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Republic Day Speech 2022 – Want to give a power packed Republic Day speech on 26th January 2022 but don’t know what to say? Worry not, we got you covered. Here we have give various samples of Republic Day Speech in Hindi / ??????? ???? ???? ????? ??? 2022 and Republic Day 2022 Speech in English, etc. Teacher, we have speech sample for you as well. Just scroll down to the Republic Day Speech for Teachers and you can get a very good idea on what to say tomorrow during the meet. We hope this article is useful. Let us know in the comment section below.

Republic Day 2022 Speech

One of the two main national events of celebration in India, Republic Day is a day of pride and honor for all us Indians. And some of us get the added honor of addressing an audience. Giving a speech on Republic Day is a matter of great responsibility, as the words we speak impacts the complete audience.

Thus, we have for you, some of the finest speeches for the Republic Day 2022, the 73rd Republic Day of our nation.

Check out these Republic Day speeches for 73rd Republic Day 2022 in English as well as Hindi. Hope you like them and they are useful for you!

Republic Day Speech in Hindi / ??????? ???? ???? ????? ??? 2022

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Republic Day 2022 Speech in English

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Very good morning to everyone present here, Every year January 26 is celebrated as republic day of India as 72 years ago the Indian Constitution came to force on the same day. The Republic is governed in terms of the Constitution of India which was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 26th November 1949 and came into force on 26th January 1950.

The constitution was drafted by the constituent assembly, which was elected by elected members of the provincial assemblies. The 299-member assembly took almost three years to draft the constitution holding eleven sessions over 165 days.

Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar was a wise constitutional expert, he had studied the constitutions of about 60 countries. Ambedkar is recognised as the “Father of the Constitution of India”. On 26 November 1949, it adopted the constitution, which was signed by 284 members. The day is celebrated as National Law Day or Constitution Day The day was chosen to spread the importance of the constitution and to spread the thoughts and ideas of B. R. Ambedkar. 

Why January 26 was chosen for the constitution to come into force?

January 26 was decided to be the Republic Day of India since it was the day that the Indian National Congress (INC) proclaimed the Declaration of Indian Independence in 1930. The date was chosen since the Congress’ Poorna Swaraj resolution was declared on this day and it was celebrated as Indian independence day since then but when India got freedom from Britishers on August 15, 1947, so for a country its not possible to have two independence day and for a country to become a Republic is also an important event for a country. So in conclusion, 26 January was eventually decided as a day for the Constitution to come into force.

The objectives of the constitution were justice, liberty, equality, unity, fraternity, integrity of the nation. The constitution ensures that every citizen of India get their right and the nation should have its own set of rules and regulation to govern itself.

Every year on 26 January India as a nation collectively celebrate Republic day in the capital city. As a tribute, on republic day ceremonial parades take place at the Rajpath. The celebration begins from the gates of Rashtrapati Bhavan followed by Raisina hill on the Rajpath and the India Gate is the main attraction on Republic day. There is a presence of various dignitaries like the President, Prime minister, and other higher government officials at the Rajpath giving salutes to the Regiments and honour to Jhankis of the various states showcasing Rich Indian cultures and heritages. Rajpath showcases the Indian Defence Capability. Nine to twelve different regiments of the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force, accompanied by their bands, march in all their official decorations. The President of India, who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Armed Forces, takes the salute.

In the end as a conclusion, it will be better to say that as a country We have developed, improved but as a nation, there are many hurdles we need to win over as a result of the pandemic our lives have been disrupted from the path but we can together bring it back and the glory of India would go high and high.

Together we should promise that next year when we stand here again the better version of the nation to portray on the page. A better democracy, better economy, better justice, better literacy rate overall a better nation altogether. 


Republic Day Speech for Kids / Children

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Greetings to all the Teachers and Students present here on the special occasion of Republic Day. I wish you all a Very Happy Republic Day and would like to say a few words on Republic Day.

Every year, Republic Day is celebrated on 26th January with great excitement and joy all over India. This year India will be celebrating its 73rd Republic Day. The main Republic Day celebrations are held at the Rajpath, New Delhi in the presence of our honorable President and Prime Minister. On this day, the President hoists our national flag at the Rajpath. An exciting program is held by the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Indian Navy. A Large number of processions are carried out at the Rajpath. A large number of people gather in Delhi to watch the Republic Day Parade and program.

This day has been celebrated since the year 1950 in India. On 26 January 1950, the constitution of India came into effect, and to mark this day, we celebrate it every year with fervor and pride. India turned into a Democratic and secular country on this day. Celebrating this day makes all Indians proud of India’s constitution and its rich heritage. Schools, Universities, and other institutions also celebrate this day with a feeling of patriotism by putting up amazing shows and performances. In all the government offices of India, the national flag is hoisted and sweets are distributed.

Every year, on this day, the President of India honors all the martyrs and legends of the freedom struggle. VIPs and Presidents of other countries witness the program at Rajpath. The Republic Day program starts at the Rashtrapati Bhavan and continues on the Rajpath. The processions of every state are showcased and a huge Republic Day parade is held which is also live telecasted on Television. 

In Schools also, we celebrate this national festival every year. Students participate in a lot of programs like Group songs, group dances, poem recitation, and speech with great enthusiasm. Our Principal hoists the national flag in school and addresses all the students. Sweets are distributed to children on this occasion. This day reminds India of all the freedom Struggles and freedom Fighters and imparts to all of us the feeling of Patriotism. This day also gives us the message of love, togetherness, and respect for our Country.

Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!

Republic Day Speech for Students

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Good Morning To All,

First of all a very Happy Republic Day to all of you. Today I’m going to share a few words on our Republic Day. As we all know our Republic Day is celebrated on the 26th of January every year and this year our country will be celebrating its 73rd Republic Day. In the Past 72 Years, our country has developed a lot and counted among the most powerful countries in the world. 

Our India got Independence on 15th August 1947. Before the Independence took place in our country, India was under British rule completely. The Constitution of India came into existence on January 26, 1950. Since then we celebrate our Republic Day. So this day is very important in Indian History and is a memorable day for all Indians. The Indian Constitution is the largest written Constitution in the World which was written by Dr. B.R Ambedkar.  India had become a democratic and secular country on this day. The Constitution of India gives us our Fundamental rights like the Freedom of Speech, Religion, education, etc.

The word Republic means the power which the Citizens have to elect their representatives as their leader in the Country. Some of the Great Indian Freedom Fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Lala Lajpat Rai, Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel, Bhagat Singh, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Chandra Shekher Ajad, etc. We should never forget the sacrifices of these leaders which helped in making our Country Free from British Rule. 

On this day, parades take place at the Rajpath, New Delhi. Our President of India hosts the Indian Flag and takes a salute of the Indian Armed Forces, and also gives a Republic Day Speech every year on the eve of Republic Day. The President gives awards to the brave soldiers and people who have shown immense bravery and courage and fought for our Country. Our streets are filled with patriotic songs, and all of us have come together to celebrate this day and distribute sweets to each other.

In every school, college, and office, Republic Day is celebrated and cherished with enthusiasm. It is a day of respect, enthusiasm, enthusiasm, appreciation, understanding the sacrifice, and celebrating the freedom we enjoy today. Many improvements have already been made, but a few setbacks have also occurred, such as unemployment, poor literate public, pollution, and poverty. In the name of the people of this country, all we can do is make a promise today to resolve such issues together to make this country one of the best nations on earth.

This Day marks immense happiness and pride in every citizen of India. This is a day that brings us together across the caste, creed, religion, state, language, and color and we all feel the same sense of love for our country. The Tricolour Flag which is hosted makes us realize the sacrifice of our Freedom fighters. Today let us pledge that we will not let the efforts of our great freedom fighters and soldiers go in vain and make our country a happy and safe nation.

Thank you, 

Jai Hind!

Republic Day Speech For Senior Students

Republic Day honours the day when our constitution came into effect. The day Constitution of India was adopted, 26 January 1950, marking it’s 73rd anniversary in the year 2022.This day is celebrated to remember the historic moment when our country became an independent republic.The main celebration of this day is held at Rajpath in the New Delhi, before the President of India.At the pan-India level , all the schools,colleges ,other institutions and groups of people prepare themselves to celebrate this day to the fullest.

It is on the same day in 1950 that Dr. Rajendra Prasad began his term as the first president of India and the Constituent Assembly became the Parliament of India under provisions of new Constitution.

The day reminds us the worth of all our freedom fighters and their sacrifices towards the country.On this day we pay tribute and give our full devotion and respect to them and in tribute various ceremonial parades are being held at the Rajpath and many different cultural and social activities are held in schools and colleges on the patriotic melodies to give honour to the all the ones who paid everything they had for what we are now.

It is a huge national event marking the very important date of historical importance.With the help of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and other dignitaries we got our  flexible yet rigid Constitution which governs the federal structure of the country keeping it together as a unit.India is a great example of ‘Unity in Diversity’ with different religions in the country happily celebrating the festivals .

On this day,let’s take an oath to devote ourselves completely to the coun try within the best possible way.

Thank you

Republic Day Speech for Teachers

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Republic Day – the day on which the Constitution of India was enacted ,the day we Indians got the rules to abide by and the rights to enforce if something goes unlikely.

Today we mark the 73rd anniversary of the same.

A very warm and wonderful morning of this wonderful day to all the jury members and dear students.Wishing you a very happy Republic Day.

The day is of great significance as it embarks the day to pay tribute to the valour and sacrifices of our freedom fighters.India became a democratic republic on the same day .Every Indian celebrates this day with great joy as this day is very close to the heart of every Indian residing in any corner of the world.It is the day of different enthusiasm.

We should be happy that we have the right to represent ourselves to the fullest and with great paramountcy.The rights we got to represent ourselves are nothing but the result of sacrifices behind this day. We got the pleasure to live freely ,study freely ,move freely and to do not as directed but as according to our wish;is nothing but the privilege we are imbibed with.

Today lets take a moment to salute the people who did a lot to provide us with this privilege and let us pledge to abide by the rules and establish a milestone to carve something for this nation’s progress.

Jay Hind

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