How to Prepare for PGIMER B.Sc Nursing 2022 – Check Tips, Books, Exam Pattern Here

How to Prepare for PGIMER B.Sc Nursing 2022 Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education Research, Chandigarh conducts PGIMER B.Sc Nursing entrance exam for admission into 4 year B.Sc Nursing course and Post Basic B.Sc Nursing course (2 year). To prepare for PGIMER B.Sc Nursing 2022, students should know some basic details of the examination which are given here. To crack any examination, it is important to follow a proper preparation strategy. This includes completing the syllabus on time, knowing the exam pattern, solving previous years question papers etc.

PGIMER B.Sc Nursing 2022 examination is conducted to fill 93 seats in B.Sc Nursing (Only for female candidates) and 62 seats in Post-Basic B.Sc Nursing (co-ed) courses. Also, the level of questions asked for the examination for B.Sc Nursing is based on their 10+2 syllabus and the level of questions asked for Post Basic B.Sc Nursing are based on their Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) syllabus. Check the detailed preparation tips for PGIMER B.Sc Nursing 2022 here.

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How to Prepare for PGIMER B.Sc Nursing 2022

The preparation for PGIMER B.Sc Nursing requires students to put in their constant efforts, time, and energy. It also takes students to spare extra time for their preparation. So, to make the preparation of the students more effective and simple, here are some preparation tips for healthy and progressive exam preparation.

  • Say bye to stress – Don’t stress yourself too much, during the preparation. As many studies prove that stress drains up your energy. This may sound absurd, but it is not and is also it is the most effective preparation tip to give a student.
  • Focus on your health – Eat and sleep well during your preparation. Usually we skip our meals and sleep to study extra time, which has adverse effects on our health. So, don’t skip meals and focus on your health too. This is a most important tip during the exam preparation, which is why it is most repeated in our preparation tips.
  • Stay positive – Stay optimistic and happy throughout your preparation. As we all know the law of attraction states and proves that positive thoughts will attract positive results. So, staying positive during your preparation will give you nothing but the best results.
  • Explain the studied concepts to someone – Do you know teaching someone can actually retain the information in your brain for long time? So, this time while preparing for an exam try teaching difficult topics to your friends, family or even try teaching to yourself looking to yourself in the mirror, which will definitely work and improve your memory.

PGIMER B.Sc Nursing 2022 Exam Pattern

Check PGIMER B.Sc Nursing 2022 exam pattern given in brief here for gaining more understanding on how to prepare for the examination.

The mode of exam is online which is a computer-based test and the exam duration is 90 minutes which is One and Half Hours. The exam paper consists of all Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and is given in the English language.

The question paper consists of a total of 100 questions which are for 100 marks. That means for each correct answer 1 mark is awarded and For each wrong answer, 0.25 marks will be deducted.

Both exam papers for B.Sc nursing and Post Basic B.Sc nursing are given a 100 marks question paper which consists of 100 questions and these questions are taken from the given exam syllabus.

Distribution of B.Sc Nursing questions

SubjectNo. of questionsMarks
Biology 2525
GK / Current Affairs1010

Distribution of Post Basic B.Sc Nursing questions

SubjectsNo. of questionsMarks
Scientific Principles Applied in Nursing Practice &
Trends in Nsg.
Medical Surgical Nursing (Including Anatomy & Physiology)2020
Child Health Nursing1515
Community Health Nursing including Nutrition1515
Obstetric Nursing and Midwifery1515
Mental Health Nursing1515

PGIMER B.Sc Nursing 2022 Syllabus

Given below is the PGIMER B.Sc Nursing 2022 syllabus. The candidates appearing for the exam must be aware of the syllabus in advance. So, here is the syllabus for the entrance exam.

Syllabus for B.Sc Nursing:

This syllabus is based on the topics from the student’s 10+2 course.

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • English
  • General Knowledge/Current Affairs

Syllabus for Post Basic B.Sc Nursing:

This syllabus is based on the topics from the student’s Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) course.

  • Scientific Principles Applied in Nursing Practice & Trends in Nursing Specialist Group (NSG)
  • Medical Surgical Nursing (including Anatomy and Physiology)
  • Child Health Nursing
  • Community Health Nursing including Nutrition
  • Obstetric Nursing and Midwifery
  • Mental Health Nursing
  • General Knowledge

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PGIMER B.Sc Nursing 2022 Interview Tips

Few days after the declaration of the result, selected candidates based on the merit list will be invited for an interview., which will decide their admission into Post Basic B.Sc Nursing and B.Sc Nursing courses in National Institute of Nursing Education. So, here are some interview tips.

  • Before attending the interview, gain complete knowledge on Nursing courses and about the Nursing institute. As, the interviewers may pose questions on this to test your knowledge on their college and courses.
  • On the interview day dress well, stay confident and maintain a smile on your face throughout the interview.
  • During the interview, maintain eye contact with the interviewer and display confident behaviour through out the interview.
  • Follow the interview etiquette completely, and answer to the questions asked, clearly.
  • Display good interpersonal and communication skills throughout the interview.
  • Research on most commonly asked interview questions for PGIMER before attending the interview.
  • Also at the end of the interview the interviewer may tell you to ask them any questions. Be prepared beforehand, with two or three questions on their college or courses to ask them in the interview. This will mark a good impression and also show the interviewer, how desperate you are to join the nursing course in their institute.

Important Books for PGIMER B.Sc Nursing 2022 Exam Preparation

We have given here some study material links for the PGIMER B.Sc Nursing 2022 exam preparation subject-wise here which would help you in the exam preparation.

Here are some online links to download the online study materials of NCERT for the preparation of the PGIMER B.Sc Nursing 2022 examination.

NCERT BooksLinks
NCERT Biology Text Book (10+1)Check Price Here
NCERT Biology Text Book (10+2)Check Price Here
NCERT Physics Text Book Check Price Here
NCERT Physics Text Book Part 1 (10+2) Check Price Here
NCERT Physics Text Book Part 2 (10+2) Check Price Here
NCERT Chemistry Text BookCheck Price Here
NCERT Chemistry Text Book 12th classCheck Price Here

Here are some online links to buy the study materials for the preparation of the PGIMER B.Sc Nursing 2022 examination.

Name of the bookLink
General Knowledge by Manohar PandeyCheck Price Here
Medical Surgical NursingCheck Price Here
A Guide To Mental Health & Psychiatric NursingCheck Price Here
Textbook of Midwifery and ObstetricsCheck Price Here

Toppers Preparation strategy for PGIMER B.Sc Nursing 2022

Here are some toppers strategies for PGIMER B.SC Nursing 2022 examination.

  • Many toppers have said that, the best strategy any student can have is staying determined and consistent thorough out the exam preparation.
  • Also many toppers have stated that scheduling and managing their time according to the given syllabus would be the best strategy to ace any exam. So, follow the syllabus and then make a time-table as per it.
  • Another strategy of the toppers is, not to rush during the preparation. But understanding each and every topic well giving every topic required amount of time, which will definitely give the good results in the examination.
  • Revising previous year question papers and solving the MCQs in the question papers will definitely help to score good in the exam according to the toppers.

Exam Day Pointers for PGIMER B.SC Nursing 2022

Here are some strategies for the exam day of PGIMER B.SC Nursing 2022.

  • Always double read the given questions: Give yourself time as soon as the exam starts and double read each and every question to understand the given questions completely. This will help you to enhance your thinking, manage your exam time well and would most probably will let you mark the correct answers.
  • Start answering the easiest questions first: This means start answering the easiest and well known questions first and save the difficult questions for answering later. You would have so much time to think and answer these questions, after answering all the easiest questions first. So, don’t waste your time answering difficult or not so very well known questions first, you can answer them later.
  • Go with the odd answer if you don’t know the answer: Suppose if there is a unknown question in the question paper, read all the options carefully and mark on the odd option which isn’t related to the topic from which the answer is given. You may not be aware of the correct answer, but surely you will be aware of some basic concepts of the topic from which that question is given. This strategy works well in most of the cases, so take a chance if you would like to!
  • Don’t panic, just relax and trust yourself: Don’t panic after seeing the question paper. Try to relax yourself and trust yourself and answer all the questions with confidence.

And always remember how you have prepared for the examination will not decide your result, but how you attempt the examination on the exam day will decide your final result. With this, best of luck for your exam.

FAQs on How to Prepare for PGIMER B.Sc Nursing 2022

Ques. How do I prepare myself for the exam day?

Ans. On the exam, day stay relaxed, trust yourself, take the admit card, valid ID proof, and a pen with you and attempt the exam confidently with a positive outlook.

Ques: What is the B.Sc Nursing(4 years) course syllabus in the exam based on?

Ans. The B.Sc Nursing (4 years) course syllabus is based on the topics studied by students in their 10+2.

Ques. What is the duration of the PGIMER B.Sc Nursing 2022 examination?

Ans. The duration for PGIMER B.Sc Nursing 2022 examination is for one and half hours or 90 minutes.

Ques: What type of questions are asked in the exam?

Ans. The test comprises multiple-choice questions.

Ques: How many questions are there in the exam?

Ans. There are 100 questions in the test.

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