JEE Main 25 Feb 2021 Question Paper with Answer Key (OUT) – Download PDF

JEE Main 25 Feb 2021 Question Paper with Answer Key – Get here JEE Main question paper and answer key for 25 Feb shift 1 and 2. The answer key for 1st and 2nd shift is now available. The question paper and answer key are being released y coaching institutes like Allen, Resonance, Reliance Kota, etc. These are memory-based solutions and candidates will be able to download the official solution key for JEE Main 2021 a few days after the exam. Check more details on JEE Main 25 Feb 2021 Question Paper with Answer Key from this page.

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JEE Main 25 Feb 2021 Question Paper with Answer Key

From the table below, JEE aspirants can download the answer key and solution for the 25 Feb Shift 1 & 2 exam.

DateShift 1Shift 2
JEE Main 25 Feb 2021 Question Paper with Answer Key by ResonancePhysics –   Download Here
Chemistry –  Download Here
Mathematics –  Download Here
Physics –  Download Here
Chemistry – Download Here
Mathematics – Download Here
JEE Main 25 Feb 2021 Question Paper with Answer Key by Reliable KotaPhysics – 
Download Here
Chemistry –  Download Here
Mathematics –  Download Here
Physics –  Download Here
Chemistry –  Download Here
Mathematics –  Download Here

JEE Main 25 Feb 2021 Shift 2 Question Paper with Answer Key – Paper 1 (BE / B.Tech)

Ques. What will be the product form ethylene glycol with oxalic acid?

Ques. Which molecule does not has same bond length?
Ans. SF4

Ques. Statement 1: Rotational motion of diamolecular follows Maxwell distribution
Statement 2: There are equal components of rotational and translational of diamolecular molecules

Ques. Which of the following is used in light emitting diode?

Ques. Purification method of Indium is ______
Ans. Zone-refining

Ques. Which is the flux passing the shaded region?
Ans. 9/24ε0

Ques. Structure of a-Maltose

Ques. Which of the following is Psuedo Alum?
Ans. MnSO4.Al2(SO4)3.24H20

Ques. What is the composition of German Silver?
Ans. 50% Cu, 19%Zn, 30%Ni

Ques. 1kg of water at 0 degrees Celsius is heated to 100 degrees Celsius. Calculate the charge in entropy.
Ans. 1.31 x 103 J/K



Ques. 0<x, y<π, cos x + cos y – cos (x+y) = 3/2, find sin x+cos y
Ans. 3+1/2

Ques. Which of the following statements are true?
Statement 1: The PH of rain water is approx 5.6.
Statement 2: If the PH of water is less than 5.6, then it is called acid rain.
Ans. Both the statements are correct.

Ques. What is the stricture of maltose?

Ques. Solubility product of Ca(OH)2 is 5.5 X 10-6 . Calculate the solubility.

Ques. The correct order of band disassociation of halogen:
Ans. Cl2>Br2>F2>I2

Ques. Which of the following is pseudo anion?
Ans. MnSO4Al2(SO4)3.24H2O


Ans. N-ethyl-N-methyl formamide

Ques. An element having z=29, then calculate the magnetic moment in aqueous medium.
Ans. 1.73 BM

Ques. How many can be used as photo electrode – Li, Na, Rb, Cs?
Ans. 3

Ques. For a reaction value of rate constant becomes 5 times when the temperature is increased from 27oc to 52oc. Find the activation energy?
Ans. 52 KJ

Ques. A unit cell of a copper lattice of edge length 3.596 Ao of face-centered lattice. Find the density of the unit cell in kg/m3.
Ans. 9

Ques. Which of the following is false about the hydrophilic cells?

  1. These cannot be coagulated easily
  2. These are reversible in nature
  3. They have viscosity like water
  4. They need electrolyte for stability.

Ans. 1

Ques. Which compound is added for the detection of halogen before adding AgNO3 ?
Ans. HNO3

Ques. When x is divided by 4 leaves a reminder of 3 then (2022+x)2022 is divided by 8, the reminder is?
Ans. 1


Ques. Contrapositive of “If you want money then you have to do work.”
Ans. If you are not working then you will not get money.

Ques. There is a group of 400 people of which 160 are smokers and non vegetarians, 100 are smokers and vegetarians, and rest 140 are non smokers vegetarians. It was found that in a survey of chest disorder, there are 35%, 20% ad 10% respectively. A random guy is chosen and is found that he has chest disorder. Find the probability that he is a smoker and non vegetarian.
Ans. 28/45


Ans. 2

Ques. The sum of the length of the perpendicular drawn from focii to any real tangent to the hyperbola x2/16-y2/9 is always greater hence find the value of a.
Ans. 6

Ques. If x2+2y2=1 and x+y=1 intersect and the line joining them subtends an angle at the origin, then find the angle.
Ans. tan-12


Ques. If z2+αz+β has one root 1-2i, then find the value of α-β, (α, β ∈ R)
Ans. -7


Ans. 39/2

Ques. If the equation of ellipse x2/25+y2/16=1 then find the equation of hyperbola such that product of the eccentircities of both curves equal to 1 and the axes of ellipse are coinciding with hyperbola and also the hyperbola passes through the focii of ellipse.



Ques. Find the ratio of de-broglie wavelength of electron as proton, if they have same velocity. Mp=1836 me.
Ans. 1836:1



Ques: 2 masses are in the ratio 4:16 and linear momentum in ration n:2, find the value of nm if they have the same kinetic energy.
Ans. n=1



Ques. A stone is dropped from the top of the tower. When it crosses a point 5 m below the top, another stone is let fall from a point 25 m below the top. Both stones reach the bottom of the tower simultaneously. Find the height if the tower. Take g=10 m/s2
Ans. 45

JEE Main 25 Feb 2021 Shift 1 Question Paper with Answer Key – Paper 1 (BE / B.Tech)

Ques. If the time period a two meter long simple pendulum is 2s. The acceleration due to gravity at the place where pendulum is executing SHM is ____
Ans. 20

Ques. Let α be the angle between the lines whose direction cosines to satisfy the equation ℓ + m – n = 0 and ℓ2 + m2 – n2 = 0. The value of sin4α + cos4α is


Ans. 13


Ques. Integral value of k for which x2 -2(3k-1) +8k2 -7 > 0
Ans. 3

Ques. The number of points where f(x) = |2x+1| -3 |x+2| + |x2 + x -2|, n∊R is not differntiable is
Ans. 3

Ques. Curve passing through (0,0) and slope of tangent to it any point (x,y) is x2 – 4x + y +8/ x-2, then this curve also passes through
Ans. (5,5)

Ques. For any two statement p and q ~ (p v q) v (~p ^ q) is logically to
Ans. ~p


Ans. Correct option is [A]


Ans. 1

Ques. Out of 30 observations, 10 observations are (1/2, -d) and 10 observations are d and remaining 10 are (1/2 + d). If the variance of 30 observation is 4/3, then d is

Ques. A man watches a boat travelling towards him while standing on a top. Its deviation is 30 degree. After 20 sec deviation changes to 45 degree. Then how much time it takes to reach bottom of the tower?
Ans. 20√3/√3-1

Ques. If straight line x+2y = 1 cuts axis at A and B and circle passes through points A, B and origin. Then the sum of height the perpendicular drawn from A and B on tangent at origin of the given circle is
Ans. √5/2

Ques. Locus of center of a circle which touches x2 + y2 – 6x – 6y + 14 + 0 externally and also touches y-axis.
Ans. y2 – 6y – 10x + 14 = 0

Ques. Find the total number lying between 100 and 1000 formed using 1,2, 3, 4, 5 and divisible by either 3 or 5.
Ans. 415

Ques. Graph of log K and 1/T was given for which slope = -10000K if T is 500 Kelvin and rate constant is 10-5 at which temperature value of rate constant will be 10-4
Ans. 565 Kelvin

Ques. Probability density curve of 3s orbital



Ques. Statement 1: CeO2 is used for oxidation of aldehyde and ketone.
Statement 2: Aqueous solution of EuSO4 acts as a strong reducing
Ans. Both statements are true

Ques. x/m ∝ kpx find the value of x
Ans. x = 1/n

Ques. Ksp of AgCN is 1.2 x 10-16 find the solubility of AgCN.
Ans. √ksp

Ques. Glycosidic linkage on lactose at which no. of C-atom
Ans. Galactose C1-C4 Glucose



Ans. Correct Option is [D]

Ques. Which of the following is responsible for male secondary sexual characters?
Ans. Testoterone

Ques. Which molecule does not exist?
Ans. Be2


Ans. 7

Ques. Which of the following does not hydrolysis?
Ans. SF6

Ques. Ellingham diagram is used for
Ans. Reduction



Ques. Which of the following is the correct option for B2H6.
Ans. BH3 is lewis acid, Terminal H has less p character than bridge.


Ans. 1


Ans. 4


Ans. 0.43


Ans. Correct option is [C]


Ques. Which of the linkage is glucose and galactose present in lactose?
Ans. Glycosidic linkage

Ques. Circular coil of wire consisting of 100 turns each of radius 8.0 cm carries a current of 0.40A. What is the magnitude of B at the center of the coil?
Ans. 32

Ques. What is focal length of convex lens when image size is same when object placed at 10 cm or 20 cm?

Ques. For a polytropic process whose equation is given by pvn = constant, x is not equal to 0, 1 or ⋎. Which is true?

Ques. A charged solid conductor having a cavity in the figure. What is the charge induced on the outer surface?
Ans. +q

Ques. Monomer of Buna S –
Ans. 1,3 – Butadiene & Syrene


If you have appeared for JEE Main 25 Feb 2021 (shift 1 or 2) and if you remember any question that was asked today then submit it below. We will provide you answers / solutions for it.

How to Calculate Scores Using JEE Main 25 Feb 2021 Question Paper with Answer Key?

Follow the steps given below to calculate the scores using JEE Main 25 Feb 2021 question paper with answer key.

1st step: Download the question paper and answer of respective shift.

2nd step: Then, open the question paper and answer key together.

3rd step: Now, write down the number of correct answers and incorrect answers.

4th step: Then, use the marking scheme given below to calculate the score.

JEE Main 2021 Marking Scheme

Type of questionsMarks for correct answerMarks for incorrect answersMarks for un-attempted questions / marked for review
Multiple – Choice Questions04010
Numerical Value Type questions04No negative marking0

The scores derived after following the above marking scheme will be JEE Main 2021 probable scores.

JEE Main 25 Feb 2021 Answer Key

Three types of JEE Main answer keys are released after the exam is over; unofficial and official. Check the details about the answer keys given below.

JEE Main Unofficial Answer Key: This answer key is commonly known as Memory-Based answer key. This answer key is released by numerous coaching institutes and subject experts. The unofficial answer key are released in the PDF format, Videos, Images. A unique feature about this answer key is that it is released few hours after the exam conclusion.

JEE Main Official Answer Key: National Testing Agency (NTA) publishes JEE Main answer key. Hence, it is termed as Official answer key. The official answer key is released once the exam of all dates are over. It is released at the candidate’s login.

JEE Main Final Answer Key: The subject experts examine all the challenges submitted against the provisional JEE Main answer key and then publish the final answer key. No further challenges are accepted against the final answer key. JEE Main final answer key is then used to compile the result.

How to Download Official JEE Main 2021 Answer Key?

Check the steps given below to download official JEE Main 2021 answer key.

1st step: Go to the official website,

2nd step: Now, click on the answer key link present on the Home page.

3rd step: A new window will open after following the step given above. In the login window, enter the application number and date of birth.

4th step: Next, click on the ‘submit’ button.

5th step: Lastly, download the PDF of the answer key.

JEE Main 2021 Question Paper

NTA releases JEE Main question paper for all shifts along with the response sheet. It is released at and can be downloaded by entering the login credentials. The question paper indicates the following details:

  • Question type
  • Question id
  • Option id
  • Chosen option
  • Status

Challenging JEE Main 2021 Answer Key

The candidates can challenge the provisional JEE Main 2021 answer key released by NTA if they find any error in it. The challenges have to be submitted within the specified days only.

Process to challenge the answer key

  • Go to the official website and click on the relevant link of the answer key.
  • Next, click on the link of ‘Challenge Answer Key’ button.
  • Now, enter the login credentials.
  • Next, select the question ids of the question that are correct.
  • Then, upload the supporting documents.
  • Then, click on the ‘Save your Claim’ option.
  • Lastly, pay the challenging fee.

Challenging Fee: For each question that has to be challenged, pay Rs 200 (per question) via online mode only.

About JEE Main 2021

Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main is a national level entrance examination that is conducted by NTA. It is held for admission into BE / B.Tech, B.Arch and B.Plan. The test comprises of multiple-choice questions and numerical answer type questions. It is a computer-based test except drawing test in B.Arch. After qualifying Paper 1, the candidates can take admission at NITs, IIITs, CFTIs.

FAQs on JEE Main 25 Feb 2021 Question Paper with Answer Key

Qs. Is JEE Main 25 Feb 2021 Question Paper with Answer Key released?

Ans. Yes, the JEE Main 25 Feb 2021 Question Paper with Answer Key is released after exam.

Qs. Can we download JEE Main 25 Feb 2021 Question Paper PDF?

Ans. Yes, you can download the JEE Main 25 Feb 2021 Question Paper PDF here.

Qs. Who releases the JEE Main 25 Feb 2021 Question Paper with Answer Key?

Ans. Just after the exam, JEE Main 25 Feb 2021 Question Paper with Answer Key are released unofficially. First they are released by youtube channels like that of ATP Star, Gradeup, Unacademy, Vedantu, Mohit Tyagi, Career Point, and more. Then coaching centers release JEE Main 25 Feb 2021 Question Paper with Answer Key as pdf. This is done by Resonance, FIITJEE, Allen Kota. Finally NTA releases the question paper and answer key officially at

Official website:

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