Science Entrance Exams 2022

In India, almost every science with maths student opts for engineering, hence making it one of the most popular and renowned stream all over the country, So no doubt every 1 out of 3 parents in India thinks of sending their child in engineering stream, but the worst part is about the less amount of knowledge available for the students regarding the entrance exams. We’ve provided you with information related to the top science exams in India so that you know about their essential aspects.

The names of various science entrance exams for the year 2022 are given below, this table contains exams for core fields of science (B.Sc, M.Sc and such courses). Students usually face a lot of confusion due to lack of proper information and they end up getting in a degraded college instead of getting admission into the colleges what they deserve.

List of Science Entrance Exams 2022

Science Entrance Exam 2022All India Forensic Science Entrance Test
AIFSET 2022All India Forensic Science Entrance Test
JAM 2022Joint Admission Test for M.Sc
JEST 2022Joint Entrance Screening Test
NEST 2022National Entrance Screening Test
GIPE B.Sc Entrance Exam 2022Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics B.Sc Entrance Exam
GIPE M.Sc. Entrance Test 2022Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics M.Sc Entrance Exam
HBNI CAT 2022Homi Bhabha National Institute Common Admission Test
IBAB M.Sc Entrance Test 2022Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology M.Sc Entrance Exam
IISER Admission 2022Indian Institute of Science, Education & Research BS and BS-MS
TSWR CET 2021 for Armed Forces Women Degree College for B.Sc MPC admission
Other Exams for Science CoursesLPUNEST 2022

Almost everything and every gadget we nowadays see around ourself is the result of the hardwork and smartness of an engineer, engineers play a very important role in our day to day lives, their inventions help us a lot to overcome many challenges which we could’ve faced if engineers were not there, so I hope this page helps you in deciding which exams you’ve to face and which colleges you will be granted according to their results.

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