MBA CET 2021 Answer Key (Available) – Download PDF Here

MBA CET 2021 Answer Key – From this page, the candidates can check the answer key for MBA CET 2021 answer key for September 16, 17 & 18, 2021. The exam is being held in 2 shifts. The questions and answers given here are memory-based and are prepared by the coaching institutes on the basis of the student’s input about the exam. By using the answer key, the candidates can calculate the scores. To calculate the scores, add 01 marks for each correct answer. There is no negative marking for the wrong answers in the test. Check more details about MBA CET 2021 answer key from this page.

Latest: Candidates can download the memory-based answer key pdf for MBA CET 2021 from below.

MBA CET 2021 Answer Key

Candidates can download the question paper and answer key pdf for MBA CET 2021 for all days from the table below.

Exam DateAnswer Key Pdf
16 Sep 2021Download Here
17 Sep 2021Download Here
18 Sep 2021Download Here (after 5:00 pm)

MBA CET 2021 17 Sep 2021 – Memory Based Questions

Check the memory-based questions of MBA CET 2021 for 17 September from below.

Ques. What will be the last day of 2099 year?

Ques. If 5/9 of a number is 25% of a 2nd number and the 2nd number is 1/4th of the 3rd number. If 3rd number is 2960, then what is the 30% of the 1st number?

MBA CET 2021 17 Sep 2021 Analysis (Shift 1)

The 1st shift of MBA CET 2021 for September 17, 2021, is now over. Check the analysis of the exam given below.

  • There were some DI sets in today’s 1st slot.
  • There were some questions on Data Sufficiency as well.
  • Also, according to the students, there were some questions on calculus as well.
  • There were questions on correct spellings.
  • Some students told that were 5 puzzles in the test having single question each. There were also 2 sets of puzzle with 7 questions each.
  • There were less questions on Abstract Reasoning.
  • In Logical Reasoning section, the questions were asked from Blood Relations, Clocks & Calendars.
  • There were very few to no grammar questions in the test.
  • There were 2 questions from Integration.
  • In Critical Reasoning, there were 15 questions.
  • There were some Decision Making questions.
  • Overall the paper was lengthy.

An Overview of MBA CET 2021 – 17 Sep

  • In a nutshell, in terms of difficulty level, the Logical Reasoning section was moderate-difficult.
  • The abstract reasoning was easy-medium level according to the students.
  • Quantitative Aptitude was moderate-difficult side.
  • The overall difficulty level of VARC section was Moderate.

Check the topic-wise number of questions from below.

TopicsNo. of questions
Logical Reasoning70-75
Abstract Reasoning8-10
Quantitative Aptitude55-60
Verbal Ability / Reading Comprehension50-55

MBA CET 2021 Memory-Based Questions and Answers (For 16 Sep)

Check the memory-based questions and answers for 16 Sep from below.

Ques. a+b = 9 and ab=19.25 are given. We have to find the value of a+b.

Ques. Identify the type of triangle: (1,1) (5,5) (3,7)

Ques. 3, 8,15, ___ 35, 48
Ans. 24

Ques. A & B completed the work in 14 days and B & C completed the work in 8 days and A & C completed in 7 days. C will complete the work in how many days?
Ans. 11 units per day

Ques. Sum of money becomes 1900 in 2 years and 1950 in 3 years at the rate of compound interest. Find the rate of interest.
Ans. Rate of Interest = 50 / 1200 divided by 100

Ques. At what time between 3 and 4′ o clock the hand of the clock will be in the opposite direction?

Ques. 4, 7, 12 _____, 39
Ans. 28

Ques. a+b = 9 and ab=19.25. Find the value of a-b
Ans. 2

Ques. Hylophobia is related to the fear of?

Ques. Two spheres are such that the radius of one sphere is twice the radius of the other sphere. If 10 ml of painting required to paint the smaller sphere, then how much paint is required to paint the larger sphere?
Ans. 40 ml

Ques. 18 people can do work in 24 days, then in how many days 72 people will complete this work.
Ans. 6

Analysis of 16 Sep

  • The level of questions was easy, as per the students.
  • There was one question on Arithmetic Operators.
  • VARC section was based heavily on vocabulary.
  • There were lot of questions from Logarithms and Indices.
  • There was no DI.
  • There were 3-4 questions from Blood relations.
  • There was no inequalities.
  • There was no bifurcation of sections in the question paper.
  • Abstract Reasoning questions were easy.
  • Logical Reasoning section was moderate.
  • There were around 15 questions on Vocabulary.
  • There were 3-4 passages in the exam.
  • There were 2-3 sentence correction questions.
  • No input-ouput questions were asked.
  • There were 3-4 Geometry questions in Quantitative Aptitude section.

How to Calculate MBA CET 2021 Answer Key?

To get an estimate about the scores, follow the steps given below to calculate the probable score of MBA CET 2021.

1st step: First of all, check the answers and questions given above.

2nd step: Now, open the question paper and start cross-checking the answers.

3rd step: Then, use the marking scheme given below to calculate the scores.

  • Add 01 marks for each correct answer.
  • There is no negative marking in the test for the wrong answers.

MAH MBA CET 2021 Question Paper

Many coaching institutes release MBA CET memory-based question paper after the exam is over. The question paper specifies the exact questions asked in the exam. The candidates use the question paper and answer key together and can get an estimate about the scores.

MBA CET 2021 Exam Pattern

MAH MBA CET is a computer-based test. It is held for admission into full-time MBA course in the colleges / university / institutes of Maharashtra. Check the detailed exam pattern from below.

  • The test comprises multiple-choice questions.
  • The medium of question paper is English.
  • The total marks of the test is 200.
  • The questions in the test are asked from Logical Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability / Reading Comprehension.

Distribution of questions and marks

TopicsNo. of questionsMaximum marks
Logical Reasoning7575
Abstract Reasoning2525
Quantitative Aptitude5050
Verbal Ability / Reading Comprehension5050

MBA CET 2021 Result

The candidates can check MBA CET 2021 result from The candidates who qualify the test have to then take part in the counselling. The result is announced in the pdf format. In the pdf, the following details are mentioned:

  • Registration number
  • Roll number
  • Candidate’s name
  • CET score out of 200
  • CET percentile

FAQs on MBA CET 2021 Answer Key

Ques. From where can I download MBA CET 2021 answer key for 16 Sep?

Ans. You can download the answer key for 16 Sep from this page.

Ques. Is there any negative marking in the test?

Ans. No, there is no negative marking for the wrong answers in the test.

Ques. How can I calculate the marks using the answer key?

Ans. To calculate the marks, add 01 marks for each correct answer. No marks will be deducted for the wrong answers.

Ques. Who prepares the memory-based answer key for MBA CET 2021?

Ans. The memory-based answer key is prepared by the coaching institutes.

Ques. Is MBA CET cancelled for 2021?

Ans. No, the exam is not cancelled for the year 2021. It is being held from September 16-18, 2021.

Ques. How can I get 99 percentile in MBA CET 2021?

Ans. In order to get 99 percentile, focus on the last-minute revision tips. Give mock tests before the exam and solve the previous year question papers. Then, quickly revise those topics that need more understanding. MBA CET is all about accuracy with speed. So, while solving mocks, make sure while solving the questions, the speed is maintained. This will help in completing the exam on time.

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