SET 2021 Online Home Proctored Test – Instructions, IT Requirements, FAQs

SET 2021 Online Home Proctored Test – Symbiosis International (Deemed University) has decided to conduct SET as an online remote proctored test. Now, the students can take the test from any place. However, to properly give the exam, candidates must know SET 2021 instructions IT requirements, code of conduct and more. The 3 basic things needed to take Symbiosis SET are – a laptop / desktop PC, good internet connection, and uninterrupted power supply.

SET 2021 is due to be held from July 10-13, 2021. But before the actual test, there will be an Infrastructure Readiness Check (IRC) and Exam Dry Run Check (DRC). For it, the login id and password will be sent to the candidate’s registered email id. SIU will use AI and human-based proctoring process to conduct SET 2021. Internet-Based Assessment has to be taken by the candidates. The assessment has to be taken via IBA Launcher. Apart from these, all the important things that candidates need to know about SET 2021 online home proctored test are given below.

SET 2021 Online Home Proctored Test


>> Click here to download SET 2021 online home proctored test instructions.

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Infrastructure Readiness Check (IRC) for SET 2021

Before the test, the candidates have to make sure that the system is suitable to take the exam. For this, an Infrastructure Readiness Check (IRC) will be carried for a period of 4 days. During this process, the candidate’s operating systems, browser and its version, internet upload / download bandwidth and availability, camera installation will be checked. If only all the requirements are satisfied, candidates can take the test.

For the Infrastructure Readiness Check (IRC) the requirements are:

  • Operating System: Windows 7, 10, Ubuntu Linux (14.1 and 16 version)
  • RAM: 4 GB of RAM
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or equivalent and above
  • HDD: 100 MB of free space
  • Internet speed: Minimum 2 MBPS
  • Browser: Google Chrome

Important Note: If the browser is not been able to connect to the camera, then the registration process can be completed through a mobile phone. To do so, access the login link of the test and do the registration. Once the registration through mobile-device is done, re-login to the desktop / laptop.

Other Points to Note About Technical Requirement:

  • iOS OS and iOS / Android devices are not supported.
  • Internet connectivity must be open without any domain restrictions.
  • Computer must not be connected to any organization domain that might restrict access to URL.
  • Keyboard must be working.
  • There should be uninterrupted power and electric supply.
  • Make sure that the laptop is connected charger so that it does not runs out of battery during the assessment.
  • Download IBA Launcher for the assessment.

Availability of Webcam: The system that has to be used must have integrated webcam or an attached webcam. To make sure that webcam is working properly, follow the steps given below:

  • Open webcam application installed in the system and take few sample pictures and videos of self.
  • Ensure uninterrupted and access to the webcam.
  • It is advised to close all the third-party applications installed on the system to capture images or videos from the system, including YouCam.
  • Uninstall YouCam software during the assessment.

Active, Dedicated Internet Bandwidth:

  • Connect to the internet using wifi router or as specified, computer with a LAN cable.
  • Make sure that the internet is being used only by the candidate for test taking and ensure that no one else used the internet for any other purposes.

Firewall & Proxy Setting:

  • For a system with active firewall, make sure that the firewall setting is turned off while giving the test.
  • Also, disable all proxy setting.

System Screen Resolution:

  • Make sure the screen resolution of the system is set to 1024*720 only.

Check the below-given links to change systems resolution based on the operating system

Windows: Click Here
Ubuntu: Click Here


  • Antiviruses programs generate system alerts time to time, if running in the background and this impact the assessment application and possibly stop it. Hence, it is advised to temporarily disable anti-virus protection program.

Browser Setting:

  • Google Chrome is recommended for the test.

Verify the following points in the browser before starting the self-registration or the assessment.

  1. Zoom Level: Set the browser zoom level to 100%. If its not on 100%, then please click on the three dots of the browser and then set it to the given zoom level.
  2. Camera Access: There should be camera access to the browser. To do this, on Google Chrome, navigate to Setting >> Privacy and Security >> Camera.

Helpdesk: Online remote assessments allows the candidates to use helpdesk in order to seek technical issues. To do so, first of all, login with the username and password. Then, click on the helpdesk button. Then, click on the raise a query ticket button.

Then, fill the appropriate details in the query section. Upload the documents regarding query. Preview the screenshot and submit it. Then, user details, query ticket and workflow is displayed on the screen. Close this tab and click on the refresh button to see the response from the helpdesk agent. Click on update button or add remarks, if needed. If the query is solved, close the query window.

Some Do’s and Dont’s for SET 2021

The candidates have to follow the below-given points on the day of the exam.


  • Accept the terms and conditions displayed on your console.
  • Keep the track of the test-timer.
  • Look for any onscreen messages and respond immediately according to the message displayed
  • Beware of all the unfair means which might lead to disqualification.
  • The candidates must be in formals or smart casuals on the day of the exam.
  • A mobile phone with which registration was done must be lying next to the candidate. No other electronic device is permitted.
  • Make sure you are visible in the camera during the test.


  • Do not change the computer / laptop already tested and made ready during the dry-run for the actual test.
  • Make sure that there is no one in the room during the test.
  • Don’t speak during the test.
  • No bio-breaks are allowed during the test.
  • Sharing of the internet bandwidth during the test must not be done.
  • Do not move away from the computer and webcam range.
  • There must be no light source behind the candidate which might lead to any shadow on the face.
  • Do not have any paper, device, equipment nearby which have not been approved by the test authority.
  • Do not cover the webcam from the starting of the test till the test is submitted.
  • No breakfast / beverage is allowed while taking the test.
  • Do not create a virtual setup of screen mirroring or casting your screen.
  • Don’t change the seating posture.
  • Mobile phone or any other communication device is not allowed during the test.
  • Trying to share the screen with anybody else is also not allowed.
  • Don’t take screenshots or videos of the questions on social media channels.
  • Do not hit ‘X’ on top right corner to close the Launcher window during the test.

Dry Run Check for SET 2021

Dry-Run Check for SET 2021: This is the process where candidates are given an opportunity to get familiar with the real exam. To do the dry run, make sure the infrastructure required for the exam is ready.

How to Self-Register and Capture Document During SET 2021?

The candidates can follow the steps given below to do the self-registration and upload the documents during the assessment.

1st step: Access the URL on the browser from the system for taking the assessment.

2nd step: Then, wait for login screen to open. Now, enter the correct username and password as sent at the registered email id.

3rd step: Then, click on the login. After this, three tabs will open. These will be application summary, online assessment and helpdesk. Check the application summary to see the details are correct are not.

4th step: Next, click on the ‘online assessment’ tab. Then, select the ‘current’ tab.

5th step: Then, click on the ‘launch’ button. Enable pop-ups, if prompted. Next, the self-registration and candidate’s consent screen will appear.

6th step: On the top of screen, a dropdown to select the camera will appear. Click on it and select the camera that has to be used.

7th step: Then, allow the browser to capture the photo / video.

Some points while uploading the photograph:

– Make sure that the face is well lit. Avoid low light or source light from behind
– Make sure that face occupies 50% of the boundary
– Look straight into the camera in such a way, that the full front face is visible clearly
– Ensure that the face is not covered with any object like sunglasses
– Take 5 photos for self-registration

8th step: Then, check the photograph visible on the photo window. In case, a red border is there, please click on it and re-capture the image.

9th step: Read the undertaking content, select the check-box and provide consent.

10th step: In the next screen, upload the id proof. In case of live capture, select the camera from the drop-down and click on ‘live capture’ or browse and upload the document. Then, click on save to capture the id proof.

Note: The candidates need to show or upload a clear copy of the valid id proof to the proctor. This will be approved by the proctor and then, only the candidates can start the exam. In case, the proctor is not able to read the id, then it will be rejected. In such a case, the candidates need to launch the assessment again and start the self-registration process again.

How to Download & Install the Launcher?

The candidates can follow the steps given below to download and install the launcher on their laptop / desktop.

1st step: After completing the self-registration and document capture process, a message will appear on your screen as, ‘A proctor will be assigned to you soon to approve your request’. After this, a screen appears to download the launcher.

2nd step: Next, select the language and copy the unique key displayed on the screen.

3rd step: Next, click on the appropriate OS icon and download the launcher compatible for your operating system.

4th step: Then, right click to extract the downloaded file. Then, click on ‘Run as Administrator’.

5th step: Next, enter the login credentials of your system and click ‘yes’.

6th step: Then, IBA Launcher window will appear. Enter the unique key generated. Select the browser and camera. Then, select the checkbox.

7th step: Next, click on the ‘Launch’ button to start the assessment. Read all the instructions and click on the ‘I am ready to begin’ button.

8th step: Read the group instructions and click ‘proceed’ to start the assessment.

SET 2021 Online Home Proctored Test 2021 Important Dates

Check all the important dates for SET 2021 online home proctored test.

SET 2021 Dates
Infrastructure Readiness Check (IRC)28 – 30 Jun 2021
SET Dry-Run Check (DRC) 04 – 07 Jul 2021
SET 202110 – 13 Jul 2021

Official Website:

FAQs on SET 2021 Online Home Proctored Test

Ques. How will I get my login id and password?

Ans. You will get your login id and password at you registered email address.

Ques. What is the recommended screen resolution for the test assessment?

Ans. The screen resolution for remote assessment is 1024 x 720.

Ques. Which browsers are compatible for the remote assessment?

Ans. Remote Assessment runs on all popular browsers and versions except Safari. Google Chrome is recommended. Remote assessments are not supported on iphones / iPads.

Ques. What should be the zoom percentage of the browser?

Ans. The zoom percentage of the browser set to must be 100%.

Ques. Which operating systems are supported for launcher based remote assessments?

Ans. iLeon based launcher is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 10, Ubuntu 14 and Ubuntu 16. MAC – OS is not supported.

Ques. What should be the ideal bandwidth of the candidate’s system?

Ans. The ideal bandwidth is minimum 2mbps.

Ques. Can this remote proctored assessment be taken on Apple – iOS?

Ans. No, it cannot be taken on Apple – iOS.

Ques. Can the assessment be taken without a camera?

Ans. No, it is necessary to have a working webcam for video / image based proctoring. The assessment will not start if the webcam is not working.

Ques. While doing self-registration, I am getting error ‘camera not allowed’. What should I do?

Ans. In such a case, allow browser access to the camera. Ensure no application is using that camera. If an external webcam is installed, please uninstall it. If the issue with the camera is still there, complete self-registration using an android mobile phone.

Ques. Is it recommended to enable cookies and pop-ups for the assessments?

Ans. Yes, it is recommended to enable cookies and pop-ups before taking the assessment.

Ques. While appearing for the exam, my internet connection got lost. What should I do?

Ans. In such a case, do not panic as all your responses get saved. Now, close the assessment and logout from the browser, Then, again open the browser and clear cache. Now, login again into the assessment, complete camera check, enter the key generated. Now, the question paper will appear and the test will re-start.

Ques. While responding to the question, my screen turned black. What should I do?

Ans. In such a case, close the assessment and logout of the browser. Next, open the browser again and clear the cache. Then, login and launch the assessment. Complete the camera check and enter the key generated. Next, relaunch the assessment using a new key. Your question paper will be displayed again from where you left it.

Ques. Is pdf reader required?

Ans. Yes, pdf reader is required.

Ques. Can we have Ubuntu on Apple laptops, Mac?

Ans. This environment is not suitable for the assessment.

Ques. Can an anti-virus running in the background impact the assessment?

Ans. Anti-virus programs can create false positive system alerts from time to time and may impact smooth running of Launcher and possibly even stop the ongoing assessment. Hence, it is advised to temporarily stop the anti-virus programs.

Ques. The self-registration process is not working on laptop / desktop. How should I fix it?

Ans. First of all, access the link of the assessment provided on the mail. Then, read the instruction, click on the drop-down, select the camera, provide access to the permission to the camera, view your self-video from the camera. If you are not still not able to see yourself after selecting the camera or camera dropdown, use any other browser for detecting camera and complete the self-registration process. You can also raise a query ticket from the helpdesk.

Ques. Is launcher required to be downloaded every time when the exam is being taken?

Ans. Unless there is a launcher update, if your have appeared for IRC and DRC prior to the exam date, the Launcher need not to be downloaded again.

Ques. After logging in, I do not set any assessment tab. What should I do?

Ans. In such a case, check whether your system is set to your assessment current date and time. Then, check the assessment date and time sent via email. You can also check the planned assessment tab.

Ques. When I try to launch the assessment, it says “the assessment got interrupted due to slow network connection or due to antivirus running on your system – “Page is unresponsive error.”

Ans. For this, check your wifi settings and router. Change from wifi to wired internet connection by plugging in the ethernet cable to the ethernet port of your system / laptop. Next, disable all the antivirus programs and then, restart your laptop / desktop.

Ques. I was attempting the questions and my system crashed. What should I do now?

Ans. Do not panic as all the questions and answers are saved. Reboot your system, open the browser window, navigate the URL provided to you, login, click on the launch button. Complete the camera-check, note the key generated and relaunch the assessment using the newly generated key.

Ques. Will I lose time if my session is terminated midway due to poor internet connection or system issued?

Ans. Grace time is provided to the candidates in such a case. When grace time is configured and your session is terminated in between, the time you lose while trying to launch is adjusted against grace time and not your allotted time.

Ques. While trying to start the assessment, I am getting a message – “this key is invalid”. What should I do now?

Ans. First of all, do not panic, and close the launcher. Then, logout of your browser session, open the browser again, clear cache, navigate the assessment link, login, click the launch button, complete camera check, note the key generated, and relaunch the assessment.

Ques. I logged in on the URL provided and was able to complete the self-registration successfully. After that I downloaded the launcher. Now when I am trying to start the launcher and provide the key displayed on the launcher download page, I get ‘Error on page’. What to do now?

Ans. First of all, check the assessment start time. Then, logout of your current session on the provided URL. Log in again and perform the camera check. Then, note down the generated key. Lastly, use the new key to relaunch the assessment.

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