How to Prepare for NEET MDS 2022 – Study Plan, Books, Crack Exam in First Attempt

How to Prepare for NEET MDS 2022 – NBE conducts NEET MDS for admission into MDS courses at 50% All India Quota seats, state quota seats, private dental colleges, institutions and universities all across the country except AIIMS, New Delhi. Via NEET MDS 2022, admission is also given in MDS courses at Armed Forces Medical Services Institutions.

Preparing for the NEET MDS test is no cakewalk. It demands the students to first observe the previous year’s papers and then create a plan that would help them during the preparation period. The biggest difference between the students who qualify for the NEET MDS test and those who don’t is largely in the manner they approach the subjects throughout the preparation process. So, here one can check what should be preparation technique to crack NEET MDS in the first attempt.

How to Prepare for NEET MDS 2022?

Divide your preparation process into shifts:

First Shift: First Reading

  • Set performance objectives
  • First of all, prepare those subjects with maximum weightage
  • During this period, focus on clarifying your basic concepts
  • Study for 6-8 hours everyday and make schedule daily and weekly and monthly
  • Register for classes to clarify doubts
  • Do not study for a longer stretch of time
  • Take the breaks as needed
  • Go through the fundamental books as studied during BDS
  • Make notes at the same time
  • Leave aside the minor and minor issues throughout this stage
  • Don’t pull all-nights, mornings are the ideal time to understand new concepts

Second Shift: Review

  • Review the subjects for practical learning
  • Follow a schedule
  • Start solving mock tests and solve questions from the previous years. Also, self-evaluate
  • Emphasize on those subjects you left out in your first reading

Third Shift: Revision

  • Review the subjects learned in all your months of preparation
  • Solve more and more MCQs
  • Emphasise the examination pattern further and rehearse how mistakes can be avoided through mock testing
  • Check your week topics and focus on improving your strengths further

Fourth Shifts: Revise and Practice

As practice makes a man perfect, try revising as much as you can and practice. At least revise for 4-5 times before exam. That will boost your confidence and enhance your skills.

General Preparation Tips for NEET MDS 2022

Here are some tips you should keep in mind for fruitful preparation:

  • Know the exam pattern properly.
  • Properly understand the syllabus and keep a proper track.
  • Study using the appropriate time chart.
  • Analyse your capacity and according divide the syllabus.
  • Daily revision of the concepts is a necessary part for preparation of any exam. So, revise regularly.
  • Practice daily and as much as possible.

NEET MDS 2022 Exam Pattern

There will only be Multiple Choice Questions with only single correct answers in the test. You are required to select the appropriate choice and mark it with a checkmark.

Mode of examComputer-based mode(CBT)
Duration3 Hours
Total No. of questions240 question
Sections 2 (Part A -100 Q and Part B- 140 Q)
Marking scheme 4 marks will be awarded for one right answer
25% negative marking- 1 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer

Distribution of questions

Part A General Anatomy including embryology and histology
General Human Physiology and Biochemistry
Dental Anatomy, Embryology & Oral Histology
General Pathology and Microbiology
General and Dental Pharmacology and Therapeutics
General Medicine
General Surgery
Part B Dental Materials
Oral Pathology and Oral Microbiology
Oral Medicine and Radiology
Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry
Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics
Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge
Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Public Health Dentistry

NEET MDS 2022 Syllabus

Aspirants are recommended to go through the NEET MDS examination syllabus, as it is simple to distinguish between the subjects and themes to study because the syllabus is known. The syllabus plays a vital role in enhancing the level of preparation for the test throughout the preparation for the NEET MDS exam 2022.

The curriculum for the test is that of BDS and covers all the topics/syllabus taught at BDS as prescribed by the DCI Revised BDS Course Regulations.

Important Books for NEET MDS 2022

NEET MDS (Master Dental Surgery) Exam | 8 Full-length Mock testsCheck Price Here
Made Easy for MDS Paper I ExaminationCheck Price Here
Dental Exam Series Last Minute Revision Points for NEET-MDSCheck Price Here
TARGET MDS NEET Pattern Question Bank Check Price Here

Preparation Tips for NEET MDS 2022

One needs to have a proper strategy for preparation to crack the exam. Here are some smart tips for acing NEET MDS 2022.

Learn how to handle time:

A timetable is a necessity for preparing NEET MDS 2022. You have to make sure you rigorously follow the schedule. In order to minimize monotony, it should be changed every 2-3 months. The routine cannot change and might lead to boredom and loss of attention.

Check what you’ve learned to date:

The few minutes before you shut the light off is a great moment to remember. Learning before sleep enhances memory retention substantially – therefore, if you get snuggled up in bed, read the main information, equations, or vocabulary quickly. 

Eat good food:

Good health is required for more efficiency and better learning. Eat healthy food and stay healthy. Being sick can reduce your concentration power and thereby can affect your studies badly.

Don’t get too confident:

Confidence is very important to appear for an exam but overconfidence can be toxic for you. Have confidence in your preparation and skills but never think that you are superior.

Learn about your errors:

Work to rectify your errors by using frequent testing and experimenting to produce a tailored plan that suits you best.

Keep a balance between old and new:

You come across many of the topics which were left behind throughout the UG degree as you start your NEET MDS preparation. Prepare and concentrate on a list of these subjects. But devote just 60% of your time to these subjects. Maintain the remaining 40% for revision. Take the time between the new subjects and those you have already studied.


FAQs on How to Prepare for NEET MDS 2022

Ques. What is the process of admission into NEET MDS course?

Ans. You are required to clear the computer-based exam conducted by NBE.

Ques. Who conducts NEET MDS 2022 exam?

Ans. The National Board of Examinations (NBE) conducts the entrance exam of NEET MDS.

Ques. Can I prepare for NEET MDS 2022 in 8 months?

Ans. Yes, with full dedication and proper time investment in self-study, you will crack NEET MDS 2022 exam.

Ques. What should be the strategy to prepare for exam?

Ans. Keep a proper knowledge of exam pattern and process. Make a time-table and complete the syllabus on time. Also, revise on a daily basis.

Ques. From where should I practice for NEET MDS 2022 exam?

Ans. You can also buy books online of famous authors and sample question paper for exam. Practice previous year questions to know the pattern and type of ques asked.

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