JEE Main 2021 Four Times from February, Optional Questions – Facts and Official Press Release

JEE Main 2021 to be held 4 times a year? Optional Questions? – Quick Facts

When the Education Minister went live on December 10, he said that the suggestion to hold JEE Main 4 times a year can be considered. The world went into frenzy as news reports saying that it was confirmed that JEE will be held 4 times for sure started pouring in. And on top of it, even an official press release appeared at PIB about it. However, the Ministry quickly retracted the statement and said “Suggestion for JEE (Main) 2021 to be held four times in a year will be examined positively”.

These are the major changes of JEE Main 2021 that are reported – Some are FOR SURE, some are SUGGESTIONS, and some are MYTHS.

  1. JEE Main 2021 will be held 4 times a year.SUGGESTION
  2. The exam will be held in February, March, April, May for 3-4 days each time.SUGGESTION
  3. The syllabus of JEE Main 2021 will remain the same.CONFIRMED
  4. Number of questions could be increased and candidates will get the choice to attempt 75 questions out of 90.SUGGESTION
  5. 3rd attempt for JEE Advanced issue unresolved.NO DISCUSSION ON THIS

Read on to know the truth behind all these statements.

Official Statement from Education Ministry on JEE Main 2021 – 4 Times, Syllabus, Exam Date

The new press release by the Education ministry is live on PIB. It says the following things about JEE Mains:

Suggestion for JEE (Main) 2021 to be held four times in a year will be examined positively.

Syllabus for JEE (Main 2021) to remain same as the previous year and a proposal is under examination where students will be given choice to answer 75 questions out of 100 questions.

Regarding the concerns raised by students relating to syllabus and dates of JEE Exam, Shri Pokhriyal said that the suggestion of JEE (Main) 2021 to be held four times in a year will be examined positively, beginning in the end of February (thereafter in March, April & May-2021) for 3-4 days during each time. He further said that the syllabus for JEE (Main 2021) to remain same as the previous year and a proposal is under examination where students will be given choice to answer 75 questions (25 questions each in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics)out of 90 questions(30 question each in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics). He mentioned that for JEE (Main) 2020, there were 75 questions which had to be answered by the candidates (25 questions each in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics), he informed.

The Minister stated that the Ministry will examine the suggestion positively to give option to candidates to appear one/ two/ three/ four times in JEE (Main) 2021 for admission in the coming academic year.

Press release by Ministry of Education, as published on PIB (Dated: 10 Dec 2020)

Read Here: Click Here to read the full new press released by Ministry of Education.

Crux of the Matter:

Neither NTA, Education Ministry, or Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank confirmed that JEE Main 2021 will be held 4 times a year. It is a suggestion and the ministry shall examine it.

Syllabus of JEE Main 2021 will remain the same as last year.

Proposal to give choice of 75 question out of 100 in JEE Main is under examination.

How JEE Main 2021 will be held 4 times news went viral – Full story

First, Education Minister Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal went live to answer queries of CBSE boards, JEE Main 2021, NEET 2021, and Board exams on #EducationMinisterGoesLive.

While the highly anticipated exam dates were not revealed in the live session, Union Education Minister addressed few crucial topics, which included:

Read: NEET, JEE 2021 Latest News: 7 Things Ramesh Pokhriyal Said on Exam Date, Postponement, Syllabus Reduction, Online, Exam Cancel

  • Increasing the number of attempts for JEE Main 2021 is under consideration and decisions will be taken soon. The attempts can be increased to 3 – 4 times, however, it is yet to be discussed upon.
  • JEE Main 2021 syllabus and NEET 2021 syllabus might remain the same. Only CBSE has reduced 30% of the syllabus and other boards have not done so. Hence, to maintain the balance, there is a high possibility that the syllabus of competitive exams shall not be reduced.
  • To compensate syllabus and loss of studies, feasible actions shall be taken so that no student is at loss.
  • Exam date for JEE Main 2021 and NEET 2021 shall be announced soon, so that students get ample time to prepare.
  • CBSE board exam shall be decided and out soon.
  • is the responsibility of the schools. Therefore the practical classes and the exams will be under the ambit of the schools. If the situation demands any drastic changes then CBSE will come up with a plan then.
  • CBSE syllabus has been reduced by 30%. The revised syllabus is available on the website of CBSE. Thus the teachers, students, and parents should not get confused and check the revised syllabus on

You can watch / re-watch the live webinar below.

In the webinar the minister clearly stated that the suggestion shall be considered. Then from where news confirming JEE Main 2021 to be held 4 times a year started making round and went viral?

Then, PIB released a press release that confirmed JEE Main will be held 4 times a year

It all started with Press Information Bureau (PIB) uploading a press release on The press release was in Tamil and provided crucial details like number of times JEE Main will be held, number of questions, months in which JEE Main shall be held, syllabus of JEE Main 2021, etc. It was posted on December 10, 2020, at 3:12 pm by PIB Chennai.

The press release is still available on the website and you can check it from here.

Is the press release real?

  • Newspaper and nodal news agency under the Government of India get PR from the ministry and conducting body. So, they always get information in advance.
  • Press releases on PIB are authentic.

As soon as the press release went viral, journalists shared it on social media – And then the ministry retracted their statement

The phase 2 of the faux pas started when media persons and education byte reports started bombarded twitter with tweets regarding the same.

Within minutes of the news going viral, comments demanding confirmation and explanation for the same started pouring in. Students and audience on social media, tagged Education Ministry and Dr. Pokhriyal and asked to confirm the news.

As aftermath, Education Ministry released a new PR and cleared out that all the suggestions shall be examined and are under consideration.

So – What is the conclusion? Will JEE Main 2021 be held 4 times in 2021?

The possibility of JEE Main being conducted 4 times a year is high now. Though the ministry has only said that it is considering the possibility but looking at the situation it seems that it can happen in 2021. However, nothing can be confirmed until the official notice is out.

If the news reports are to come true, then in 2021 – JEE Main will be held 4 times in the month of February, March, April, May.

  • Apparently, the first exam of JEE Main 2021 will be held in end of February 2021.

JEE Main 2021 pattern changing? – questions increased, made optional?

In the live meet, after talking about the syllabus, Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal, said that even if the syllabus remains the same, the students need not worry. It will be ensured that none of the students is at loss.

Seems like the solution has been proposed. In the first PR it was mentioned that candidates will get choices to attempt 75 questions out of 90. While the second PR says that students shall get choice to solve 75 question out of 100.

However, it should be noted that “proposal to do so is under examination”.

Again, if new reports are true, then this time, there will be 90 / 100 questions in JEE Main 2021 and candidates will have to answer only 75 of their choices.

  • However, every candidates will have to answer 25 question in physics, chemistry, and maths section.
  • There is no details regarding B.Arh and B.Plan questions in the news.

Other than this, no other change is expected in the syllabus or exam pattern of JEE Main 2021.

Listen to this portion to understand what Education Minister said about syllabus and optional questions.

Optional questions good or bad for JEE Main 2021 aspirants?

Getting optional questions will given student change to skip tough questions and attempt the easy one. Not every student can be a master of each topic. However, they can always master few topics. Having optional questions opens possibility for doing well in the exam.

  • Since the syllabus of CBSE and few other boards have been reduced by 30%, the students of these board will not be studying few crucial topics which are important for JEE Main.
  • Hence, having optional questions shall be a boon for the students.

3rd Attempt of JEE Advanced 2021 remain unclear

With the above making rounds in news, the students are now again asking for increasing the attempts for JEE Advanced 2021. So far, there is no information on the same. As per the media candidates will be able to appear for one / all papers. However, nothing can be said until the official notice is out.

What to Expected out of JEE Main 2021

The entire episode has created a buzz among the students, teacher, and parents. However, now the students can be sure of one thing, that the syllabus of JEE Main 2021 is not changing. Hence, students must focus on studies and leave no stone unturned.

Exam date and number of question in JEE Main 2021 will be out eventually. However, the time to prepare is flying. So, despite the chaos, stay focused and just target on the aim. Rest, we will provide you all the information. So, stay connected.

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