How To Prepare for EAPCET 2021? Topic Wise Weightage

Almost 2 lakh students appeared for the Engineering stream in EAPCET in the last year. Whereas, 87,637 students appeared for Agriculture and Pharmacy stream. To get a good college in Andhra Pradesh, the candidates must get a good rank in EAPCET 2021. The preparation for this exam requires smart work more than the hard-work. So, it is advised to start the preparation as early as possible. The exam basically tests the knowledge level of the candidates. Hence, it is advised to focus on understanding the basics first and then, move on to solving the questions. Check the preparation tips for EAPCET 2021 given below on this page.

How To Prepare for EAPCET 2021?

To develop a strategy on how to prepare for EAPCET 2021, let us first start with knowing the exam. This includes knowing the pattern, the EAPCET syllabus 2021, and the important topics that come in the exam. Read below to know all about AP EAPCET 2021 and how to prepare for it.

EAPCET 2021 Exam Pattern

Check the exam pattern for EAPCET 2021 given below.

Mode of exam: The exam is held in computer-based mode

Duration: The duration of the test is 3 hours

Type of questions: The test comprises multiple-choice questions

No. of questions: There are 160 questions in the test

Medium of entrance test: The question paper contains questions in Telugu and English languages only.

Marking scheme: 01 marks is given for each correct answer. There is no negative marking for the wrong answers.

Distribution of questions

Mathematics / Biology80

AP EAMCET 2021 Chapter-Wise Weightage

To get a good rank in AP EAPCET 2021 result, candidates must work a bit smartly. Therefore note these important chapters from each subject of AP EAPCET and prepare them on priority.

Important Topics for Chemistry

States of Matter 1
Atomic Structure2
Chemical Kinetics1
Surface Chemistry1
d and f block elements02
s block elements2
Chemistry in Everyday Life1
Haloalkanes and Haloarenes01 or 02
Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers1
Carboxylic Acids1
Aldehydes and Ketones1
Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen02
Atomic Structure02
Periodic Table01
Hydrogen and its Compounds1
Chemical Bonding01 or 02
Chemical Equilibrium & Acids and Bases03
Solid State 1
p-block elements (13 and 14)03
Organic Chemistry14
Physical Chemistry13
States of Matter 01 or 02
Stoichiometry01 or 02

Important Topics for Physics

Waves and Sound2
Ray Optics and Optical Instruments2
Wave Optics1
Electric Charges and Fields1
Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance2
Moving Charges and Magnetism1
Magnetism & Matter1
Electromagnetic and Induction1
Alternating Current 1
Electromagnetic Wave1
Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter1
Semiconductor Electronics1
Communication Systems 1
Physical World1
Units & Measurements1
Motion in a straight line1
Motion in a plane 1
Laws of motion1
Work, Energy and Power1
System of Particles1
Rotational Motion2
Mechanical Properties of Solids1
Mechanical Properties of Fluids1
Thermal Properties of Matter2
Kinetic Theory1
Heat Transfer1

Chapter-Wise Weightage for Mathematics

ChapterNo. of questions
Complex number3
Quadratic Equations2
Theory of Equations1
Binomial Theorem2
Matrices & Determinants3
Permuation and Combinations3
Measures of Dispersion2
Partial Fractions1
Coordinate System2
Change of Axis1
Straight Lines2
Pair of Straight Lines2
System of Circles1
Vector Algebra8

How to Prepare for EAPCET 2021?

By qualifying EAPCET 2021, the candidates can take admission in the courses like B.Tech, B.Sc (Agriculture), B.Sc(Horticulture), B.V.Sc & AH, B.Pharm, Pharma D etc. Given below are some preparation tips for EAPCET 2021.

  • Make a plan before starting the preparation and follow it. Target 2 subjects in the initial months and be through with them. Then, pick up the next subject. A good preparation plan should be like this: select a chapter >> go through concepts and formulas >> solve 3-4 previous year question papers and take help of EAPCET answer key >> solve some extra questions >> revise important and formulas.
  • Be thorough with the formulas of important topics. For this, use handbooks and formula books.
  • Solve all the questions from your 12th class textbooks and then, move onto the reference books. Refer the previously made notes to understand the concepts in a better way.
  • It is advised to solve previous 5-6 years question papers. This will help in knowing the type of questions that come in the exam. Also, through these papers, one can get to know about the weightage of topics and difficulty level of questions. Solve previous years JEE Main and NEET papers as well.
  • Give mock tests frequently. One will get to know about time management and other things for the exam by solving the mock tests. Set a timer while solving the mock test and complete it within 3 hours.
  • Revise the important topics on a regular basis.

Subject-Wise Preparation Tips

  • Physics: For Physics, make your basics strong and also try to memorize some of the formulas as some questions in the test are directly formula-based.
  • Mathematics: For Mathematics, focus on learning the concepts of important topics. This section requires a lot of practice. So, solve sample papers and previous years question papers.
  • Chemistry: For Chemistry, try to read each line of your 12th class textbook carefully. Memorize all the equations in Inorganic and Compound names.

Appearing for EAPCET this year, download the EAPCET admit card 2021. Without the admit card card, candidates cannot enter the exam centre.

Best Books for EAPCET 2021

Check the books given below that can be referred for preparation of EAPCET 2021.

Andhra Pradesh EAMCET Chapterwise Solutions
Mathematics for 2021 Exam
Check Price Here
Mathematics for Class 12 (Set of 2 Vol.) Examination 2021-22Check Price Here
Coordinate Geometry by SK GoyalCheck Price Here
Vectors and 3D GeometryCheck Price Here
Concept of Physics Part-1 & 2 Check Price Here
Junior Intermediate MATHEMATICS Paper-1ACheck Price Here
EAMCET Chemistry Andhra
Chapterwise 28 Years’ Solutions and 5 Mock Tests
Check Price Here
Understanding Physics – Advanced Optics & Modern PhysicsCheck Price Here
Problems In GENERAL PHYSICSCheck Price Here

FAQs on How to Prepare for EAPCET 2021

Ques. Is AP EAMCET easy?

Ans. As per the inputs of the students from the previous years, some questions asked in the exam are tricky. The exam is also considered lengthy. However, when it comes to the difficulty level, it is less tougher than other entrance exams like JEE, VITEEE, BITSAT.

Ques. How to score 140 marks in AP EAMCET 2021?

Ans. First of all, complete the syllabus. Refer your 12th class notes and understand the concepts and noteworthy points of important topics. Then, solve last 5-6 previous years question papers. Be disciplined, while you are preparing for the exam. Refer good study materials and take small breaks while studying.

Ques. Which books should I refer for EAPCET 2021?

Ans. For EAPCET 2021, you can refer RD Sharma’s class 12th books, HC Verma’s Concepts of Physics, Physical Chemistry by I.E Irodov etc. Also, it is advised to complete reading your NCERT books first.

Ques. Is it possible to prepare for EAPCET 2021 without coaching?

Ans. Yes, you can prepare for EAPCET 2021 without coaching. To get a good rank, know the important concepts of each subject, solve questions on them, practice solving paper on time etc.

Ques. How can I improve my AP EAMCET rank?

Ans. To get a good rank in AP EAMCET, revise the important topics on a regular basis. Start revising the syllabus of AP EAMCET one month before the exam date. Do not comprise on your health while preparing for the exam. Be disciplined when it comes to studying for the exam. Give equal time for the revision of each subject.

Ques. What are the qualifying marks of AP EAMCET?

Ans. To qualify AP EAMCET, the candidates need 25% of the maximum marks.

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