How to Prepare for AAFT Entrance Exam 2022 – Check Study Plan and Last Minute Tips Here

How to Prepare for AAFT Entrance Exam 2022: AAFT Noida conducts AAFT Global Entrance Exam (AAFT GEE). The Entrance Exam is for other candidates who wish to pursue various courses at AAFT Noida. Candidates can get admission to various Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Diploma, and short-term programs. Many courses offered by AAFT Noida include B.Sc./M.Sc. in Cinema, Data Science, and Designing etc.

There is a famous saying by Denzel Washington, “I say luck is when an opportunity comes along and you’re prepared for it.” AAFT Noida provides candidates with the opportunity to follow their passion. It has so many courses to choose from. The candidates must be prepared for AAFT GEE. Candidates should put in the effort and prepare well for this Exam. They should also be confident about the Interview process. In order to prepare for AAFT entrance exam 2022, the candidates must have a well-defined strategy. This might include creating a time table, completing syllabus 6 months before the exam, solving the questions to have a better idea about the exam etc. Candidates should refer to the article below to know how to prepare for AAFT entrance exam 2022.

How to Prepare for AAFT Entrance Exam 2022

The key to scoring well in the Entrance Test and performing well in AAFT Global Entrance Exam is to have confidence in oneself. Candidates should know what they are doing is the best for their future. Follow the following tricks to perform well in AAFT GEE.

  • Be clear about the Basics: Since there is no syllabus defined for the Entrance Test, candidates should know the basics. The entrance test will contain questions as per the course opted by the candidate. Thus, candidates should know enough about the course and subjects they have applied for.
  • Finding right preperation material: You can only have the right preperation if you have the appropriate study material. Books, video lectures, preparation videos, etc. everything should be in place. Candidates can do this by talking to the alumini of AAFT Noida, talk to other aspiring candidates or finding the videos that guide them the best.
  • Don’t Panic: Consider this entrance test as one of the stairs which would you one step closer to your dream. You just need to believe in yourself, and think that you’ll get through this. Think positively. Don’t think otherwise or panic during the entrance test or the interview.
  • Never be afraid to follow your Passion: You might feel under pressure while preparing for AAFT GEE. But don’t be afraid. You know you have chosen the best for yourself and follow what you want. Imagine your future being the best and according to what you want.
  • Be prepared for the interview: Candidates will have to give a personal interview after they clear the entrance examination. The Interview will be held either online or directly. Candidates should know about their course, why they want to be a prt of the course at AAFT Noida, etc. They should appear prepared and confident in front of the panel of interviewers.

AAFT Entrance Exam 2022 Syllabus

Candidates will have to give AAFT Global Entrance Test to get into AAFT Noida. The questions in the Entrance Exam will be based on the course the candidate has opted for. Here is what all candidates should know about AAFT Noida Admission 2022 Syllabus.

Having ground knowledge about the course is also very important as questions will be based on them. As a aspiring candidate, you must already know what you want to become in future and should showcase that you are working for it.

AAFT Entrance Exam 2022 Exam Pattern

AAFT GEE 2022 will include two rounds to get admission to AAFT Noida. Candidates would have to first clear the Entrance test and then a Personal Interview. Here is what you should know about the Exam Pattern of AAFT Noida.

  • Entrance Test: Candidates will have to give an online Entrance Test. Entrance Test will contain objective-type questions as per the course opted by the candidate.
  • Personal Interview: All candidates who clear the Entrance Test have to give a personal interview. The interview will be held either directly or online. Candidates should be prepared well for the Interview.

Best Books to Prepare for AAFT Entrance Exam 2022

Candidates should always choose the right books when they start preparing for any Entrance Exam. Here is a list of Books that the candidates can use to study for the AAFT Global Entrance Test.

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Journalism and Mass Communication 2022Check Price Here
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Last Minute Tips for AAFT Entrance Exam 2022

Here are some last-minute tips for candidates who wish to appear for AAFT Entrance Exam 2022. These tips will prove to be helpful for the candidates 10 days before the Examination.

  • Go through main topics: At the last minute, it is best to go through the key topics. These topics will most likely be there in the Exam and by revising them, you get pretty good chances of scoring well in AAFT Entrance Exam 2022.
  • Mind related Questions: There will be Multiple Choice questions in AAFT Entrance Exam 2022. You can find MCQs related to your field just before the Exam. Solving these questions will help you build confidence in yourself.
  • Practice giving an interview: You can practise giving an inteview in front of a mirror or with your family members. You can prepare questions for the interview and answer them. This will make you ready for it.
  • Learn to leave an impression: The best way to clear an interview successfully is by showing your best in it. In addition to that, leaving a good impression on the interviewer will work in your favour in increasing yours odds.
  • Don’t overstress: Just before an exam, appearing candidates should keep in mind that they don’t overstress. They should keep staying tension free, eat and sleep well, and study as much as they can for the Exam.

FAQs on How to Prepare for AAFT Entrance Exam 2022

Ques. AAFT Noida offers admission in what fields?

Ans. AAFT Noida offers admissions to various courses in Cinema, Journalism, Music, Data Science, etc.

Ques. What is the frequency of AAFT Noida Admission?

Ans. For Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses, the admission process takes place once a year. For Diploma and Short term courses, admissions are taken twice or thrice a year.

Ques. How to prepare for AAFT Noida Admission 2022?

Ans. Candidates should be confident about the course they have chosen, they should find the right study material. They should also make sure to prepare well and remain positive throughout the preparation, entrance test, and interview process.

Ques. How to find the best books for the preparation of AAFT GEE?

Candidates should search and find the books that are related to their field the best. For AAFT Noida admission, having some knowledge about the course and knowing what you want is enough. You should believe in yourself, find books for the same, and you’ll do great in AAFT GEE.

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