How to Prepare for IIMC Entrance Exam 2022 – Know Study Plan, Tips, Syllabus Here

How to Prepare for IIMC Entrance Exam 2022 – IIMC entrance exam is a national-level test that is held once a year and is conducted entirely online. The preparation for IIMC entrance exam can be done by choosing the right study material and preparation strategy. The appropriate study material and preparation method can help you pass the IIMC Entrance Exam 2022. Candidates must prepare effectively, comprehend the instructions thoroughly, understand the IIMC exam pattern, marking scheme, and syllabus, and most importantly, put in enough of effort and dedication in order to pass the entrance exam. Check the detailed strategy on how to prepare for IIMC entrance exam 2022 from this page.

How to Prepare for IIMC Entrance Exam 2022?

The IIMC Entrance Exam 2022 is a highly competitive national entrance exam for which many students compete for admission to the IIMC. In order to score well and qualify, aspirants who are taking the entrance exam should have a strategy and goal in mind.

A. The IIMC Entrance Exam Pattern is something you should know about: The first and foremost thing which candidates must be familiar with is the exam format. The time, mode, and media of the admission exam, the number of questions that will be asked, and the weightage of the marks should all be known.

B. Learn about the IIMC Entrance Exam Scoring System: Students should be familiar with the entrance exam marking scheme in addition to the exam pattern along with negative marking

C. The IIMC Entrance Exam Syllabus is important to know

  • Make a list of topics that have to be studied.
  • Based on your previous experience, divide the topics into easy and challenging categories.
  • Make a list of the themes with the highest weightage.

D. Study the Preparation Books: To comprehend the kind of questions asked in the exam, it is recommended that you obtain at least two to three preparation books.

E. Create a schedule: Time management is one of the most critical aspects of studying for an admission exam. Candidates must design a schedule for how much content they will cover on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

F. Read previous years’ question papers and practise with sample papers and mock tests: Solving question papers, sample papers, and mock tests is the finest way to learn about one’s skills and shortcomings. You can also figure out the best method so that when you go to take the IIMC Entrance Exam 2022 without any difficulty.

IIMC Entrance Exam 2022 Pattern

The National Testing Agency (NTA) establishes the entrance exam pattern for each programme at IIMC. The test is two hours long. The IIMC test is held on a national basis. The IIMC entrance exam schedule is set up in such a way that two independent Entrance Exams will be held on the same day in two separate sittings. One for PG Diploma in Hindi Journalism, PG Diploma in English Journalism, PG Diploma in Public Relations & Advertising, and PG Diploma in Radio & Television.

Another will be for journalism courses in regional languages (Odia, Marathi, Malayalam and Urdu). The pattern for IIMC Entrance Exam 2022 is listed below:

CourseNo. of QuestionsMarks
For applicants of Four Courses other than Regional Language Journalism courses100 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on General Knowledge & 
General Aptitude including a few general questions from the field of Media & Communication. Questions will be bilingual — English & Hindi. 
100 marks
Regional Language PG Diploma Journalism courses (Odia, Marathi, Malayalam and Urdu)100 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on General Knowledge & General Aptitude including a few general questions from the field of Media & Communication. Questions will be in respective regional language. 100 marks

IIMC Entrance Exam 2022 Syllabus

The college has designed a syllabus for the IIMC Entrance Exam 2022. Candidates interested in taking the IIMC Entrance Exam should familiarise themselves with the national-level entrance exam’s syllabus.

There will be 100 marks of exam and which will be online CBT – Computer Based Test and pattern of the questions will be the MCQs which will cover the topics given below

  • General Awareness, including the current trends in social-political-economic sphere.
  • India’s socio-political-cultural history, legal and Constitutional provisions, Rights of Citizens,
  • India’s developmental issues – economy, infrastructure, health, education, environment, science and technology etc.
  • Global developments and their impact on India
  • Awareness about media scene in India
  • Reasoning, Aptitude and mental make up
  • Language and expression skill
  • Literature, Cinema and Cultural scene
  • Analytical and comprehension skills
  • Ethics and values
  • Social Consciousness
  • Lateral thinking capabilities
  • General awareness about the field of Media & Communication

IIMC – Journalism Programme

Candidates who are willing to apply for the IIMC Journalism programme, should go through the following list so that they can have the fair idea regarding the subjects to be read.

  • Analytical & Comprehension skills
  • Sensitivity and Social Issues
  • Ethics and Values
  • General Awareness
  • Language capability including oral and writing skills
  • Aptitude and mental make-up

IIMC – Advertising and Public Relations

Candidates who are willing to apply for the Advertising and Public Relations programme, should check the following list of subjects to get clarity regarding their exam pattern

  • Language Capability
  • Brand Awareness
  • General awareness about development and public issues
  • Lateral thinking capabilities
  • Social Consciousness
  • Analytical and Comprehension skills

IIMC Entrance Exam 2022 Preparation Tips from Toppers

Given below are some of the tips from the toppers of IIMC entrance exam 2022.

  1. Students should have the through knowledge of entrance exam.
  2. Understand the concepts as good command to the subject is necessary. Note-taking is one of the most important habits to develop from the start. This will not only help you stay up with the class and understand the material better, but it will also keep your mind alert and focused. Taking notes is one of the most effective methods to keep your mind active.
  3. Setting short-term goals and studying every day not only keeps you on track with your education, but it also keeps you organised.
  4. Knowing where you stand, what your talents are, and how much effort you need to put in to get to the top will help you realise how much more determination is required at the time of preparation.
  5. Keep in mind that every hardship contains the potential for success. As a result, you should keep pushing yourself and trying until you succeed.

FAQs on How to Prepare for IIMC Entrance Exam 2022

How to crack IIMC Entrance Exam 2022?

Before beginning their test preparation, aspirants must have a thorough understanding of the syllabus and exam format. It is critical to have a thorough understanding of the IIMC 2022 syllabus, as well as the appropriate literature and study materials, in order to pass the IIMC entrance exam.

Which are the best books for preparing IIMC Entrance Exam 2022 test?

Some of the popular reference books one can use during IIMC Entrance Exam 2022 are: Popular Master Guide for Journalism & Mass Communication Entrance Examination, Handbook of Mass Communication (Theory and Practice), Mass Communication Journalism Entrance Examination of All Indian Universities, Success Master: Journalism & Mass Communication Entrance Examinations and etc.

What is the mode for IIMC Entrance Exam 2022?

The mode for IIMC Entrance Exam 2022 is Online mode with Multiple-choice question (MCQ) format with a total marks of 100.

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