Number of Applicants for JEE Main 2021 Available by Session, State, Language

The data on number of applicants for JEE Main 2021 is here. It is apt to say that the numbers are staggering. The change introduced this year, of holding the exam four times, has shot up the numbers through the roof.

As per the latest reports, the number of candidates who have registered for the February session exam are 6.6 lakh. For the March session exam, students are 5.04 lakh. Then for the April session exam, candidates who have applied stands at 4.98 lakh. And finally the last, May session exam registered candidates are 5.09 lakh.

JEE Main 2021 Applicant Statistics

The exact numbers stand as follows for each of the sessions.

SessionNumber of candidates applied
1st JEE Main 2021 Exam in February6,61,761
2nd JEE Main 2021 Exam in March5,04,540
3rd JEE Main 2021 Exam in April4,98,910
4th JEE Main 2021 Exam in May5,09,972

This brings the total number of non-unique applications to 21,75,183.

It is important to note that JEE Main 2021 application form submission will open again. Until now, NTA has opened the registration window one time, in which candidates could apply for any number of sessions. Next time, the window will open after 1st session exam ends, and its result is announced. In the next window, candidates will be able to apply for March, April, May session exams. Then once again the window will open after March exam, and then one can apply for April and May exams. And finally after April exams. application form will once again open, for May exam.

Therefore the total number of applications are going to increase further.

State Wise JEE Main 2021 Registration Data

Going by the state wise figures, the states from where maximum number of candidates have applied are Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Telangana, in that order.

StateJEE Feb 2021JEE Mar 2021JEE Apr 2021JEE May 2021TOTAL
Andhra Pradesh87,79753,32353,57660,2222,54,918

As can be seen from the data distribution, most number of candidates for Feb session will be from AP.

Language Distribution in JEE Main 2021

In line with the vision of NEP, NTA offers multiple regional languages in the JEE Main 2021 question paper. Candidates have the choice of selecting the paper language based on their exam center state and choice. Among the choices given, the most popular second language is Hindi, with 76,459 takers. This is followed by Bengali with 24,841 takers.

Language wise number of applicants of JEE Main 2021 are as follows.

LanguageNumber of candidates who opted for this language

Comparison With Past Years

Here is a look at the number of candidates who applied last time: 5.88 lakh had registered for both sessions last year (JEE Main 2020 was held twice – Jan and April). Those who appeared in both sessions was 4.81 lakh. The number of candidates who had registered for Jan session was 9.21 lakh, and that of April session was 8.41 lakh. Attendance registered for the first exam was 8.69 lakh, 94.35%. For the second exam, attendance was 6.35 lakh, 75.5%. The number of unique candidates who had registered for JEE Main last year was 11.74 lakh.

Numbers Speak

A correct comparison between JEE Main 2021 and JEE Main 2020 will ultimately happen when all sessions of JEE Main 2021 conclude, and the number of unique test takers is available. However obviously, since the number of exams has increased, the total number of tests will go up significantly this year.

Nevertheless, competition will be tougher this year, even if number of unique applicants do not rise. This is because now every candidate will fight to get 100 percentile. By common sense, anyone who does not have a 100 percentile in his / her first attempt, will sit in the next paper, armed with the practice of last exam and more practice time for next time, and get a better score in next attempt. And this will be repeated three times. Therefore all students will have to strive to do better each time.

JEE Main 2021 will be held on 23 to 26 February in first session. Then 15 to 18 March in second session. After that 27 to 31 April in the third session. And 24 to 28 May in last session.

Engineering Entrance Exam Application Tracker

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