How to Prepare for CAT 2021 in 14 days – Important Topics, Time Table, and Tips

How to Prepare CAT in 14 Days – Only two weeks are left for the CAT exam, so the candidates need the execute the final part of the strategy. The last 14 days are the best time to brush up on their knowledge in these last few days. This year 2.31 lakh students have registered for CAT 2021. These last weeks are precious and every second counts so you should know how to utilize it in an efficient way. In this article, the candidates can refer to the preparation strategy in the last 14 days, timetable, section-wise strategy, etc.

How to Prepare for CAT 2021 in 14 days

Before we move on to the preparation strategy, it is very important to know the exam pattern of CAT 2021. The Candidates can refer to the below-mentioned table.

Duration120 minutes
SubjectsVerbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC)
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR)
Quantitative Aptitude (QA)
Sectional Time limit40 minutes for each section
Total Questions65-70 (expected)
Marking scheme+3 For correct answers (MCQs & TITA)
-1 For incorrect answers (MCQs only)
No negative marking for TITA
Question type MCQs & TITA
No. of answer/choices4

14 Days Time-Table for CAT 2021

This is the 14 days time-table which the candidates can follow in their last days strategy to crack the CAT exam –

RCMock Tests
14 40 min40 min – DI
40 min – LR
30 min30 min1 mock every day

CAT Preparation Plan for 14 Days

Aspirants can refer to the following points for the section-wise 14 days preparation plan. Before that go through the general preparation strategy given below.

  • Over-look the entire syllabus so that no topic is left untouched.
  • Do not start with a new topic now. Just see what all you have covered and what not. Avoid temptation to start a new topic. Instead Practice random questions with your favourite topics.
  • Have the Revision note-books handy with you.
  • Attempt mocks and practice it with setting a timer.
  • Make a analysis of the mocks which you gave, take some time for it.
  • You should know which area of your topic strong and which is not which is very important to make a strategy according to it.
  • If you have done 60-70% of syllabus also you are good to go.
  • Pick the real CAT mocks and solve as much as you can.

Quant Preparation in 14 Days

  • Revise your formula notebook everyday.
  • Apply shortcuts at the time of practicing the question.
  • Practicing on identifying the right type of questions which help you score marks during exam strength areas.
  • Focus on the algebra, arithmetic questions which comprises a lot of weightage. Try to solve atleast 300 questions in the last 14 days.
  • In the Number system and Geometry solve 75 questions each i.e 150 questions in 14 days.

DILR Preparation in 14 Days

  • Revise the process of solving different types of Caselets.
  • Solve past LR-DI sets which have caselets combining LR-DI both.
  • Focus on eliminating the options while solving the questions.
  • Try to solve 75 new sets of LR-DI in the last 14 days.
  • From the linear, circular, matrix arrangements try to solve 4-5 sets from each of these.
  • In the Games and tournaments try to solve 10 sets in those 14 days.
  • In the venn-diagrams solve atleast 10 sets.
  • In the DI sets in the pie-charts, bar-graphs, line-graphs, bubble-charts, etc solve 14 sets.

VARC Preparation in 14 Days

  • Solve 5 Reading Comprehension every day.
  • Solve 5 Para-jumbles each day
  • Try to Solve 5 para-summary and 5 out of context questions every day.
  • Choose your strength is it VA or RC.
  • Don’t avoid reading newspapers, editorials, books, in the last 14 days.

Important Topics for CAT 2021

Knowing and Preparing for the important topics is very important to give the exam. So here few topics which are important or the exam point of view are given with their expected number of questions which the candidates can refer to –


Important topicsExpected Number of QuestionsDifficulty-level
Arithmetic 7-8 QuestionsModerate
Algebra5-7 QuestionsModerate
Number System3-4 QuestionsModerate
Geometry & Mensuration6-8 QuestionsModerately Difficult


Important topicsExpected Number of QuestionsDifficulty-level
Seating Arrangement4-7 questionsModerately Difficult
Data Sufficiency3-5 questionsModerate
Graphs Related, Caselets7-8 QuestionsModerately Difficult
Blood Relations2-3 QuestionsModerate


Important topicsExpected Number of QuestionsDifficulty-level
Reading Comprehension Passages17-20 QuestionsModerately Difficult
Para summary2-4 QuestionsModerate
Para-jumbles2-4 QuestionsModerate

Mock-Test Strategy for Last 14 Days in CAT 2021

  • Do the revision of last mock tests which you have already given.
  • After it you can try solving new mocks.
  • In the last 4-5 days dont attempt any new mock as you should be high in confidence.
  • Before it you can solve 4-5 mocks atleast in those days.
  • Mark the questions which needs to be reviewed.
  • Identify the questions of high accuracy.

FAQs – How to Prepare CAT in 14 Days

Is it possible to prepare in the last 14 days of CAT 2021?

You can go through the topics which you know and revise all of them and try to focus on the topics which cover more weightage instead of solving the other ones, Attempt mock tests and make an analysis of them.

Which are the most important questions quant to revise in the last 14 days?

Focus on the geometry, arithmetic, and modern maths section which are very important from the exam point of view.

Is it compulsory to take coaching in these last few days?

No, it is not compulsory it totally depends on you. If you want to clear any doubts or solve mocks in the coaching to see the competition level there you can do so otherwise you can practice by yourself.

How many RC’s should be solved in the last 14 days of the exam?

You can solve 70-75 RC’s in the last 14 days of the exam.

What should be the mock strategy in the last 14 days of CAT 2021?

Do not try any new mocks in the last 4-5 days before it you can solve mock every alternate day and make an analysis of it.

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