NEET 2021 Twice Faces Opposition: Report – Will Exam and Registration Date Be Further Delayed?

Latest developments around NEET 2021 show that there are opposing views among officials on holding the exam twice. While one section wants the medical entrance exam to happen two times, and online, the other is against it. As the debate continues, the decision on equally critical questions – when will NEET 2021 registration start? and when will NEET 2021 exam date be announced? hang in the balance.

NEET 2021 Twice, Exam Date, Registration Most Recent Update

A latest news report published in newspapers today indicate that the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) is not in favour of holding the NEET 2021 exam twice.

Ministry of Education head, Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank had conveyed the proposal of holding National Eligibility cum Entrance Test two times in 2021, and also in online mode. This proposal was consulted between Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan and the National Medical Commission (NMC). And it is upon that consultation that the opposing view on the matter was arrived upon, as per reports.

However, Dr. Nishank is said to have made a further appeal to the Health Ministry on the matter. Thereupon the officials are further contemplating on the matter.

Students are coming out in support of the proposal to hold the exam twice, on twitter and other social media platforms.

Until these details – whether NEET 2021 will be twice and online or not – will be decided, the NEET 2021 exam date, application form date, and commencement of registration cannot happen.

Why is Health Ministry against holding NEET 2021 Twice?

Neither news reports, nor officials are directly clear about why they do not want to hold the exam two times.

When the matter of holding NEET exam twice was first proposed in Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank’s webinar, it was met with mixed reactions. However the larger reactions were that of happiness, as medical students were looking forward to such a change especially since JEE Main started being conducted four times.

The only concerns that were raised were about the logistic possibilities of taking such a big exam online, and changing its frequency to two times. For example the concerns were how many unique questions will have to be made, whether there will be normalization, and so on.

But strangely, now that opposition has openly come up on the matter, the reasons behind it are different: There are hints here and there that the concern is that exactly who gets to decide what to change in NEET exam – is the NTA allowed to take decisions on medical and dental admissions matter, or is the National Medical Commission (NMC) only the one who gets to do it?

What next? Will NEET 2021 be held twice or not?

As per reports, NTA had written to the health ministry officially in January to allow them to hold NEET exam in online mode. As far as holding the exam twice is concerned, the matter was proposed by the Education Minister. Both matters are officially under consideration. There is no official statement from any ministry over the reports. Going by these recent developments, there is exactly a 50-50 chance of the changes happening.

NEET 2021 Exam Date Update – When will exam be held?

At the start of the year, the most likely date for NEET 2021 was the 1st Sunday of May, i.e 2nd May. However then CBSE announced that it will hold board exams from 4 May to 14 June. Now it will not be possible to hold the NEET UG exam so close to board exams and thus 2nd May is no longer a probable date.

Now it seems that the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test could be held in the last week of June.

However, there is another possibility – that is, if NEET is held twice, then the exam dates can either be in May and June, or June and July. It is important to note that other than CBSE, there are various other boards in India as well. And this time each of them is holding their exams on very different months. It may not be feasible to avoid date clashes with all boards and hence multiple exam dates of NEET may solve that problem.

When will NEET 2021 Registration Start?

This is the most frequently asked questions nowadays. Students are not able to concentrate on their studies for the fear of missing out on the application form date. As per the recent developments, it seems that now NEET 2021 application form will release in February by NTA. Candidates will be given at least one month to apply. And then the last date for form filling will be in March. However it all depends on the ongoing discussions over changes in the exam.

In addition to these changes, the exam pattern of NEET 2021 is also going to change. This was hinted in the last press release of PIB where they clarified that syllabus will not change but exam pattern might.

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