PPBNET 2022 Syllabus And Exam Pattern – Check Details Here

PPBNET 2022 Syllabus and Exam Pattern – The aspirants for PPBNET 2022 can check their syllabus and exam pattern from this page. PPBNET Exam is held every year for admission to the Post Basic Nursing course from an institute affiliated with Baba Farid University of Health Sciences. The questions in the exam will be objective in nature. The candidates will have to fill in the correct answers in the OMR sheet provided to them. In the test, the questions are framed from General Nursing and Midwifery.

You should have well enough knowledge about the syllabus and exam pattern of PPBNET 2022. This will help you prepare well for your exam. Knowing the syllabus would help you understand what exactly to study and thus score well. On the other hand, the exam pattern is a must as you should know how much time you will get to complete your exam, what type of questions you would have to answer, and various other things which would help you score better. Candidates should refer to the following article to know more about PPBNET 2022 syllabus and exam pattern.

PPBNET 2022 Syllabus & Exam Pattern

The official syllabus for PPBNET 2022 is released by BFUHS at bfuhs.ac.in. The Question Paper for PPBNET 2022 will have questions from General Nursing and Midwifery. The candidates should have a good knowledge of the basics and well have detailed knowledge about each topic. General Nursing and Midwifery itself is a very vast subject consisting of various topics that the candidate should have expertise on to score well in the Examination.

PPBNET 2022 Exam Pattern

Following is the Examination Pattern for PPBNET 2022. All candidates should carefully read it and practice according to the Examination Pattern.

  • The examination will be held in Offline mode.
  • The question paper will have multiple choice questions. Candidates have to answer the questions on the OMR sheet provided to them.
  • The examination will be conducted in English Language Only.
  • The examination will have questions from General Nursing and Midwifery.
  • There will be no negative marking for the exam. But, for security reasons, a fifth oval has been introduced. In all un-attempted questions, the fifth oval must be darkened. This has to be done because if all the ovals have been left blank, then that question shall carry 01 negative mark.

How to Mark Answers on OMR Response Sheet

The following things need to be kept in mind while marking responses in the OMR Sheet provided to the candidate at the time of the Examination. You should read these instructions very carefully and follow them while giving your Exam.

  • The OMR sheet will consist of 5 ovals for each question. The candidate has to mark the answer of his choice from the first four ovals (A, B, C or D). In case. the candidate is unable or is not willing to answer any question, he/she should mark the 5th oval.
  • Only one oval should be darkened per question.
  • If more than one oval is marked, it will treated as wrong.
  • The candidates must ensure that they are sure about the answer they are marking. No changes can be made after you have marked the option once.
  • Any marks should be made only at the space provided on the OMR sheet.
  • The oval you mark should not be too light or too dark, else it will not be scanned by the optical scanner.
  • Use only black fine tip ball point pen provided by the university.
  • Do not fold, tamper the OMR sheet.
  • If the candidate has not marked the 5th oval for questions he/she does not wish to attempt, it will lead to negative marking.
  • No rough work should be done on the OMR Sheet. It must be done on the margin of the question booklet only or in the designated space given in the question booklet.

PPBNET 2022 Examination Day Instructions

The candidates should follow the basic rules and instructions given to them so that appearing for the Examination is less stressful and comparatively easy for them. Here are some exam day instructions that all candidates should keep in mind on the Examination day.

  • The candidates are advised to reach atleast 2 hours before the Examination starts. This way, they won’t miss any neccessary instructions provided that day. They will also be able to arrange anything they might have left for the Exam.
  • Every candidate should understand how crucial their Admit card is. They can be asked anytime to show their admit card. If they fail to do so, they will not be aloowed to give the Examination.
  • You should carefully find the seat allotted to you as per your Roll number after reaching the Examination Hall.
  • In case, you are 30 minutes late after the Exam has started, you will not be allowed to sit in the exam. So, make sure you are early or on time.
  • You are not allowed to carry anything except your admit card inside the examination hall. This includes bits of paper, calculators, side rules, log tables, any electronic device such as electronic watches, mobiles phones etc. If any candidate is found carrying such items, his/her exam will be cancelled.
  • Do not leave your seat with the permission of the invigilator after the commencement of the Exam. You will only be allowed to leave your seat after the examination time is over.
  • Any eatables like tea, coffee, snacks, etc will are not inside the examination hall.
  • Smoking is strictly not allowed inside the Examination hall.
  • Candidates are advised to maintain silence, follow all rules and be disciplined inside the Examination hall.
  • If any candidate is found using unfair means, or imporsonating any candidate, he/she shall have his/her paper cancelled and the candidate will be debarred from appearing in the Exam either temporarily or permanently as per the offence.

Preparation Tips for PPBNET 2022

Every candidate who aspires to appear for PPBNET 2022 needs to be well prepared for the Examination. You should follow the following study tips to be ready for your examination and to get a good rank.

  • It is very crucial for every candidate who is preparing for PPBNET 2022 to refer to books of every topic possible so that deep study can be done. Just going through pages and not studying properly wouldn’t help.
  • Making a good time table is very important for every aspirant. Set time for study with a balance of extra activities so you don’t feel burdened while preparing for the examination.
  • Be updated about the exam pattern and syllabus of the examination. If the university makes any changes and the candidate is unaware about it, the candidate can face loss in the exam. So, make sure you know the latest updates. Visit the site of the University regularly.
  • Solving mock papers and previous year exam papers is equaly neccessary. Solving a number of questions would help you understand where you lack and need to work upon.
  • Never get stressed about the examination. Enjoy the process. You can do well if you study well and stress free. Keep going and never let your morale go down.

Best Books to Prepare for PPBNET 2022

Following is the list of Best Books that the candidates should refer to while preparing for the Examination.

Textbook Of Nursing Foundation For Post Basic Bsc Nursing
As Per Revised Inc Syllabus
Check Price Here
GNM 2nd YEARCheck Price Here
GNM Third Year All In One. (Midwifery And
Gynaecology Nursing, Community Health Nursing -2) As Per New INC Syllabus 
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FAQs for PPBNET 2022 Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Ques. When will PPBNET 2022 be held?
Ans. PPBNET 2022 will be held around the 3rd week of August 2022.

Ques. In what mode will PPBNET 2022 be conducted?
Ans. PPBNET 2022 will be conducted in offline mode. The candidates will have to answer the questions on the OMR sheet provided to them by the university.

Ques. PPBNET 2022 contains which subjects?
Ans. PPBNET 2022 contains questions from General Nursing and Midwifery. It will contain sub-topics including various aspects from the Subject.

Ques. What will be the question paper type for PPBNET 2022?
Ans. The questions in PPBNET 2022 will be Multiple choice type. The candidates will have to choose from the four options provided to them. They also have a choice of not answering any questions.

Ques. What is the Importance of the Exam Pattern for PPBNET 2022?
Ans. All candidates should have knowledge about the Examination Pattern of the Examination. This helps the candidates to understand in what way they should prepare to get the most effective results. The candidates get an idea of how the Examination will be and how hard they need to work for it.

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