NEET PG 2020 Question Paper with Answers – Download PDF

NEET PG 2020 Question Paper is here. Get here the NEET PG 2020 question paper, with answers and solutions. You can check all the questions, answers, and also download the NEET PG 2020 question paper PDF here.

In the year 2020, the NEET PG exam difficulty level was moderate to difficult. Candidates can use question paper to prepare for the upcoming National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Post-Graduation (NEET PG 2021).

The question papers and answer keys are great sources to practice for the exam. They have the actual questions that are asked in the exam. Therefore, download NEET PG 2020 Question Paper with Answers from this page and also check some important preparation tips and details.

NEET PG 2020 Question Paper with Answers

Download NEET PG 2020 Question Paper PDF: Click here to download it.

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Candidates should note that question and answers given in the pdf are memory based. The questions were collected from the students who appeared for the exam, whereas, the answers have been given by the experts.

Qs: Patient underwent b/l adrenalactomy in views of b/l pheochromocytoma 1 day later develop lethargy, fatigue BP and pulse normal, no volume deficit likely cause?
Ans: Addisonian crisis

Qs: Upward extension of thyroid prevented by?
Ans: Pretrachial Fascia

Qs: Nerve Supply of levator scapula
Ans: Dorsal Scapular

Qs: Constotransverse joint
Ans: Plane Synovial Joint

Qs: Patient presented with ataxia, nystagmus nd diadochokinesia
Ans: PCA

Qs: Left recurrent laryngealn longer than right recurrent laryngealn, why?
Ans: 4th Arch

Qs: IPJ flexion and MCP flexion
Ans: Lumbricals and intreossi

Qs: Highest oxygen content in fetal circulation
Ans: IVC

Qs: Common Hepatic Artery branches
Ans: Rt. gastric and Rt. gastrorpibloic

Qs: Pt. presented with weakness in right side of face with loss of pain and temperature, pain and temperature lost in opposite leg. Lession in?
Ans: Lateral Pons

Qs: Histology of cerebellum
Ans: Purkinjee Cells

Qs: Histology of cartilage
Ans: Elastic cartilage

Qs: Uncinate process of pancreas tumor infiltrates which vessel?
Ans: SMA

Qs: H/O injury urine extravasationrotum, anterior abdomen wall, site of utheral injury
Ans: Bulbar Urethr

Qs: Which part of fallopian – Ampulla fertilization occurs?

Qs: Remnants of wolfian duct in
Ans: Broad Ligament

Qs: Episiotmy incision extended posterorly beyond perineal body which structure is damaged?
Ans: Ext Anal sphincter

Qs: Bowel loops right to umbilicus condition associated with is
Ans: Gastrochisis

Qs: EEG image
Ans: REM Sleep

Qs: Patient with AF which is false, brain imaging not done

Qs: RDS which is defective
Ans: Type 2 alveolar cell

Qs: Resection of Ileum vitamin defecient is
Ans: Vit B 12

Qs: H/ O head over for long time which nerve fiber is affected?
Ans: Type A

Qs: True about structure of protein
Ans: Secondary and tertiary structure depends on amino acids

Qs: No synthesized
Ans: Arginine

Qs: Inferior frontal Gyrus lession
Ans: Brocas / motor Aphasia

Qs: Proteogylcan in GBM of Kidney
Ans: Heparan Sulfate

Qs: Forst bite rewarming
Ans: 37 – 43 celcius

Qs: VIT K dependent clotting factor
Ans: Factor 2

Qs: Injury to posterior part of superior temporal gyrus
Ans: Fluent Aphasia

Qs: H / O blood glucose – 350 mg / dl PH – 7.2
Ans: MET acidosis

Qs: PH – 7.2, bicarbonate -10, PCO2 – 30 – which process is due to the decomposition of this disorder?
Ans: Loss of HCO3 in Urine – MET acidosis

Qs: Va / Q infinity means
Ans: No exchange of O2 and CO2 occurs

Qs: Blood in CPD is better than ACD because?
Ans: Fall in 2 3 bpg causes less acidosis.

Qs: Water Hammer Pulse
Ans: AR

Qs: C Wave in JVP due to
Ans: BULG tricuspid into atrium

Qs: RDS deficiency
Ans: Dipalmityol Choline

Qs: Case H / O peripheral smear is showing hyper segmented neutrophils due to
Ans: Deficiency of B 12

Qs: Cortisol and ACTH is highest in
Ans: After waking up

Qs: Identical twin transplant
Ans: Isograft

Qs: Tyrosine kinase action
Ans: Insulin

Qs: Active in insulin depleted state
Ans: Glucose 6 phosphate

Qs: Serum prolactin highest
Ans: After 24 hours of parturition

Qs: Aquaporin 2 deficiency
Ans: Nephrogeic DI

Qs: Not a part of metabollic syndrome
Ans: High LDL

Qs: Food in Duodenum inhibits gastric emptying
Ans: Entero Gastric Reflex

Qs: Effacement of foot processes is pathognimic of which disease
Ans: MCD

Qs: Lung of a chronic smoker shows change from columnar to stratified squamous. This change is called
Ans: Metaplasia

Qs: A 25-year old male with thyroid swelling. Biopsy shows intense lymphocytic infiltration along with hurthle cell
Ans: TSH increased Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

Qs: A 20 year olf patient with swelling in the wrist joint. Histopathology shows spindle cells and heaveragemedic verrocay bodies. Most likely diagnosis
Ans: Schwannoma

Qs: Midline swelling in the neck. 2 cm thyroid nodule. Histology showing orphan annie eye appearance was given. Most likely diagnosis?
Ans: Papillary Ca thyroid

Qs: Large, friable, irregular vegetation on the valves
Ans: Infective endocarditis

Qs: 35 year old lady presents with a lump in the upper outer quadrant of the breast. Histopathology shows cells in pools of mucin and faint nuclei
Ans: colloidal carcinoma.

Qs: ATRA is used in the treatment of tumor which is associated with which of the following
Ans: PML RARA CD 8 plus cells

Qs: Duodenal biopsy of the patient shows crypt hyperplasia, villous atropy in lamina propia. Your most probable diagnosis
Ans: Celaic disease

Qs: Thrombosis is initiated by
Ans: Endothelial injury

Qs: A child presents with thrombocytopenia, eczema, and recurrent infections
Ans: Wiskot Aldrick Syndrome

Qs: B celss are induced to provide IgE by which of the following
Ans: IL4

Qs: Which if the following injury is seen in the biopsy of a patient who has a post MI reperfusion
Ans: Eosinophilic Contraction Band

Qs: A child with 15 days cough, examination shows cervical lymphadenopathy. Lymph node biopsy shows Langhans giant cells
Ans: TB

Qs: Werner Syndrome
Ans: DNA Helicase Defect

Qs: Which of the following is true about PAN?
Ans: 30% HBS AG+

Qs: Which of the following is the correct statement for Huntington’s Chorea
Ans: It is tri nucleotide

Qs: 25 year old man present for a routine examination. The patient is tall and on examination was found to have an early diastolic murmur. Family pedigree is given. What is the mode of inheritance of the disease in this patient
Ans: Marfans

Qs: A 10 year old boy complained of fatigue and abdominal pain after playing football. He also complains of painful swelling of digits in the past. USG abmen shows a small spleen. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?
Ans: Sickle cell anemia

Qs: A 30 year old patient complains of easy fatigability, exertional dyspnea and weight loss. She is I decrease in vibration sense. Also complaint of frequent falls. There is bilater. Her hemoglobin levels were low treated with folate. Her anemia improved but neurological symptoms worsened. Which of the following is the most probable reason for her condition?
Ans: Depletion of B12 stores due to folate therapy

Qs: A 25 year old patient with swelling in knee joint. Histopathology of swelling shows many giant cells with mononuclear cells. Your most probable diagnosis is?
Ans: GCT

Qs: A 20 year old male presented with history of fatigue and tiredness, On investigation, HB – 9gm%, MCV – 101 FL. PS shows macrocytic RBCs with hyper-segmented neutrophils. What is the most likely diagnosis?
Ans: Chronic Alcoholism

Qs: A 30 year old woman with dyspnea, cough, sputum production, and wheezing dies of respiratory failure. She was a non smoker and alcoholic. the lung at autopsy shown, which conditions are associated with pathologic changes here?
Ans: Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Defeciency

Qs: A 5 year old child presents with anal polyp. The histopathological image shown. Most likely diagnosis?
Ans: Juvenile Polyp.

Qs: A 50 year old patient presented with swelling in retroperitoneum, Biopsy image shown. Molecular analysis showed t(12:16). Most probable diagnosis?
Ans: Myxoid Lipo Sarcoma

Qs: A 30 year old man reports 4 hours after acquiring a clean wound he has received TT vaccination 10 year back. What do you advise against tetanus prophylaxis?
Ans: Theaveragemedic

Qs: Which of the following is the vector for Zika virus?

Qs: A female from a tribal area of Jharkhand reports with fever for last 3 days, Peripheral blood is collected and stained with Giesma. A diagnosis of malaria is made. The smear is shown in the figure. What is the likely cause?
Ans: Falciparum

Qs: Shown in the figure is the HBV card test, Which of the following is the principle of this test?
Ans: Immunochromatography

Qs: A 5 year olf boy is presented with a sore throat for the last 2 days. On examination, he has a grayish-white pseudomembrane around his tonsils. Diptheria is suspected. What prophylactic step should be taken for the 3 years old younger sibling who has received immunization as per the immunization schedule?
Ans: Nothing to be done / Prophalxix with Erythromycin / Prophlaxis with booster dose.

Qs: Antiseptic properties if bleaching powder is due to
Ans: Hypochlorus acid

Qs: Which of the following cause the donovanosis
Ans: K. granulomatis

Qs: Ureethritis in males is not caused
Ans: H. Ducreyi

Qs: Which of the following is most likely to acquire by traumatic inoculation the
Ans: theaveragemedic

Qs: Which of the following is not true about JE
Ans: man is reservoir

Qs: 2 girls in the same class are diagnosed with meningococcal meningitis. Their 12 year old close friend is in fear of contracting the disease. What advice should be given
Ans: 2 doses of conjugate vaccine

Qs: Maternal antibodies do not provide protective immunity to neonate in-polio / pertusis

Qs: An HIV positive patient with a CD4 count of 300 / cumm presents with mucosal lesions in the mouth as shown in the figure. On microscopy budding yeats and pseudo-hyphae are seen. What is the likely diagnosis?
Ans: Candidasis

Qs: Recent pandemic
Ans: H1N1

Qs: Which of the following helps in bacterial adhesion?

Qs: CAT A Bioterrorism-ANTHRAX follwoing
Ans: S. Pyogenes

Qs: Super antigen is produced by which shown in the figure belongs to which class of

Qs: The immunoglobin structure
Ans: antibody – IG A

Qs: In renal trnsplar recipients, which is likely organism causing reactivation disease within

Qs: A Child develops septic shock following meningitis. On examination, the child has a petechial rash as shown in the figure/
Ans: Meningococcus

Qs: Which of the following is a common solid transmitted helminthic infection in India characterised by eggs in stool shown in figure?
Ans: Trichurus Trichura

Qs: Beta-Lactamase confers resistance by
Ans: Breaking Drug structure

Qs: The most potent drug in the DRC is
Ans: drug A

Qs: Woman sleeping in the night develops pain and a funny feeling in the legs which are relieved by shaking her legs. which of the following drugs is used as the first line?
Ans: Iron therapy / Pramipexole

Qs: Late sodium channel blocker
Ans: Ranolazine ation – 6 Mercaptopurine

Qs: Which of the follwoing drug inhibits DNAs after testing for a day?

Qs: A patient of BPD in lithium for 6 f tremors, confusion, and weakness of limbs presents with seizure, what is the most accurate diagnosis to her condition?

Qs: Fluoroquinolone contraindicated in liver disease is
Ans: Pefloxacin

Qs: Drug of choice for invasive aspergillosis is
Ans: Voriconazole

Qs: A patient was recently in Fluphenzine, suddenly after 2 weeks develops, tremors, rigidity, excessive salivation, and other Parkinson-like symptoms. The first line of management is?
Ans: Trihexyphenidyl

Qs: A patient who was diagnosed with RA was on medication, after 2 years he develops blurring of vision and was found to have corneal opacity. Which drug is most likely to cause that?
Ans: Chloroquine

Qs: Pegloticase is ued in
Ans: Tophaceous Gout

Qs: Which of the following drug is used for the treatment of post-operation
Ans: Bethanechol

Qs: Nail lacquer for fungal infection
Ans: Terbinafine

Qs: At high altitude of 3000 m patient complaints of breathlessness. What all can be given except for IV Digoxin?

Qs: Glaucoma drug increasing unveoscleral outflow with action on ciliary muscles
Ans: theaveragemedic

Qs: ADPKD patient taking tolvaptan complains of symptoms of abdomen pain, loose stools, and colonic diverticulosis..

Qs: Antihypertensive should not be given in the patient of high uric acid.
Ans: Thiazides

Qs: Which antibiotics must not be given to a chronic asthmatic managed on theophylline
Ans: Erythromycin

Qs: For surgery by administering muscle relaxant which competitively blocks nicotine receptor was used. Which drug used for reversal
Ans: Neostigmine

Qs: Which of the following is not a prokinetic-diphenoxymethane

Qs: Which of the following is used in motion sickness?
Ans: Promethazine

Qs: Theophylline has diuresis action via
Ans: A1 Recepto

Qs: True about non-competitive inhibition
Ans: KM same Vmax decreases

Qs: Which of the following inhibits RNA replicatioN-Rifamycinal Wase discarded in – Yellow cat
Ans: theaveragemedic

Qs: Blood bags discarded in – Yellow Cat

Qs: Vaccine given in disaster – to health workers against cholera and typhoid

Qs: MONICA project – Monitoring trend and determinant in CVS disease.

Qs: Drug that exacerbates / not given along with lithium
Ans: Thiazides

Qs: Extended sickness benefit esic
Ans: 2 years

Qs: Not a post coital pill
Ans: Danazol

Qs: Mission Indhradhanush
Ans: UIP

Qs: A study with normal distribution median value of 200. Standard deviation 20. Value between 68% is 180 and 220

Qs: Technique based on behavioral sciences anagement bu objectives

Qs: Monetory Benefit
Ans: Cost Benefit

Qs: SDG MMR reduction by 2030, Globally less than 70 / lakh Indices – So2, lead and particulate matter

Qs: Variation of data is compared with other
Ans: coefficient of variation

Qs: Imqge of
Ans: Female Condom

Qs: Difference between the incidence of exposed and non exposed
Ans: Attributable risk

Qs: one variable is given, other variable is measured by
Ans: Regression

Qs: Prospective screening done for
Ans: Immigrant screening

Qs: Study design QN
Ans: Ecological study

Qs: Test of significance
Ans: CHI square test

Qs: 3 Year old child weight 11 kg came with complaints of fever. 38 / min chest indrawing + severe pneumonia give antibiotic and refer to.:

Qs: Max working hour with overtime

Qs: Patient coming from eastern part of the country with H / O unilateral edema. K / C/ of CAD with PCI done. O / E swollen lower limb proximal > distal next best investigation is
Ans: theaveragemedic

Qs: Image based lower limb
Ans: Lymphatic filariasis elephentiasis

Qs: Punishment for false evidence
Ans:193 IPC

Qs: Onus of prrof in Civil negligence lies in
Ans: Patient

Qs: Poison detected in exhumated bodies
Ans: Arsenic

Qs: Magnan’s symptoms
Ans: Cocaine Abuse

Qs: Tatto not visible in skin, but can be detected in
Ans: Lymph nodes

Qs: hymen in a child is not ruptured becuase
Ans: Intact because it is deeply situated

Qs: Most widely used dependence producing drug – Cannabis widely used most dependence causing drug – Heroi

Qs: Mental health act max duration of admissic

Qs: Yellow needle-shaped crystal of
Ans: Barberio test

Qs: Image- battle sign Carpal bones – 10 year

Qs: Image based body found with bloated face
Ans: Decomposition / putrefaction

Qs: APO B48 due to
Ans: RNA Editing

Qs: Image based – Niacin deficiency

Qs: 28% adensine, how much is cytosine -22%

Qs: not soluble in water
Ans: Hemicellulose

Qs: UV light tryptophan
Ans: 280 nm

Qs: Saccule develops from
Ans: PARS inferior

Qs: Absence of dustrophin
Ans: DMD

Qs: Image over chest?
Ans: Lupus vulgaris – start on at

Qs: Image of lessions in had
Ans: Isomorhic phenomenon

Qs: Image of face with scarring

Qs: Image of lessions associated with scalingg and itching

Qs: case of scenario of alkaptonuria
Ans: Himihienistic acid

Qs: Patient with H / O RTA with SDH.O / E papilloedema _-raised ICT

Qs: lady with H / O depression
Ans: MDD with psychosis

Qs: MBBS 1st year girl, impending doon +- panic attack

Qs: The patient was put on imipramine for depression. developed C/F of mania, what is the next appropriate step
Ans: Stop imipramine start on valproate

Qs: C/F of urinary incontinence, ataxia, and dementia
Ans: Normal pressure hydrocephalus

Qs: recurrent oral ulcer with venous thrombosis
Ans: Bichets disease

Qs: Complications of image showing koplic spots, conjunctive myocarditis

Qs: Child with fever, rash with desquamation cervical lymphadenopathy
Ans: Kawasaki disease

Qs: patient with H / O DM, Hypothyroidism now present with passing stools and not gaining weight.
Ans: Anti gliadin / Anti TTG

Qs: Hischprung disease due to
Ans: Failure of migration of NCC

Qs: Term child, AGA child with blurin of 14 MG / DL A on Day 5
Ans: Routine care

Qs: H / O supravalvular AS
Ans: Williams Syndrome

Qs: H/O consumption of rice milk, child presenting with protruded abdomen, low albumin but no proteinuria
Ans: Kwashiorkar

Qs: On stimulating the outer part of each a person gets cough. This is because of the stimulation of
Ans: Auricular branch of vagus

Qs: B oititis media is characterised by all except
Ans: painful otorrhea

Qs: Patient presents with U / L proptosis with B / L abducens palsy. Diagnosis is
Ans: Cavernous sinus thombosis

Qs: Partial closure of nostril is done in which condition?
Ans: Atrophic Rhinitis

Qs: patient came into the OPD with a history of fever, sore throat. On examination, the throat shows the following appearance. Diagnosis is
Ans: Peritonsillar abscess

Qs: Extra layer of Cilia
Ans: Distichiasis

Qs: Layer of cornea help in the maintenance of hydration of stroma
Ans: Endothelium

Qs: 60 year old with H / O intermenstrual bleeding, USG shows feeding vessel sign
Ans: Endometrial polyp

Qs: Pregnant woman of 20 weeks of gestation, O/E uterus is 16 weeks in size. USG shows oligohydraminos
Ans: Renal Agenesis

Qs: CT showing rigidity
Ans: SAH

Qs: Remote after loading
Ans: Brachy therapy

Qs: patient having inguinal mass, likely diagnosis

Qs: Hard lump of the upper outer quadrant of breast
Ans: Fibroadenoma

Qs: Barium study
Ans: Intusuccuption

Qs: Patient has fatigue and is not gaining weight. Body is warm, the investigation will show
Ans: Low TSH and High T3 / T4

Qs: Differentiating feature between organic disorder and functional disorder of bowel fetal cal protectin

Qs: 42 year old patient with obstructive jaundice, ALP, GGT and haptoglobin is
Ans: Increased alcoholism

Qs: Primary survey of ATLS dies not include
Ans: CT scan

Qs: patient came to OPD, B / L chest rales, Dyspnea, pedal edema, distended Jugular vein, positive hepato jugular reflex
Ans: Congestive heart failure

NEET PG Mock Test

The purpose of the NEET PG 2021 demo test is to help PG medical aspirants in understating the computer based test format. All who will appear in NEET PG can take the mock test at, through any compatible web browser.

A demo test or the mock test will be a replica of the NEET PG computer-based test. Soon after the demo test.

Exam Pattern of NEET PG

NBE conducts NEET-PG as a Computer Based Test (CBT). Candidates have to answer 300 MCQ-type questions. The duration of the exam is 03 hours and 30 minutes and the paper is set in English language only.  Incorrect answers in the NEET PG exam incur 25% negative marks although no marks are deducted for unattended questions. Correct answers are awarded 04 marks.

The distribution of the questions is shown below:


SubjectNo. of questions
Anatomy 17


SubjectNo. of questions
Forensic Medicine10
Social and Preventive medicine25


SubjectNo. of questions
General Medicine including Dermatology, Venereology & Psychiatry45
General Surgery including Orthopedics, Anaesthesia & Radio Diagnosis45
Obstetrics & Gynaecology30

NEET PG Exam Preparation Tips

The candidates can check the preparation tips for NEET PG given below.

  • Before starting the preparation, make a time schedule. This includes monthly strategies, weekly targets, etc.
  • Start your preparation with the subjects or topics that you find the most difficult.
  • While studying, make the notes side-by-side. Write down the important formulas and points that can be useful later in the revision.
  • Practice previous year’s question papers to know what type of questions have been coming in the exam from last year.
  • Solve mock tests frequently to know about how time management works during the examination.


NEET PG is a national-level medical examination that is conducted for MDS / MS / PG Diploma courses. It is a computer-based examination. The questions in the exam are asked as to what candidates have studied at the MBBS level. The test is conducted on a single day in a single session. The scores for NEET PG are accepted to fill 50% of All India Quota seats at the national level. The rest of the seats are filled at the state level.

Official website:

FAQs on NEET PG 2020 Question Paper

How difficult was NEET PG 2020 question paper?

The exam was moderate to difficult. There were various  clinical questions and students found images based questions a bit tough.

What is the qualifying marks in NEET PG?

NEET PG 2021 cutoff varies for various categories. For General category candidates, NEET PG qualifying percentile is 50th, while for SC/ST/OBC is 40th percentile.

Is 600 a good score for NEET PG?

Experts say that to get a rank under 4000, you must score 600+ in NEET PG. Thus, yes it is a good score.

Where can I get NEET PG 2020 question paper?

NEET PG 2020 question papers are not easily available. What e have over the internet are memory based questions and answers and that too in video format mostly. Thus candidates can look out for these videos available on the web. We have compiled NEET PG 2020 questions and answers on this page too. You can download the PDF from here.

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