JEE Main 2021: 11 Things You Have To Take To Exam Center

What are the documents and items that I should carry on the day of JEE Main 2021 exam? This is a critical question in the minds of the 11 lakh students in India who are all set to appear in the exam from 23 to 26 February. To answer this query, we have compiled the list of all things you can take to the center.

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Things To Carry on JEE Main 2021 Exam Day To Center

For Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main 2021, you need to carry following documents and items.

Some of these are mandatory, and are marked as compulsory items. Others are recommended and allowed. While some of them are important for your identification purposes, others are needed by you to take the test, and some are for your health and safety purposes.

Read on to know the complete list of things that you can, and should take to JEE Main 2021 exam center.

(1) JEE Main 2021 admit card

This is a compulsory item.

The JEE Main 2021 admit card is probably the most important document for the exam. Only after showing it, entry is granted in the exam hall. You have to carry it as a print out. Do ensure that you carry all the pages of the admit card.

There are three pages in the admit card:

  1. Page 1 contains center details and self declaration (undertaking)
  2. Page 2 contains Important instructions for candidates
  3. Page 3 has Advisory for candidates

>> You have to take printout of ALL 3 pages.

Paste a photograph and put a thumb impression at the appropriate place on the Admit Card. They should ensure that their Left-Hand Thumb Impression is clear and not smudged.

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How to fill JEE Main 2021 Self Declaration (Undertaking)?

With the JEE Main 2021 admit card, a Self Declaration (Undertaking) has been also issued. You must download this Self Declaration (Undertaking) from the NTA website and print it. In addition to that, you also need to fill in all details in it. Candidates are asking what they should fill in this section. To help you out, we have explained what to fill in this field.

Point #2 (a) in declaration: I have in the last 14 days… : Do you have fever? If yes tick fever. Do you have cough? If yes tick cough. And so on.. If you have any of these symptoms in the last 2 weeks then please tick that. If you do not have any of the symptoms then just leave it blank.

Point #2 (b) in declaration: Been in close contact…. : Do you know anyone who was a confirmed case of COVID and you visited that person, stood or sat next to that person (with a gap less than 1 meter) for more than 15 minutes? If yes, then tick this. If no, then leave it blank.

Point #2 (c) in declaration: not been in close contact… : If you are not under mandatory quarantine, and also you did not visit anyone with COVD, then please tick this box.

Point #2 (d) in declaration: travelled the following…: In the last 2 weeks before the exam, did you go to any other city or country? If yes, please fill their details in the form.

Point #4 (a) in declaration: Please paste your photo, the same one you filled in form. Also put your left thumb impression. Keep the last field (candidate signature) blank. You have to fill this in front of the invigilator.

(2) 1 passport size photograph

This is a compulsory item.

(3) A valid authorized photo id proof

This is a compulsory item.

  • It must be original and must be valid.
  • The ID proof should be valid, non-expired.
  • It can be any of the following – PAN card / e-aadhaar card / aadhaar card / voter id card / passport / ration card / class 12 admit card / bank passport. JEE Main 2021 aspirants can carry any of the id cards. However, it should have a your photograph as well.

(4) Pen

This is a recommended and allowed item.

You will need to do rough work at the center. Due to health and safety reasons, you will not get pen at the center. Therefore you are allowed to carry your own pen. It should be simple, transparent blue ball point pen.

However, you will get A4 size sheets at the center for rough work.

(5) Water bottle

This is a recommended and allowed item.

You will sit in the hall for a long time. It is natural to feel thirsty in such a long duration. However due to health and safety concerns drinking water will not be available at the center. Therefore you are allowed to carry your own personal water bottle. But it should be simple, transparent water bottle.

(6) Hand Sanitizer

This is a recommended and allowed item.

You should carry your own hand sanitizer bottle of maximum 50 ml capacity. This is for your own safety purposes.

(7) Mask

This is a recommended and allowed item.

There will be hundreds of candidates and their accompanying friends and family members at the exam center. Therefore you should come wearing face masks.

However before you enter the exam hall, you will have to discard your own mask. You will be given a 3 ply mask at the exam center by the officials which you will mandatorily have to wear.

(8) Gloves

This is a recommended and allowed item.

You are allowed to wear gloves for your own safety and hygiene purposes.

(9) PwD certificate

This is a mandatory item for PWD candidates

  • This is only mandatory for PwD candidates seeking undertaking of the scribe
  • It should have been issued by an authorized medical officer.

(10) Stationery

This is a recommended and allowed item for B.Arch candidates.

  • Carry your own pencils, geometry set, eraser, colour pencils / crayons.
  • Water colours are not allowed.

(11) Food

This is a recommended and allowed item for diabetic students.

You can take sugar tablets, fruits like bananas, apples, oranges.

What Not to Carry at JEE Main 2021 Exam Hall?

Apart from the things mentioned above, you are not supposed to carry any other item to the exam hall with JEE Main 2021 admit card. The items listed below are banned from the exam hall.

  • Textual material
  • Docu pen
  • Calculators
  • Log tables
  • Slide rules
  • Electronic watches with calculator
  • Printed material
  • Bits of papers
  • Mobile phone
  • Pager and other device

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