How to Prepare for TS Ed CET 2022 – Know Syllabus, Pattern, Books, Tips

How to Prepare for TS Ed CET 2022 – Right Preparation plays a vital role in the preparation and is the key to success. A well-planned preparation is very necessary to score fair marks in the exam. A proper preparation strategy is very necessary to score fairly well in the exam. By following a good and proper preparation strategy candidates are also stress-free and do not panic at the end. TS Ed CET 2022 is organized to grant admission into B.Ed course in the state Telangana. With this many candidates might be searching for preparation tips for TS Ed CET. In the same line, here we have provided tips on how to prepare for TS Ed CET 2022, which will help the candidates to score fairly well in the exam.

How to Prepare for TS Ed CET 2022

TS Ed CET is a highly competitive exam in nature. But, at the same time, the exam is not very tough to crack, if the preparation is done in the right manner. Here we have provided some of the tips that candidates can follow for TS Ed CET.

TS Ed CET 2022 Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Knowing the exam pattern is mandatory before beginning the exam preparation. TS Ed CET will be conducted in online mode, i.e. it will be a Computer Based Test (CBT). The questions in it will be asked in MCQ type. A total of 150 questions will be asked in the exam. For every correct answer, 1 mark will be awarded. There is no negative marking in case of a wrong answer.

How to Prepare for TS Ed CET 2022 Mathematics?

Mathematics is a very crucial and important subject and one needs to prepare well for any competitive exam. For many, maths is a tough subject, and they search for a proper solution to solve it. Maths being a very scoring subject, candidates need to prepare it well for the exam.

  • Right Practice is the key to get success in the Mathematics exam, the more you practice the more you is the chance of selection.
  • Practice previous year’s question papers rigoursly. This will help you to know the pattern of the type of questions that can be asked.
  • Make a proper list of formulas and short tricks. By this you can memorize and revise this any time you want.
  • Do not try to cover the whole syllabus in one go, select one topic and then prepare it. If you prepare topic one by one, it will be much easier.

How to Prepare for TS Ed CET 2022 Social Science?

Some of the Social Science tips that will help the candidates are as follows. In the social science paper, questions will be derived from sections like physics and chemistry, and biology.

  • To prepare for this section, candidates should have their concepts clear.
  • Make notes and prepare accordingly. Making notes helps in doing revision in a easier manner.
  • Make notes for formulas for the physics as well as chemistery section. By noting down the formulas, it becomes easy to memorize them.
  • Start with one topics at a time and finish it then. Do not move onto the next one without finishing the topucs that you have already started.

How to Prepare for TS Ed CET 2022 Social Study?

Social Study is also a very crucial and scoring subject. The whole subject comprises of learning mugging up. Some of the tips for TS Ed CET are:

  • Be aware of the current affairs everyday to know about any recent developments in the Social Issues topics. Read newspapers like The Hindu, The Economic Times, and Business Standard. They have a good and knowldgeble content. Many people who preapare for competitive exam, they read these newspapers.
  • Read editorials of newspaper. Editorial is the crux of whole newspaper. By reading the editorial, candidates will have a good and sufficient knowledge of the current happenings.
  • Prepare short notes on current affairs related to the syllabus. Revise your notes thoroughly and start to give sectional mock tests.
  • Write and memorise the dates for the sections of history. This helps in memorising the dates and also helps at the time of revision.
  • Make notes and dont just mug up. Understand the facts. Understanding will help in memorising in more efficint manner and you will remember things upto more time.

How To Prepare For TS Ed CET 2022 Teaching Aptitude?

Candidates appearing for the B.Ed exam have to appear for the Teaching Aptitude paper as well. Some of the tips to prepare for it are:

  • Before begning the preparation, candidates should update themsleves accordingg to the latest syllabus and if their is any change in it.
  • Complete study notes based on the latest syllabus. Study and make notes according to it. Making notes is always advisable as it helps in memorising in a more good manner.
  • Teaching aptitude is based on how to teach in the class and how to deal with classroom problems. Candidates who clear the exam will become teacher after this. So, they should be logical and should have out of the box thinking. For this, they should solve brainstorming questions and solve MCQ questions.
  • Candidates should also solve previous year question paper to have a clear idea of the questions and exam pattern.

Important Books For TS Ed CET 2022

Some of the books that candidates can consider for TS Ed CET are as follows:

Book nameBuy
Study Package B.Ed Entrance ExaminationBuy Here
Ed-Cet Social StudiesBuy Here
B.Ed. Entrance Exam GuideBuy Here
General Science Book {based on NCERT,RBSE,MPBSE books(class 6 to class 10 and special topic class 11 &class 12)along with {Classwise notes,500+ MCQ’s, Numerical questions}} for Competitive Exams – UPSC/Railways/SSC/Banking/Defense/Insurance/Coaching exams/Science Olympiad.Buy Here
Teaching Aptitude & Teaching Attitude: For All Teachers Recruitment Examinations (Old Edition)Buy Here

About TS Ed CET 2022

TS Ed CET is organized for candidates who want to pursue a B.Ed course in the state of Telangana. TS Ed CET will be held in CBT mode. The exam will be for 2 hours and a total of 150 questions will be asked in the exam. The exam is expected to be held in the month of August 2022.

FAQs On TS Ed CET 2022 Preparation

Q. How do I prepare for TS Ed CET 2022?

Ans.  Candidates must try to prepare for exams as early as possible and must try to prepare their schedule accordingly and start following it on the daily basis. Candidates must study the previous year’s Question Papers and try to solve the complete paper within to pace up their speed.

Q. What is TS Ed CET 2022 for?

Ans. TS Ed CET is organized for candidates who want to pursue a B.Ed course in the state of Telangana.

Q. In which mode TS Ed CET 2022 will be conducted?

Ans. TS Ed CET will be held in CBT mode. (Computer Based Test).

Q. From which section the questions will be asked in TS Ed CET?

Ans. The questions in TS Ed CET will be framed from sections like general awareness, teaching aptitude, social science, social studies, etc.

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