How to Prepare for WBJEE JENPAS UG 2022 – Strategy, Syllabus, Pattern, Last Minute Tips

WBJEE JENPAS UG 2022: The West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination Board has announced that it will conduct the Joint Entrance Test for Nursing, Paramedical, and Allied Sciences Under Graduate Courses (JENPAS UG) 2022 on 15th May 2022. It can be attended by students seeking admission into courses such as into B.Sc Nursing, BPT, BASLP, BMLT etc in the institutes within the state of West Bengal. It can prove to be a very challenging exam if attempted without preparation. So, considering the highly competitive nature of WBJEE JENPAS UG 2022, it is very important for a candidate to understand all the basic as well as relevant details regarding the exam. From this page, you can find all your answers on how to prepare for WBJEE JENPAS UG 2022.

How to Prepare for WBJEE JENPAS UG 2022?

In order to perform well in a state-level exam like WBJEE JENPAS UG 2022, a student should develop a good preparation strategy. Having the proper mindset is a crucial step for this. Here, the students will get a clear idea about the syllabus, preparation tips and exam day do’s and don’ts.

All the aspirants can get better or improve their chances of getting a good result if they follow the preparation tips given below.

  1. Familiarize with the syllabus: One of the first things to do while planning for the preparation is to know the full syllabus. This will help very much towards preparing a clear cut study plan.
  2. Create a study plan: By creating a study plan, students will be able to allot and distribute time for each subject or topic accordingly. This will make the studies more planned and consistent.
  3. Refer the right books: It is extremely important to refer to the right books specifically designed according to the syllabus of the exam in order to clearly understand all the concepts and practice questions based on them.
  4. Practice and solve mock papers: Solving mock test papers will be a huge motivation booster for the candidates as they provide a basic level of questions asked and the time limit allowed to solve each question.
  5. Revise regularly: Revision is one of the most effective ways to revisit and recollect previous topics. This is why, regular revision is essential to keep the important concepts in mind remembered.

How to Prepare for WBJEE JENPAS UG 2022 in 2 Months?

Two months can be a short period of time but it can also be utilized very effectively for thorough preparation. Given below are some tips and tricks to prepare for WBJEE JENPAS UG 2022 in 2 months.

  1. Study the textbook for Biology: All the questions in the Biology paper are asked from within the class 11 and class 12 Biology textbooks. Questions are rarely asked from outside the textbook in the case of Biology.
  2. Solve problems for Physics: In the case of Physics, mostly numericals are asked. So, solving the problems given in the textbooks will be of great help.
  3. Study the Reactions for Chemistry: Having a good understanding of the reactions and their mechanisms is very essential for scoring good in Chemistry.
  4. Practice using previous year’s papers: Solving the previous year’s papers from the last 5-10 years will give a clear idea of what to expect for WBJEE JENPAS UG 2022.
  5. Work smart: Considering there are few months left to prepare, smart work is more important than hard work. Instead of trying to cover the whole syllabus hurriedly, identify the strong points and try to concentrate on them.
  6. Take Mock tests: Taking mock tests with a time limit is extremely important. Try to answer as many questions as possible.
  7. Prepare yourself: Prepare yourself mentally to always be aware of the time spent on a single question. Train yourself to leave and move on to the next question if a question is taking up too much of your time.

WBJEE JENPAS UG 2022 Exam Pattern

Here is an overview of the WBJEE JENPAS UG 2022 Exam pattern:

  • From 2022 onwards, the paper will have 2 papers. Paper 2 is for admission into BHA course and Paper 1 is for all other courses.
  • The questions will be objective-type, with 4 options each.
  • The question paper will be available in English and Bengali language.

Click here to download the new WBJEE JENPAS UG 2022 exam pattern.

WBJEE JENPAS UG 2022 Syllabus

The WBJEE JENPAS UG 2022 exam syllabus for Paper 1 (for all courses other than BHA) will be in tune with the Class 11 and 12th class syllabus of the recognised board / councils of India.

In case of Paper 2 (For BHA course), the content of Physical Science and Mathematics shall be based on 10th class curriculum of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education and other equivalent boards / councils of India. The content of GK, Logical Reasoning and English will be in tune with the 12th class curriculum.

Click here to check WBJEE JENPAS UG 2022 syllabus.

Best Books to Prepare for WBJEE JENPAS UG 2022

Candidates can check the books given below to prepare well for WBJEE JENPAS UG 2022.

Name of the BookLinks
Jenpauh Entrance Exam Guide BookCheck Here
Jenpauh & Evets Entrance PracticeCheck Here
Santra JENPAS & EVETS Entrance Practice (English Version)Check Here
JENPAS UG Guide Book (Bengali Version)Check Here

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Last Minute WBJEE JENPAS UG 2022 Revision Tips

Since the JENPAS UG 2022 exam has a vast syllabus, it is important that the students revise or at least skim through every topic that has been studied around 2 weeks prior to the exam date. So, here are some of the tips which will help the candidates to revise well:

  1. Go through every topic: No matter how lengthy or how small the topic is, make sure to at least skim through every section studied so far. This will help in knowing the in-depth knowledge of the easier topics. Besides this, it will also help in getting a good measure of the level of difficulty of certain topics.
  2. Make short notes: Noting down important formulas and equations will be extremely helpful in remembering them and applying them to solve questions quickly. It will also help save time if certain formulas have to be looked up again.
  3. Strengths and weaknesses: Identifying strong and weak areas is perhaps the most important aspect of preparation for any competitive exam. This can be achieved with the help of thorough revision just 10-14 days before the exam.
  4. Concentrate on strengths: Time is a very important factor in this exam as every student must try to solve as many questions as possible. The number of questions completed matters. So, instead of trying hard to solve a question from a weak area, focus on trying to solve multiple questions from a strong area.
  5. Train yourself: Prepare your mind to move on to the next question if the current question is proving to be time consuming, and practice accordingly.

Get WBJEE JENPAS UG Previous Year Question Papers Here

FAQs on How to Prepare for WBJEE JENPAS UG 2022

Q. Is the JENPAS exam and the JENPAUH exam the same?

A. The JENPAUH exam is now renamed as the JENPAS-UG.

Q. Are external books good for reference while preparing for JENPAS 2022?

A. Yes. Referring to external books to practice the topics can be very beneficial.

Q. How can I complete syllabus on time?

A. In order to complete syllabus on time, please understand the concept of the important topics right from the beginning. Give yourself daily or weekly targets to complete the preparation from a particular subject.

Ques. How can I prepare for WBJEE JENPAS UG 2022?

Ans. In order to prepare for WBJEE JENPAS UG, solve the previous years question papers in order to know what type of questions come in the exam. Also, keep on revising on daily basis. Complete the syllabus 2 months before the exam and keep the last month for revision purposes only.

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