JEE Main 2021 Last Mile Strategy – Take Free Mock Tests Online, Solve Past Year Papers, Be Positive

JEE Main 2021 1st session will be conducted from February 23-26, 2021. Right now, planning, execution, and success are the 3 words that must be in the dictionary of every JEE aspirant. To get a good rank in JEE Main 2021, it is important to complete the last leg of your preparation in an effective manner. An effective preparation is when the preparation is mixed with smart work and dedication. Given below is JEE Main 2021 last-mile strategy that can be followed to secure a good rank in the exam.

JEE Main 2021 Last Mile Strategy

Gist of the strategy

Right now, the most important strategy to crack JEE Main 2021 is how many questions can you solve in the given duration. Check the detailed JEE Main 2021 last-minute preparation tips given below.

Attempt 5-6 mock tests

If you are studying in a coaching center, then I am sure your coaching must be providing you mock tests. Otherwise you can take paid or free mock tests online, from your home as well. Either ways, it is imperative now that you attempt 5-6 mock tests before the JEE Main 2021 Feb exam!

  • Since few days are left for JEE Main 2021. So, try to solve 5-6 mock tests. Now, by solving the mock tests don’t just solve questions. Try to analyze how much time you took to solve all the questions, was the approach to solve section-wise questions that you decided followed or not etc.
  • Now, mock tests must be given in the online mode (computer-based test) and not as pen-paper based test.
  • You can try and give a gap of 2-3 days between each attempt (however this won’t apply to the Feb attempt exam as only few days are left!).
  • Make sure you keep track of the time while solving mock test.
  • Take some rest after giving mocks.
  • Analyze your approach to solve the questions and self-evaluate.

What can you do after attempting mocks?

– Problem Identification
– Sit back and re-work on your strategy
– Style of studying

Solve All JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers and Role of High Frequency Questions

You must solve as many past year question papers of JEE Main as you can. Here the purpose is to familiarize yourself with the JEE pattern, difficulty level, and identify strengths and weaknesses. In the process, you will also come across some high frequency questions, which you can work better on.

  • At this point, be the best version of yourself.
  • Study and revise the topics with full concentration. Solve all the previous year question papers to get an idea about what are the questions that have been repeating over the years.
  • Do not let your momentum drop at this time.

JEE Main 2021 Previous Year Question PapersDownload Here

The most important step in the last leg of preparation for any exam is to solve their previous year question paper. In case of JEE Main 2021 too, solving previous year question papers is of utmost importance. Check the links given below.

2020Download Here
2019Download Here
2018Download Here
2017Download Here
2016Download Here
2015Download Here
2014Download Here
2013Download Here

Solve As Many MCQs and Sample Papers as You Can

  • This is actually the time to mix and match the questions.
  • Pick 2-3 chapters and mix their questions and try to solve them.
  • Take as many sample papers as you can.

Click Here to Download JEE Main 2021 Sample Papers.

Have A Positive Approach Towards The Exam

Doing well in JEE Main 2021 is as much a game of mettle as well as mental state. It has been scientifically proven that self-confidence significantly affects performance. Therefore how you have prepared for the exam, and how you feel you will do in the exam, both are equally important.

  • Do not compare yourself to others. Just remember one thing, that you will be the only person to write the examination.
  • Stay away from your mobile phones and all the other distractions.
  • Do not entertain self-doubt.
  • Do not think about what will be the difficulty level of exam, what type of questions will come in the exam. Just focus on how efficiently you are able to solve the questions right now and stick to that approach.

Do not pick any new topic

JEE Main 2021 Feb attempt is the first test of the four sessions. In the coming weeks, you also have your board exams. There could be some topics that you did not study till now. If that is the case, then it could be wiser to leave them now, than to pick up a new topic, which could confuse you, and lead you to forget / mess up the ones you have done till now.

  • At this time, do not pick any new topic. Rather, try to polish the topics that you have studied till now.
  • Revise the important points and formulas from the notes that you made during the preparation.
  • Balance out the topics from the subjects properly.
  • Focus on your strengths.
  • Make sure all the concepts of the topics that had more weightage in all the previous year question papers are clear.

Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main is a national level entrance examination that is held by NTA for admission into B.Tech, B.Arch and B.Plan courses. JEE Main 2021 will be held in 4 sessions. After qualifying Paper 1 which B.E / B.Tech of JEE Main, the candidates can take admission in NITs, IIITs, CFTIs.

All the best for JEE Main 2021 exams!

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