SNAP 2021 Question Paper and Answer Key (Available) – Check Memory Based Question Answers

SNAP 2021 Question Paper and Answer Key – SIU has conducted the SNAP 2021 phase 3 on January 16, 2022. Candidates can check the memory-based question paper and answer key for phase 3 SNAP 2022 here. Symbiosis International University has already conducted the SNAP 2021 exam on 8 Jan 2022 and 19 Dec 2021. Candidates can check memory-based questions and answers from here. Based on the SNAP answer key, candidates can predict their performance in the exam. The answer key and questions have been provided by coaching centers and exam experts. The last paper of SNAP 2021 is due to be held on January 16, 2022. After the exam is over, the question paper and answer key for it will also be provided here. Know more details on the SNAP 2021 Question Paper and Answer Key from this page.

Latest – SNAP 2021 test 3 has been held on 16 Jan 2021. The memory-based question paper and the answer key are now available. Refer to the below information.

SNAP 2021 Question Paper and Answer Key

Ques – Which dates in March 2040 will be Friday?
Ans – 2,9,16,23,30

Ques – Sudha work for 9 days and Rinu/Ritu started 3 days after and completed on Wednesday i. e 2 days before Sudha. On which day did Sudha started the work?
Ans – Thursday

Ques – Find “?” in 3, 31, 131, 351, 739, ?.
Ans – 1342

SNAP 2021 Memory Based Question Paper and Answer Key for 08 Jan 2022 Exam

Ques – One question from critical reasoning was based on the relation of hair fall to stress. (Incomplete question).
Ans – 2

Ques – What is the synonym of Horde?
Ans – Throng

Ques – If a clock gains 6 seconds per minute then what will be the time at 11 am?
Ans – 11:08 am

Ques – One question was based on stealing toffees, and some characters were given like Tina, Rina, etc. (Incomplete question)
Ans – Tina

Ques – In one question information about 10 mannequins, 10 cats, and 10 kittens were given. (Incomplete question)
Ans – None of the above

Ques – One question was based on Idioms and phrases.
Ans – Elicit trouble

Ques – Which of the following pair is not a century leap year?
Ans – 800, 1800

Ques – If 01 Jan 2022 was Monday, what day will be the 31st December 2022?
Ans – Monday

Ques – The sum of angles of a polygon is 2700. Find the total number of sides in the polygon.
Ans – 17

Ques – The probability of A winning is 4/5 and the probability of B winning is 3/5. Find the probability of at least one of them winning.
Ans – 23/25

Ques – 7 , 26 , 123 , 724 ,
Ans –

Ques – The outer circumference is 132m of a 4m wide track. Find the cost of building the track if the cost is Rs 2.5 per m2.
Ans –

Ques – A particle travels the half distance in 4 seconds, and half of the remaining distance in 6 sec. And the remaining distance in 2 seconds. The total distance it traveled is 34m. Find the average speed.
Ans –

Ques – What is the meaning of the idiom “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”.
Ans – To remove something good while removing something bad.

SNAP 2021 Analysis

  • Click here to check complete SNAP 2021 paper analysis.

Quick analysis of SNAP is a follows:

A total of 60 questions were asked in SNAP 2021, where 15 questions are from general English, 25 from analytical & logical reasoning, 20 from quant-DI-data sufficiency. The overall level of difficulty of SNAP phase 2 was moderate. The quant in phase 2 was easier than in phase 1. The logical reasoning was on par with the XAT exam. The purpose of the SNAP 2021 is to select eligible candidates for admission in various courses of MBA and MSc in 15 Symbiosis institutes.

SNAP 2021 Memory Based Question Paper and Answer Key for 19 Dec Exam

The first test of SNAP was held on 19 Dec 2021. On that exam, these questions were asked.

Ques – This question was based on Family Tree. (Incomplete question)
Ans – Daughter

Ques – This question was also based on the family tree. (Incomplete question)
Ans – Daughter in Law.

Ques – Three series were given and the wrong number has to be selected. 9, 27, 81 ; 16, 64, 256 ; 5, 125, 625.
Ans – 5

Ques – What is the synonym of Copious?
Ans – Plentiful

Ques – Find the degree between 10 am and 4 pm.
Ans – 180 degree

Ques – One more question was based on clocks. (Incomplete question)
Ans – 1 x 5

Ques – Find degrees between 12 pm and 5.10 pm
Ans – 155 degree

Ques – Today is Sat… then the day after 69th day will be.
Ans – Friday

Ques – ​I shall meet you tomorrow, and I will meet you tomorrow? is any of these sentences American English?
Ans – Will = American English, Shall = British English

Ques – Find the incorrect sentence: 1800 is not a leap year… ; In a normal year, 52 weeks + 1 day… ; In a century last day can’t be Tuesday… etc (Incomplete question)
Ans – In a century last day can’t be Tuesday

Ques – 1 P&C …. 0,2,4,5,6,7,8,9 – how many numbers 2000 & 7000. Repetition not allowed. (Incomplete question)
Ans – 840 numbers

Ques – 1 ball drop from the height of 300m and it rebounds 4/5…Find the total distance traveled. (Incomplete question).
Ans – 2700

Ques – A circle was given, in which a triangle was given. One exterior angle was asked. (Incomplete question).
Ans – 70

Ques – axb = 551, bxc = 1073. Find a+b+c.
Ans – 19+29+37

Ques – One question was based on probability. (Incomplete question)
Ans – 0.38

Ques – Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after. What is the conjunction here?
Ans – and

Ques – Fill in the blanks. If I ____ magician, I would do something… (Incomplete question).
Ans – meet

Ques – One question was based on the log.
Ans – None of these

Ques – What is the correct spelling? (Incomplete question)
Ans – Nuclei

Ques – A question was based on the mixture of weights. 20 kg and 60 kg. (Incomplete question)
Ans – 20 kg

Ques – One question was based on the mixture and allegations. (Incomplete question)
Ans – 81.5

Ques – Remainder question in which something 0 divisible by 9 and value of x has to be find. (Incomplete question).
Ans – x=8

Ques – In one question, the average speed has to find out. Incomplete question
Ans – 20 km/h

Ques – There was one question based on pipes. (Incomplete question)
Ans – 7.2

Ques – In one question p+q has to be found out. (Incomplete question)
Ans – 3

Ques – One question was based on the binomial expression.
Ans – -39

Ques – No. of isosceles triangles has to be calculated. (Incomplete question)
Ans – 17

SNAP Official 2021 Answer Key

SNAP does not officially release the question papers and answer key. It has not been released in the past years. However, if the answer key or the question paper is released this year, we will add it on the page.

SNAP Paper Pattern 2021

The SNAP is a computer-based test conducted in online mode. The duration of the exam is 60 minutes. The type of questions asked in the exam is an objective type or MCQs, that is, the candidate has to choose between four options. See the table below for a detailed SNAP Paper Pattern 2021.

ParticularsSNAP 2021
Conducted bySymbiosis International University
SNAP Exam Date19 Dec 2021
08 Jan 2022
16 Jan 2022
SNAP Exam Timings19 Dec 2021 02.00 pm – 03.00 pm
08 Jan 2022 10.00 am – 11.00 am
16 Jan 2022 10.00 am – 11.00 am
Mode of ExaminationComputer Based Test
Duration of Exam60 minutes
Type of QuestionsMCQs
Total number of Questions60
Marking Scheme1 mark per correct answer
Negative Marking25% (0.25 marks cut for every incorrect answer)

SNAP 2021 Marking Scheme

SectionNo. of questionsMarks per questionMaximum marks
General English15115
Analytical & logical reasoning25125
Quantitative – data interpretation – data sufficiency20120
Total60 160

SNAP Result 2021

After the exam is over for all three exam dates, the result will be available on the website. The expected date of the result is 01 February 2022.

How to Check SNAP 2021 Result?

After the result is available on the website, you can follow the steps given below to check your result.

Step 1- Visit the official website or click here.

Step 2- On the right corner of your screen, you will see a button for ‘Result’.

Step 3- Click on the Results button. You will be redirected to the login page.

Step 4- Fill up your credentials there, like the application number and password.

Step 5- The page containing your result will appear. Download the page.

Step 6- Also, print the page for future reference.

FAQs on SNAP 2021 Question Paper and Answer Key

How many questions are in SNAP 2021?

There are 60 MCQs in SNAP 2021 and the duration of the exam is also 60 minutes.

How do I check my SNAP 2021 result?

After the result is available on the website, follow the steps given above on this page to check and download your result.

Is SNAP easy to crack?

The overall difficulty of the SNAP 2021 exam is moderate. The General English section is generally easy, but the Reasoning and Data Interpretation sections are from moderate to tough on difficulty level.

Which section has more weightage in SNAP 2021?

The section Analytical & Logical Reasoning has the highest weightage of 25 questions. After that, the Data Interpretation section has 20 questions and at last, the English section contains 15 questions.

Does SNAP have a sectional cut-off?

No, the SNAP exam does not have any sectional cut-off. The candidate has to achieve the overall cut-off.

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