How to Prepare for Rajasthan BSTC 2022 – Know Syllabus, Pattern, Books, Tips

Rajasthan BSTC 2022 – Preparation is very essential to score good marks in exams. In order to prepare well for any exam, a candidate needs to have a proper preparation plan. A planned study and preparation for Rajasthan BSTC will help in clearing the exam with good marks. By doing the right preparation candidates are stress-free and do not panic at the last moment. As Rajasthan BSTC 2022 is soon approaching, here are some tips on how you can prepare for BSTC and pass with good marks.

How to Prepare for Rajasthan BSTC 2022

As per reports, around 7-8 lakh candidates appeared for the BSTC exam in 2021, which makes this exam very competitive in nature. It is evident, that the competition level being so high, the preparation for Rajasthan BSTC should be done in a correct and rightful manner to succeed fairly well in the exam. Here, we have tried to give some preparation tips, that may help in the preparation process.

Rajasthan BSTC 2022 Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Knowing exam patterns is a must for candidates planning to appear for Rajasthan BSTC 2022. The Rajasthan BSTC will be held in offline, i.e. pen and paper mode. The exam will be for three hours and questions will be asked in Multiple Choice Question (MCQs). A total of 200 questions will be asked in the exam for a total of 600 marks. For each correct answer, 03 marks will be given. There is no negative marking for the wrong answers in BSTC.

The section-wise distribution of marks are as follows:

SectionsNo. of questionsMarks
Mental Ability50150
General Awareness of Rajasthan50150
Teaching Aptitude50150
Language Ability



How to Prepare for Rajasthan BSTC 2022 Mental Ability

Mental ability is an important section of the Rajasthan BSTC exam. Mental ability involves all kinds of reasoning, verbal and non-verbal. It is important to prepare for this section is a good way as many candidates do the mistake of not taking the reasoning section very seriously and preparing for it thoroughly. The reasoning is one section in which a candidate can gain good marks if he/she prepares for it in a nice manner. In order to prepare for mental ability, candidates should try and solve more and more brainstorming and mind-exercising questions. A lot of books related to the BSTC mental ability preparation are available in the market, candidates can take help from them, along with this, there are many online tutorial videos as well, that teach for this section. Candidates can take help of these too.

How to Prepare for Rajasthan BSTC 2022 GK Section

In the General knowledge section of BSTC, questions are asked only from the general knowledge of Rajasthan. Candidates are supposed to prepare and study the general knowledge of the Rajasthan state. The questions will be asked from geographical aspects, folklife, social aspects, art, and culture, tourism, etc. Candidates should thoroughly prepare about the general awareness of the Rajasthan state. Some question-related to the General awareness question of last year are as follows, candidate can take reference of these questions to prepare further:

  • Q. राजस्थान का कोनसा प्रदेश भु प्रकृति प्रदेश प्रवाह का क्षेत्र है ?
  • Q. कोन्सा अभयरण राजस्थान का मृगवन कहलाता है ?
  • Q. राजस्थान में दलडाली भूमि को क्या कहा जाता है ?
  • Q. ब्रजकला की 11वीं 12वीं शताब्दी की मूर्तिकला भगनवेश बदमेध की किस जिले में आज भी देखी जा सकती है ?
  • Q. राजस्थान में किस जनता की जनसांख्य सर्वाधिक है ?
  • Q. मीनाकारी गेहने कहाँ बनाया जते हैं ?
  • Q.  राजस्थान में किस देवता का संगीत सबसे लंबा है ?

How to Prepare for Rajasthan BSTC 2022 Teaching Aptitude

As is evident from the name, the teaching aptitude section judges the mental level and capacity of the candidate who will be becoming a teacher in near future. It judges them on the basis of how well they will handle the classroom situation and how creative and out-of-the-box their thinking ability is. There is no set of certain topics that are to be studied, but only the basic ones. The question that will be asked in this section will not be very tough, candidates just need to think much logically and practically when solving this portion. The candidates require to solve the question from the viewpoint of the teacher. Books related to the teaching aptitude section are available in the market.

How to Prepare for Rajasthan BSTC 2022 English

The English section in BSTC is the compulsory section that needs to be solved by all. This section carries 20 marks. There are many candidates who might face problems in the English language. English is one such language that demands regularity and consistency. For beginners or mid-level learners, it is very important to be persistent and regular in it. If at all you are not revising on a daily basis what you have learnt, you will never be thorough at it. For the English section, start with the very basic topics, like sentence formation, spotting errors or the verbs and prepositions, etc. The syllabus of the whole English section is also not very difficult to prepare. You can also take the help of youtube videos for the preparation.

How to Improve English for Rajasthan BSTC 2022

In order to improve the English language below are some tips that will the candidates who wish to apply for Rajasthan BSTC 2022:

  • Read the engilsh news paper daily. It helps in improving and enriching the vocabulary.
  • Try to by heart some important grammer rules and basic tenses, like past tense, present tense, future tense, etc.
  • Revise frequently, whatever you have learnt and self evaluate. By se;f ecaluation, you will get to know what more you need to prepare.
  • Practise the prevous year paper of english, by this you will know how much you have learnt and what more is left out to prepare.

How to Prepare for Rajasthan BSTC 2022 Sanskrit

The syllabus for the Sanskrit language is very basic. Only the basic Sanskrit grammar shall be asked in the paper. But, unlike Hindi and English, many candidates do not find Sanskrit very easygoing. The words, pronunciation of words, grammar, etc is entirely different and at times, it is difficult to memorize. To prepare for the Sanskrit section of BSTC, one must begin with the very basic topic or the one they find easy. The easy and difficult sections may vary from person to person. Questions will be asked based on synonyms, antonyms, gender, verbs, pronouns, etc. To prepare for the Sanskrit part and memorize it well, it is advised that the candidates should write and study. When we write and learn anything, we are able to remember it for a longer period of time. Also, by writing, it will be clear how to write the words in Sanskrit.

How to Improve Sanskrit for Rajasthan BSTC 2022

Some points to help in improving the grammar for BSTC are:

  • It has been known that sanskrit is a very scoring subject, apart from you preapare it fairly well.
  • The key to improve and fetch the good marks Sanskrit is grammer.
  • It does not require a lot of work. Once the concepts are clear, it becomes much esay to learn.
  • Practice the question papers frequently along with some mock tests. It helps in improving in a better way.
  • Learn and by heart all the sandhis, samas upsarg, etc. It will aslo help in fetching marks.

How to Prepare for Rajasthan BSTC 2022 Hindi

Candidates who will opt for the Hindi section will have to prepare from topics like synonyms, antonyms, one word for many words, sentence corrections, idioms, phrases, etc. Preparing for the Hindi section is not very difficult as these are majorly the topics that many candidates must have studied in class 10th, 11th, or 12th. However, you just need to revise and mug it up again.

How to Improve Hindi for Rajasthan BSTC 2022

  • Read hindi comprehensions, i.e. books/stories/essayes/etc.
  • Read hindi newspaper daily. This will help in improving the hindi vocabulary.
  • Practise more and more previous year papers, as it will help in self evaluating the preparation and you will know what nad how much you need to prepare more.
  • Learn thouroughly, the idioms, pharses, synonyms, antonyms, etc.

Important Books for Rajasthan BSTC 2022

Given below is the list of some of the books as suggested by the experts and toppers. Candidates can refer to these for their preparation.

Lakshya PRE BSTC 2021 Buy Here
Pre BSTC Guide With Free Solved Paper Buy Here
Rajasthan BSTC (Pre D.El.Ed.) Exam 10 model test papers Buy Here
Rajasthan BSTC (Pre D.El.Ed.) Guide 2021 with free Solved papers  Buy Here
Rajasthan General Knowledge: An Introduction  Buy Here
Samanya Budhi  Buy Here
Teaching Aptitude & Teaching Attitude Buy Here
Lucents Rajasthan General Knowledge Buy Here
Lakshay Rajasthan 2020-21 Bhag 2 – Rajasthan ki Kala, Sanskriti vya Itihas Buy Here
Rajasthan BSTC 3 in 1 Super Set 2021 (Pre D.El.Ed.) ( Guide, Solved and Model Papers) ( 3 Books) Rai Publication Pre BSTC 2021Buy Here
Lakshya PRE BSTC 2021 with Sanskrit bhasha Best book for BSTC exam with latest and complete syllabusBuy Here

Rajasthan BSTC 2022 Exam Preparation Tips

Given below are some of the tips, that candidates can follow to fetch good marks in the BSTC exam:

  • Follow a schedule: It is very importnat to make a schedule and follow it. Making a good schedule is important so that it helps with the preparation. By following a time table, one can fix time that they want to give to each section. This do not create the confusion and every section gets and equal time.
  • Start with the difficult section first: It is always advisable to pick the difficut section first to start with he preaparation. If the candidates starts off with the difficult section first, he/she has enough time left at the last to revise them. Many times candidates do this mistake of keeping the difficult topics for last, and then they dont have enough time left at the last to prepare for it. Therefore, one should start with the difficult topics first.
  • Creative and Out of the box thinking: As the Rajasthan BSTC exam is conducted for teaching course, candidates must be creative and should have an ability to think out of the box. The course demands the candidates to work on their communication skills, and on being professionally and socially sensitive at the the same time.
  • Enhancing the thinking skills: Candidates should enhance their thinking skills, as BSTC exam will have questions from Culture, History, Political Science etc. The focus should be on the current affairs, Arts, History, etc included in teaching course. Learning these will help in answering the questions faster.
  • Follow the syllabus: Following the syllabus is a key to ace the preaparation. A clear knowledge of syllabus is important as by it, one gets to know, what to study and how much to study.
  • Practise the Previous Year Question Paper: Solving the previous year qusetion paper is essential as it gives you a fair idea about the how the question will be asked, difficulty level and what is the pattern of the exam. Solving the question paper also helps in analysing the preparation level.

FAQs on How To Prepare For Rajasthan BSTC 2022

Q. How do I prepare for Bstc?

Ans. Candidates must try to prepare for exams as early as possible and must try to prepare their schedule accordingly and start following it on the daily basis. Candidates must study the previous year’s Question Papers and try to solve the complete paper within 3 hours(Exam duration).

Q. What is the course of BSTC?

Ans. BSTC stands for Basic School Teaching Course. The Department of Elementary Education of Rajasthan conducts the BSTC exam for enrolling students in the D. El. Ed course.

Q. What are the sections of BSTC?

Ans. The BSTC consists of four major sections: mental ability, teaching aptitude, General Awareness, and language ability.

Q. In which mode will the BSTC 2022 take place?

Ans. The BSTC will take place in offline mode, i.e. pen and paper mode.

Q. How many seats are there in Bstc Rajasthan?

Ans. As all of you know the BSTC exam has successfully over on 31st August 2021. If we discuss the BSTC exam and its seat allotment process then the Rajasthan Secondary Education Council has reserved a total of 16,000 Seats for the Diploma Course.16-Oct-2021

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