GATE 2022 Syllabus (Available) – Download for EE, MS, CE, CSE, GA, IN, etc

GATE 2022 Syllabus – IIT Kharagpur has released GATE syllabus 2022 at It has been provided subject paper-wise. Candidates who will be taking Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) on February 05, 06, 12, and 13, 2022, can download syllabus pdf for all 29 subject papers from below. In order to get good marks in GATE 2022, the candidates must know the syllabus as per their respective papers. The General Aptitude section is common for all the papers and it evaluates the candidate’s language and analytical skills. Whereas, Engineering Mathematics questions are asked in all the subject papers except AR, CY, EY, GG, MA, and XL. The rest of the subject papers have General Aptitude questions and subject-related questions. Know more about GATE 2022 syllabus from this page.

GATE 2022 Syllabus

The questions asked in GATE 2022 are designed to test the candidate’s recall, comprehension, application, and analysis & synthesis abilities. The syllabus pdf for each subject is given in the table below.

Important Note: In each subject, the topics are divided into 2 categories; Core topics and Special topics. The corresponding sections of the question paper will contain 90% of the questions from Core topics and the remaining 10% of the questions will be from Special topics.

GATE 2022Syllabus PDF
General Aptitude (GA)Download PDF Here
Aerospace Engineering (AE)Download PDF Here
Agricultural Engineering (AG)Download PDF Here
Architecture and Planning (AR)Download PDF Here
Biomedical Engineering (BM)Download PDF Here
Biotechnology (BT)Download PDF Here
Chemical Engineering (CE)Download PDF Here
Chemistry (CY)Download PDF Here
Computer Science and Information Technology (CS)Download PDF Here
Ecology and Evolution (EY)Download PDF Here
Electrical Engineering (EE)Download PDF Here
Electronics and Communication Engineering (EC)Download PDF Here
Engineering Sciences (XE)Download PDF Here
Environmental Science and Engineering (ES)Download PDF Here
Geomatics Engineering (GE)Download PDF Here
Geology and Geophysics (GG)Download PDF Here
Humanities and Social Sciences (XH)Download PDF Here
Instrumentation Engineering (IN)Download PDF Here
Life Sciences (XL)Download PDF Here
MathematicsDownload PDF Here
Mechanical Engineering (ME)Download PDF Here
Mining Engineering (MN)Download PDF Here
Metallurgical Engineering (MT)Download PDF Here
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NM)Download PDF Here
Petroleum Engineering (PE)Download PDF Here
Physics (PH)Download PDF Here
Production and Industrial Engineering (PI)Download PDF Here
Statistics (ST)Download PDF Here
Textile Engineering and Fiber Science (TF)Download PDF Here

Important Topics from GATE 2022 Syllabus

Below we have given important topics from GATE 2022 syllabus from which questions have been asked in the exam, in the past years.

Computer Science Engineering

TopicsNo. of Qs (1 marks) asked in 2021No. of Qs (2 marks) asked in 2021TopicsNo of Qs asked in 2020
General Aptitude0505Theory of Computation07
Algorithms0404Data Structure06
Discrete Mathematics0304Operating System06
Operating Systems0301Computer Network05
Compiler Design0203Computer Organization05
Computer Network0203Discrete Mathematics05
Data Structures0203Database05
Databases0203Digital Logic04
Theory of Computation0203Algorithms04
Computer Organization0202Compiler Design03
Engineering Mathematics0202
Digital Logic0102

Mechanical Engineering

TopicsNo. of Qs asked in 2021TopicsNo. of Qs asked in 2020
Thermodynamics & Applications09Engineering Mathematics11
Engineering Mathematics08Strength of Materials07
Thermodynamics & Applications07
Strength of Materials07Theory of Machines and Variables06
Theory of Machines and Variables06Industrial Engineering05
Industrial Engineering05Heat Transfer03
Heat Transfer04Engineering Mechanics05
Fluid Mechanics03
Machine Design02
Engineering Mechanics02

Civil Engineering

TopicsNo. of Qs asked in 2021TopicsNo. of Qs asked in 2020
Fluid Mechanics, Soil Mechanics and Structure6-7Geotech08
Fluid Dynamics3-4Maths08
Strength of Materials2-3Environment08
Steel2-3Fluid Mechanics07
Structural Analysis2-3Transportation06
RCC02Structural Analysis04
Building Material01SOM04
Air Quality Index (Density)1-2Surveying02
Building Material02
Steel Structure01

Electrical Engineering

TopicsNo. of Qs asked in 2021TopicsNo. of Qs asked in 2020
Power System08Electrical Machines08
Electrical Circuits07Power System08
Electrical Machines05Power Electronics07
Signals and Systems05Signals and Systems06
Control System05Networks Theory06
Power Electronics05Analog Circuits05
EMFT04Control System05
Analog Electronics04Electromagnetics02
Digital Electronics02Digital Circuits02
Electrical Measurement02Electrical Measurement02

Electronics and Communication Engineering

TopicsNo. of Qs asked in 2021TopicsNo. of Qs asked in 2022
Engineering Mathematics09Engineering Mathematics07
Communication08Control System07
Signal & System07Digital Circuit06
Network Theory07Electronic Devices06
Digital Circuit06Analog Circuit01
Analog Circuit05
Electronic Devices04
Control System03

Instrumentation Engineering

TopicsNo. of Qs. asked in 2021TopicsNo. of Qs. asked in 2020
Maths07Engineering Mathematics09
Measurements07Control System08
Transducers06Analog Electronics07
Signals and Systems06Network Theory06
Digital Circuits06Digital Circuits05
Electrical and Electronic Measurements05
Analog Electronics05Signals and Systems05
Control System05Optical Instrumentation04
Network Theory02

GATE 2022 Syllabus for General Aptitude

General aptitude is a very important subject. It is scoring too. Candidates must not take it lightly. The important topics are:

Verbal Aptitude

Basic English Grammar

  • Tenses
  • Articles
  • Prepositions
  • Adjectives
  • Conjunctions
  • Verb-noun
  • Agreement
  • Other parts of speech
  • Basic vocabulary: Words, Idioms, and Phrases in context
  • Reading and Comprehension
  • Narrative Sequencing

Quantitative Aptitude

Data Interpretation

  • Data graphs (bar graphs, pie-charts, and other graphs representing data)
  • 2 and 3 Dimensional plots
  • Maps
  • Tables
  • Numerical Computation and Estimation: Rations, Percentages, Powers, Exponents and Logarithms
  • Permuations and Combinations
  • Series Mensuration and Geometry
  • Elementary Statistics and Probability

Analytical Aptitude


  • Deduction and Induction
  • Analogy
  • Numerical Relations and Reasoning

Spatial Aptitude

  • Transformation of shapes
  • Translation
  • Scaling
  • Rotation
  • Assembling
  • Grouping
  • Paper folding
  • Cutting
  • Patterns in 2 and 3 Dimensions

GATE 2022 Syllabus for Engineering Mathematics

Note that the topics for Engineering Mathematics are different as per the subject papers. The topics given below are the broad topics from which questions are framed in the exam.

  • Linear Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Differential Equations
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Numerical Methods
  • Analysis of Complex Numbers
  • Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Complex Variables
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Vector Analysis
  • Complex Analysis
  • Vector Calculus

GATE 2022 Exam Pattern

GATE 2022 will be conducted in two shifts on each day. This year, two new papers are introduced namely, Geomatics Engineering and Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. All test papers are objective in nature. Check the detailed exam pattern given below.

  • Mode of exam: The examination will be held in the computer-based mode.
  • Duration: The duration of the exam is 3 hours.
  • Sections: General Aptitude + Candidate’s selected subject.
  • Type of questions: The qustion paper comprises multiple-choice questions, multiple-select questions and / or numerical answer type questions.
  • No. of questions: There are total 65 questions in the test.
  • Marking scheme: For each correct answer 01 or 02 marks will be awarded. For each wrong chosen 01 mark MCQ, 1/3 marks will be deducted. For each 02 marker wrong MCQ, 2/3 marks will be deducted. There is no negative marking for MSQ and NATs.

Paper-wise distribution of marks

Distribution of marks in all papers except AR, CY, EY, GG, MA, PH, XH and XLGeneral Aptitude: 15 marks
Engineering Mathematics: 13 marks
Subject questions: 72 marks
Total: 100 marks
Distribution of marks in papers AR, CY, EY, GG,
MA, PH, XH and XL
General Aptitude: 15 marks
Subject questions: 85 marks
Total: 100 marks

Best Books for GATE 2022 Preparation

Approximately 8-10 lakh candidates appear for GATE every year. GATE is considered to be one of the most challenging exams. Last year, 7,11,542 candidates appeared for the exam. Out of which, only 1,26,813 candidates cleared the exam. So, to clear the exam, the candidates can refer the books given below.

Computer Science an Engineering books
GATE Computer Science and Information Technology 2022 Check Price Here
GATE 2022: Computer Science Engineering & IT Previous Year Solved PapersCheck Price Here
ECE Books
GATE Electronics and Communication Engineering 2022Check Price Here
GATE 2022 – Electronics and Communication EngineeringCheck Price Here
Chemical Engineering Books
Chemical Engineering GATE 2022Check Price Here
GATE 2022 : Chemical Engineering – Guide Check Price Here
Chemical Engineering Solved Papers GATE 2022Check Price Here
Civil Engineering Books
GATE 2022: Civil Engineering Previous Year Solved Papers Check Price Here
GATE 2022 : Civil Engineering – GuideCheck Price Here
Civil Engineering GATE 2022Check Price Here
Electrical Engineering Books
GATE Electrical Engineering 2022Check Price Here
GATE 2022 : Electrical Engineering – Guide Check Price Here
Electrical Engineering GATE 2022 Check Price Here
Geology & Geophysics Books
GATE Solved Papers – Geology and GeophysicsCheck Price Here
Mechanical Engineering Books
GATE Electrical Engineering 2022Check Price Here
GATE 2022: Mechanical Engineering Previous Year Solved Papers Check Price Here

About GATE 2022

GATE is a national-level examination held by IIT Kharagpur. It is conducted in the online mode. Qualifying GATE is a mandatory requirement for admission into master’s and doctoral programmes in Engineering / Technology / Architecture and doctoral programmes in relevant branches in Arts and Science. Many PSUs accept the score of GATE for their recruitment process.

Official Website:

FAQs on GATE 2022 Syllabus

Ques. Who will conduct GATE 2022?

Ans. GATE 2022 will be conducted by IIT Kharagpur.

Ques. Is the syllabus for GATE 2022 released?

Ans. Yes, the syllabus for GATE 2022 has been released. You can download it from the direct link given above on this page.

Ques. How many questions are there in the test?

Ans. There are 65 questions in the test.

Ques. What type of questions are asked in the test?

Ans. The test comprises Multiple-choice questions, Multiple-select questions, and numerical answer-type questions.

Ques. How can I prepare for GATE 2022?

Ans. In order to prepare for GATE 2022, you need first check the syllabus of your respective subject paper. Then, check the previous year question paper and jot down the important topics. Now, refer good study material to prepare for those topics. Also, revise the topics regularly.

Ques. What is the syllabus of General Aptitude (GA)?

Ans. GA comprises questions from Verbal Aptitude, Quantitative Aptitude, Analytical Aptitude, Spatial Aptitude.

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