JEE Main 16 Mar 2021 Question Paper with Answer Key (Out) – Download Here

JEE Main 16 Mar 2021 Question Paper with Answer Key – Download here JEE Main 2021 answer key and question paper for 16 March exam. The answer key for shift 1 and 2 is now available. Check it from below. The provided JEE Main 16 Mar question paper and answer key is unofficial memory based. It has been released by the coaching institutes and exam experts on the basis of questions collected by the students who appeared for the exam. The official JEE Main 16 Mar answer key 2021 will be available soon at Know more details on JEE Main 16 Mar 2021 Question Paper with Answer Key from this page.

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JEE Main 16 Mar 2021 Question Paper with Answer Key

Latest – JEE Main 16 March 2021 answer key for Shift 1 and Shift 2 is available now. It has been released by coaching institutes like Resonance and Reliable Kota. Scroll down to download PDF.

JEE Main 16 Mar Shift 2 Answer Key by Reliable Kota and Resonance

SubjectShift 2 Answer Key
By Reliable Kota
Shift 2 Answer Key
By Resonance
MathsDownload HereDownload Here
PhysicsDownload HereDownload Here
ChemistryDownload HereDownload Here

JEE Main 16 Mar Shift 1 Answer Key by Reliable Kota and Resonance

SubjectShift 1 Answer Key
By Reliable Kota
Shift 1 Answer Key
By Resonance
MathsDownload HereDownload Here
PhysicsDownload HereDownload Here
ChemistryDownload HereDownload Here


Ques. F(x+1) = xF(x) and g(x) = lnF(x). Find |g”(5) – g”(1)|
Ans. -205/144

Ques. C1 and C2 are two curves intersecting (1,1)C1 satisfy dy/dx = y2 – x2 / 2xy & C2 satisfy dy/dx = 2xy / x2 – y2 The area bounded by these two curves is
Ans.  π/2 – 1


Ans. 3

Ques. A six digit number is formed by the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 without repetition. Then the probability that the number is divisible by 3 is
Ans. 4/9


Ans. √5

Ques.If the points of intersection of the eclipse x2/16 + y2/b = 1 and the circle x2 + y2 = 46, b > 4 lie y2 = 3x2 then ‘b’ is equal to
Ans. 12


Ans. 3

Ques. 1/16, a, b are in GP, 1/a, 1/b, 6 are in AP. Then find the value of 72(a+b).
Ans. 14


Ans. 7

Ques. ABCD is a rectangle and it has 5, 6, 7, 9 on AD, BC, CD, AO resp. If ∝is the number of triangles formed by taking one point from side β is number of equal formed by one point from each side |β – ∝| =


Ans. π/√2

Ques. A = {2, 3, 4, 5, ……, 30} (a,b) & (c,d) are equivalent if ad = bc. Then number of elements equivalent to (4,3) is _____
Ans. 7

Ques. The increasing thermal stability of group 16 element.
Ans. H2O, H2S+, H2Se, H2Te, H2Po

Ques. A magnetized steel wire magnetic moment M1. If the wire is bent to form a semi-circular arc. What will be the new magnetic moment?
Ans. 2m/π

Ques. The maximum Enol content ——>

Ques. The area of rectangle bounded by lines |x| = 2. Curve y2 = 4x and xy = -1

Ques. Separation of sulphur & oxide are done by what method?
Ans. Froth floatation


Ans. 1

Ques. A particle is moving along x-axis. x = A + Bsinωt, SHM. Find amplitude.
Ans. B

Ques. What is the name of vitamin B12?
Ans. Cyclocobalamine

Ques. Which is a natural polymer?
Ans. Pectin



Ques. The middle term in the expression (x2 +1/n2 + 2)n is
Ans. (2n)! /(n!)2


Ans. 16


Ques. Total volume of container is V, 16g O2, 44g CO2, 28g N2. Find pressure.
Ans. 5RT/2V

Ques. Which hydride of group 15 has most reducing power.
Ans. Bi

Ques. Ozone is responsible for
Ans. Oxidizing smog

Ques. Anti-Histamines are
Ans. Antacid & Anti-allergic

Ques. Which of the vitamins are stored in the body
Ans. Vit A & Vit D

Ques. Sulphur can be removed from ore by
Ans. Roasting

Ques. Heat and word are
Ans. Path function

Ques. 6.5 molal solution KOH, d = 1.89g/cm3, M = ?
Ans. 10.9 mol/l


Ans. 10

Ques. For BCC unit cell the edge length = 27 A. Find the length of the same unit cell in FCC arrangement.
Ans. 33A


Ans. a —> (i), b —> (iii), c —> (iv), d —> (v)


Ans. 6


Ans. a —> (ii), b —> (i), c —> (iv), d —> (iii)

Ques. A pendulum is located inside lift. If initially time period of a pendulum is T. Find its time period if lift accelerate upwards with acceleration g/2
Ans. T x √2/3


Ques. Inside a parallel plate capacitor of width ‘d’ a dielectric plate with dielectric constant k & width 3d/4 is inserted the new capacitance is ‘c’. Before insertion of dielectric the capacitance was C0. Find relation between C0 & C’
Ans. C’ = 4k / (k+3) C0

Ques. In a YDSE appartus the screen is placed at distance of 1m, separation between slit is 1mm and fringe width is 6 mm. Find the wavelength of light in nm.
Ans. 6000nm

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How to Calculate Scores Using JEE Main 16 Mar 2021 Answer Key?

The candidates who have appeared in the exam can get an estimate about their scores in JEE Main using JEE Main 16 Mar 2021 answer key. Check the steps given below to calculate the marks.

1st step: Download the answer key of the particular shift.

2nd step: Next, download the question paper too. Now, start cross-checking the answers.

3rd step: Then, use the marking scheme to calculate the scores.

4th step: Write down the number of correct answers and incorrect answers.

5th step: Now, calculate the marks using the marking scheme given below.

Marking Scheme

Type of questionsMarks for correct answerMarks for incorrect answer

The scores obtained after following the marking scheme given above will be their probable scores.

JEE Main 16 Mar 2021 Question Paper

Along with the answer key, many coaching institutes also release JEE Main question paper. These question papers are memory-based. This means that the questions present in the question paper have been specified according to the analysis of the candidates about the exam. The memory-based question papers are released on the same day of the exam.

Some of the coaching institutes who release JEE Main question paper are:

  • Allen
  • Aakash
  • Resonance
  • Resonance
  • Motion IIT JEE

NTA also publishes the official question paper along with the answer key. The candidates can use JEE Main 2021 question paper with the answer key to calculate the scores.

How to Download Official JEE Main 2021 Answer Key?

NTA releases the official answer key after the completion of each session at the official website. Check the steps to download the official answer key.

1st step: Go to the official website,

2nd step: Next, click on the ‘answer key’ link.

3rd step: Now, a login window will open. Here, enter the application number and password / date of birth.

4th step: After entering the details, click on the ‘Sign-in’ button.

5th step: Now, the dashboard will open. From here, download the PDF of the answer key.

JEE Main 2021 Exam Pattern

Check the exam pattern of JEE Main 2021 given below.

JEE Main 2021 is a computer-based test (except drawing test in B.Arch). 3 hours are given to the candidates to complete the exam. The test has multiple-choice questions and numerical value type questions.

Check the distribution of questions paper-wise given below.

B.E / B.Tech

SubjectsSection A Section B (5 questions to be attempted)Marks


SubjectsSection ASection B Marks
Mathematics (Part I)2010 (any 5)100
Aptitude Test (Part II)50200
Drawing Test (Part III)02100


SubjectsPart APart BMarks
Part I: Mathematics2010 (answer any 5)100
Part II: Aptitude Test50200
Part III: Planning Based Objective MCQs25100

Previous Years JEE Main Cut-Off

JEE Main cut-off is released category-wise along with the result. The cut-off scores are basically the minimum scores required by a candidate to appear for JEE Advanced. Every candidate who appear for the exam are allotted ranks.

Check the previous year JEE Main cut-off given below.

GEN EWS70.243551878.2174869
OBC NCL72.888796974.316655745497070

JEE Main 2021 Result

The candidates can check JEE Main 2021 result at The result is compiled on the basis of the final answer key.

  • To check the result, enter the application number and date of birth.
  • No scorecard will be dispatched to the candidates. It has to be downloaded from the official website only.
  • There is no provision for re-evaluation / re-checking of the result.
  • The raw marks obtained by the candidates in different sessions / shift shall be converted to NTA score.
  • According to the NTA score, All India Rank (AIR) will be calculated. AIR is calculated after the conduct of the exam for all sessions.

Live updates on JEE Main 16 Mar 2021

11:50 am: 579759 will be taking the JEE Main 2021 march exam in the English language, 19497 in Hindi and the rest of the 20382 candidates will take the paper in other languages.

11:40 am: JEE Main 2021 shift 1 is about the end at 12 noon. Answer key and analysis will be available thereafter. Shift 2 will start at 3 pm.

11:30 am: In order to stop cheating using mobile networks, Jammers have been installed in all the Centres.

11:20 am: A total of 1,90,748 female candidates and 4,28,888 male candidates have registered for the exam in the March session.

11:15 am: Shift 1 of the exam started at 9 am. It will end at 12 noon. The Examination would be conducted in 334 Cities [including 12 cities outside India in Baharain, Colombo, Doha, Dubai, Kathmandu, Kualalumpur, Lagos, Muscat, Riyadh, Sharjah, Singapore, and Kuwait].

11:10 am: JEE Main 2021 day 1 of March session is going on. 6,19,638 candidates have registered for Paper 1 (B.E./B.Tech.) in the March session.

FAQs on JEE Main 16 Mar 2021 Answer Key

Ques. How can I download the unofficial answer key?

Ans. The links of the unofficial answer key of various coaching institutes will be given above on this page.

Ques. Can I challenge the unofficial answer key?

Ans. No, you cannot challenge the unofficial answer key if there is any error in it.

Ques. When will the official JEE Main 2021 answer key be released?

Ans. The official answer key will be released once the exam for all the shifts of March session are over.

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