GITAM GAT 2021 Desktop / Laptop, Mobile App Manuals

GITAM GAT 2021 Desktop / Laptop, Mobile App Manuals have been released. Students who will appear in the GITAM Admission Test (GAT 2021) on computer or laptop should go through the instructions of desktop / laptop manual. Whereas those who will take the test on mobile phone should read the mobile manual. Candidates can appear for GITAM GAT 2021 from their homes or any safe and secure place via laptop or android mobile phones. The login credentials have been sent to the candidates one day prior to the exam schedule at their registered email address / mobile number. Check the detailed steps to appear for GITAM GAT 2021 via laptop / mobile.

GITAM GAT 2021 Desktop / Laptop, Mobile App Manuals

GITAM GAT 2021 Desktop / Laptop ManualClick Here to download
GITAM GAT 2021 Mobile ManualClick Here to download

GITAM GAT 2021 exam guidelines for the remote proctor test are now available. Check here.

Take GITAM GAT 2021 demo test. Click here.

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Pre-Requisites Before Giving GITAM GAT 2021

Before appearing for the test, the candidates must download CoCubes Assessment app from google play store (for mobile users). Also, make sure the login credentials are handy as after the start of the test, any other application cannot be accessed. Make sure that laptop / mobile phone is charged.

For Laptop / Desktop

  • Google Chrome should be updated.
  • Disable Antivirus, Screensavers, Ads notifications.
  • Allow Google Chrome to give access to microphone and webcam to
  • Make sure that the webcam is working properly.
  • The internet connection must be there with 1MBPS speed.

For Mobile

  • Google Chrome version must be latest.
  • Front / back camera must be working properly.
  • Uninstall True caller app from the mobile.
  • The mobile app does not function on Apple devices so use Android phones only.
  • Disable notifications from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp during the exam.
  • Put the phone on ‘Do not Disturb’ mode.
  • Before every assessment, make sure to clear Cache from CoCubes Assessment.
  • Make sure the audio and video of the mobile phone can be accessed by the app.

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How to Give GITAM Admission Test 2021 Via Laptop?

1st step: Open Google Chrome.

Then go to and enter all the required details like application number, password and passkey.

2nd step: Then, click on the ‘start assessement’ button.

3rd step: Now, a pop up will appear asking the access to Webcam and Audio for proctored assessment. Click on the ‘accept’ button.

4th step: Then, the platform will check the specifications of the system. Click on the ‘start now’ button to proceed.

5th step: Allow if any pop-up appears. Then, sit in front of the webcam and let it capture the photograph. If in case, photo is not taken properly, re-click the photo by clicking on the ‘click again’ button.

6th step: Once the photo is captured properly, click on the ‘start test’ button. Now,a pop-up will appear. Click on the ‘Enable full screen’ button.

How to Appear for GITAM GAT 2021 via Android Mobile Phone?

Check the step-by-step process to appear for GITAM GAT 2021 through android mobile phone.

1st step: Open the CoCube Assessment app and click on Give Permissions button after reading the message.

2nd step: Allow the platform to access the following things.

3rd step: Grant the permission of allow the display of the assessment over other apps.

4th step: Next, go back and open the app.

5th step: Next, enter gat2021 in all small letters without any space. Click on the ‘continue’ button.

6th step: Then, enter the application number, password and passkey. Click on the start assessment button after entering the details.

7th step: Read the instructions for online proctoring and click on the ‘Accept’ button. After this, the system will do an infrastructure check and displays a message as ‘You are good to go’.

8th step: Click on the ‘start now’ button and proceed further.

9th step: Allow access to webcam or microphone if a pop-up appears.

10 step: Then, sit in front of the camera and the photo will be captured. Click on the ‘proceed’ button once the photo is taken.

FAQs on GITAM GAT 2021 Desktop / Laptop, Mobile App Manuals 

Ques. Can I give GAT 2021 through iphone?

Ans. No, you cannot appear for the test through iphone. The test can be given by android phone only.

Ques. Which app should I download before appearing for the test?

Ans. Download CoCubes Assessment app from Google Play store.

Ques. When can I login for the test?

Ans. You can login for the test anytime on 22-26 May from 9.00 AM – 4.00 PM.

Ques. How can I login at the time of the test?

Ans. You are required to login using the application number, password and passkey sent to you.

Ques. What are the basic requirements to appear for GITAM GAT 2021 via phone?

Ans. Make sure that the phone is on Do Not Disturb mode. Install the latest version of Google Chrome. The camera of the phone must be working properly (front / back). Also, disable true caller, whatsapp, instagram, facebook notifications during the exam.

Ques. What to do if there any technical glitches during the exam?

Ans. If there are any technical glitches during the exam, please contact 8880884000.

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