IIITH PGEE 2022 Syllabus – Check Subject Wise Syllabus Here

IIITH PGEE 2022 Syllabus – Students who want to pass the IIITH PGEE examination, they have to know the syllabus very well. International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Hyderabad releases the postgraduate entrance exams (PGEE) syllabus at the official website. Students can check the syllabus at iiit.ac.in. The syllabus includes topics like General Aptitude, Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering , Civil Engineering. The important topics for the IIITH PGEE 2022 examination are mentioned on this page. This examination will be held in online and it is a computer based test. Check more details about IIITH PGEE 2022 Syllabus on this page below.

IIITH PGEE 2022 Syllabus

IIITH PGEE 2022 syllabus contains two papers which are:

  • General Aptitude Paper: This paper emphasizes on Basic aptitude, Logical reasoning and basic questions on computers and mathematics.
  • Subject Paper: For subject paper, applicant should appear for one of the following subject papers based on their graduation discipline.
    1. Mathematics
    2. Computer Science and Engineering
    3. Electronics and Communications Engineering 
    4. Civil Engineering 

IIITH PGEE 2022 Overview

Check the overview of IIITH PGEE 2022 Syllabus given below.

Exam NameInternational Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad Postgraduate Entrance Exams
Courses OfferedM.Tech, MS, and Ph.D. courses
Conducting BodyInternational Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad 
Mode of examOnline Computer-based test
Syllabus General Aptitude Paper
Subject Paper
General Aptitude PaperBasic aptitude
logical reasoning
Basic questions on computers and mathematics
Subject PaperMathematics
Computer Science and Engineering
Electronics and Communications Engineering 
Civil Engineering
Official Websiteiiit.ac.in

IIITH PGEE 2022 Syllabus for General Aptitude

Students can check the IIITH PGEE 2022 syllabus for general aptitude mentioned below.

  • Basic aptitude
  • logical reasoning
  • Basic questions on computers and mathematics

IIITH PGEE 2022 Syllabus for Mathematics

Students can check the IIITH PGEE 2022 syllabus for mathematics mentioned below.

Finite Dimensional Linear Vector Space

  • Linear Independence
  • Span
  • Basis
  • Orthonormal Set
  • Gram-Schmidt Orthogo- nalization Process
  • Inner Product
  • Dual Space
  • Eigen Space
  • Rank of a Matrix
  • Cayley-Hamiltonian Theorem
  • Similar Matrices
  • Linear Operator
  • Hermetian
  • Unitary and Normal Matrices
  • Spectral Decomposition.

Group, Ring and Field

  • Basic Concepts of Groups
  • Cyclic Group
  • Closets
  • Elementary Concepts of Rings and Field

Real Analysis

  • Concepts of sets of Real numbers
  • Sequence of Real Numbers
  • Continuous and Differentiable Functions
  • Rolle’s Theorem
  • Mean Value Theorem and Taylor Series
  • Reimann Integration

Probability Theory

  • Conditional Probability
  • Bayes Theorem
  • Random variable
  • PDF and CDF
  • Moment Generating Function
  • Theoretical Distribution (Binomial, Poisson, Nor- mal, Uniform and Hyper geometric)

IIITH PGEE 2022 Syllabus for Computer Science and Engineering

Students can check the IIITH PGEE 2022 syllabus for computer science and engineering mentioned below.

  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Fundamental Programming Concepts
  • Control Flow
  • Functions
  • Recursion
  • Basic Data Structures
  • Basic algorithms
  • Boolean Algebra
  • Digital Building Blocks
  • Karnaugh’s Maps
  • Computer Organization
  • Number Systems
  • Capability to write programs in C or C++ is expected
  • Relational Databases (Functional dependencies, SQL)
  • Computer Networks
  • Operating Systems  

IIITH PGEE 2022 Syllabus for Electronics and Communications Engineering 

The electronics and communications are consist of two areas which are electronics and signal processing and communication. Students can check the syllabus below.


  • Networks – Nodal and mesh analysis, Wye-Delta transformation, steady state sinusoidal analysis, time and frequency domain analysis of RLC circuits, Laplace transformations, 2-port networks, Transfer functions.
  • Electronic Devices – Theory and Characteristics of Diodes such as Junction and Zener etc, Transistors such as BJT, JFET, and MOSFET etc, Photodiodes.
  • Analog Circuits – Small signal models and applications of diodes, BJTs, MOSFETs, Biasing of transistors, Types of Amplifiers, Op-amp circuits, Filters, Oscillators, Function generators and wave-shaping circuits.
  • Digital circuits – Boolean algebra, logic gates, Logic families, combinational, arithmetic, memory and sequential circuits, ADC, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers.
  • Control Systems – Components of control systems, Open and closed loop control systems, stability analysis, Routh-Hurwitz Criteria, Signal flow graphs, transient and steady state analysis of LTI control systems including frequency response, Root loci, Bode and Nyquist plots, lead and lag compensation, PID control.

Signal Processing and Communications

  • Signals and Systems – Classification of signals, LTI system analysis, System properties, Fourier Series, Fourier Transform, discrete time Fourier series , Laplace Transform, Z-transform, System transfer function, Fourier analysis of LTI systems, Sampling theorem.
  • Probability theory and random processes – random variables, probability distribution function, probability density function, conditional probability, Bayes theorem, central limit theorem, functions of random variables, random processes, stationary random processes, auto-correlation and cross-correlation functions, power spectrum.
  • Communication Theory – Analog and Digital Modulation and demodulation, Superheterodyne Receivers, Quantization, Line Coding, Matched filters, Receiver structures in the presence of AWGN, Probability of error.
  • Digital Signal Processing – Discrete Fourier transform, FFT, Z-transform, Z-domain analysis of LTI systems, Circular convolution, Design of digital IIR and FIR filters. 

IIITH PGEE 2022 Syllabus for Civil Engineering 

Students can check the IIITH PGEE 2022 syllabus for civil engineering mentioned below.

Engineering Mathematics

  • Determinants
  • Matrices
  • limit
  • Continuity and differentiability
  • Mean value theorems
  • Integral calculus
  • Partial derivatives
  • Maxima and minima
  • Ordinary differential equations and applications
  • Initial and boundary value problems
  • Laplace and Fourier transforms
  • Test for convergence
  • Sequences and series

Structural Engineering

  • Bending moments and shear Forces in statically determinate beams
  • Simple stress and strain relationships
  • Principal stresses
  • Mohr’s circle
  • Simple bending theory
  • Flexural and Shear stresses
  • Uniform torsion
  • Analysis of trusses and frames
  • Analysis of indeterminate structures by force/displacement methods
  • Influence lines
  • Matrix methods of structural analysis
  • Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures-Working stress and limit state design concepts
  • Design of structural members for flexure
  • Shear and axial compression-Beams
  • Slabs, Columns, Footings, Staircases
  • Design of Steel Structures-tension and compression members
  • Beam and beam-columns
  • Column bases
  • Beam-column connections
  • Plastic analysis of beams

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Design of Foundation Systems-Bearing Capacity
  • Shallow & Deep Foundations- Footings
  • Raft Foundations
  • Pile Foundations

Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering

  • Properties of fluids, fluid statics
  • Continuity, momentum, energy and corresponding equations and applications,
  • Laminar and turbulent flow
  • Flow in pipes
  • Flow measurement in channels and pipes
  • Kinematics of flow
  • Hydrologic cycle precipitation, evaporation, infiltration, hydrograph analysis, flood estimation and routing, reservoir capacity, reservoir and channel routing, surface run-off models   

IIITH PGEE 2022 Exam Pattern

The IIIT Hyderabad PGEE 2022 will be conducted in two papers and the scheme for both can be checked from below.

Mode of examonline computer-based
Type of questionsMultiple choice question
Total number of questions100
Marking scheme1 marks is given for correct answer, 0 mark is deducted for incorrect answers.
SubjectsGeneral aptitude paper, Subject paper

Best Books for IIITH PGEE 2022

Students can check the suggested books below.

  • General Aptitude: RS Agarwal or GATE book
  • Discrete Mathematics: Johnsonbaugh or Rosen
  • Digital Logic: Morris Mano or Floyd
  • Computer Organization: Hamacher or Stallings
  • Programming: C by Dennis Ritchie
  • M.Morris Mano for Computer System Architecture
  • Robert S Skiena for Algorithm Design and Analysis

Preparation Tips for IIITH PGEE 2022

Check the preparation tips below to prepare yourself more better.

  • Take the IIITH PGEE mock test to test your strengths, your weaknesses and your mistakes. Analyze them and work to improve accuracy.
  • Revise last few year question papers because technical part is mostly covered from there also get good grasp of concepts , if you prepared for IIITH PGEE you will be able to do it.
  • Practice Aptitude problems from R.S. Aggarwal / India Bix or any good Resources ,Focus more on probability, permutation and combination as these cover majority of first paper.
  • Practice English passages from India Bix or any resources available .These are really tricky to answer so practice can only help.
  • Read the paper for five minutes before you start answering. This will allow you to understand the level of difficulty. Set aside the last 5 minutes of the test to re-examine the paper.

FAQs for IIITH PGEE 2022 Syllabus

Q. What does the IIITH PGEE main syllabus?

Ans. General Aptitude, Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Civil Engineering.

Q. Where will IIITH PGEE Syllabus 2022 be released?

Ans. The authority will release the IIITH PGEE Syllabus 2022 on its official website.

Q. Does the Syllabus change every year?

Ans. No, the Syllabus is not changed frequently. 

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