How to prepare for IPMAT 2021 for IIM Indore IPM Admissions?

A detailed answer to your question – How to Prepare for IPMAT 2021? – is here. IPMAT 2021 is a one-of-its-kind exam. It is for those students who have made up their minds, at the young age of just clearing class 12, that their ultimate goal is to do an MBA.

For them, Indian Institute of Management Indore conducts the IPMAT exam for admission to Five years Integrated Program in Management (IPM). The University offers around 150 seats for this particular program. Candidates who desire admission to the aforementioned program have to appear in the IPMAT 2021 exam and qualify in it.

The question paper of the exam is to be set as per the subjects of Quantitative & Verbal Ability. Both MCQ type and Short Answer type questions are asked in the exam. Read about How to Prepare for IPMAT 2021 in this article and know about smart study strategies, exam pattern etc.

Important: IPMAT 2021 Sample Paper

How to Prepare for IPMAT 2021?

As per the official website of Indian Institute of Management, Indore, the revised structure of the entrance exam now includes both MCQ and Short Answer type questions. Two sections of the paper are for Quantitative Ability ( MCQ type & SA type) and the third section is for Verbal Ability (MCQ).

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IPMAT 2021 Exam Pattern

Exam ModeOnline
Duration 90 minutes
Type of QuestionsMCQ & Short Answer type
Total Questions60
Total Marks240
Marks per Question4 Marks
Negative Marking-1 Marks

Check out Marks Distribution in IPMAT Question Paper

SectionNumber of QuestionsMaximum Marks
Quantitative Ability (MCQ)2080
Quantitative Ability (SA)1040
Verbal Ability (MCQ)30120

IPMAT 2021 Syllabus

As per the official website of IIM Indore, no specific or defined syllabus is intimated by the Institute for conducting the IPMAT exam. The Institute only specifies the exam pattern in terms of the topics based on which the exam is to be conducted as well as distribution of marks and questions around these topics. Based on such information from the official website, IPMAT 2021 syllabus is to be based on the following topics.

  • Quantitative Ability
  • Verbal Ability

Revised Structure of IPMAT 2021

Candidates intending to start preparations for IPMAT exam to be held in 2021 for admission to the academic session 2021-2026 are encouraged to do so without any ado. However, one must be aware of the revised structure of the exam as indicated by the IIM Indore at the official website. Candidates can check out the exam pattern below.

Stages of Selection for admission to Five Year IPM at IIM Indore

IPM Aptitude Test: Eligible applicants have to appear in this test which is conducted across the country. It is mandatory to qualify in this exam in order to get admission to the Five Year Integrated Program in Management offered by IIM Indore.

Video-Based Assessment: Owing to the Coronavirus pandemic, the IIM Indore is conducting Video Based Assessment of candidates for final selection for admission. Previously, a Written exam and Interview was held for selection of the qualifiers of IPMAT.

Check out details of IPMAT 2021 Application Form

Recommended Books for IPMAT 2021 Preparation

Complete Companion for IIM Indore IPM (Integrated Programme in Management) Entrance ExaminationIIM IPMAT Preparation Guide (Set of 9 books, 15+ Online Mock Tests, 100+ Online Topic wise Tests)SuperB 15 Mock Tests for IPM (IIM Indore) Entrance Exam with 5 Online Tests

Smart Preparation Tips for IPMAT 2021

The fundamental purpose of the IPM Aptitude Test conducted by IIM Indore is to evaluate the aptitude, logical reasoning, English proficiency and Mathematics ability of a candidate for admission purposes. Qualifiers of the test IPMAT have to qualify through the Video Based Assessment stage for selection and admission to the Five years Integrated Program in Management.

Candidates can read some important smart study strategies here to ace the IPMAT 2021 exam in the first attempt.

#1: Know the syllabus well

It is important that candidates know exactly what to study before they start studying. In IPMAT 2021, candidates are advised to refer to the IPM Brochure and revised structure of IPMAT for the updates syllabus and plan their preparations accordingly . The revised structure of IPMAT 2021 is given below on this page!

#2: Take care of basics

One of the most important aspects of preparations for the IPMAT exam is ensuring that candidates have a clear understanding of fundamental concepts in Mathematics, English etc. Candidates are advised to refer to Class 6 to 10 Mathematics books to clarify and revise fundamentals of Mathematics & English Grammar.

#3: Solve Mock Tests

Mock tests are very useful learning resources that can help candidates prepare for any exam effectively. By solving mock tests, candidates can get a first hand experience of taking the IPMAT test. Candidates can also analyze mock tests to find out their weak areas and identify areas that carry higher marks or take more/less time in solving in the question paper. Mock tests are therefore important to develop time management strategies.

#4: Ensure a lot of practice

In the words of those who cracked the IPMAT exam earlier, extensive practice is much necessary for qualifying the IPMAT exam. Candidates can check out various solved papers, practice papers, previous year questions, mock tests and other related books to practice for questions from Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability etc. Practice also improves mental mathematics ability to save time in calculations during the exam.

#5: Refer to previous year papers

Studying from previous year papers have multiple benefits. Candidates can identify the most important topics related to the exam. For example, more than half of the papers are based on Quantitative Ability as per the new structure. Candidates must, therefore, divert their focus in covering important & commonly repeated topics extensively.

#6. Adopt the best way to prepare

Seek peer review and guidance to prepare for the exam and mimic their success strategy. Mentors state that preparations should start with identifying what to study at first. The next step is to work on problem-solving by adopting smart-study techniques. Work on time management to solve MCQs fast. The final stage is evaluation & revision. Solve mock tests and evaluate your progress in preparing for the exam.

IPMAT Past Year Exam Analysis

By referring to the previous year analysis of the IPMAT question paper, candidates can get a very clear idea of aspects such as the level of difficulty of the exam, type & nature of questions asked, key topics to study etc. We are compiling some important points based on past year exam paper analysis of IPMAT for convenience of readers to understand the IPMAT question paper better.

  • The overall level of difficulty of the IPMAT paper is moderate.
  • The aim of the paper is not to test the candidate’s ability to solve difficult questions. Instead, basic level questions are asked but candidates must be able to think quickly, reason logically and solve the paper within the time limit.
  • Questions from Quantitative Aptitude are asked on very basic level Mathematics such as Ratio/Proportion, Time & Distance etc.
  • In modern mathematics, somewhat advanced level questions are asked. Important topics include Probability, Logarithm, Functions etc.
  • Succeeding in the Verbal Ability section is governed by the candidate’s proficiency in the English language. ‘
  • Questions asked in this section include basic to moderate level English such as Reading Comprehension, Synonym/Antonym, Jumbled Sentences etc.
  • The overall level of difficulty of the Verbal Ability section remains easy if candidates are proficient with concepts of the English language and their implementation.

Coaching For IPMAT 2021

It is always a good idea to get peer support to prepare for a competitive exam, especially of the level of IPMAT. By peer support, one can mean a number of things. For example, a candidate can seek guidance from someone who has already appeared in the IPMAT exam and qualified in it. In addition, one can always seek help from academic mentors. However, in most cases, candidates seek professional coaching to crack such examinations. Here are some important guidelines for coaching for IPMAT 2021.

  • The decision to seek coaching must be governed by the time left before the exam. Ask yourself do you have enough time left to get coaching? Seek coaching only if your answer is yes.
  • Even if you seek coaching, peer to peer learning is one of the best methods. So before going out to get admission in a coaching institute, ask your teacher, faculty, mentors for guidance to prepare for the exam.
  • Always pay heed to study materials. Coaching institutes often provide additional study materials. Evaluate the coaching institute by the quality of study materials provided by them for IPMAT preparations.
  • Aim to enrol in such a coaching institute which offer mock tests. Solving mock tests is a great way to prepare for an exam. Candidates must ensure that an adequate number of mock tests are offered by the coaching centre they are opting.
  • Do not solely rely on the coaching institute for your success in cracking IPMAT. Self-study is indispensable even when someone is taking coaching for the exam.
  • Set up your own milestones to achieve after you have enrolled in a coaching institute. Cooperate with mentors to ensure that these study milestones are met.

More Study Material for IPMAT 2021 Preparation 

Here are some more study materials for IPMAT 2021 Preparation

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