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NATA 2021 Answer Key – The unofficial answer keys for NATA 2021 3rd attempt have been released. The candidates can check the memory-based questions from below. Council of Architecture (CoA) will soon release NATA answer key for 3rd test. It will be released online, at Candidates need email id and password to download it. The answer key of NATA 2021 shall be uploaded for that shift, in which the student appeared for the exam. It is expected that for 3rd test, the answer key will be released 2-3 days after the exam. Candidates can use the answer key and question paper of NATA together to calculate the scores. For each correct answer, add 01 marks / 02 marks / 03 marks. Memroy based answer key of NATA is given below. Check more details about NATA 2021 answer key from this page.

NATA 2021 Answer Key

Latest – CoA has conducted the NATA 3rd test on September 03, 2021. The memory-based answer keys are now available. Check the answer keys from the direct links given below.

Youtube ChannelDirect Link
Creative Edge Check here
Ignite ThrissurCheck here

NATA 2021 Answer Key Time

The answer key of NATA will release at the time mentioned below:

NATA 2nd Test ShiftExam TimeAnswer Key Time
Session 110:00 am to 1:00 pmAfter 1:00 pm
Session 22:00 pm – 5:00 pmAfter 5:00 pm

NATA 2021 Answer Key Date

NATA 2021 result will be announced by 15 Jul, for the 2nd test. The result will be compiled on the basis of the official answer key only. Check all the important dates for NATA 2021 answer key from below.

NATA 2021 answer key1st Test Dates2nd Test Dates3rd Test Dates
NATA exam date10 Apr 202111 July 202103 Sep 2021
Availability of NATA 2021 questions with answers (unofficial answer key)On exam day, after examOn exam day, after examOn exam day, after exam
Availability of NATA 2021 answer key by COA15 Apr 202114 July 20215-6 days after exam

Download Answer Key Here: Click Here to login and download the official answer key of NATA 2021

Forgot Password: Click here to retrieve login password.

How to Download NATA 2021 Answer Key from Login?

Step 1: First of all, click on the direct link of NATA 2021 answer key given above on this page.

Step 2: Next, login with email id and password.

Step 3: Then, click on the link “View Answer Key”, and then the link “View Answer Key (10th April 2021). You will see the question paper and answer key on screen.

Step 4: Lastly, download the response sheet, cross-check the answers and calculate the scores.

How to Calculate Score Using NATA 2021 Answer Key?

To calculate scores using NATA 2021 answer key, the candidates have to follow the steps given below.

1st step: Firstly, download the answer key of NATA 2021 as given above on this page.

2nd step: Next, open the response sheet with the answer key.

3rd step: Now, start comparing the answers with the answers in the response sheet with the answers indicated in NATA answer key.

4th step: Next, follow the marking scheme given below to calculate the scores.

No. of questionsMarks for each questionsTotal marks
  • Maximum marks of the test are 200

Cut-Off Scores for NATA 2021 

After calculating the score, check if you are scoring more then the cut off marks or not. There are two cut-off scores that are needed by the candidates to take admission into B.Arch course. The first is minimum marks needed to qualify NATA 2021 and then, college-wise cut-off. 

  • Qualifying Marks for NATA 2021 – 70 out of 200

Structure of NATA 2021 Answer Key 

NATA 2021 answer key specifies all the questions and correct answers. Check how NATA 2021 answer key appears. 

Sample of NATA 2021 answer key is as follows:

  • The answer key specifies all the questions. 
  • NATA 2021 answer key displays alternatives. 
  • It also shows the correct answers. 

MCQ: For MCQ, there are 4 alternatives specified. 

MSQ: These type of questions have 8 to 10 answer choices. 4 or 5 choices are considered to be correct. 

PAQ: Here, each answer will be awarded with marks. 

NAQ: In these type of questions, no answer choices are given. The candidates have to provide a simple numerical answer. It could also be a fill in the blank question. 

Click here to access the NATA 2021 Login.

Challenging NATA 2021 Answer Key

If the candidates are not satisfied related to the answer mentioned in the NATA 2021 answer key, they can challenge the answer key. Check the steps given below to challenge NATA 2021 answer key.

Note that the steps given below were applicable in previous NATA exams. The steps for challenging NATA 2021 answer key have not been published officially. Therefore please contact NATA helpdesk to know how to challenge answer keys.

Past year exams challenging steps were as follows.

Step 1: Firstly, download the answer key of NATA 2021.

Step 2: Next, click on the option to ‘click here for question representation’.

Step 3: Then, enter the details like roll number, questions number in which there is error, grievenace, remark explaining the challenge, reference for justifying the challenge.

Step 4: After entering all the details, click on the ‘submit’ button.

NATA 2021 Response Sheet

NATA response sheet is released along with the answer key. The response sheet displays the answers marked by the candidates at the time of the examination.

To download NATA 2021 response sheet, the candidates are required to enter the registration number and password. The candidates can use the answer key and response sheet to cross-check the answers and calculate the marks.

Review of NATA 2021 Answer Sheet

The candidates can get a review of NATA 2021 answer paper by paying Rs 3000 for a single test. To apply for the review of the answer paper, the candidates are required to fill an online form and make online payment within 3 days of the result declaration. No further requests shall be entertained.

Unofficial NATA 2021 Answer Key 

Few hours after the exam or the next day, various institutes and coaching centres release NATA 2021 answer key. The candidates can check their answers from these answer keys and calculate the scores. These are memory-based answer keys that are prepared according to the student’s analysis of the exam. 

NATA 2021 Official Answer Key by CoA – Released for 1st Test!

The Council of Architecture has released the official answer key of NATA 2021 1st test on April 15, 2021, exactly 5 days after the exam.

All candidates who have appeared in the exam can now login to check their answer keys. Since it was a computer based test, therefore the answer key has been provided in the form of questions, with options, and correct answers.

The official answer key of NATA 2021 has been released by CoA on April 15, 2021. Check from link below.

Download NATA 2021 Question Paper with Answer Key PDF for 1st Test

NATA 2021 Memory Based Answer Key for 2nd Attempt

Check the memory-based questions for NATA 2021 2nd attempt.

Q. The sum of ages of 5 children born in intervals of 3 years in 50. Find age of youngest.

A. The age of the youngest child is 4 years.

Q. Can you open this lock?

A. 042

Q. A boat is going downstream at 15 km/hr. If it goes 30 km and comes back in 4 hrs 30 mins then calculate the speed of the stream.

A. The answer is 5 km/hr

Q. 50 km/hr = ___ m/s

A. 13.8889

Q. A man 1.68 m tall casts a shadow of 180 cm. He is standing next to a pole that has a shadow of 420 cm. Find height of pole.

A. 192.

Q. A political party got 84% votes and won by a majority of 476 votes. How many votes were taken in total?

A. 700.

Q. What 4 letter word can be written forward, backward or upside down, and can still be read from left to right?

A. Noon.

Q. Circle made a wore has a given radius. Find area of square made out of the same length of wire.

Q. What type of hat is this?

A. European Hat

Q. Which of the following places is famous for ‘Chikankari’ work which is a traditional art of embroidery?

A. Lucknow

Q. Identify the most infertile soil

A. Laterite soil

Q. The absorption of ink by blotting paper involves

A. Capillary action

Q. In the year 2020, who won the international children’s peace prize?

A. Sadat Rahman

Q. What four-letter word can be written forward, backwards or upside down and can still be read from right to left?

A. Noon

Q. How many hands does the clock of London’s big ben have?

A. Big Ben has 4 clock faces and on each of those faces, there are 2 hands. So, in total, Big Ben has 8 hands.

Q. Light year is a unit of:

A. Distance

Q. Chief Justice of Supreme Court is appointed by the:

A. President

Q. The sum of ages of 5 children born at the intervals of 3 years in 50 years. What is the age of the youngest child?

A. 4 years

NATA 2021 2nd Test Shift 1 Paper Analysis

  • Overall difficulty level of the exam was easy to moderate. It was not too tough.
  • There were 5 passages in English.
  • Match the following type questions were also asked in the exam.
  • This time, questions were also asked from Mathematical reasoning.
  • As always, there were also 30 second flash questions. In these, an images appeared on the screen for 30 second and then 2 questions each were asked from the image. In all, a total of 5 flash questions were asked.
  • In Section 1, majority questions were on based on General Knowledge.
  • The first section had 115 questions and the second section had 10 questions each of 3 marks. All these 10 questions in Section 2 were image based which were shown for only 30 seconds.
  • Section 1 was a bit difficult whereas, Section 2 was moderate.
  • There were question on Gandhi memorial in Gujarat.
  • There were 2 elevation based questions.
  • There was a question related to Guggenheim Museum New York.
  • There were plan based questions related to Fathepur Sikri and Ellora Caves, 4 important structures in Kailasanath temple at Ellora caves.

Match the following questions

  • There were question for matching language and scripts. Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarat, Hindi, Kannada. Few letters were there
  • Match type of buildings / architectural types with state
  • Match the following type of art styles with examples
  • had to identify which type of painting was it – Pastel, oil or digital

Arithmetic Aptitude / Reasoning

  • The questions were relatively easy / moderate
  • This section was better than NATA 1
  • There were questions related to area
  • The questions did not involve too much questions


  • Identification of painting was considered to be a tough question by the students


  • There were no option for observation-based questions
  • In Section B – Most were NATs


  • There was only one riddle


  • 2-3 questions were related to UN logos

NATA 2021 Memory Based Answer Key (1st Test)

Below we have given the type of questions that were asked in NATA 1st test. Check NATA 2021 memory based questions and answers below:

Q: Riddle-based Question – Turn me on my side and I am everything. Cut me in half and I am nothing. Who am I?
Ans: Number 8

Q: Which is the tallest building in the world?
Ans: The Burj Khalifa

Q: Memory-Based Image Question (random images given) – Which of the following images show unity?

Q: What is the specialty of March 22?

Q: Some Paintings are given, and the question is which among the following Raja Ravi Verma’s Painting is?

Q: Market, Pond – Which Image has more space?

Q: Image Observation Type Question – Number of Times a Particular Colured Stripe Appeared.

Q: Image Observation Type Question – Number of Times a Particular Shape Appeared?

Q: Memory-Based Image Question (Park) – Count the Number of Leaves, Number of Old People, Number of Benches.

Q: Which is the recently announced World Heritage Site?

Q: Memory-Based Image Question – Count the number of Squares in the given picture.

Q: If the length and breadth of a triangle is increased by 10% . Find out the percentage change in area

Q: When does the Monsoon occur in Southern Hemisphere?

Q: Image-Based Question – Two Images were given and you will need to spot the difference.

NATA 2021 Analysis for the 1st Test

First hand analysis of NATA 2021 as per the aspirants:

  • The Paper was easy and interesting.
  • As per the student reviews, the NATA 2021 exam was divided into two sections- A and B.
  • Total questions were 125.
  • 35 questions were from principles and elements of drawing.
  • 30 questions were asked from English reading comprehension.
  • There were not many questions from maths. Questions were mostly related to geometry and area.
  • GK was interesting and good.
  • 10 questions were from riddles and puzzles. Numerical answer types questions were riddle type.
  • There were questions to check and find differences between the two images.

Section A had questions from aptitude, general knowledge, decision making, etc. Students found Section A as easy to moderate in difficulty level. This section has 115 questions.

Section B had 10 questions of 3 marks each. In this section, there was one question that had an image that appeared on the screen of the candidates. It stayed for 30 secs and disappeared. Candidates have to answer 2 questions following that.

NATA Answer Key Archives

In the past, these type of questions have been asked in NATA exam.

Ques. Who is the architect of MP Vidhan Sabha?

Ans. Charles Correa.

Ques. Where is Arc De Triumph?

Ans. Paris, France.

Ques. Where is Buckingham palace?

An. London, England.

Ques. The phenomenon of visual fatigue is called?

Ans. Asthenopia.

Ques. When bright colors are close to each other, their colors may change. What is it called?

Ans. Bezold

Ques. Which one is not an architect of Husain, hafeez contractor?

Ques. Find the mirror image, find perspective like questions.

Ques. 3 questions from counting the number of squares and triangles


  • Dry cleaning chemical used?
  • In Chemistry – dipole of BeF2
  • Chemicals used to wash cloths?


  • Resistance in terms of length of wire.
  • One question based on potentiometer.


  • Probability questions related to intersection, independent event.
  • One application of integration question.
  • One question from Matrix, 3-D, Logarithm, Sets relation & Function.

About NATA 2021

National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) is conducted by CoA as a computer-based test for admission into 5 year B.Arch course. The test measures the candidate’s aptitude of the candidates through assessment of cognitive skills, visual perception and aesthetic sensitivity tests, logical and critical thinking ability etc. The scores of B.Arch is accepted by various institutes across the country that offer B.Arch course.

Exam Pattern of NATA 2021 

NATA is a computer-based test. Check the other details given below. 

  • Duration: The candidates are given 3 hours to complete the test
  • Type of questions: The test comprises multiple-choice questions, multiple answer select questions, preferential answer type questions, and numerical answer type questions. 

Marking scheme: The questions are of 01, 02, and 03 marks.

FAQs for NATA 2021 Answer Key

Ques. From where I can download NATA 2021 answer key?

Ans. You can download NATA 2021 answer key from

Ques. What is a NATA 2021 response sheet?

Ans. NATA 2021 response sheet is basically the recorded responses of what the candidates have marked during the examination.

Ques. How can I download NATA 2021 response sheet?

Ans. You can download NATA 2021 response sheet by entering the registration number / hall ticket number and password.

Ques. How can I get NATA 2021 question paper?

Ans. The question paper of NATA is released along with its answer key. So, you can download it from the official website of NATA only.

Ques. When will authorities release NATA 2021 answer key for Paper 2?

Ans. NATA 2021 answer key for test 2 is expected to be released in 2-3 days after the exam.

Ques. Where can I find NATA 2021 answer key?

Ans. NATA 2021 answer key can be downloaded from 

Ques. How to download NATA 2021 answer key?

Ans. To download NATA answer key, follow these steps below:

Step 1 – Go to
Step 2 – Click on the answer key link.
Step 3 – Access the login by entering email id and password.
Step 4 – Download the answer key from the dashboard.

Ques. How can I calculate the scores using NATA 2021 answer key?

Ans. To calculate the scores using the answer key, add 01, 02, 03 marks as per the question. 

Ques. Is there any negative marking in NATA 2021?

Ans. There is no negative marking in NATA 2021 for the wrong answers.

Ques. Is 90 a good score in NATA 2021?

Ans. 90 is considered to be an average score of NATA 2021. 120-150 out of 200 is considered to be a very good score.

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