IIFT 2022 Exam Day Guidelines – Do’s and Don’ts, Exam Day Process, Covid-19 Guidelines

IIFT 2022 Exam Day Guidelines – The National Testing Agency (NTA) is all set to conduct the IIFT 2022 exam on 05 December 2022. Candidates appearing for the exam are requested to follow the exam guidelines to maintain the smooth conduct of the exam. IIFT 2022 will be held in a single session. The guidelines will include instructions and do’s and don’ts that the students must follow. The guidelines will include what to carry to the exam center, events of disqualification, how to appear for the exam, etc.

IIFT 2022 Exam Day Guidelines

Download Admit Card – Candidates can view the detailed exam guidelines on their admit card. Click here to download.

It is important to know the schedule of the exam so that the candidates can reach the correct time. The detailed exam schedule of IIFT 2022 is given below for the candidate’s reference.

Exam timing – 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM (Without break)

Activity Timings
Entry into the exam center starts at8:00 AM to 9:30 AM
Last entry allowed inside the test center9:30 AM
Taking the allotted seats9:45 AM
Instructions given by the invigilators9:45 AM to 9:50 AM
Exam Instructions can be read from9:50 AM onwards
Test starts at10:00 AM
Test ends at12:00 PM

IIFT 2022 Exam Guidelines

Applicants should remember to follow the given instructions and guidelines on the day of the examination:

  • Reach the examination center half hour before the reporting time to maintain a smooth conduct of the process.
  • After reaching the examination center, the candidates have to show their admit card to the authorities on the entry gate to get inside the examination hall. Students without the admit card will not be allowed inside the test centre.
  • Candidates will be then frisked inside the exam hall. The frisking personnel will be separate for both male and female students.
  • Students possessing any of the below-mentioned barred items will be prohibited from entering the exam hall. In not doing so, the candidature of such candidates stands cancelled and they will be disbarred from future exams.
  • After the frisking is complete, candidates have to show their documents including then admit card and a passport size photograph.
  • Then, the students are escorted to their exam room and made to sit at the designated desk. The invigilator will ask the students to sign the attendance sheet.
  • Candidates cannot start the test before the alloted time i.e. 10a00 AM. The invigilator will instruct the candidates when the exam time starts.
  • Students are not allowed to leave their seats during the full duration of the exam without the permission of the authorities.
  • Applicants must read each question carefully before answering it and keep a track of time. Do not attempt a question that you are doubtful of.
  • After the completion of the test, do not move out of your seats. The invigilator will come and collect the answer sheets individually.

What to Carry in IIFT 2022 Exam Hall

Following items will be permitted inside IIFT 2022 examination center:

  • Printed copy of IIFT admit card on an A4 size sheet
  • Declaration/Undertaking form.
  • One recent passport size photograph that has to be pasted on the attendance sheet (must be same as the one uploaded during online application process).
  • Any one original and valid authorized govt. id proof like Passport (with photograph)/ PAN card / driving license / voter id / aadhar card (with photograph) / ration card / aadhar card (enrollment number).
  • PwD certificate issued by the higher authorities (if applicable)
  • Transparent water bottle (100 ml)
  • A small bottle of transparent hand sanitizer (50 ml)
  • Face masks
  • Gloves
  • Sugar supplements like fruits including banana, apple, orange (only for diabetic candidates)

NotePackaged or any other food items are not allowed inside the examination center during the paper. Activities like smoking, chewing gutka, or spitting are also strictly prohibited inside the test center.

What not to Carry in IIFT 2022 Exam Centre

The candidates are not allowed to bring the following items inside the IIFT 2022 exam center:

  • Any stationery items like printed or witten material, calculator, paper chits, geometry box / pencil box, plastic pouch, notepad, pen drives, eraser, log table, electronic pen / scanner, docu pen, slide rules etc.
  • Any communication or electronic device like mobile phone, microphone, earphone, electronic watches, calculator, bluetooth devices, or any other electronic gadget or device.
  • Other items like handbags, goggles, rings, wallets, belt, cap etc.
  • Any watch / wristwatch, bracelet, camera, hairband etc.
  • Ornaments or any metallic item.
  • Any other item that can be used for unfair means like hiding communication devices like microchip, camera, bluetooth devices, recorder etc.

IIFT 2022 Exam Day Process

After reaching the test center, candidates must locate their exam room number from the outside notice board and remember it. The security personnel at the entrance gate of the test center would also verify the IIFT 2022 admit card before allowing entry. The following process will be followed on the IIFT 2022 exam day:

1. Reaching the Exam Center

  • The candidates are to reach half an hour before the reporting time i.e 9:00 AM so that all the procedures can be followed smoothly.
  • Students have to show their IIFT 2022 Admit Card to the authorities at the gate to enter the test hall. Soft copy of the admit card will not be accepted.
  • After that, the guards will check your temperature using thermo guns. Only if the temperature is normal you will be granted permission to enter the exam hall.

2. Frisking of the Candidates

  • Applicants will be frisked with handheld metal detectors by separate male and female personnel
  • A separate booth will be present for the frisking of the female candidates. The frisking would be without any contact to maintain the Covid 19 guidelines.
  • Only the verified documents will be accepted beyond the frisking point. Any personal belongings of the students should be left outside as the exam conducting agency (NTA) would not be responsible for their damage.

3. Verification of the Documents

  • After the frisking, candidates will have to verify their documents for IIFT 2022 exam process.
  • Candidates should bring a printed copy of the admit card along with one government issued photo identification card such as driving license, aadhar card, voter Id, etc
  • The candidate’s name, photograph and signature on the photo ID card should match with the that of the admit card. The photo id card should not be damaged or incomplete.

4. IIFT 2022 Registration Process

  • After the verification, the candidates will be escorted to their exam labs where the registration process will take place. After entering the lab, students will not permitted to exit the lab before the test ends.
  • Candidate’s photograph will be captured and fingerprints will be taken on the attendance sheet along with their signature.
  • For the iris scanning, students will have to remove their glasses/contacts.

5. Commencement of the Exam

  • Candidates can login for the IIFT 2022 exam using the mouse or on-screen keyboard on their given system and verify their personal information.
  • A pen and 5 rough sheets will be provided to each candidate for doing calculations and rough work. Students must use these judiciously as no extra sheets would be provided.
  • The invigilator will read the instructions given on the test booklet before the start of the exam.
  • After understanding the instructions, applicants should agree to the declaration form and start their IIFT 2022 exam.

6. Conclusion of the Exam

  • Once the exam time has ended, the test will submit automatically. After the submission, the students can be asked to submit feedback of the exam.
  • Before exiting the exam lab, candidates have to deposit their rough sheets and pen.
  • Candidates must maintain proper social distancing and not rush while leaving the test center. If any personal belongings were deposited, the students can collect the same from the main gate.

IIFT 2022 Exam Day Covid-19 Protocols

Because of the current ongoing scenario of COVID-19, the NTA has advised the candidates to follow the given covid protocols to ensure the safety of the candidates and of those conducting the exam.

  • The seating area is properly sanitized including the exam rooms, desk, chair, etc. in advance.
  • The students will have a seating gap of 2 chairs to maintain proper precautions for COVID-19.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the test center and students will be given a separate fresh Covid masks to wear during the examination period.
  • The temperature of the students will be checked by thermo guns during the time of entry as well as the frisking.
  • All exam authorities will wear mask and maintain proper social distancing all the time.

Note: The candidates violating any COVID-19 advisories on the day of the examination will be denied permission to appear in the examination.

IIFT 2022 Exam Day Guidelines – FAQs

Ques. Can I take my bag and pencil pouch to the IIFT exam?

Ans. No, the candidates are not allowed to carry anything inside the exam hall except their admit card, passport-size photo, water bottle, and hand sanitizer.

Ques. What are the timings of the IIFT exam?

Ans. The IIFT Exam will be conducted in a single session from 10:00 AM in the morning to 12:00 PM in the afternoon.

Ques. Is a calculator allowed in the IIFT exam hall?

Ans. No, candidates are not allowed to take a calculator or any electronic/communication device inside the examination hall.

Ques. Is it compulsory to wear a mask during the IIFT 2022 exam?

Ans. Yes, a three-ply mask will be given by the authorities to the candidates before the start of the exam. The mask has to be worn by the candidate during the exam and can be taken off only after leaving the test center.

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