NATA 2021: Syllabus, Exam Date, Registration, Latest News

NATA 2021

NATA 2021

The National Aptitude Test for Architecture (NATA) is an important entrance exam for candidates aspiring for a career in the construction drawing and architecture industry. Candidates seeking admission to 5 years full-time Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) programs for the academic session starting 2021 in institutes across the nation have to qualify the NATA 2021. The exam rank serves as a criterion of eligibility for admission to the aforementioned B.Arch course. The official information brochure of the exam is yet to be released by the conducting body i.e. The Council of Architecture (CoA) at the website Read this article to know more about NATA 2021 including eligibility criteria and exam pattern and get all the latest updates.

The examination of NATA is conducted twice a year every year. CoA ensures that candidates from all over the country do not have to appear in multiple admission tests to get admission in the 5-year full-time B.Arch courses in institutions across the country. After qualifying the NATA 2021 exam, candidates have to apply separately to the institute of their choice for admission to the aforementioned undergraduate course in Architecture. Reportedly, in the previous iteration of the exam, more than 30,000 candidates applied for NATA. Check out the expected schedule of events related to NATA 2021 here below.

Important eventDate
Information Brochure3rd week of Jan 2021
Start of registrations4th week of Jan 2021
End of registrations2nd week of Mar 2021
Admit card1st week of Apr 2021
Exam date (Phase 1)2nd week of Apr 2021
Results To be announced

Click here for the official website of NATA

NATA 2021 Exam Date

The Council of Architecture releases the exact schedule of events related to the NATA 2021 exam at the official website i.e All the latest updates about any change in the tentative exam dates are indicated through the website online. Last year, similar to other national level exams, NATA was also delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, based on previous trends, the registrations of NATA 2021 are expected to commence online during the fourth week of January 2021. On the other hand, the Phase 1 exam can be expected to be conducted somewhere during the second week of April 2021.

Check out NATA exam dates for the last few years below.

NATA1st Exam Date2nd Exam Date
202029 Aug 202012 Sep 2020
201914 Apr 201907 Jul 2019

NATA 2021 Phase 1 exam is expected to be conducted in April 2021.

Eligibility Criteria for NATA 2021

Candidates willing to appear for the NATA 2021 for admission to B.Arch courses are required to comply with the specified minimum eligibility criteria. The CoA being the prime authority in establishing country-wide eligibility criteria for admission to 5 Year Full-Time B.Arch course in different institutions also ensure that aptitude of applicants is at par to fulfil such admission criteria. As per the last year NATA exam, the minimum criteria for the exam has been elaborated below.

  • Candidates must have passed the 10+2 scheme of the with PCM subjects in order to apply for NATA 2021
  • Candidates who have passed 10+3 years Diploma with Mathematics are also eligible to apply for NATA 2021
  • There are no minimum marks required at the 10+2 level in order to apply for NATA 2021.

NATA 2021 Application Form

Last year, CoA conducted the application process of NATA exam online at the official website Until any further updates, it is expected that in 2021, the NATA application form will be made available online. Therefore, candidates will have to apply online at the official website. One must note that since the NATA 2021 is conducted in two sessions in a year, candidates have to apply for each session separately. However, it is not mandatory to apply for both sessions and candidates can choose to apply and appear in one session or both.

Check out the detailed step by step guidelines to apply for NATA 2021 below.

Step 1: Go to the official website i.e.

Step 2: Click on NATA 2021 Registration at the top of the homepage.

Step 3: Click on Sign Up; Enter details and click on Submit to complete the registration process

Step 4: Now click on Login; Enter registered email, password and security code to log in

Step 5: Enter the relevant details and complete the application form.

Step 6: Upload the specified documents and pay the application fee online.

Step 7: Click on final submit when done to complete the application process.

Note: Upon successful application, candidates can generate the Confirmation Page. It is a receipt that the candidates is successfully registered for NATA 2021 by the payment of fees. It must be preserved for any future reference. However, one must note that the Confirmation page is not necessarily the Admit Card.

Application Fee for NATA 2021

An application fee as specified by the Council of Architecture must be paid online in order to apply for NATA 2021. Last year, the CoA decided to charge General category applicants a fee of Rs 2000 for one attempt and Rs 3800 for two attempts. Based on the last year fees, the expected fee amount for various constitutional categories can be checked from the detailed table below.

CategoryFor one attemptFor two attempts
General CategoryRs. 2000Rs. 3800
For SC/ ST CategoryRs. 1700Rs. 3100
If applying for abroad centreRs. 10,000Rs. 18,000

Note: Application fee can be paid using internet banking, debit or credit card.

Syllabus of NATA 2021

CoA decided to include the PCM stream in NATA syllabus in 2020 which resulted in subtle changes from the usual pattern. There are two parts of the paper viz. Part A and B where the former is based on drawing and the latter is based on MCQ type questions asked from PCM subjects.

Important Information About NATA 2021 Syllabus

Last year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CoA decided to conduct both the Part A (Cognitive Skills for Drawing & Visual Composition Test) and Part B (Test on Scientific and General Aptitude) in the online mode. In light of the situations, the pattern of the exam for Part A was also revised as an MCQ type paper that could be answered on a computer. As such, the syllabus of Part A was also modified to some extent to accommodate these changes.

We are providing the detailed NATA 2021 Syllabus (based on the previous year exam) here. Stay tuned to this page for the latest syllabus as we will be updating it here as soon as CoA declares on the official website.

Part A (Cognitive Skills for Drawing & Visual Composition)

  • Understanding important visual principles in composition (2D/3D) such as balance, symmetry, rhythm, direction, hierarchy etc.
  • Understanding Geometry and ability to visualize the shape and solve geometrical puzzles to test spatial intelligence
  • Understanding color theory and various terminologies to test colour scheme awareness and knowledge
  • Visual system interpretation and perception to test graphical similarities and other properties.
  • Ability to understand the spatial relationship between objects, and to visualize images and scenarios.
  • Tests for cognitive ability: perception, attention, recognition, memory etc.

Part B (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)


  • Electrostatics
  • Current Electricity
  • Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
  • Moving Charges and Magnetism
  • Magnetism and Matter
  • Electromagnetic induction and Alternating Currents
  • Ray Optics
  • Wave Optics
  • Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter
  • Atoms and Nuclei
  • Electronic Devices


  • Basic concepts of Chemistry
  • Atomic structure
  • Classification of elements and periodicity in properties
  • Chemical and Molecular Bonding
  • States of Matter
  • Gases and Liquids
  • Chemical Thermodynamics
  • Equilibrium
  • Redox reactions
  • Hydrogen
  • s-block & p-block elements
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Environmental Chemistry


  • Algebra
  • Logarithms
  • Matrices
  • Trigonometry
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • 3-Dimensional Coordinate Geometry
  • Theory of Calculus
  • Application of Calculus
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Statistics and Probability

Part B (General Aptitude)

  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Sets and Relations

Click here to get the detailed syllabus of NATA 2021

Exam Pattern of NATA 2021

As stated before, there are two parts to the NATA 2021 exam viz. Part A & Part B. A computer-based test was conducted for both parts in the previous year where candidates had to answer preferential type questions (PTQ) and Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) in Part A. Part B consisted of MCQs only. Check out the main features of the exam pattern below.

  • The question paper is documented in the English language only
  • There are two parts i.e. Part A & B
  • Part A consist of PTQ and MCQ while Part B consist of PCM, General Aptitude and Logical Reasoning based questions.
  • Maximum marks are 200 (Part A + Part B)
  • There are no provisions for negative marking

Check out the part specific exam pattern for Part A & B below

Exam pattern of Part A – Drawing:

  • Total questions: 10
  • Total marks in the section: 125
  • Number of 10 marks question: 6
  • Number of 16 marks questions: 3
  • Number of 17 marks questions: 1

Exam pattern of Part B – PCM and General Aptitude:

  • Total questions: 50
  • Total marks in this section: 75
  • Number of question in PCM carrying 1.5 marks each: 15
  • Number of questions in General Aptitude and Logical Reasoning carrying 1.5 marks each: 35

Note: The above described pattern of exam was adopted by the CoA in order to conduct the Part A and B papers as fully online due to the prevailing COVID-19 situations last year. There has been no official declarations as to whether the same pattern will be followed in future NATA exams. Therefore, the exam pattern presented here is for indicative purposes. Candidates must refer to the official information brochure of NATA 2021 for the latest updates of exam pattern and syllabus as per schedule.

Check out how the NATA Exam Pattern changed from 2019 to 2020 below.

NATA Exam Pattern20202019
Number of questions6062
Total Marks200200
SectionsPart A & BPart A & B
Number of Questions
in Part A
No of Questions
in Part B
Marks per question
in Part B
Mode of ExamPart A – Online
Part B – Online
Part A – Pen & Paper
Part B – Online

Mock Tests for NATA 2021

Mock tests are crucial learning resources that every candidate must refer to, in order to score higher marks. Mock tests can help candidates understand the question paper in terms of the pattern and the nature & type of questions asked in the exam easily. This can be helpful in answering the question paper when the candidate actually appears in the exam.

In addition, mock tests can help candidates identify higher scoring and low scoring sections. Accordingly, one can adjust their study strategy and prioritize topics that need to be completed first and topics that can be left out for later. It is highly recommended that candidates solve the mock tests for NATA 2021 as an integral part of their study strategy.

Important: In the previous year NATA exam, CoA conducted online mock tests 10-12 days before the exam for those candidate who opted to take the test from their residence. Candidates appearing in test centres were also considered for the mock tests.

Suggested Books for NATA 2021

Candidates are often recommended to refer to subject specific textbooks and other supplementary learning resources to enhance the outcomes of their study strategy. There are a multitude of options available commercially that candidates can buy and refer to. Here we have suggested a few handpicked books to refer to for advanced preparation of NATA 2021.

BooksBuy Here
Study Guide for B.Arch 2020Buy here
Nata Exam Full PackageBuy here
NATA Preparation Book : The Road to Becoming An Architect Begins HereBuy here
NATA/B.ARCH. Architecture Entrance Question BankBuy here
NATA Mock Test Series 2020-21Buy here
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NATA 2021

Preparation Tips for NATA 2021

Candidates appearing for NATA must have a very good understanding of drawing perceptions and their reproduction as sketches. In addition, practising drawing techniques will be an added advantage to save time during the actual exam. Here are some useful preparation tips to take your NATA preparations one step higher.

  • Break up the syllabus into a full schedule study time table. Allocate day-wise study slots for all the topics. There are around 20-22 sub-topics in the drawing part. Ensure that all are covered in due time.
  • Refer to NATA previous year question papers. Part A consist of drawing-based questions. Practice the drawings from previous year papers.
  • Solve mock tests to improve time management. Candidates have to complete the papers of NATA within the scheduled time.
  • Learn fundamental concepts and terminologies of Architectural drawing. Otherwise, you may face difficulties in understanding questions.
  • Refer to NCERT Notes for Class 11 and 12 for the PCM part. Science-based questions are of the level of 10+2 standard in the NATA papers.
  • Architectural concept based General Aptitude questions carries a significant proportion of marks. Practice these to secure a higher number of good attempts.

Previous Year Question Papers for NATA 2021 Preparations

NATA previous year question papers are great learning sources for preparations of the exam. Particularly for Part A paper which is based on Drawing & Visual Imagination, referring to previous year papers of NATA can help develop an idea of the types of questions asked.

Know how to use NATA previous year question papers. Follow the tips given below.

  • Candidates can refer to the previous year question papers for the Drawing section in particular.
  • General Aptitude based questions that are commonly repeated can be checked from previous year papers of NATA
  • Use the previous year papers of NATA as mock tests. Set a timer according to the paper duration and solve the paper before the time runs out.

Click here for NATA Previous Year Question Papers

How To Prepare for Drawing Questions Asked in NATA 2021?

Part A of the NATA 2021 exam is based on Drawing and Visual Skills. Incidentally, this part carries the maximum marks (i.e. 125) and is naturally the most important part of the exam. There are approximately 20 to 22 sub-topics covering the syllabus of the drawing paper of NATA. As such, we are providing here some very useful hacks to prepare for the drawing paper of NATA 2021.

  • The first and foremost thing to do is understand basic concepts and learn terminologies by heart. A key to answer drawing questions accurately is understanding the question first. Without knowledge of basic terminology or architectural drawing, it is impossible to solve these questions.
  • Identify the important areas from which drawing questions are asked. Refer to the syllabus or Part A, it is evident that topics like colour theory, balance, rhythm, are extremely important.
  • Make a day-wise study time table with each topic of drawing section being covered timely.
  • Practice drawing questions from the internet, previous year question papers, sample papers and any other sources that one can get their hands upon.
  • Learn 1-4 drawing perspectives and how to draw them.
  • Engage in sketching and drawing practice. Experiment with colour and work on textures and patterns.
  • After understanding the basic and advanced concept of light and shadow, engage in drawing objectives using such concepts. Keep objects in front and draw them from different perspectives.
  • Learn to use primary colours and secondary colours.
  • Practice previous year question papers of NATA 2021 for the Drawing section in Part A. This will help to develop a very good idea of the types of questions asked and their difficulty level.

NATA 2021 Admit Card

In the previous year’s NATA exam, the admit cards to appear in the Computer Based Test was released online at the official website i.e. Candidates were directed to download the admit card from the website and produce the printed copy to the authorities at the examination centre to be allowed to appear in the exam. This method of dispatching the NATA Admit Card has been followed by the NATA for quite a long time now. It is expected that the NATA 2021 Admit Card will be issued in the same manner as per schedule.

The following important points must be considered in regards to the NATA 2021 Admit card.

  • The admit card contains the allotted exam centre, examination Roll Number and other candidature and exam details.
  • A downloadable version of the NATA Admit Card 2021 will be published on the official website Candidates must download the admit card as per schedule.
  • A printed copy of the admit card, along with a valid photo identity proof must be produced at the exam centre on the day of the exam.
  • It is the duty of the candidate to ensure that the photograph and signature on the admit card is not mutilated. Such applicants who produce admit cards with mutilated/distorted/soiled admit cards may not be allowed to sit for the exam.
  • Candidates are directed to preserve the admit cards until the entire admission process is over.

NATA 2021 Answer Keys

The CoA publishes the model answers to the PTQ (Part A) and MCQ (Part B) questions. In addition, candidate response sheets of each candidate are also uploaded to the official website before the publication of the results. Part-wise marks secured will also be made available. These trends have been followed by the CoA in the previous iteration of the exam and are likely to be followed for NATA 2021 too.

Note: The CoA does not provide any facility for post publication scrutiny/review request after the publication of the results.

NATA 2021 Results

CoA releases the results of the NATA exam at the official website as per schedule after the exam. Candidates who appear in the exam can check the same by visiting the website It indicates the following status of the candidate as per performance in the Computer Based Test of NATA 2021.

  • Marks obtained in each Part of the exam
  • Total marks obtained out of 200
  • Pass/Fail status

Minimum qualifying marks for NATA 2021

As per the previous year NATA exam, the following qualifying marks are specified by the CoA to pass the exam.

  • Candidates must secure at least 35% marks in Part A
  • Candidates must secure at least 18 marks out of 75 marks in the Part B
  • Overall qualifying marks will be announced based on the post-exam statistics and as per the discretion of the CoA.
  • It is important that all applicants satisfy the above three conditions in order to pass the NATA 2021 exam.

About NATA

The Council of Architecture (COA) conducts the National Aptitude Test in Architecture twice a year for determining the eligibility of applicants to get admission in 5 years full time B.Arch course. The examination is conducted nationwide and although it is not mandatory to appear in both sessions, candidates can do so to improve their score. In addition to the NATA, there is only one another entrance exam, whose score is considered for admission to equivalent undergraduate courses in Architecture i.e. the Paper 2 of the JEE Main exam.


Q1. How can I prepare for NATA 2021?
Ans. Solve previous year papers and do extensive drawing practice to crack the NATA 2021 exam. Refer to more preparation tips in this article.

Q2. Is there any age limit for NATA 2021?
Ans. Till the last year, the COA did not specify any age limit for appearing in NATA exam.

Q3. How many times NATA is conducted in a year?
Ans. NATA is conducted twice a year. The phase 1 exams of NATA 2021 are expected to be held in April 2021.

Q4. How much is a good score for NATA?
Ans. A score of 130 to 160 can be considered as an average to good score for NATA.

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