Should NEET 2021 Be Held Twice A Year From 2021?

Should NEET 2021 be twice a year
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NEET 2021 is the only medical entrance exam in India. Close to 15 lakh students are preparing for the upcoming NEET UG exam this year. As they all eagerly await the exam date and NEET 2021 application form for the exam, there is now another thing that the aspirants want – that the exam be held twice a year.

Tell your opinion: Do you think NEET 2021 should be held twice a year? – Comment below or submit this poll.

Three days ago NTA announced a list of changes in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Mains), India’s largest engineering entrance exam. And the biggest change of all is that this time JEE Main 2021 will be held 4 times. 

Since then, social media is abuzz! Students are pouring out on social media with requesting changing the frequency of NEET to at least twice a year.

NEET 2021 Twice a Year

NEET and JEE though are for different programs, they cater to a similar demographic. Both are taken by class 12 (appearing or passed) students. Both have a wide number of takers from different exam boards, states. However not everything that happens with JEE, is done to NEET. To start with, JEE Mains is a completely online exam. Also, its frequency was increased from once to twice in the year 2019. These changes were introduced in the same year that NTA took over the responsibility of conducting the exam. Nevertheless the same change was not introduced to NEET. 

Unfortunately NEET UG has been the center of attention among educational topics for all the wrong reasons many a times. Usually, any change in the exam is met by a lot of resistance from different quarters. This makes it difficult to bring any change in it. 

Demands aside, there are two sides to the coin. There will be both advantages as well as disadvantages if NEET 2021 is held twice. 

Advantages if NEET 2021 is conducted twice

  1. You will get one more chance to do well; in case you did not do too well in the first one. 
  2. If for any reason you were unable to attend one exam (pandemic, travel, board exam clash), then you have another chance.
  3. If board exam is very near the NEET exam date (even if dates do not clash), then you may not perform well in that exam. But you have another chance to do well. 

Disadvantages if NEET 2021 is conducted twice

  1. There could be pressure to do well on two days instead of one. The logic behind eliminating all medical entrance exams and limiting it to one – NEET – was to ensure that medical aspirants do not have to endure pressure of multiple exams. 
  2. More application fee payments.

Feel free to add in your views on what more advantages and disadvantages there can be if NEET 2021 is held twice!

Tell your opinion: Do you think NEET 2021 should be held twice a year? – Comment below or submit this poll.

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