How to Prepare for CAT 2021 in 2 Months – Important Topics, Time Table, and Tips

How to Prepare for CAT 2021 in 2 Months – 2.31 lacs have registered for CAT 2021. Many of these candidates are preparing for CAT 2021 for months. Preparation of CAT 2021 in 2 months is a very tough thing to do but one can do it by making every second count. On this page, candidates can look for the preparation strategy to crack CAT 2021 in 2 months. Besides, that candidates can refer to this page for section-wise strategy, important topics, etc.

Latest – CAT 2021 admit card will release on 27 Oct 2021. Know details here.

How to Prepare for CAT 2021 in 2 Months

Before starting the CAT 2021 preparation candidates must know the exam pattern. Candidates can refer to the below information for CAT 2021 exam pattern.

  • IIM Ahmedabad has announced that the number of questions across all sections will be reduced in CAT 2021. This step is taken by keeping in mind that last year students complained about less time to complete the exam.
Exam ModeComputer-based test
Duration120 minutes
Sectional Time limit40 minutes for each section
No. of questions65-70 (expected)
Marking scheme+3 For correct answers (MCQs & TITA)
-1 For incorrect answers (MCQs only)
No negative marking for TITA

CAT Preparation Plan for 60 days

  • Attempt a mock test and analyse its result to see where you stand at the preparation level. Analyse your strenghts and weaknesses from the mock test.
  • Create a timetable and include time for section wise preparation, mock tests. Allot more time to the weakest section.
  • Give at least 2-3 hours daily for each section.
  • 2 hours of study must be sllotted to mocktests and after that analyse your mock tests clearly.
  • In the first 10 days clear all the basic concepts of QA and verbal ability.
  • Attempt the mock test by experimenting various staretgies and finalize one strategy for exam day which seems most helpful.
  • In the last 10-15 days try to attempt 50% questions of the paper, do not try to attempt all the questions of CAT.
  • Avoid attempting all mock test from a single resource, attempt mock tests of different coaching institutes like T.I.M.E., IMS, Career launcher, CATKing etc.

2 Months Study plan for CAT 2021

RCMock TestsMock test analysis
1st month2 hours1 hour – DI
1 hour – LR
1 hour30 minutes1 – 1.5 hours30 minutes
2nd month3 hours2 hours – DI
1 hour – LR
30 minutes1 hour3 hours15 minutes

VARC Preparation in 60 days

  • In CAT 2020 almost 70% questions in VARC section was of reading comprehension. This can be assumed for this year too that more than 60% of questions in VARC will be of RC.
  • Candidates who are starting the preparation right now they can start preparing small topics like para summary, para jumbles, out of context.
  • For RC improve your reading speed by reading editorial, blogs, articles.
  • In free time solve scrambles, crossword puzzles as this will help in improving the vocabulary.
  • Solve at least 10-12 RC questions everyday.

DILR Preparation in 60 days

  • The best way to prepare DILR in 60 days is by giving mocks daily. Pick a set from Data interpretation and logical reasoning each daily and solve them.
  • Start by solving just 2 set of data interpretation and 2 set of logical reasoning in 2 hours. By this you would be able to solve to at least 240 sets in 60 days.
  • As you progress, increase the number of sets per hour in DILR.

Quant Preparation in 60 days

  • For quant focus on these 3 topics – Arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. 60% of questions in quant are from these sections.
  • After clearing the basic concepts start practicing questions from previous year papers.
  • You have to solve at least 15-18 questions in quant to clear 99% percentile so do not spend more than 3 minutes in quant questions as only 40 minutes are allowed for quant.
  • Revise the tricks, shortcuts, and formulaes as it helps in making the calculations faster.

Important Topics CAT 2021

Candidates do not need to prepare for every topic in CAT syllabus 2021. They can achieve 90-95 percentile just by preparing for the topics from where most questions are asked. You can refer to the following information for section-wise important topics in CAT 2021.

Important topics in Quant CAT 2021

TopicExpected number of questionsDifficulty level
Basic arithmetic8-13 questionsModerate – hard
Geometry / Mensuration5-8 questionsModerate – hard
Algebra5-7 questionsModerate – hard

Important topics in VARC CAT 2021

TopicExpected number of questionsDifficulty level
Reading comprehension (RCs)15-20 questionsModerate – hard
Para-jumbles2-4 questionsModerate
Para summary2-4 questionsModerate

Important topics in DILR CAT 2021

TopicExpected number of questionsDifficulty level
Seating Arrangement4-7 questionsModerate – hard
Graphs related questions4-7 questionsModerate – hard
Tables and Caselets3-5 questionsModerate – hard
Data sufficiency3-5 questionsModerate – hard

FAQs about How to Prepare for CAT in 2 Months

Q. How to prepare for CAT in 2 months?

A. Start with going through the basic concepts in QA and VARC, for DILR practice questions from the mock test. Attempt 1 mock test daily, if not possible make sure you give 3-4 mock tests in a week. Only prepare the important topics for each section.

Q. Is it possible to study for CAT in months?

A. Yes, it is possible to study for CAT in 2 months, there are many students who have cracked this examination in 2 months of preparation.

Q. Is it possible to crack CAT without maths?

A. No it is not possible to crack CAT without maths. Quant is the most important section in CAT 2021, and usually, it has the most number of questions than other sections.

Q. Are two months enough to crack CAT 2021?

A. Competition in CAT 2021 is very high as 2.3 lacs students have registered for the examination. Many of them are preparing for it for months or years. But if you are ready to give your whole time in these 60 days for studies then it is possible to crack the exam.

Q. Should I take coaching in the last 2 months for CAT?

A. It is not necessary to take coaching in the last 2 months but many coaching institutes run their own crash courses which could help in preparation. You can take coaching to make your basics clear and then practice questions and mock tests on your own.

Q. What are the important topics for quant in CAT?

A. More than 60% of the question in quant usually comes from these 3 sections – arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. You should prepare for these topics in quant.

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