SRMJEEM 2022 Exam Day Guidelines and Instructions – Check Here

SRMJEEM 2022 Exam Day Guidelines and Instructions – SRMIST has released the SRMJEEM 2022 exam day guidelines. Phase 1 will be conducted by the authorities on January 08 and 09, 2022 while a mock test of the same will be held on January 07, 2022, to familiarize the candidates with the new process. The entrance exam will be held in three phases through remote proctored online mode for a duration of two and half hours from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm. Authorities have issued guidelines and instructions for the same on their official website. Candidates can check the article, to know the detailed SRMJEEM 2022 Guidelines and Exam day Instructions.

SRMJEEM 2022 Exam Day Guidelines & Instructions

SRMJEEM 2022 Exam Day Guidelines & Instructions – Click here to download SRMJEEM 2022 exam day instructions.

Because of the current Covid-19 situation, the SRMIST officials have decided to conduct the SRMJEEM 2022 Exam in three phases through the remote proctored online mode. Remote proctoring is a method of carrying invigilation of an online exam taken by candidates from any location of their choice through digital means. The SRMJEEM 2022 Phase 1 is scheduled for January 08 and 09, 2022. Students can check the table below to know the important dates and official schedules notified by the exam authorities on their official website.

EventsImportant Dates
SRMJEEM 2022 Slot booking (Online)05 – 06 Jan 2022
SRMJEEM 2022 Mock Test (Online)07 Jan 2022
SRMJEEM 2022 Phase 1 Main Test
08 Jan 2022 (1:00 pm to 3:30 pm)
09 Jan 2022 (1:00 pm to 3:30 pm)

SRMJEEM 2022 Exam Requirements

All the registered candidates are requested to read the instructions
and points given below and take up the exam from their home or
any place that offers complete privacy and is free of any disturbance. Students are advised to make sure that the following requirements have been fulfilled.

  1. Applicants who are ready to take the test remotely must ensure that the system in which they take the test must have the given specifications and set-up.
  2. Candidates are advised to maintain higher level of discipline, integrity, and ethics in appearing for the examination.
  3. Specifications of computer/ laptop – Applicants must ensure that they have a good working system as below:
    Computer – Pentium IV/Dual Core, 1GB RAM or higher, 80 GB HDD or higher, 15” colour Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Microsoft Windows 10 and above Antivirus Webcam and microphone.
    The candidate can also use the mobile phone for taking the exam.
  4. Internet Connection – A stable internet connection with at least 512 KBPS (1MBPS is preferred) must be available throughout the exam. If candidate is using mobile hotspot as Internet connection, they must ensure that they have sufficient data balance before commencing the test. Once the test begins, no retest will be given if the test is interrupted citing bad/no internet.
  5. Room and Environment – The applicant must sit in a room that is without any disturbances. The candidate must have a proper lighting so that their face is visible clearly on the camera. If any external voices are heard, the exam will be stopped by the remote proctor.
  6. Candidates should dress formally.

Do’s before the SRMJEEM 2022 Exam

Candidates must make sure that they do the following things before starting the SRMJEEM 2022 Exam.

  • Charge your Laptop/Desktop device fully and ensure a continuous electric supply.
  • Be seated against a plain and white background only. 
  • Verify your identity details and fill in the required information before the test begins.
  • There should be proper lighting in the room and your face should be visible clearly.
  • Always keep a water bottle near as you won’t be allowed to leave your seat once the examination begins.

Don’ts before the SRMJEEM 2022 Exam

Candidates must make sure that they don’t do the following things before or during the exam. Any suspicious activity or not following the do’s and dont’s can lead to effective termination from the SRMJEEM 2022 Examination.

  • Do not take help from others
  • Do not wear any blue tooth devices
  • Do not read out anything loudly
  • Do not leave the computer/laptop while taking the test
  • There should not be any playing of radio/TV/ Music in the background
  • Do not let anyone enter the room
  • Do not use your phone for any purposes other than to interact with the Proctor.

Steps for Writing SRMJEEM 2022 Exam

As this method of taking the test is fairly new to the candidates, the exam authorities have provided the detailed steps to write the SRMJEEM 2022 Exam. Students appearing for the exam must check all the steps to make sure that they are able to access the test successfully. The students are advised to use only a Laptop/Desktop for the optimum testing experience. The steps for writing the SRMJEEM 2022 Exam are given below –

Step 1 – SRMJEEM 2022 Slot Booking

  • Once the candidate clicks the button for Admission Portal, the can click the slot booking button and proceed with the booking of slots on January 05 – 06, 2022.
  • After booking of slots, the candidate can download the Hall Ticket by clicking the button given on the window.

Step 2 – SRMJEEM 2022 Mock Test

  • To ensure that the candidates get familiar with the set up infrastructure, a mock test is facilitated on 07 January 2022. All the candidates are requested to take the mock tests available to them.
  • To avoid any confusion, it is suggested to the
  • candidates to take the Mock test as scheduled and be prepared for the final test.

Step 3 – SRMJEEM 2022 Main Test

  • The Main Test will be conducted on January 08 and 09, 2022 from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm
  • The Instructions for the mock test will be available in the link here

SRMJEEM 2022 Guidelines

All the candidates should know and follow the exam guidelines and instructions properly. Students not adhering to the instructions can be disqualified by the exam authorities at the moment. Following are the SRMJEEM 2022 Guidelines to be followed by the candidates carefully.

  • Candidates who have taken the remote mock test using SEB will only be scheduled for main exam.
  • The web cam will be switched on automatically after the start of the exam. Candidates having a not working camera will not be allowed to sit in the exam.
  • While taking mock test, their login details can be captured which can be used for the main test.
  • Candidate have to login to access the SRMJEEM using credentials in the admit card (password).
  • Main examination will be of 150 minutes. The candidates are expected to login atleast 60 minutes before the test to take photograph of self and ID proof and to read instructions.
  • Candidates will not be allowed to end the test whether the candidate completes the test or quits the test for the first 120 minutes from the scheduled start of the test.
  • Only one question appears on the screen and either the candidate answers the question or skips the same if he/she does not know the answer. Once moved to the next question, the candidate cannot comeback to the answered/skipped questions.
  • On completion of SRMJEEM, candidates are required to follow the instructions provided to close the exam.
  • The submit button appears only after 120 minutes is elapsed.
  • The exit password needs to be entered to exit the test, which will be available in the Instruction Manual for taking the test.
  • Test also closes automatically once the scheduled exam time of 150 minutes elapses.


Ques. In which mode will the SRMJEEM 2022 Exam be conducted?

Ans. The SRMJEEM 2022 Exam will be conducted in an online remote proctored manner only. All the candidates have to give the exams online from their homes or any other preferred location.

Ques. Can I switch off/on my webcam whenever I want?

Ans. No, before the start of the exam, the webcam will be automatically switched on. If the candidate’s camera is not working then he/she will not be allowed to give the examination.

Ques. Is there any age limit for appearing in the SRMJEEM 2022 Exams?

Ans. No, there is no age limit for appearing in the SRMJEEM 2022 Exam. Candidates fulfilling the academic criteria are eligible to appear for the same.

Ques. How long does SRMJEEM 2022 Score remain valid?

Ans. The SRMJEEM 2022 Exam score will remain valid for that particular academic session only.

Ques. Will any retest be conducted in situations of poor internet connectivity, etc?

Ans. No, no retest will be conducted in such scenarios by the exam authorities and students shall take the subsequent phases of examinations available to them.

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