GATE ECE Paper Analysis 2021: No MSQs, Exam Lengthy

GATE ECE Paper Analysis 2021 – GATE 2021 EC paper review is now available below. As per the initial reaction of the students the paper was tough and lengthy. There were no MSQs in the EC paper. However, there were many NATs. There were questions from Analogue, EDC, Network, Rectangular Wave Guide, etc. Check the detailed GATE ECE Paper Analysis 2021 here.

GATE ECE Paper Analysis 2021

GATE paper: Electronics and Communication Engineering (EC)
Date of exam: 07 Feb 2021
Paper Analysis available for: Session 2

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GATE ECE Paper Analysis 2021 As Per Student Reaction

Difficulty level: The paper was tough but lengthy

  • There were many NATs. There were 30 to 35 NATS.
  • There were no MSQs.
  • There were 25-30 MCQs

Topics asked: Analogue, EDC, Network, Rectangular Wave Guide, Transmission Line, Random Process, Active Filters, Special Aptitude, COA, Transient.

Check the weightage of the topics below:

Topics1 mark questions2 marks questionsTotal marks
Network Theory2512
Digital Circuits339
Control System125
Electronic Device226
Analog Circuit327
Signal and System4310
Engineering Maths5413
General Aptitude5515

GATE ECE Paper Analysis from Last Year

To know how was the GATE EC paper last year, read below

Digital Circuits – In this topic total 5 question were asked. These were of around 9 marks, from:

TopicsMarks of the questionLevel
Sequence and circuit2Easy
Number system1Easy
A to D convertors2Easy
Static Timing Analysis2Difficult

Network Theory – The questions from this topic were easier, in comparison to previous year questions and total 4 questions were asked in the exam.

TopicsTotal questionsLevel
Sinusoidal Steady State2Easy
Linear 2-port network1Easy
Network theorem1Easy

Electromagnetic theory – From this topics total 5 questions were in the exam. 2 questions were of 1 mark and 3 were of 2 marks. Hence, a total of 8 marks were covered from this topic.

TopicMarks of questionLevel
Vectrol Alegbra1Easy
Transmission lines1Easy
Smirth Chart2Easy
Uniform TIN view2Easy
Antenna Theory2Easy

Electronic Devices and circuits – Around 5 questions of moderate difficulty level came from electronic devices and circuits.

Semicondutor basicsEasy
Solar CellAverage
MOS capacitorDifficult
Capacitance of a DiodeAverage

Microprocessor – As per the GATE EC analysis by Made Easy, only 1 question was asked from this topic and it was of 1 marks. The level of difficulty was easy.

Control System – Around 6 to 7 question were asked from control system and these were from:

Root LocusEasy
Steady state errorEasy
Frequency responseAverage
Nyquist plotAverage
State place analysisAverage

Engineering Mathematics – 3 to 4 questions were asked from engineering mathematics and these were of around 11 marks. These were asked from following topics.

  • Probability
  • EMD
  • Calculus

Signal and System – The level of the questions from this topic is average. In the exam 3 questions of around 6 marks were asked, from these topics:

  • Fourier transform
  • Z-transform

Analog Circuit – From this sections total 7 questions were asked. There were 3 questions of 1 marks and 4 questions are of 2 marks.

BJT amplifier1Average
Voltage doubler1Easy
Series regulator1Average

Communication system – This year, 6 questions were asked from communication system.

Analog communications2Easy
Digital communication4Average

General Aptitude – From this sections, questions were asked from the topics like clocks, quadratic equations. The questions are moderate as per last year.

English – This time the weightage of English increased in the exam. However, the questions were not too tough.

GATE 2021

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