NMIMS NPAT Syllabus 2021, Exam Pattern, Sample Papers

NPAT Syllabus 2021 is prescribed by NMIMS. Check here the NPAT 2021, NMIMS CET 2021, NMIMS LAT 2021 syllabus for engineering, non-engineering, and law entrance exams. Also know the exam pattern and marking scheme of NMIMS NPAT 2021 here.

Note – Insofar, NMIMS has only announced the NPAT 2021 Non-Engineering exam pattern and sample papers. Other details on this page are as per last year.

NMIMS NPAT, LAT, CET 2021 Exam Pattern

NMIMS will conduct NPAT 2021, NMIMS CET 2021, and NMIMS LAT 2021 as online computer based tests.

Check the exam pattern given below for NPAT 2021.

NPAT 2021 Exam Pattern For BBA, B. Com (Hons.), B. Sc. Finance

This is Paper I, and it is to be attempted by candidates who are applying for BBA, B.Com.(Hons.), B.Sc. Finance, B.Sc. Economics, B.A. (Hons.) Liberal Arts, and BBA Branding & Advertising.

Duration: 100 minutes

Marks per questions: 1 mark

Total questions: 120 MCQs

SectionNo. of questionsWeightage for final score
Quantitative & Numerical Ability 4040
Reasoning & General Intelligence4040
Proficiency in English Language 4020
Total 120100

NMIMS CET 2021 Exam Pattern For Engineering Courses

Duration: 120 minutes

Marks per questions: 1 mark

Total questions: 120 MCQs

SectionsNo. of questionsTime in MinutesTotal marks
Chemistry 303030
Logical Intelligence202020
Language Proficiency101010
Total 120120120

NMIMS DAT 2021 Exam Pattern

Total no. of papers: There are total 2 papers for Design category.


  • The candidates are given 100 minutes to complete Paper 1
  • To complete Paper 2, the candidates are given 90 minutes

Paper 1

SectionNo. of questions
Quantitative and Numerical Ability 40
Reasoning & General Intelligence40
Proficiency in English Language 40
Total 120

Paper 2

SectionNo. of questions
Spatial Ability and Visualization Skills20
Observation & Problem Solving 20
General Awareness and Design Sensibility20
Total 60

Mock Test for NPAT

Check the links of free mock tests for NPAT here. This is the official mock test and via it, students shall understand how the exam is.

For Engineering coursesTest link 1 | Test Link 2
For Non-Engineering coursesTest Link 1 | Test Link 2
For Design courseTest LInk 1 | Test Link 2

NPAT 2021 Sample Papers

NPAT Syllabus 2021

The syllabus of NPAT 2021 is available in a pdf format. You can download it discipline wise, from the links below.

Please Note: The latest version of NPAT 2021 syllabus has not been released by Narsee Monjee Institutes. So, below we have provided last year’s syllabus. You can check it and start preparation as per it.

As soon as the new syllabus is released, we will update it here.

NPAT DisciplinesNPAT SyllabusCourse for which this NPAT Exam Is
Engineering Download NPAT Syllabus for Engineering– B.Tech
– MBA Tech. (B.Tech. + MBA Tech.)
Non – Engineering Download NPAT Syllabus for Non-Engineering– B.Pharm. + MBA (Pharma Tech.)
– BBA, B.Com. (Hons.)
– B.Sc. Finance
– B.Sc. Economics
– B.A. (Hons.) Liberal Arts
– BBA – Branding & Advertising.
Design Download NPAT Syllabus for Design– B.Des. (Humanising Technology)

NPAT Syllabus 2021 for Engineering


  • Sets and Functions
  • Matrices and Determinants
  • Complex number and Quadratic Equation
  • Mathematical Induction
  • Sequence and Series
  • Limit, Continuity and Differentiability
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Binomial Theorem and its Application
  • 3D Geometry
  • Vector Alegbra
  • Integral Calculus
  • Trigonometry
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Permutation and Combination


  • Physics and Measurement
  • Thermodynamics
  • Work, Energy and Power
  • Gravitation
  • Kinematics
  • Electronic Devices
  • Rotational Motion
  • Properties of solids and liquids
  • Optics
  • Electrostatics
  • Kinetic Theory of Gases
  • Oscillations and Waves
  • Laws of motion
  • Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
  • Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
  • Electromagnetic Waves


Physical Chemistry

  • Some basic concepts
  • States of Matter
  • Atomic Structure
  • Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
  • Chemical Thermodynamics
  • Solutions
  • Equilibrium
  • Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry
  • Chemical Kinetics

Organic Chemistry

  • Hydrocarbons
  • Purification and Characterization or Organic Compounds
  • Chemistry in Everyday Life
  • Principles related to Practical Chemistry
  • Polymers
  • Organic Compounds containing halogen, nitrogen, oxygen

Inorganic Chemistry

  • Classification of elements and periodicity in properties
  • Block elements (alkali and alkalene earth metals)
  • p-block elements (Group 13-18)
  • d and f block elements
  • Co-ordination Compounds
  • General principles and processes and isolation of metals

Logical Intelligence

  • Critical Intelligence: Decision making, Problem Solving
  • Data Interpretation: Questions about graphs and charts
  • Verbal Reasoning: Derive Conclusions from logical premises or assess the valid of arguments based on the statement of facts, Numerical Reasoning: Venn Diagrams, Mathematical Inequalities

Proficiency in Language

  • Error Recognition: Recognising grammatical structure and usage
  • Contextual Usage: Using apt words in the given context
  • Sequencing of Ideas: Putting ideas into a logical sequence by correcting the order of jumbled sentences
  • Applied Grammar: Prepositions, Determiners, Connectives, Tenses
  • Reading Comprehension

NPAT Syllabus 2021 for Non-Engineering

Proficiency in Language

  • Applied Grammar: Prepositions, Determiners, Tenses, Connectives
  • Error Recognition: Recognising Grammatical Structure and Usage
  • Sequencing of Ideas: Putting ideas into logical sequence by putting the jumbled sentence in apt order
  • Contextual Usage: Using apt words in the Contextual Usage
  • Vocabulary: Grasping the meaning of underlined words
  • Reading Comprehension: Grasping ideas, Identifying Relationships, Interpreting Ideas etc

Quantitative and Numerical Ability

  • Number System: Fractions, Surds, Number Series, Decimals
  • Algebra: Basic Algebraic Identities, Equations-Linear & Quadratic Sequence & Series
  • Sets and Functions: Sets, Operations on Sets and Their Applications, using Venn Diagrams, Functions
  • Arithmetic: Percentages, Profit & Loss, Discount, Compound Interest & Aummunities, Ration & Proportions, Work & Distances, 2D and 3D Figures- Areas & Volume
  • Trigonometry: Trigonometry Rations, Identities, Heights and Distances
  • Elementary Statistics and Probability: Mean, Mode, Median, Measures of Dispersion

Reasoning & General Intelligence

  • Critical Thinking: Decision Making, Problem Solving
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Verbal-Logical Reasoning: Derive conclusions from logical premises or assess the validity of arguments based on the statement of facts
  • Data Interpretation: Questions related to charts and graphs
  • Spatial Reasoning: Figure Analogy, Figure Matching / Classification, Figure Series
  • Numerical Reasoning: Venn Diagram, Mathematical Equalities

Important Books for NPAT 2021

Besides syllabus, the candidates must be aware of the books that can be referred to prepare for NPAT 2021. Check the table given below for the same.

BBA/BBS/BBM Exam GuideBuy Here
Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS)
Mumbai for admission to B.B.A / B. Com (Hons.) / B. Sc. Finance Programme – NMIMS NPAT 
Buy Here
Guide for BBA/BBS/BBM 2020Buy Here
NPAT (B.Tech) Exam Mock Test 2020Buy Here

Preparation Tips for NPAT 2021

Check some of the tips and tricks to crack NPAT 2021.

Know the Syllabus: It is important to be aware of NPAT syllabus before proceeding with the preparation. Note down the important topics as per different subjects and then, prepare a strategy for the exam.

Time Management: After analyzing the syllabus, decide with which subjects and chapters have to be picked for the preparation of NPAT 2021. Make a proper time schedule and specify the monthly and daily targets in it.

Make notes: The candidates are advised to write down the important formulas and pointers for the important topics. These notes help at the time of revision.

Practice mock tests: After completing NPAT 2021 syllabus, it is important to practice mock tests. As and when the examination is near, increase the frequency of solving mock tests. By doing this, the candidates will be able to analyze their preparation.

Solve previous year question papers: To know more about how the preparation for NPAT 2021 has been going so far, try to solve previous year question papers. Try to solve at last 5 years previous question papers.

About NPAT Syllabus 2021 and Exam Pattern

NPAT Syllabus 2021 – Candidates can check NPAT 2021 syllabus and exam pattern from this page. The detailed NPAT syllabus and pattern are available for Engineering, Non-Engineering and Design disciplines. The syllabus contains all the important topics from which questions are asked in the exam. Whereas, the NPAT exam pattern help students in understanding the paper pattern, marking scheme, types of question, sections, and more. Knowing the syllabus and exam pattern are important to create a focused preparation and ace the exam with flying colours.

Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies conducts NMIMS Programs After Twelfth (NPAT) for admission of students in UG and Integrated degree programs. Through the exam, candidates get admission in NMIMS Mumbai, Shirpur, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Navi Mumbai, and Indore. Check NPAT syllabus 2021 and NPAT exam pattern 2021 from below.

About NPAT 2021

NPAT is an entrance examination conducted by Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies for the admission into B.Tech, B.Des, BBA, B.Com etc programmes. NPAT is a computer-based test and is conducted at national level. The admission is given in NMIMS campus at Navi Mumbai, Shirpur, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Indore, Hyderabad.

NPAT 2021 Syllabus FAQs

Qs. Is NPAT difficult?

Ans. The level of difficulty of NPAT is moderate. You should be thorough with the syllabus, and practice the official sample papers, mock tests to be well prepared.

Qs. What should I study for NPAT?

Ans. For NPAT engineering, study physics, chemistry, maths, logical intelligence, language proficiency. Whereas for the non-engineering exam, study quantitative and numerical ability, reasoning and general intelligence, proficiency in english language. Then for design paper 1, study quantitative and numerical ability, reasoning and general intelligence, proficiency in english language, and for its paper 2 study spatial ability and visualization skills, observation and problem solving, general awareness and design sensibility.

Qs. Does NPAT have GK?

Ans. No, NPAT does not have GK.

Qs. How many students appear in NPAT exam?

Ans. There are no official statistics for number of students who sit for NPAT test. As per reports, the numbers are estimated to be around 80,000 to 1 lakh.

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