NEET 2021 Postponement: Why or why not should NEET, JEE, Board Exams Be Postponed

With 2 days to go for Dr. Ramesh Pokhriya’s webinar, where he is expected to announce exam dates, media is abuzz questions on NEET 2021, JEE, and Board Exams.

As far as JEE Main 2021 is concerned, considering that form is still not out, it is already almost certain that the January 2021 exam will be postponed. That leaves the question open mainly for the medical entrance exam and the board exams.

So the biggest questions right now are – Will NEET 2021 be postponed? When will JEE Main Jan and Apr 2021 be held? When will board exams 2021 be held?

It is critical to note here that board exam dates will actually be a big factor in deciding the entrance exam dates. Hence most probably CBSE will have to decide the board exam dates (which should have been released by now, but have been pending for long), and only then JEE NEET dates will be decided.

Should NEET 2021 Be Postponed – Reasons Why It Should Be Postponed

#1. Schools not re-opened

All over India, schools have not yet re-opened due to the pandemic. Whereas talks are on, and officially some states have allowed schools to open their doors. Still, neither schools, nor parents of the students are willing to take the risk of sending children to schools in this time.

The syllabus of NEET is closely linked to what is taught in school – at the 11th and 12th level. Now even though students in urban areas have been attending classes online, the same cannot be said for all. Therefore studies have overall been affected and a little more time to NEET exam will be better for many.

#2. Completion of previous semester in Medical Colleges

Not too long ago, NMC issued a notification asking medical colleges to re-open by December end (the same notice which carried NEET PG 2021 exam date postponement message). Otherwise, they say, there will be a loss of 80,000 doctors in 5 years.

Each college is taking its own route to ensure that education of admitted students is on track. Nevertheless, it has been a rocky session, and decision on exams, practicals are a challenge. Until the previous session in colleges conclude, will it be possible for next batches to take admission?

#3. Overall loss of studies – Students need more time to prepare for NEET 2021

NEET aspirant start preparing for the exam from as early as their grade 10, sometimes sooner. Though the syllabus is of class 11, 12 PCB.

Now the whole of last session (COVID cases were discovered / reported in December 2019 / January 2020, India went into lockdown in March 2020, and since then cases have been rising) has been a distracted one. Students have neither gone to schools, nor complete coaching. Given the circumstances, some students opine that they need more time to prepare for this decisive exam.

But, Reasons Why NEET 2021 Should Not Be Postponed

There are always two sides of a coin. In this debate – on whether NEET 2021 should be postponed or not, the flip side of cons of NEET 2021 postponement come into play. These are the reasons why the exam should not be postponed.

#1. Competition will get tougher

In 2019 – The number of students who scored 100% marks in NEET was 0. Maximum score was 701. And the marks of 50th ranker was 685.

In 2020 – when NEET was held in September – The number of students who scored 100% marks in NEET was 2. Maximum score was 720. And the marks of 50th ranker was 705.

As you can see, with more time, the performance of a set of students would get exponentially better. This would make the competition extremely tough (which it already is to a large extent). And fight for government colleges seats would be fiercer.

#2. For a set of students, performance would worsen

While a set of students would do better given more time, a set of students would do worse. This is because

  • Too much distraction on events of the exam, rather than preparation.
  • No focus on a set timeline
  • Everyone reaches a peak of their max performance, and most students are attuned to reach theirs as per the usual exam timelines.

#3. Impact on admission session

Though this is more of a technicality that NMC and related bodies will take care of. Broadly the concern is that the more delay there is in the exam, the more disturbed the admission session 2021-22 and the consequent classes will be.

How will NTA conduct NEET 2021 while the pandemic is ongoing?

Logically, the biggest reason why an exam should be postponed is the fact that the pandemic is still present. How will students go to centers? How will they be safe at centers? And so on concerns exist.

However the fact remains that NTA and other exam conducting bodies in India have been holding several exams since July / August (NEET, JEE, ICAI, all exams have been held). hey will take extra precautions like the following

  • Setting up extra centers so that there are less number of students per center.
  • Allow students to carry face masks, sanitizers, gloves et al.
  • There will be SOPs in place to ensure social distancing.

Thus the pandemic will no longer be a reason for delaying the exam, directly.

BUT, the pandemic is a reason behind delay INDIRECTLY because – Schools re-opening is affected by it, Board exams are affected by it, and logistics in conducting a exam too are affected by it.

All in all, the matter of NEET 2021 postponement is in the balance right now. Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank is expected to bring some clarity on the matter on 10 December 2020 during his webinar.

Let us know in comments what you think – Should NEET 2021 be postponed or not?

Stay tuned!

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  1. I think neet should be conducted in 1st week of july and no further postponement should take place ,
    If if takes place in 1st week of may than syllabus should be reduced


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