JEE Main 2021 Analysis, Student Reactions (Out) – Know Today’s Paper Review

JEE Main 2021 Analysis – JEE Main 2021 has concluded. Here you can get JEE Main analysis 2021 for exam held on 23, 24, 25, and 26 February. Check the detailed JEE Main 2021 paper review and student reactions here. It conveys the overall and section wise difficulty, student reactions, expected cut off. In each exam analysis of the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Main 2021) we tell you the difficulty level of question paper, what are the good attempts, and expected cut offs too. With it, you also find the break-up of questions between each section.

JEE Main 2021 Analysis

After each day and shift, you can check the paper analysis from here. With it, you can access the links for question paper and answer keys.

DateAnalysis of shift 1Analysis of shift 2Question Paper & Key
23 Feb 2021Click HereAvailableClick HereAvailableClick Here for JEE Main 23 Feb 2021 Question Paper with Answer Key, Solutions
24 Feb 2021Click HereAvailableClick HereAvailableClick Here for JEE Main 24 Feb 2021 Question Paper with Answer Key, Solutions
25 Feb 2021Click HereAvailableClick HereAvailableClick Here for JEE Main 25 Feb 2021 Question Paper with Answer Key, Solutions
26 Feb 2021Check here on 26 February after 12 pmCheck here on 26 February after 6 pmJEE Main 26 Feb 2021 Question Paper with Answer Key, Solutions will be available

JEE Main 2021 Day 4 (26 Feb) Shift 2 Analysis

JEE Main 2021 Day 4 (26 Feb) Shift 1 Analysis

JEE Main 2021 Day 3 (25 Feb) Shift 2 Analysis

By Embibe
By Embibe

JEE Main 2021 Day 3 (25 Feb) Shift 1 Analysis

Overall: The paper was moderate in difficulty level. Physics and Chemistry were easiest. Maths was tougher than the other two sections.

Student Reactions

By Mohit Tyagi
By GradeUp
By Shiksha News – Student reactions to JEE Main 25 Feb 2021 Shift 1 from Jharkhand
By Embibe – Reactions of students from Udaipur

Highlights of the exam

  • Paper 1 for BE / B.Tech was conducted today.
  • There were 3 portions in the computer based test – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics.
  • In each portion there were two sections – A and B.
  • In the section A of each subject, there were 20 MCQs. And in section B there were 10 numerical answer type questions, of which only 5 had to be attempted.
  • Overall the paper had 90 questions, from which 75 had to be attempted. Maximum marks you can score in the exam is 300.
  • As per candidates, the paper was moderate in difficulty level.
  • Students appreciated smooth exam center management by NTA.

Chemistry Analysis: Most questions were from Oragnic Chemistry. Questions were less from Physical Chemistry.

What questions were asked?

As per the preliminary inputs, questions on probability, matrices, determinants were asked in Math. Then there were questions on magnetic field, wavelength, modern physics, kinematics, thermodynamics, wave and ray optics in physics. Solutions in chemistry. You can see all questions with answers keys – JEE Main 25 Feb 2021 Question Paper with Answers.

JEE Main 2021 Day 2 (24 Feb) Shift 2 Analysis

Overview of exam analysis

  • Paper was moderate. Student reactions show that some candidates found it moderate-tough, other on easier side.
  • Most questions were theory / formula based.
  • Paper was NCERT based.
  • Again, students found the presence of optional questions very helpful.
  • Chemistry was easiest.

What are teachers saying?: Some teachers on youtube are saying that compared to shift 1, questions in shift 2 were lengthy. However as per student reactions, shift 2 was more on easy side. Ultimate judgement on this will be known when results are out!

Section wise exam analysis

  • Chemistry – Most questions were from Physical Chemistry. Completely NCERT based. There were questions from chemistry in everyday life.
  • Physics – Questions were direct and formula based. There were questions from sound. Not very tricky questions. 3 Questions from semiconductors.
  • Maths – Questions from vector, 3D more. Rest ellipse, probability, binomial – Almost equal distribution between all topics.

JEE Main 2021 Paper Analysis (24th Feb, 2nd Shifts) | JEE Main Question Paper 2021, Expected Cutoff by Gradeup

JEE Main 2021- 24 Feb 2nd Shift Students Reaction & Review by e-Saral

JEE Main Feb 24 2021 Shift 2 – Students Reaction I JEE Main Review I Memory Based Questions

JEE Main Feb 24 2021 Shift 2 – Students Reaction I JEE Main Review I Memory Based Questions

JEE Main 2021 Day 2 (24 Feb) Shift 1 Analysis

Overview of Paper Review

  • Overall paper difficulty level was moderate to tough.
  • Chemistry was easiest. Physics was moderate. Mathematics was very toughest.
  • Numerical type questions in maths were tough.
  • On a scale of 1-10, difficulty level was 8/10.
  • There were questions even from deleted portions of CBSE.
  • Level of questions was hard.
  • Maths was hardest.
  • Chemistry was easiest.
  • Physics was moderate in difficulty.
  • Inorganic chemistry was easy.
  • Report your answer in terms of integer – Some candidates have reported that instructions in numerical section was to write answer as integer, and not decimal. Students in next sessions should read instructions properly before writing their answers.
  • Students were happy with optional questions.

Subject Wise Analysis

  • Mathematics – Section was lengthy. This one was toughest. There were significant questions from integration.
  • Physics – This was a moderately easy section. There were questions from gravitation (3-4 qs), focus (optics), double slit experiment, current internal resistance, capacitor.
  • Chemistry – This was easiest section. There were more questions from inorganic and organic, and less from physical chemistry. There were questions on Biomolecule, Polymer, Chemistry in everyday life, dehydration, oxidation-reduction.

Question Paper

  • Chemistry – There was a question to calculate ionization energy of third period elements.
  • Physics – There was a question where there were two shapes – and you had to check whose moment of inertia was more.

JEE Main 24 February 2021 Shift 1 Exam Analysis – Videos

JEE MAIN 2021 Day 2 – Memory Based Questions, Analysis by Career Capsule

Jee Main by Shiksha News

Some of the analysis videos are live from the exam center. Due to jammers at center, the videos may be lagging. Please wait for the video to reload to continue watching.

JEE Main 2021- 24 Feb 1st Shift Student Reaction & Exam Review by eSaral

Kota Student 1st reaction | JEE Main 2021 | 24 feb 1st slot | Vineet Khatri

JEE Main 2021 Day 1 (23 Feb) Shift 2 Analysis

JEE Main 2021 day 1, shift 2 has ended on 23 February at 6 PM for those who took the paper 2B B.Planning only. The exam got over at 6:30 PM for those who opted for both B.Arch and B.Planning. Analysis for both are now available.

Highlights of JEE Main 2021 Paper 2B Analysis

  • Students have said that the paper was easy.
  • Experts feel that higher competition, and lower difficulty level may push up cut offs.

Paper 2B – This paper is for candidates who wish to join B.Planning programs.

Exam Pattern of Paper 2B is as follows:

SectionNo. of MCQsNo. of NATs
Part-I Mathematics2010 (attempt any 5)
Part-II Aptitude Test500
Part-III Planning Based Questions250

In this paper, you get +4 for correct MCQ, and NAT. For incorrect MCQ answer, 1 mark is deducted as negative marking. So overall there are 105 questions, in which 5 are optional. So you attempt 100 questions of 400 marks.

JEE Main 2021 Day 1 (23 Feb) Shift 1 Analysis

NTA has conducted the Joint Entrance Examination Mains Day 1 Shift 1 on 23 February 2021 from 9 AM to 12 Noon. As per reports, today, only paper 2A was held in shift 1. That is the exam for B.Arch candidates took place in the first shift.

Difficulty Level Analysis of Paper 2A

Easy QsMedium Difficulty QsHard Qs
Paper-I Mathematics53%40%7%
Paper-II General Aptitude60%25%15%

Highlights of JEE Main 2021 Paper 2A Analysis

  • Mathematics was easier than last year.
  • Aptitude was tougher than last year
  • Paper 2A – This paper is for candidates who wish to join B.Arch programs.
  • Students who took the test say that the paper difficulty level was Easy To Moderate.
  • Part-I mathematics had 20 MCQs and 10 NATs, of which 5 had to be attempted. And this section was easy.
  • Part-II Aptitude Test had 50 MCQs. This was moderately tough. Like past years, this section had mix of easy, medium, hard questions. Overall aptitude section was tougher than mathematics.

JEE Main – 23 Feb 2021 | S-1 | Paper Review – Students Reaction | JEE Main review – Saurabh Maurya by Rankers JEE

Student Reactions by Career Capsule

Jee Mains 2021 23rd Feb Shift 01 Live Paper Solving by Rakesh kumar Yadav

Optional questions in mathematics section – Students were happy with having optional questions in math section. With choices, they could pick the questions from topics they are strong in.

Exam Pattern of Paper 2A is as follows:

SectionNo. of MCQsNo. of NATsOther Qs
Part-I Mathematics2010 (attempt any 5)0
Part-II Aptitude Test5000
Part-III Drawing Test002 Drawing Questions

In this paper, you get +4 for correct MCQ, and NAT. For incorrect MCQ answer, 1 mark is deducted as negative marking. The drawing section is worth 100 marks separately. So overall there are 82 questions, which includes 5 optional questions, thus you do 75 MCQs+NATs of 300 marks, and 2 drawing qs of 100 marks, therefore the total paper is of 400 marks.

Aspects of JEE Main 2021 Analysis

In the analysis of JEE Main 2021 papers, the following are covered:

  1. Expected Cutoff
  2. Weightage of topics in each section
  3. Section Wise difficulty level
  4. Overall difficulty
  5. Weightage of Class 11 and class 12 syllabus
  6. Student reaction about the paper

Past Year JEE Main Analysis – Download PDFs

Last year there were 2 attempts of JEE Main. The first attempt was held in January and the second one was initially supposed to be in April, but got postponed to September. You can check the analysis of the exam from the past year below:

Exam DayDownload Analysis of JEE Main Jan ExamDownload Analysis of JEE Main Sep Exam
Day 1Check HereCheck Here
Day 2Check HereCheck Here
Day 3Check HereCheck here
Day 4Check HereCheck here
Day 5Check Here
Day 6Check Here

Significance of JEE Main February 2021 Exam Analysis

Via the JEE Main 2021 paper analysis candidates can benefit in the following ways:

  • Understand the difficulty level of the exam.
  • Observe any particular pattern that is followed in the exam, like in JEE Main Physics and Maths always range in difficult to moderate range. Chemistry is always the easiest and NCERT based.
  • Get an idea of JEE Main cut off for JEE Advanced 2021.
  • Understand the weightage of topics asked, using which the candidates of the upcoming shifts can do their last-minute revision.
  • Know if there is any repetition of the questions from last year or between the shifts.
  • Overall, candidates get to know a picture of how the exam is going on.

JEE Main 2021 Analysis – Number of Applicants and Candidates Appearing For Exam!

This year a record registration has been received for JEE Main 2021. As per the reports 21.75 lakh registrations have been made by JEE (Main) aspirants to take the test in 4 attempts.

Total registrations received for JEE Main 2021 all 4 attempts:

  • Feb attempt: 6,61,761
  • March attempt: 5,04,540
  • April attempt: 4,98,910
  • May attempt: 5,09,972

Here is an overview of the registration received from the top cities of the nation:

StateFeb attemptMar attemptApr attemptMay attemptTotal
Andhra Pradesh87,79753,32353,57660,2222,54,918
Uttar Pradesh71,67650,69751,86853,7212,27,962

JEE Main 2021 Cutoff

The cutoff of JEE Main 2021 is announced with the result after all the attempts are over. The cutoff marks in the scorecard will be the minimum marks needed to be able to appear for JEE Advanced 2021 for admission in the IITs. With the analysis, candidates can get the JEE Main 2021 expected cutoff based on the review of the memory-based questions shared by the candidates.

Until then candidates can check the JEE Main cutoff from last year.

Gen EWS70.243551878.2174869
OBC NCL72.888796974.316655745497070

JEE Main 2021 Analysis FAQs

Qs. When will JEE Main 2021 exam analysis be available?

Ans. You can check the analysis / review of JEE Main 2021 exam 15-20 minutes after your exam.

Qs. What does the review / analysis of JEE Main 2021 exam cover?

Ans. The analysis covers difficulty level, topic distribution, expected cut off.

Qs. What about the JEE Main 2021 answer key?

Ans. You can also check the JEE Main 2021 answer key from the links given on this page.

Official website:

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