- Tripura Joint Entrance Examination(TJEE)
  • Conducting Body- Tripura Board of Joint Entrance Examination(TBJEE)
  • Section in Paper- 4 Sections (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology)
  • No. of Shifts- 3 shifts (1st- Physics&Chemistry, 2nd- Biology, 3rd- Mathematics)
  • No. of Questions- 120 (60- maths/biology, 60- physics/chemistry)
  • Total Marks– 120 Marks (each subject)
  • Duration of Exam- 1st shift- 1hr 30 min, 2nd shift- 45 min, 3rd shift- 45 min.
  • Question type- Objective
  • Marks for Correct Answer- (+4)
  • Marks for incorrect Answer- (-1)
  • Marking of OMR Sheet- One should darken the circle for the correct answer. Fluid/Eraser/blade are not permitted to be used on the OMR sheet. No more than one response is allowed. No answe can be cut and damage of OMR sheet is prohibited.

TBJEE 2022 Syllabus

Students are advised to follow and complete their syllabus to prepare well for the exam. The syllabus of TBJEE comprises 4 subjects, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. According to the latest update, all the subjects are divided into 10 modules. Students can check the exam syllabus for TBJEE 2022 given below.

PhysicsLaws of Motion, Gravitation, Thermodynamics, Electrostatics, Oscillations & Waves, Magnetic Effects of Current & Magnetism, Current Electricity, Electromagnetic Induction & Optics, Electromagnetic Waves, Communication Systems, etc.
ChemistryAtomic Structure, Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals, Group Elements, IV Group Elements
V Group Elements, VI Group Elements, VII Group Elements, Noble Gases
Alkyl Halides, Alcohols, Ethers, Aldehydes and Ketones, Carboxylic Acids
Nitrogen Compounds, Chemistry in Biology and Medicine
MathematicsSets, relations and functions, Matrices and Determinants, Sequences and series
Integral calculus, Statistics and probability, Vector algebra, Trigonometry, Permutation and combinations, Limit, continuity and Differentiability, Differential Equations, Co-
BiologyBiology and Human Welfare, Morphology of Plants and Animals
Environment Physiology of Plants and Animals, Biotechnology and its Applications Taxonomy and Classification, Genetics and Evolution Nervous System
Reproduction Cell and Cell Division, Ecology 

Link for the detailed Syllabus of TBJEE 2022: TBJEE 2022 SYLLABUS

How to prepare for TBJEE 2022

The TJEE paper is designed to test the candidate’s class 11th and 12th knowledge in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. Candidates can refer to the following preparation tips for TBJEE 2022.

Know your Exam

Before diving into the preparation, it is very important to know how the paper comes. The pattern of exams, syllabus, marks and best books should be looked into before the preparation. Knowing these things will help you start your preparation in a better and structured way. One should first attempt those questions in which they are confident.

Make a Time Table

It is important for a candidate to make a timetable. It helps you to go through your preparation days in a structured way. One should divide time for all topics. Segregate the important topics and give more attention to them. Make your schedule keeping in mind the time left for the exams. In this way, you will be able to give time to every topic and study them in a more precise way. Like you can give time to revising formulas every day. In chemistry, you can divide days by Physical, Organic and Inorganic. Biology is also a vast subject and it is very important to revise the definitions.

Smart Study

Doing Hard work is a very good quality in a student. Every student should be determined and hardworking. Though sometimes more than hard work, smart work pays off. Rather than just spending time on a single topic, it is better to focus on important topics. Rather than studying every single topic, look for those topics which are asked frequently in exams.

Dedication and Focus

A candidate should be determined and lose his focus. At the time of studying there should be no distractions. Your thoughts should be only about studying and nothing should make you lose your focus. Dedication is a very important characteristic in a person. One should never stop trying. Keep trying to solve the question until you have an answer

Solve Previous Year Papers/Mock tests/Sample papers

Solving the previous year’s papers is a very effective way of learning and practising. It helps you figure out the pattern and difficulty level of the exam. It also helps you to improve the way you attend the paper. While doing these papers you improve on your speed and accuracy. You will learn to solve the paper in a time-constrained setting. So when you are attempting the main paper you know how to go about it.

Revision and Practice

Revision is very important. Keep revising the formulas and definitions. One tends to forget formulas and other important topics. Hence a daily revision is a key to remembering all the topics and freshening them. Notes help in revision. It’s advisable to make small notes every time you revise. In subjects like maths, practice is the best way to attain a sense of confidence in the subject.

Stay Healthy

One can focus more on studies when they are physically and mentally healthy. Candidates should take a properly balanced diet and not eat a lot of junk food because that makes them lazy and induces sleep. Also, take out time for exercising. One should exercise for at least 30 min a day. Exercise helps to refresh the mind and body and helps to focus more on studies.

Best books for TBJEE 2022- FAQs

Is NCERT important for the preparation of TBJEE 2022?

yes NCERT is the most important book for basic preparation. Once a candidate has cleared their basic concepts, then they can move on to other books.

Which are the best books for TBJEE for physics preparation?

The best books for the preparation of physics are Understanding of Physics by D.C Pandey, Concepts of Physics by HC Verma and Fundamentals of physics.

Is NCERT enough for TBJEE?

NCERT IS enough for chemistry. But for other subjects like physics and maths, it is recommended to use other books for more question solving and practice.

Are there any subjective questions in TBJEE?

No, there are only objective questions in TBJEE

What is the exam pattern of TBJEE 2022?

The exam will be in offline mode. The duration of the paper will be 3 hrs. The exam will have 120 questions in total. It will be divided into 3 shifts, Physics&Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology.

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